Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali talking to Niranjan about Shlok. He says when did he become your son, he is my son Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri, if you worry for him so much, go to Astha and explain him to value Shlok and come to me apologize to me, her fast won’t matter, it will be better if she goes away from my son’s life. He leaves with Shlok for office. Anjali gets sad and comes inside. Kalindi gives prasad to Ajju. Ajju blesses her and tells the important of Teej fast. Kalindi says everyone does not get a husband who is so suportive, I m lucky to get a husband like Avdhoot and mum in law like him, after knowing about my furst amrriage, you both have accepted me, I m lucky, you both have really big heart. Ajju says even I m lukcy, show me does anyone have a bahu like mine. Kalindi smiles. Astha thinks she will see how Shlok does not break her fast, she will see that he breaks her fast.

Anjali comes to Astha and talks to her about people should not know about our house problems. Astha says yes. The guests come. Anjali says lets start the Katha. The lady asks about Sojal. Astha says she went to her mum’s place to celebrate Hartalika. The lady saus fine and asks them to greet Ganpati Bappa. She recites the Katha to everyone. She asks the ladies to have water by their husband’s hand, it’s the ritual. Astha thinks about Shlok’s words. Anjali says I will leave you all out and they leave.

Sojal comes and taunts Astha. Astha hears her and feels sad. Astha prays the Lord to do anything and make Shlok break her fast. Its night, Shlok is in office. The peopn asks can he go, as his wife is fasting. Shlok says yes, go. He thanks him and leaves. Niranjan sees Shlok in his cabin and is glad. Jyoti prays at home. Sid makes her sit on the dining chair and breaks her fast. She says enough now, I had enough, Anaya is with mum, I will go and see. Sid says she is her granddaughter, let her be. Sid and Jyoti have a romantic moment. Music plays……………. He kisses her hand and she hugs him smiling.

Sojal sees the food and calls out Varad. She asks him to come soon. She asks him to break her fast. He breaks her fast by making her drink water and eat sweets. Sojal asks him to go as she will eat herself. Mansi waits for Varad fasting for him. Varad sees Sojal eating and asks her to sit and wat calmly. Mansi cries and says this is not done, you know I m waiting, you are not eve taking my call,. I did not know Sojal is important for you. What about me? She gets angry and ruins the table. Varad tells Sojal that he has to go. He sees Mansi’s missed calls.

Varad sees Astha waiting and calls Shlok. He asks him to come and break her fast. He tries explaning Shlok to come home. Shlok says he does not want to fight, she has to apologize to Baba and ends the call. Astha says she does not expect much. Varad says I m sorry, I could not help you. Astha says thanks, atleast you tried. He leaves to meet Mansi. He comes to Mansi’s home and switches on the lights. He sees Mansi crying and talks to her. She cries and says she is not related to him as his wife, so why will he care for her.
He says he cares for her a lot, what you are to me, as your heart, you will know it. He says you are the reason of my life, I m not there if you are not there. He brings food for her and breaks her fast. She says she won’t. He makes upto her and breaks her fast. He says promise me you won’t do such anger. She nods yes and promises him. She asks did you have anything. He says no. She hugs him and says I m sorry. She makes him eat. She says she wishes to listen to her heart always. He wipes her heart and hugs her.

Niranjan comes home and sees Kavya and Anjali talking. She says she won’t eat till Niranjan breaks her fast. Astha comes there and sees Niranjan. He says if I don’t make you eat, won’t you have food. He says Anjali, even if you die by hunger. I don’t care. He leaves looking at Astha and Anjali. Astha thinks Niranjan has challenged me, now Anjali will drink water by his hands only. She calls Kavya and tells her plan t her in her ears. Kavya takes water and runs to Niranjan. Anjali asks Astha what did you tell her. Kavya runs to Niranjan and asks for her chocolates. He says he did not get it. She says she did homework soon and gives him water bottle. She tells him a story. Niranjan calls out Sojal being bored. She takes the bottle and leaves. Kavya comes to Astha and gives the bottle. She tells that Niranjan touched the bottle and now Astha won’t be annoyed with Shlok. Astha says yes. Anjali asks what if he knows this. Astha says let it be, I know how to handle him. She asks Anjali to break her fast. Anjali says no, first Shlok has to break your fast. She says we will break the fast together. Astha smiles.

Shlok and Astha stand at either side of the rope. Khuda……………….plays……………… He gives a water glass to Astha. Niranjan looks on from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kavya u r the best girl in the world
    u r VERY SMART like Aastha
    thumbs up

  2. whywhy and why niranjans truth is not exposing out?why writer g ab sachnlay b ao samnay abhi tu vardd ki mystery bhi solve honi baqi hy yar……mean mansi and vard ab plz niranjn ka sach lao shlok k samnay

  3. ipknd z bcumng brng day by day.. when z astha gng2 xpose nirajans truth..?

  4. niranjan why r u so envious about your son’s life? leave them as their way….

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