Twin Love (Abhigya) SS Part 2

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Jasmine.



Pragya: Dadi dinner ready.

Dadi: what that Bread toast? I don’t want Pragya.

Pragya: Dadi ma adjust please. There is nothing to cook here.

Dadi(went to her room): oh whatever i am going to die. If i was in India, i would die happily in my country. This country, language and food. Oh god i feel like fainting. Pragya…purab

Pragya and Purab rush into Dadi’s room.

Pragya: Dadi don’t panick. Purab call ambulance.

Dadi is admitted in hospital. Doctors take CT Scan. They informed Pragya that Dadi has to undergo surgery immediately for remove the brain tumour.

Pragya agreed and signed the papers.

Pragya: Purab pay the bill in cash counter.

Purab: haan di.

Pragya take the Dadi to the ward.

Dadi: Pragya what is that paper, which you signed?

Pragya(hesitates): nothing Dadi, just formality to sign.

Dadi: i understood dear. I am not going to be alive tomorrow. Today is my last day. I wish to see movies, play games and eat spicy foods for one last time Pragya. I wish to see this World one last time.

Pragya(worried): Dadi ma, this is very strict hospital. They won’t allow you outside.

Dadi: Very crucial fate for me.

Pragya can’t able to see her Dadi like this. She went outside. She is walking in corridor. She saw Abhishek there in Doctor costume. She went near to him.

Pragya(nervously): hmm… excuse me.

He turns and see Pragya: yes what can i do for you madam?

Pragya: madam? Have you forgotten me. I am Pragya. We met in airport.

He looks at her as if he didn’t meet her before.

Pragya: you dropped us in our home.

Suddenly another person came there. He looks same to same like Abhishek. Pragya stumbles.

Pragya: you

2nd person: Hi Pragya. What a surprise to meet you here. Any problem?

Pragya is stunned. Abhishek wave his hand infront of her face.

Abhishek: hello.

Pragya: you both are

Abhishek: twins. By the way he is my brother Abhinav.

Abhinav forward his hand. Pragya shook his hand.

Abhishek: Abhi i told you na. I met one Indian family that is her family only. By the way any problem Pragya.

Pragya: yeah, actually we came to L.A. for my dadi’s treatment only. She is admitted here. Before surgery she wish to go out. But this hospital rules are very strict. I don’t know what to do.

Abhinav: you go Abhi i will attend the class; we will discuss it in evening.

Abhishek: okay, come on Pragya where is dadi?

Pragya take Abhishek to Dadi’s room. Dadi blabbers about her inability to go out.

Abhishek: Good afternoon young lady.

Dadi: Abhi. What are you doing here?

Abhishek: I am a trainee doctor.

Dadi: Abhi please beta. Take me out from here. I can’t bear this hospital silence and atmosphere.

Abhishek: Don’t worry dadi i have an idea.

Abhishek went out and return after a while with nurse costumes.

Abhishek: wear it dadi. I will take you outside as nurse. Pragya, you and Purab go to Parking area, i will come with Dadi.

Both nods and leaves. Abhishek take dadi outside with him and hang “do not disturb” board in door. Dadi is nervous.

Abhishek: Dadi what are you doing? Don’t be nervous. Don’t shake your hands.

Dadi: i am not shaking it, it’s shivering automatically.

Both reached parking lot. Abhishek took them in his car.

Dadi(enthusiastically): Abhi dear where you take this old lady? What we are going to do?

Abhishek: to our restaurent Dadi.

Purab: oh wow! We are going to have Indian food. I want Aloo Gobi masala. While thinking itself my mouth is watering.

Abhishek and Pragya laugh at him.

They reached their restaurent. Abhinav and his father welcomed them.

Purab and  Dadi surprised to see Abhishek’s look alike. Pragya explained them.

Abhishek: Dadi he is my dad Rakesh Mehra and

he is my brother Abhinav.

Haan… he is our chief chef and close friend Ronnie.

Rakesh: welcome to L.A. ma.

Pragya: Sorry Abhinav, because of us you too missed the class.

Abhinav: don’t worry,class got cancelled. I came with my friend.

Purab: shall we eat?

Rakesh: sure beta. Come on ma, your half of the disease will be cured because of this proper food.

Pragya: Abhishek, it seems heavy items. It won’t trouble Dadi na.

Abhishek: No pragya, they will wash out her stomach before her surgery. So no need to worry.

Dadi: Pragya take that Roti.

Pragya keep 2 pieces in Dadi’s plate and try to close the dish. Dadi snatch it and place all roti in her plate. All laughed at Dadi.

Dadi: indian food is indian food. No other can beat it.

Rakesh: you are right ma.

Then Both family members and Ronnie went to movie, theme park and other famous spots in L.A. Then Abhishek takes Dadi to hospital as before.

Next day, Dadi is taken to operation theatre. Pragya and Purab where stand outsidr nervously. After 4 hours Doctor came  outside.

Doctor: Nothing to worry. She is alright. You can visit her after we shift her to room.

Both nods. They went to visit dadi after a while.

Pragya: Dadi ma.

She didn’t respond. Both panicks.

Purab: Dadi.

She opens her eyes slightly. Both relieved. Abhishek comes to see Dadi. He greets her and checks her report.

He is tensed. He look at Dadi and again checks report.

Pragya(tensely): what happened Abhi?

Abhishek: don’t panick. They did the surgery wrongly.

Pragya(shocked): what?

Abhishek: instead of left side, they operate in right side.

Pragya  breaks down.

Purab(shouts): irresponsible hospital. What we will do now?

Abhishek: i won’t let anything happen to Dadi. I won’t let them.

He left the room with raised temper.

– to be continued.




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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that dadi has brain tumour.pragya meeting abhi’s twin brother abhinav n mistaking him for abhishek n then seeing abhishek was cool.surprised to know that abhishek abhinav are trainee doctors. abhi taking Dadi out as a nurse n Dadi eating all rotis was funny.good choice of actor as the father of twins.shocking that Dadi had operation on the wrong side of brain. perfect pics especially the abhi Dadi pic.please update the next part soon

  2. Kumkum bhagya nın 8.01.2019 un tercümesi yok

    1. Anuva

      I don’t know. It will be late i think so.

  3. Jeans movie copy ????

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