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Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully along with ammar.He was in middle. Twinkle and Kunj wake up together open their eyes look at each other firstly.Their Face is very near ammar little down. Twinkle blinking her eyes kunj can see glow on her face.he never thought they will make love in this condition both loving each other’s but today they are together just because of term and condition.Kunj caress twinkle cheeks..

Kunj:good morning.

Twinkle:good morning in low voice.Kunj tucked her hairs with his fingers.their breath easily hitting with each other breaths.Both just look into each other eyes deeply.their lips inch apart.With one hand Kunj cupped her face without thinking more they locked the lips together slowly slowly both chewing each other’s lower and upper lips.The kiss wasn’t passionate but convince their love for each other’s.

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

Their lips moving perfectly nipping and slowly they bitey biti the lips.They break the kiss and look at each other’s twinkle feel shy she looked down her hair strand come on her face.Kunj caress her cheek with his thump.He fondle her wet lips which wet by him.He Give her open mouth peck on her lips. Ammar blabbered in sleep due to him they come in sense.both look at him he going down.Kunj pulled him upwards. Ammar hairs covering his face.Kunj side them.Kunj caress his face he making faces which make them giggles.Twinkle pulled his chubby cheeks.

Ammar:in sleep mammaa?.Kunj see bruises on his hands and red marks near his chin.

Twinkle:kya hua.

Kunj:hmm nothing just checking this bruises. Twinkle too see.

Twinkle:day by day this all increasing Kunj why after treatment.

Kunj:haa so what Till when his disease will not cursed this will come.Don’t worry.

Twinkle:wait doctor give na this.Twinkle

take cream from side and take in her fingers and apply on ammar bruises.Mera baby..she cuddles him tightly while ammar too her.Kunj ticking on his feet’s.Due to this ammar sleep get disturb he wake up. Kunj still doing and laughing. Kunjjj.. ammar get irritated with this he open his eyes and look at twinkle.


Twinkle:haa.ammar turned and look at him.

Kunj:hi pidhi.

Ammar:huhu lambu.. ?.

Kunj:ab me yeh bhi nahi bol shakta lambu hoga tera baap.he pinch his nose..!

Ammar:mammaaa.. See Papa..

Twinkle:Kunj sleep don’t irritate my baby. Mera little doll.she cuddles him from back.

Ammar:mamma I’m not doll. I’m a boy.

Kunj:acha who told you.You are a boy I don’t think so twinkle I’m thinking from now we dressed up ammar like a girl.

Ammar:nooo very quickly.. ammar lay down straightly.mamma and papa let’s bring little baby.

Kunj:why you are a baby what we’ll do for another baby.

Ammar:haa so what everyone have

siblings na even I too want.I see many little babies there.

Twinkle: where.

Ammar.Arey we went na there mamma from where baby comes both twinkle and Kunj shocked it was fun full question.

Twinkle:I don’t know..

Ammar:why you don’t know from where I come.Papa you tell me na..

Kunj:same I don’t know your mamma knows better than me baby.

Ammar:Papa did you see mamma one of photo in that mamma is so fatty and huge tummy??, kunj look at twinkle.

Twinkle:he remembers each and everything.

Ammar:haa now give me chocolate milk..

Twinkle: first go and get freshen up. Don’t want you want to go school ha.

Ammar: nope today nahi..


Ammar:my feet’s paining lot..

Kunj:acha Okay..

Ammar:go and rats inside my tummy..

Twinkle:wait na.She get up and went out of the room while kunj life ammar and went behind twinkle. They went in kitchen see twinkle who preparing milk.. Kunj first brush his teeth’s.

Kunj:yup.He bring toothbrush and.Brush his teeth’s.There only twinkle see kunj she give smile how nicely Kunj handling ammar.! He washed his face and twinkle bring chocolates milk.

Twinkle:lo..Kunj take and make him drink with his hands. Ammar finished the milk. And take burped twinkle show him eyes ammar laugh out.Kunj wiped milk beards from ammar face..

Kunj: now happy na..

Ammar: yes.. papa where is BD??

Twinkle: what is this??

Kunj: badi dadi?..

Twinkle:hoo I’ll check her.. she went in dadi room and find her sleeping peacefully she come back.She sleeping still.

Kunj:acha.Let her sleep due to medicine..!

Ammar:mamma I’ll go down..

Twinkle:no.. sit here.

