Tum Aise Hi Rehna 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi tells that he didn’t see her love before, but now he will accept her. He recalls Rukmani asking him to act with Aanchal and make her come out from Ria. He takes out knife and stabs her. Aanchal feels pain and asks what have you done. Abhi says let Ria die. I love you, your soul and your identity. We will be together if Ria leaves in true means. Aanchal asks what have you done? I needs Ria’s body to fulfill my motive. Abhi says he will die too and puts knife on his neck. Aanchal says you hurt me knowingly and betrayed me. I will do whatever you said. You have to die. She comes out of Ria asks Abhi to come with her. Abhi gives her knife asking her to kill him. He says he is happy that he saved Ria atleast. Ria says no and asks Aanchal to kill her instead. Abhi asks her to kill him. Aanchal is teary eyed and says she can take several births for him. She says you wants to give life for Ria. Ria also suffered so much for you. She says what is between you. I loved you with true heart, then why you are not written in my destiny. Guruji talks to Devimaa and tells that Aanchal’s end is to happen. Guruji’s shishya burns Aanchal’s body in the morgue. Aanchal’s soul starts burning. She asks Abhi to save her and gets burnt. Ria and Abhi look at each other emotionally while the title song plays……….. Ria falls down because of the injury in her stomach.

Next morning, Ria wakes up in the hospital and sees all of her family members there. Abhi tells her good morning. Ria asks her about Aanchal. Everyone cook up a fake story, to make her mood good. Rukmani tells Aanchal that Guruji’s shishya has performed last rites of Aanchal’s dead body. She won’t come back. Ria takes a sigh of relief. Rukmani asks Abhi to keep Ria happy forever. Abhi says we will have only happiness in our life now. Ria smiles.

Abhi goes to Mumbai. Kailash calls him and asks about his meeting. Abhi says it is not started yet. He asks her to go back to Jaipur as soon as possible. Abhi asks the receptionist to remind Mr. Kapoor of the meeting. She asks him to fill the form again as Mr. Kapoor prefer black ink. Receptionist asks him to go to Mr. Kapoor’s cabin. Abhi thinks it seems Mr. Kapoor is very strict that’s why everyone is like this. He goes to his cabin and greets Mr. Kapoor. He asks him to give 1 min and asks do you think your resort is good. Abhi says our resort is one of the best in Jaipur and popular too. Mr. Kapoor takes out cloth from his face. He tells he shakes hand with a person when befriending him or when ending friendship with him. Abhi tells that you are a successful businesman, but very miser.

Mr. Kapoor says nothing comes free in this world. He says shall we start. Abhi takes out pendrive and tells that he prepared this presentation. Mr. Kapoor stops him and says he already like his presentation. Abhi asks why you are investing without hearing my presentation. Mr. Kapoor says he has sixth sense and knows everything about him. She shows the trophy’s and says he achieved it with truthfullness and hardwork. He asks him to read the documents and sits down to mail his team. Abhi thinks to message Ria. A lady comes there while covering her face. She throws the spoon purposely and fixes something in the table. Security guards come and tells that she came to his cabin after making his employee unconscious. Mr. Kapoor gets angry and says he needs to find out.

Abhi tells Ria that Mr. Kapoor accepted this proposal. Ria gets happy and says everyone is happy. A lady looks in their room through the binoculars.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. omg another lady villain now?? wonder who is it this time… they never told aanchal’s story properly either! -.-

  2. Dude I’m sure that vllian is aanchal

  3. No I don’t think its Aanchal we’ll hv to wait nd watch

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