Kaisa yeah isq hai ( Avneil ff ) ~30 Hug can heal me !

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kaisa yeah isq hai

Episode – 30

Lastly we saw Avni saves Naina from Dakshs capture and runs out tricking him . Both Neil and Chadha’s goons sets out to find them .


Avni And Naina are walking through the deep dry bushes , There’s no stars and moon to show them ray of hope .

“ Ma ! Don’t worry I am with you and until I am with you no body can do anything to us ”

“ Avni where we’ll go now , It’s too dark , I’m feeling deathlike over here ”

“ At least this is better than the darkness inside that hell , There are no walls here which can stop us or enclose us within ”

She holds her hands and enthusiastically spoke “ If we’re together no one can dare break us ”


Daksh bangs on table “ I’m going to be more explicit now talking to you ” “ Told you to not to come here ”

Vidyut “ What do you think just because I came here , This all happened ! ”

Daksh “ My plans were much practicable than yours , I’d brought her here and …”

Vidyut “ Just shut up don’t talk invaluable just think now what to do ”

Daksh “ What to do! Dang !! Are you serious !! She came here ran off with her mother without signing those papers”

Vidyut “ My Brain’s stopped working now , This girl has made mess she’s ….damn ! ”

Daksh “ Now why the heck are you standing there gabbling like a idiot there , Just call Ballu ! And find out what’s going on , Had he found her ! ”
“ And tell that man that whatever , Whatever happens I want that girl , Get her to me ”

Vidyut loudly roars “ See you can’t shout on me like that nor can give me orders I’m not your employ or something ”

“ Didn’t I mentioned you that this girl Avni is bit*ch blo*ody hell , I don’t know of what material she’s made up of , It’s difficult to handle her ”

Daksh gets heated and squeezed his chin “ It’d be difficult FOR YOU , Not for me , I know how to deal with women , Women are to be controled not handled . You’re so powerless ”

“ I can’t afford to loose business just because you can’t H.A.N.D.L.E a girl ” “ Now call Ballu don’t keep gaping at me ” Says he loudly

Vidyut was left in vexation .


Neil “ I’m having a feeling that except us there are other people also here , We gotta be careful ”

“ Listen to me we all will disperse and will separate into different angles , Where ever you find a man just catch them ”

D.d “ But sir in this jungle we’ve to be all alone , On above it it’s night ”

Neil “ So what D.d , She’s also alone here , Don’t waste time go , Come with me you ”

D.d “ Just saying sir , Ahiana is very smart don’t you think we should have a girl like her in our team ”

Neil “ D.d ”.

D.d “ Sorry sir !!! ”


Avni “ Ma I think it’d be a bad idea to walk ahead we should wait till morning here only ”

She makes her rest down on floor amidst some muddy pebbles and leaves

Avni “ Ma you remain here and don’t make any noises I’m just going here and there to see if somebody’s coming ! Okay ”

Avni walks slowly and stealthily her eyes constantly moving from right to left and her face badly wet . Soon she finds a goon who’s standing with his face opposite to hers , She could feel a a thick wooden rod touching her feet and hits at his head, He fells .

She hurriedly takes out mobile from his pocket .

Avni “ they’ve reached here and I don’t think it’s a pretty big place to hide they can find us easily I should call somebody for help ”
“ But whom , Even if I call police , Neil will pick up my phone …should I call him ” She’s huffing and can’t really decide .

She hears someone’s footsteps coming closer and closer , Her mind begin to tremble with fear , Her hands shaking , She thinks Neil’s phone number but couldn’t think of it and ends up calling Neela .

But the call’s busy , Neela is talking to Neil .

Neil “ Yes she’s somewhere here only and we’re trying our best to find both of then ”

Neela “ Shall I come there to help you guys out ! ”

Neil “ No don’t come here , It’s dangerous , Daksh’s men are wandering all over with weapons so we all gotta be careful ”

Neela claims with surprise “ Wait – a – minute Neil someone’s calling me from an unknown number ”

Neil “ Ha ! Just pick it up , Put it on conference ”

Neela “ Humm!!! ” She clicks the button on her phone

Avni says very slowly in fearsomely frightening voice , the water in her throat had dried out “ Ma!!! Neela Ma ” “ Hello can you hear me ? ’’

Neela “ Bacha ! Where are you , Are ….are youuuu fine ” She fumbles

Neil’s shocked to hear her voice

Neela “ where are you bacha please tell me !! Where are you are you fine !!! Are you listening !! ”

Avni “ Maa , ! I succeeded I saved my mother from that cruelty filled place we’re now free I’m coming home soon and …”