Kunj: haa let’s watch cartoons.

Twinkle: kaha office kaun jayega..

Kunj:me hi?.. twinkle went in room.While Kunj and ammar watching cartoons. Twinkle take her clothes and went in washroom.She take bath get freshen up she come out of the washroom and went towards dressing table drying her hairs. Just than Kunj entered in room.His eyes went on twinkle who drying her wet hairs Kunj see twinkle she was in bathrobe.Her wet milky legs were visible.Kunj closed the door and went towards her he get lost in her beauty.Twinkle see kunj who staring her deeply.You are so much more than I ever dreamed of.I want you to know that you complete my life and fill my heart ?.

Twinkle leave the hair dyer and Kunj stand near her.Twinkle look down Kunj pulled her toward himself his hands around her waist.Kunj kneading his nose on her wet cheeks,! She closed her eyes.Kunj look at her his hands moved towards her bathrobe knots twinkle heart beating getting fast.He about to open it before Kunj phone ring due to this twinkle open her eyes and both look at each other’s face than twinkle look down and see kunj hands on her bathrobe knots.Twinkle turned and looking other side while kunj give smile he take his phone and went in balcony he get busy in phone with Yuvi while twinkle getting ready in front of mirror she looking at through mirror.

Twinkle:last night kunjj what I’ll say we are so closed to each other’s physically but our hearts very far away I don’t know what will happened to us.she get ready and went out of the room servant come and making breakfast twinkle check and she wake up dadi and nurse help her in get freshen up.after kunj get ready for office he come downstairs.Chal ammar dadi lets have breakfast.They all sit together for breakfast ammar doing drama while kunj observing his dadi. He find her so happy and normal here as compared Than Sarna Mansion.He get happy to see her happy.

Ammar:mamma why we come here.Here is no Romir.


Kunj:okay I’m going for office.twinkle! Just than landline phone ring.

Twinkle:please check the phone.Kunj went towards table he take the phone.

kunj talk to Yuvi and get shocked he leave the phone which falls down twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle:Kunj what happened tell me.. tears escaping from kunj eyes..

Kunj:mere papa..

Twinkle:what happened to papa.she take the phone and talk to Yuvi Itself twinkle too shocked okay Yuvi we’ll come.. kunjjj..

Kunj:Papa he needs me.. they all left for Sarna Mansion..

At Sarna [email protected]

Everyone was present there only

everyone was in tension.While Bebe crying usha who standing in side and crying Yuvi consoling her.soon twinkle and Kunj others reached there. Kunj run towards Yuvi he breathe heavily.

Kunj:what happened to my papa.

Usha:kunjj Tere Papa..

Yuvi:first calm down kunj. He just falls down from staircase.

Kunj:how he falls down can’t you see him haa.Where he is now.

Yuvi:he is in room I call doctor he checking him don’t worry.They all wait for doctor come out kunj moving here and there. After doctor come kunj rushed towards him.

Kunj:doctor how’s my papa.

Doctor:don’t worry he is fine now good he didn’t get hurt on his head.Be careful I give him injection now let him sleep.Kunj get relief now. Doctor left kunj went inside the room his eyes went on Manohar who laying on bed and drip injected on his hand.Kunj feel so bad to see his father like this.He wiped his tears and went towards him he sit beside Manohar.Take his hand in his hands.

Kunj:papa what is this here im hoping everyday you get fine but see you become more worse.. how you fall down I’ll get to know.He wiped his tears and went outside in anger.Everyone see kunj red blood eyes.

How he falls down answer me haa he is on wheelchair he itself falls down or else someone purposely did. Tell me.

Anita:what you mean by this kunj.

Kunj:you know what I mean.

Surjit:kunjj be in your limits.Surjit went near kunj and grab his collar all get surprised and shocked.

Bebe:Surjitttt.. Kunj show him his finger. Twinkle went near him.

Twinkle:kunjj please stop.Please leave him.

Bebe:Surjit.Surjit Leave kunj with jerk he elbow hit with edge of table.


Kunj:if I get to know na I’ll not leave anyone that’s my promise. In loud voice.

Twinkle:let’s go from here..

Bebe:you’ll not go anywhere kunj.if you go than you will see my death body.and no one will point their fingers on kunj.she Fold her hands in front of twinkle and Kunj.

