Laut Aao Trisha 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A thief enters house. Owner couple hear sound and come out to check. She shoots them both. Man hits thief and she falls un ground unconscious.

Suhana sees VK sitting on strike. She asks what is he doing. He says he needs salary and has not got it since 3 months, asks how will he pay Charlie and Trisha. She says they did not get salary because of him as he takes cases of poor people. He says they get justice. She asks him to pay his bills with justice then. He asks her to come and take a new case of his coffee shop owners.

VK meets coffee shop owner who asks why does not he come to his coffee shop now. VK jokes he drinks mind blowing coffee at home without sugar and coffee. He then asks to tell what happened. Man says he had 2 murders in his house and tells how a thief tries to loot his safe and shoots him on his soulder and wife. He hit thief with vase and she died on the spot, thief is a lady, he could not save his wife. VK asks who is this lady. He says she is his coffee shop employee Ria and she knew he keeps money in safe, so she came to loot but shot his wife Anitha and killed her and even shot him. VK says he does not take such simple cases, but will as he needs money. Trisha asks man to go home and attend court hearing. She tells VK she will tell what to do.

Trisha goes to coffee shop and asks Komal to tell about Aarti and Ria. She says she will tell only to VK. Charlie says VK told she is really good girl. Komal gets impressed and asks if he did not tell she is beautiful. Trisha says he told. Komila says Ria joined cafe 6 months ago as a trainee and became their boss soon as she was very beautiful, people were talking that she is manipulative and used boss to climb ladder. Trisha acts as calling VK and telling Komal is very nice girl and gave useful info. She says Komal that he thanked her. Komal starts dreaming.

Court hearing starts. JK asks Suhana where is VK and tells a joke. VK comes with gifts and tells he got them for him as his daugther is getting married with public prosector’s son. He continues to tell about men and gives gifts. VK asks him to come to the point. VK says coffee owner Karan loved Ria and made a mistake. He killed Ria whom he loved and shows phone and credit card bills and asks Karan to accept his love. PP says VK himsels is accepting Karan and ria’s love. VK says in love, one can harm himself than killing his love and asks how can Karan kill Ria. He says Karan did not know it was Ria, so he hit and killed her, says anbody would have done what Karan did. PP says he needs some time to investigate case. Judge agrees and adjourns court. Karan asks VK what was it. VK says howmuch ever he tried to hide, his love is out and says he will prove he is innocent with his story. Ria says VK is right.

Next court hearing starts. VK starts and starts his philosophy about love, tells Karan loved Ria, but Ria loved both Karan and Vishnu who is Karan’s manager. He says Vishnu is missing since the incident, but he brought his mother. Mother comes into witness box and tells Vishnu is missing since 1 month and requests to find him. VK says he will, shows Ria’s pic and asks if she knows her. She says she is Ria and was about to marry Vishnu. He asks how as Ria. She says she is very pretty and well cultured. VK says Ria is a very greedy and intelligent girl and trapped both Karan and Vishnu. She says Vishnu and Ria were planning something big and she got killed by Karan by mistake, Vishnu is missing since the murder incident. PP requests judge to grant him some time to search Vishnu. Judge agrees. Karan asks VK why is he stretching case. VK jokes and says he wants to prove that Ria is very greedy and came to his house with a plan to kill Anita. Karan says he is an idiot and wants him to be out of his case. Suhana asks him to calm down and trust her. VK repeats and Karan walks out angrily. Suhana asks why is he creating havoc. VK says he is helping truth come out.

VK discusses plans with his team how to find out Vishnu. Trisha says they should advertise in papers. He says he has escaped from police and will not come back. Suhana says they should hire detective agency. VK says she does not give salary to them, how will she pay detective and says they should find another way. Suhana says she has a plan and it may work.

Trisha reaches coffee shop and takes Komal’s help in finding Vishnu.

Next court hearing starts. VK shows video where Vishnu calls Karan and tells he will reach court. Karan asks him not to and asks howmuch he needs. Vishnu asks 50 lakhs. Karan agrees and asks him to wait until he is freed from court. Judge congrats VK and asks if he was driving car. VK says yes and says it is his duty to save his client, but he wants to save justice. VK praises VK and asks everyone to clap for him. Everyone does. PP praises VK and invites him for his son’s marriage. Judge pronounces Karan as guilty in double murder and also asks police to arrest Vishnu.

Suhana gives cheque to VK and tells she is paying from her accuont as they had to return fees, but she is pround of him. VK says he does not need fees this time, but will take double fees next time, else he will join rival company.

Precap: A woman’s kidney is stolen during operation. VK defends her case.

Update Credit to: MA

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