Neela “ But where are you both ! My breathing has stopped , Tell me ! ”

Avni “ Ma ! Since 15 years we both were kept in darkness , We’re beaten tied with chains but nothing could stop us , Here also there’s darkness , Here there are stones which have pricked my feet and mom’s hands are red with scars and you see we’ll get out of here too …” “ Ma ! I’m lost here in this forest ! But I’ll…. ”

That sound which was bothering her earlier is now not at much distance , She could see some shadows approaching towards her , Voices of metal weapons she muster all her power and says “ Ma !!! I’m coming I’m coming !!! ”

But all of sudden , The sound of bullet being fired is heard , Phone slips from her hands and falls down . Everything becomes stillll…..

Neela’s eyes are raised she’s speeches and So is Neil as he’d also heard bullets fired , The sounds of moaning echoed the whole forest as the bullet had pierced through AVNI’S left arm .

Neela shouts loudly through the speaker “ Ahiana ” “ What happened there , Ahiana ” “ She becomes mad and keep on repeatedly shout “ Ahiana you’ll come to me , Don’t worry Neil will save you , Ahiana are you listening to me ”

She falls down on floor crying hardly …

Neil is in complete state of stupefaction , “ Did you heard tha…that…that sound came from here , Somewhere here , They both are here only , Here only and what we’re doing ”

Dd “ Sir we’re trying our best , What else we can do we’re doing our best ? ”

Neil got irritated and spoke angrily “ We’re not doing what we should ,,, Didn’t your ears heard a bullet was fired and it shot Ahiana ” “ Didn’t you heard it ?? What is use of us being here then ! ” “ Everyone take your positions , Gets your guns ready as soon as you saw a goon shoot him ”

Avni drops on floor , Blood gushing out of her arm , Tears flooded both of her eyes she awaited for someone and wipe them .

It’s Ballu who’s done this and is very proud of his shot “ So at last the mice is crushed under the rocks of mountain ”

“ Just end this mice – cat game now , It’s over ”

Avni whispers “ Ma ! She’s alone ” And tries to get up on feet .

Ballu orders his men to catch her . She can’t fight no more . She’s become weak and lethargic .

“ Where’s another one ” Asks a man

Ballu “ She too must be hiding somewhere here and there , These two are coward besides hiding they can’t do anything ”

Avni was getting more and more infuriated …

A man dragged her forward and ballu was moving ahead

Ballu orders “ Eh you go and search for other one , Let’s just go boss must be waiting ”

While moving Ballu gets a call “ Aree ! Boss’s callin’ ” “ Wait ”

Ballu moves his finger and the man holding her ties her hands together ,,,

Ballu picks up the call steps a little ahead and talks

Avni thinks “ I gotta be out of it soon ” Her body’s aching . She could see one man standing beside her and finding a opportunity she slits with a blade through his neck and escapes …..

Ballu couldn’t hear this because he’d gone somewhere to talk something secret , And the man falls down …

Avni runs runs for her life , Though her feet were pricked with stones , Arm bleeding and hands tied with ropes ….She suddenly bounces with someone ….Someone who couldn’t be seen in that black forest …as it was a strong bounce both of them lost their balance and falls down ….

Avni moans with pain as she descended down , The person over her , turns on flashlight and the light bounces on her face , She puts her hand flat to cover her eyes as the flash was much white and intense ….Her glittery eyes could see it was Neil …

Neil murmured slowly “ Ahiana . .”

Avni didn’t knew from where this reflex action came from , She didn’t rendered a thought before hugging that warm chest tightly with her both arms ….

Avni cried slowly , Those inviting words from her mouth calling out his name and that cuddle even couldn’t stop Neil from raising his arms and envelop around her
( Background music :- Jab tak jahaan mein subah shaam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu )

They remained like that for a few moments…
Neil asks “ Ahiana are you okay ? ” Keeping his hands on her head which was touching his chest

Neil then spoke seeing her totally cold out of fear “ Ahiana wake up , Get up ” He then helped her getting up …They had a eyelock

Neil sees her in pathetic condition , He hurriedly unties her hands keeps both of his hands on her face
“ Are you okay ! Ahiana I told you Na ! That you can’t get out of jail see what had happened to you …. you’re bleeding ”

Avni says “ Neil …Neil they’ll kill us , Please help help me …they’re chasing us …” She didn’t knew what was she speaking

Neil “ You don’t worry I am here , I’ll protect you , Don’t worry they can’t do anything to you believe me ”

Neil “ Ahiana our rescue team is here , You go from here I’ll take on from this point ”