Please I beg don’t go.Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s face.:


Bebe:kunj Till now you listen my everything please last time too. I’m tired bebe.Okay fine. He went from there.While twinkle hold ammar hand and went to Taneja Mansion.
After sometimes [email protected]

Kunj get busy in his office work he thinking about whatever happened today.While twinkle sitting with Leela.

Twinkle:MAA don’t know what type of family is this..

Leela:you leave this you just think about you and ammar or Kunj give one more chance if you wanted.

Twinkle:that’s impossible..

Aditi get to know about each and everything she went to office and went inside kunj Cabin.

Aditi:Kunj.he raises his eyes and look at aditi.She went ahead and sit opposite him.

Kunj:hi hows you..

Aditi:I’m fine.. what about you..


Aditi:I know kunj.Why you take so much tension.

Kunj:what I’ll do Aditi now I get frustrated.
Kesh se ladu me.Now I’m thought I’ll think now my life my son and wife wanted them back but these things didn’t let me stay in peace. Leave about this you tell me.

Aditi:nothing.. forget everything. You tell

Me about you and twinkle.

Kunj:what I’ll tell you about everything.

Aditi:hmm what you both think now.

Kunj:nothing Aditi we want baby for ammar.That’s it.after sometimes later.

At [email protected]
Kunj message twinkle asked her where she is.Twinkle told him she is at Taneja mansion.! Kunj didn’t went Sarna Mansion he directly went to Taneja Mansion.He went inside Leela see kunj.

Leela:Twinkle beta kunjj.she is in kitchen.

Come kunj beta..

Kunj:hmm.Twinkle come in hall she look at Kunj.


Kunj:haa yeh file hai you see.

Twinkle:haa.she wait I’ll bring ammar.

Leela:Arey Twinkle puttar today let at him sleep with us na here.

Twinkle:MAA you know if he wake up at midnight he’ll cry.

Leela:haa I’ll handle him…

Twinkle:okay fine.Goodnight maa and papa.Twinkle and Kunj went to Sarna Mansion everyone was in hall they both didn’t talk to them both went upstairs goes in their room.Twinkle see their luggage already come she understands. Kunj went towards bed and lay down.He pressing his head with fingers twinkle see this.Kunj covered himself.Twinkle get freshen up and went downstairs she went in kitchen she see all kitchen is messy. What is this man.She finding food for kunj.

She knows if he is in tension firstly he’ll leave his food.Twinkle quickly make fresh food for kunj.She take the food for kunj in room. She entered in room and went near bed she place on bed and pulled the blanket.


Twinkle:Kunj wake up na fast.

Kunj:why.. he turned toward herself and see the food plate.

Twinkle:get up have your food first.

Kunj:I don’t wanted please let me sleep. Already my head in paining.

Twinkle:I know this kunj you are hungry because of this you having headaches. Forcefully twinkle ready him.He get up and sit there.Have na you are not ammar. One people will come to feed you.

Kunj:haa so what.Twinkle tore the morsel and take near kunj lips he open his mouth he eat happily she give smile.Twinkle feeding Kunj he happily eat they enjoying this little moment.After they both lay down.

Twinkle:MAA bhi na she stop ammar there only.If he’ll wake up I’ll Not go.

Kunj:his father is here.Twinkle see kunj elbow little hurt and dry blood there.

Twinkle:let’s sleep.Kunj pulled twinkle towards himself he locked his hands around her waist while twinkle rest her head on his chest.They both sleep in each other embrace.

[email protected]
Ammar wake up and see Rt and Leela beside him he finding twinkle and Kunj.

Ammar:mamma.. ?.he started crying ammar get up and went out of the room finding twinkle and Kunj everywhere.Meri

Mamma.he open the gate and went outside.He went to Sarna Mansion bebe was in garden she see him.

Bebe:Arey ammar.

Ammar: mamma..

Bebe:mamma room me hai.She take him inside ammar went upstairs he open his parents room door and went inside ammar see both twinkle and Kunj sleeping.He get happy to see them.He jumped on bed.Lay down on twinkle and Kunj..

Ammar:mammaaa.while sobbing slightly ammar sleep on them only.After sometimes later twinkle and Kunj wake up they feel weigh on them. Open their eyes and find ammar on their.Both get shocked to see him here..they slightly moved place ammar on bed.

Twinkle: ammarrr.. he is here how..

