Begusarai 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom ask his men to cover Bindya with sheet, they find Bindya’s assistant there, Priyom ask who are you? Assistant tries to run, bangs his head on wall and falls unconscious too, Priyom ask his men to put both in jeep, he looks at Bindya and says dont know if Piddi will be able to handle her or not.
Piddi is having cold, he ask Maya to give him brandy, she says you are 18 years not 21 years, just take steam and you will get fine, Phulan comes there, Gudi says now Piddi’s cold will run away seeing Thakur, Phulan says to Piddi that you are going to be 18 this bday so leave this childish acts, Piddi says there are still 2 days left for bday, Mitlaish says will you brain expand in two days? Badi Amma ask why are you scolding him? his mind may not be increasing but his body is increasing, Lakhan comes there and greets Phulan, Phulan ignores him, Maya says to Choti Amma that Phulan seems miffed with Lakhan over Poonam’s issue, Lakhan says to Phulan that dont know what was i trying to prove that day by denying your decision of allowing Poonam to study further, i am sorry, forgive me as your child, Phulan turns to him and hugs him, he says that we all do mistakes but accepting and asking forgiveness is great thing, bowing to your elders doesnt make you small, i am happy that you know all this, Poonam comes there, she greets Phulan, Phulan finds college form in her hands, Phulan ask her to study hard and make us proud, he leaves, Badi Amma calls Lakhan and Poonam to her, they come, she says i pray you both remain like this, respect each other, and live happily, he ask Lakhan how did you understand that you should let your wife study further? Lakhan says Priyom pacified me, Poonam looks on and smiles, Badi Amma says i knew it, he tease everyone and pacify everyone too, she ask where is he? Lakhan says we went to bring some dancer for Piddi.

Scene 2
Rekha is making lunch, Bhushan ask her to put less spice, she says you and your son both follows Phulan in everything, he took one decision on his but turned back on it to make Phulan happy, now he will being educated daughter in law for me.
Poonam is making food, mother ask what are you doing? Poonam says making halwa(sweetdish) for for Priyom, Mother says you should make it for him, see how he handled the matter without complicating things, he is from different world, he is nice, she ask her to make good Halwa.
Poonam comes to Priyom’s room with Halwa, he scares her, she says why you do this? Priyom ask why you get scared of everything, Poonam says i brought Halwa for you, he says why? you didnt want to talk to me, she says i came to thank you for changing Lakhan’s mind and pacifying to let me study in college, Priyom says you call me friend and then slapping me too by saying thank you, he says you thought i will be happy with this halwa? i brought band on her result, pacified Lakhan for her, had to go to bring that Bindya and what she is giving me in return? just a Halwa, go from here, Poonam starts leaving, he stops her and says if you have brought it then put it over here, my servants will eat, servants take Halwa from Poonam, Poonam leaves, Priyom takes Halwa from servants, he says she brought it for me so i will eat it, he eats it and enjoys it, Poonam sees him eating and smiles, he finds her seeing him and starts acting as if there is some stone in it, Poonam angrily leaves from there, Priyom ask servant to go and check if Bindya got consciousness or not.

Scene 3
Bindya becomes conscious and finds herself in a room, she finds her assistant sleeping there, she says someone has kidnapped us and he is sleeping her, she wakes him up and says we are kidnapped by enemies, he says how your dance made people your enemy? she takes out pocket knife and says i will attack the enemies when they come here, she opens the door of room and sees men wiping long guns, she looks at her small pocket knife, closes the door again being afraid, servant comes there, he smiles at Bindya, assistant tries to talk to him but servant keep smiling at Bindya, Assistant ask where are we? servant says in Begu Sarai, Bindya is shocked? Servant says you are Heveli of Phulan Thakur, after two days, there is bday ceremony of his son and you are called to dance in it with respect, Bindya says you call it respect how you have brought me here? servant says we have brought with care, Badi Amma wants to meet you, come down, Bindya says i will come after getting ready, servant leaves, Bindya says they will not give us money, how can they bring me here with force, i will not dance, assistant says do you even know who is Phulan thakur? he will use guns and will make you dance, Bindya says they dont me, now i will use my brains.

Scene 4
Bindya and Assistant comes in Haveli, he says its a huge Haveli, Bindya says people in big havelis dont give much money, she says you have to say to them that i have typhoid and fever so i cant dance, Bindya ties her hairs and says i will do such a drama that she will ask me to not dance, Badi Amma is counting money, Bindya comes there and finds so much money, she is stunned to see so much money, she says they put money in cartons? she comes to Badi Amma and is about to fall down seeing so much money, assistant ask her what happened? Badi Amma sees her and ask what happened? are you pregnant that feeling dizzy, Assistant says nothing like that, she is ill, Bindya says no i am fine, she sits in Badi Amma’s feet, Amma ask how much you take to dance? bindya says not much, i take 1lac for one dance, Badi Amma says liar, have you ever seen 1lac together in your life? your face is showing that you dont take more than 5000/-, assistant says how does she know? Assistant says she cant dance, she is having typhoid, having fever, etc. Badi Amma says oh i thought to give her 121000/- for one dance but no worries if she cant dance, Bindya is stunned and starts beating Assistant, Badi Amma smirks, Bindya says to Badi Amma that i have no illness, i will dance, i will dance very well, please let me dance, Badi Amma shows her money and says money is illness itself, she gives her 121000rs and says it will be a big ceremony, dance like nobody should forget it for years, Bindya looks at money and says i will dance such a way that i myself will not forget in whole life. she is happy to see money in her hand.

PRECAP- Badi Amma says to Phulan thakur that why are you taking so much time to decide your heir? Phulan looks at his sons. Assistant says to Bindya that this family is example for everyone, they cant be broken by money, property or girl, Bindya smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. heart healer karan

    story is very good but it is bit complicated
    can’t understand the role of shweta and her importance in family
    lets see how further episodes shape up

    1. Shweta Tiwari is playing the main lead in negative role..She will break the unity of Phulan Thakur’s house as she’s greedy n can do anything for money

      1. m guessing the main lead in negative role would not need much efforts to break the unity coz….the main lead female aka poonam…would do that for her….getting married to elder brother ..and having one eye on younger….sooo …not cool…

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