Avni “ No Neil what’re you saying ! I’ve to find my mom , I’ve hidden her at a safe place let’s go and get her first ”

Neil “ No it’s very risky no you’ll not come ” “ I’ll go ! ”

Avni “ Then it’s risky for you too …. I can’t put your life at risk just because of me ”

Neil “ That’s what my duty is ! Let me handle it ”

Avni “ I know but I just can’t put anyone else into danger , And even if I die then …”

Neil puts finger on her lips “ Shh !!! Remember I promised you that you ask or not I’ll be there to help you always , I’m there to help you whenever you’ll need me ”

Avni and Neil looks at each other in silence , Just then somebody’s footsteps are heard their silence is broken

It’s Ballu “ Oh boy ! This shit girl and woman had troubled me alot , Where the hell they’re !!! This bit***h sh***t ”

Neil got vexed but Avni holds him from going ahead …And Ballu walks ahead …

Avni “ Neil we’ll get Ma first !! And will secretly get out we’ll not waste out time with these people …Come I know where she’s !! ”

They both walking , Neil’s just in front of her his eyes moving in all directions to check her security , Avni hides her pain and holds in her tears , She covers her wounds with her palm , Neil turns back and sees her fighting through that pain …

Neil holds her “ Just come here ” He makes her sit down

Avni “ Neil I’m okay please let it be leave it ”

Neil takes out some tissues from his pocket clears her wound , She sobs ,
“ Don’t worry bullet just pierced through the skin it’ll heal soon ”
“ Buts it’s important to stop this blood flowing out ”

Neil says while nursing her “ I don’t know why do you always keep your pains hidden somewhere in the corner of your heart , You say I’m okay but I’m not , I can’t see you in pain ”

Avni was looking at him without blinking her eyes his face which showed how much he felt seeing her bruises
,She had reminisce from past a thought while she was a child and got a similar wound , Her childhood friend would also used to repeat same lines .Then she used to hug him every time healing her ..

Neil’s voice broke her concentration “ How does it feel like now , Is it okay ? ”

She didn’t spoke but nodded her head .

Once again that fear gripped her , Something she couldn’t shrug off her heart and mind , Some fears that left her heart pounding . Don’t knowing how to seek solace and how to go through the gloom , The only thing she could do is stand up and hug him tightly again …

Neil was left a little open-eyed when she spoke slowly “ Neil do you know this was after 15 years I got a chance to sleep in my mother’s lap and feel how her skin is ? ”
“ I’ve lived all alone all these years and now I don’t want to loose her ”

Neil reassures her “ I’m here Na ! We both will win , Nothing will happen to her ”
Avni “ Let’s go ” she looked up into his eyes

Neil thinks “ I’ve never seen a girl like her , Even being in this kind of situation she’s not giving up …She’s brave enough and adamant ”

Avneil reaches at the spot but to their utter surprise Naina wasn’t there

Avni got tensed “ Ma ! Ma ! Where are you Ma !!! ”

Neil “ Where is she ! Are you sure you had told her to be here ”

Avni “ Yes she was supposed to be here , Neil where she’d have gone , Ma ! ”

Neil “ See don’t worry ! Maybe she’d gone somewhere else to save herself ”

Avni “ I told her to be here only , How could she ? ”

Neil was just going to speak something that Someone’s loud and heavy voice echoed from behind …

“ She’d have been here , Where she’s gone , Oh god ….oh Darling don’t worry ( He spoke in childish manner ) Because your mother is in our esteemed care ”

Avneil turned and it was Daksh holding a gun

Daksh “ See what I told you , ‘ Bas chara dhund lo aur machli apne ap hath lag jayege ’ ( just find out the bait and then one can easily catch the fish ) ”

Daksh “ Oh ho ho ! And this Daroga sahib ( police officer ) is also with you , Naamskar Daroga sahib ! ” “ Aree !!! We’re friends didn’t you remember we became friends at the party ” “ We shook hands ”

“ Oh bhai dekh kya rahe ho ( what’re you waiting for ) ” He says to Ballu “ Go and get her go ”

Ballu comes forward holds AVNI’S arm “ Come ! ”

Neil holds his arm tightly and exclaims “ Just leave her ! ” And drops his hand with great force

Ballu takes out his gun “ Eh ! Daroga you’re taking risk for your own life , This area is ours we’ll shoot you and will hide your corpse here somewhere in this jungle and nobody would even get to know ”

Avni “ Please please don’t do anything to him and also to my mom your enmity is with me Na I I am ready to come with you ”