Kunj:I don’t know. Let me asked MAA. He call Leela while they all finding Ammar when kunj tell them ammar is here they get relief and understands he come here. Okay ammar he is here don’t worry. He leave the call they both look at him.

Twinkle:I told ammar but she didn’t listen to me.

Kunj:think if we aren’t here than how he’ll come.

Twinkle:take whole house on his head. Didn’t understands him when he want MAA and papa than leave him with them if I want to leave him he’ll not get ready…

Kunj:great na.both cuddles him.After sometimes later they get freshen up.

Ammar get ready for school twinkle give him milk and he left with Romir while twinkle wanted to go office so she finished her all work and left with kunj only..

At [email protected]

Today they kept Conference meeting. Everyone come and sit for meeting soon meeting starts.they finished meeting and went in their cabin.Twinkle and Fuzail sitting together kunj come with files.

Kunj:you check this than tell me..

Twinkle:haa perfectly.. mehar come there.

Mehar:hi guys..


Kunj:you come with me now they’ll not let you do your work. Fuzu laugh out. They both went out of the cabin.

Twinkle:sadu mehar and twinkle sit. aur pati dev se milne aai ho.

Mehar:na Arey Tere se ?. They both chit chatting with each other’s Than Mehar see love bite mark on twinkle neck she smirked.Twinkle what is this.


Mehar:yeh.she pointing her finger on her neck twinkle touch and understands. Kya hua twinkle. Ahmed.??.

Twinkle:tu bhi na.

Mehar:so soon we’ll heard baby news.


Mehar:kya twinkle tu bhi. Bata tera kunj.

Twinkle:kya batau.

Mehar:when you making me massi again.

Twinkle:wait kar..

Mehar:hua.. she nodded her head in yes. I know twinkle it’s difficult.

Twinkle:I too think before it will be difficult

But he understands me lot and make me feel comfortable.

Mehar:good na.chalo issi bahane you both get time to spend together she winked at her.both laugh out.After sometimes later they all sit for lunch together.Abeer and vikram or Yuvi giggling they passing nonsense jokes while kunj just busy in his phone..

Mehar:kunj have your lunch leave your phone..

Kunj:haa Kunj get up. Yuvi chale..


Kunj:I’m going you stay here. He went from there..

Yuvi:Arey kunjjj.

I’m coming he too went behind him both Kunj and yuvi left together for police station.

Kunj and yuvi reached police station they meet with police inspector and ask

information about Purushottam.They applied for his bail in court.!

Twinkle finished all office work she left for Sarna Mansion. Soon twinkle reached and went inside She sit beside bebe and talking with her.

Twinkle: where is dadi..

Bebe:she is in room with Manohar.

Twinkle: I’ll get freshen than come.. she went in room she finds maya in her room.

What are you doing here??


Twinkle: I need an answer what are you doing in my room haa. She laugh out.

Maya:your room really twinkle you just for some times don’t see dreams..

Twinkle:you don’t see dreams still you are same maya Chii.. first you didn’t love your own husband and break your marriage after behind me and kunj.And you got successful. Next time if I see you here no one is worse than me..

Maya:acha don’t fly kunj just using you. Did you forget what happened to you here years ago.. so much humiliation we didn’t know you will get pregnant with kunj baby.

Twinkle:destiny wanted to connect us you

People try to much try to break our relation but our blood symbol make our connection more stronger. Out.. she throw her out of the room. Twinkle sit down and thinking about her pasttime everything hurting her lot. I’ll not leave you kunj.she wiped her tears and get freshen up Ammar come in room he and Romir playing together in room. After sometimes later kunj and yuvi come back.Mahi looking at Yuvi. She saw lipstick mark on Yuvi shirt. Kunj meet with Manohar and went in his room.he get freshen up and play with ammar and Romir..

At [email protected]

Twinkle using her laptop while ammar and Kunj watching cartoons together.Twinkle open the photos folder.She seeing their old photos kunj eyed went on that.,

Kunj:show me..

Twinkle:hmm.. twinkle show her pregnancy times photos to kunj. He get so happy to see her baby bumped,

Ammar:hoo mamma so fatty..?.. Kunj feel bad he missed those beautiful days.
Than ammar baby time photos comes he was in twinkle Arms. I’m so cute Papa.

Kunj:yeah.his first walk step.Kunj smiling to see this all.Twinkle look at Kunj with tears eyes.Kunj see anger and tears in her eyes.He keep his hand on her hand she jerk it..