She steps forward and Neil grasps her hand “ No Ahiana you aren’t going anywhere ”

Avni “ But N-E-I-L ”

Neil says “ See around you Daksh today we’ll defeat you in your own area , Have a look around yourself ”

An army of police officer holding big rifles surrounded them …

Neil : It’d be much better for you to surrender or else before court would announce punishment you’re life will end here

Daksh was enraged he came to Neil and keeps his hand over his shoulder “ See Mr. Neil I don’t know what kind of police and thief games you’ve played , But take a not of it we’re playing this game since many years and every time victory is ours . We’re not at all afraid of these guns pointing at us because wherever our game begins we come fully equipped and planned ”

“ Now you look around yourself , You were and you are in our LABYRINTH ”

Daksh Laughs like a Devil “ So what’s up ! ” “ Done with it now you may leave you’re not invited in this game ”

Neil “ If I’ll go then I’ll take her along or else I won’t go ”

Daksh turns around him and comes to Avni “ I think you’re never told that this ‘Hasina’ is the rose of our land , That is why we’ve raised her since she was small with lots and lots of love , Care aaannnddd love ”
“ You don’t know how much rich she’d made us !!! Mala maal !!! ”

“ Am I right Alia !!! ” “ Humm ! ” he tries touching her cheeks but there comes a spank from Neil directly over his ill-speaking face

All his men raised their guns and shouts

Neil “ Don’t you dare do that ! ”

Daksh gets heated “ Tujhe to main choduga nahi ( I’ll not spare you ! ) And he raised his hand holding pistol and points at his forehead .

Just then someone from team shot at Daksh ( though it was missed ) and from both sides the storm of bullets firing from all around in that lightless arena could be heard .

Neil too took out his pistol but only to protect Avni whom he’d enwrapped with his arms “ Ahiana come come with me be careful ! Check out ”

With every trigger being pressed and bullet blasted made her heating thumping

She spoke smoothly “ Neil Ma ! ”

Neil “ We’ll get her first let’s just get out of this ”

Neil brought Avni to some safer place he quickly called and asked for more force …

There Naina who was hiding behind a big tree ( wasn’t seen by anyone ) could see the bloodshed being created , People fighting with one another , She could also see Avni who was crying and a man whose back was visible to her taking care of her daughter , Holding her hands and wiping off her tears ….

She thinks “ If someone gets bitten by a snake and one part of body becomes venomous then that body part is removed in order to protect the human ”
“ Knowing that the heart will still beat and the person can breathe ”
“ She’s found someone who will take care of her ever , He’ll never let her eyes to be moist ” She sighed
And fades away somewhere in darkness saying these words …

I had written it a long ago but didn’t got time to post . How was this part ? Hope it was a good one ! Happy belated New year . And let’s be avneil fans in this year also ….You can click that thumbs up if you liked and you’re free to write your views in the comments section . I love all readers a lot . Bye ! ????


sorry no precap but yes most anticipated moment is coming closer to stay tuned ???
And yesss !!!
what do you think Naina said these for ? What’s on her mind ? Would Neil and Avni be able to get out of it ! Has Avni now began believing in Neil fully ?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    good thatavni could ring up neela.shocking that ballu shot avni’s hand.poor girl.avneil meeting was so emotional. not finding naina avni breaking down n Neil consoling her was emotional. naina’s last dialogues were touchy n meaningful. where did she go?hope she will be safe.perfect pics

    1. Kira

      Thanks so much my friend you’re always first to comment and always reading your comments make me feel delighted and happy . Wish you good luck . Bye have a nice day ahead . U re osm ????✌✌✌

  2. Amazing episode. I felt like I am seeing all this in front of my eyes. Nice description. Beautiful. And belated happy new year??????…… Waiting for next updates. Best ???? luck for ur exams

    1. Kira

      Thanks my sis …good luck for you too .glad u liked today’s post …gn ???

  3. Dii did u got the news zain imam akka Neil and aditi rathore wins international award for namkaran in Vietnam. I am dancing reading this article??…… Sharing this news first with you….

    1. Kira

      Oh wow I’m totally amazed I didn’t knew thanks for delivering this news I’m super happy and want to hug u ….wowow I’m so happy ??????????????

      1. Same here dii

  4. hi Kira such a beautiful episode and I am still an avneil fan and I hope you remember me I am miya.
    Belated Happy New Year

    1. Kira

      Hi good morning friend . Yes I remember you. Thank you for writing to me and I’m happy you liked the episode . Have a blissful day ahead …..and yea we’ll remain Avneil fans forever …..bye ????????

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