Twinkle:ammar come let’s sleep..

Ammar: haa wait..

Twinkle:no come.she said in stern voice. Twinkle take ammar and cuddles him she try to sleep.Kunj get up and went to couch he sit there and looking at twinkle.Ammar sleep twinkle get up.and look at Kunj.. she ignored him.she went in washroom.While Kunj take the pills and sleep.Twinkle come out of the washroom and see him she went toward bed and sleep.

Other side..

Mahi sleeping Along with her baby Romir while Yuvi was busy in phone with aditi. Both doing chatting,whole night twinkle sleep in pain.Sunlight coming on her face. She wake up with heavy heart. twinkle see ammar and Kunj wasn’t in room.She get up and went in balcony.Her eyes went on them.See ammar and Kunj sitting in garden giving water to plants.she get freshen up she arranging the room. She take out kunj pillow from couch just than

Something falls down twinkle stop and bend down and take out the table..

Twinkle:what is this.she checking. Sleeping pills here what this doing here and why kunj have this.She get surprised to see this.She went downstairs Usha see her make faces.After they finished their breakfast today was Sunday… twinkle call kunj.

Kunj:haa you call me..

Twinkle:haa do my work you bring me here I’m not servant.

Kunj:what you want..

Twinkle:come with me.she take him with her.First she make him do her all laundry work kunj didn’t said uff.Twinkle see usha and smirked. Whole passed like this twinkle making Kunj do this and that.
Than twinkle take Kunj in kitchen.Go and bring this down.

Kunj:Twinkle it’s so high.

Twinkle:haa so what.. it’s my oder..

Kunj:uff.. he stand on table.. twinkle get call she went in side. Kunj try to take out the box down but it’s too heavy.The table was too weak.Table shaking fully.Kunj hold the box due to misbalance that box falls down kunj hand fingers fully he wiped in pain and falls down from table. Twinkle heard his voice she come in kitchen and see kunj get shocked..

Twinkle:kunjjj.. what happened.. he get hurt very badly like anything shaking his hand fully tears comes in his eyes.Twinkle see his face felt so bad just to give him little pain this happened.. kunjj.

Kunj:with difficulties haa I.. m fin..e.. he get up take out the box and place in side.
Aur kuch??

Twinkle:nahi.. he went out of the kitchen take his hand in his hand and see it’s become reddish.he went in dadi room can’t control on his tears.She was sitting kunj went near her.Yuvi was there only. Kunj hugged dadi and sobbing slightly in pain.

Yuvi:how this happened show me..

Kunj:ahah yuviii.. dadi blowing air on his hand.Tears didn’t take name to stop,after sometimes later the pain was increasing really badly.Kunj went in room,he lay down on couch and cuddles his hand maaaa.. while suffering in pain sleep took over him.

Twinkle entered in room with food and see kunj who sleep on in very uncomfortable position she went near him. Slightly bring out his hand twinkle see the hand and get shocked tears escaping from her eyes fully.Kunj hand become dark blue.. and swelling come in his hand,,

Twinkle:shitt because of me this

happened.She kissed on his toh shrif apna badla lena chahatiti bas I don’t know you will get hurt this much.I’m really sorry kunj.tears hanging near kunj eyes. She see and wiped it see kunj get little fever.She went bring first aid box.She applied ointment on his hand. Carefully place his hand on couch he didn’t get hurt.She covered him fully.and wiped her tears Usha this see from window and smiling.

Usha:poor Kunj..


Episode freezes here only..


Next episode: twinkle went in Manohar room she see his medicines and get shocked there only..



Let’s see what twinkle see and why she get shocked wait just to get know.

How was the episode??

Hope you all like..

Sorry I don’t know anything.

Leave mistakes no proof reading hell busy try to get post other ff.. 

bye love you all..

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  1. It was amazing…?????
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    Why i feel this epi was shorter than the previous episodes….
    Luv u ????

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Today I’m feeling bad for kunj.
    Episode was amazing.

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  4. Very emotional episode ????

  5. Vibhu

    I think manohae is being given wrong medicines by Usha. Also, i think someone purposely make him fall.!
    Poor kunj.
    Suffering from both sides.
    Dont know how he’ll react when he’ll get to know about another child of twinj.
    Poor guy.
    Suffering for sins he isn’t fully involved in .!
    Great update dear

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