Sadda Haq 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is busy in doing the paper. The bell rings. Everyone submits their papers except for Sanyu and Randhir. SAnyu says please sir give me 15 more minutes. I wrote everything but he ate my paper. Please let me complete to get passing marks. PKC grasps the papers. PKC says no extra time you may leave now. Sanyu is very angry. Randhir says you wanted to throw me out of this college. Boo your return tickets. You can’t harm me because I know how to break your kind of girls. He leaves the class.

In the corridor, Parth stops vidushi and says why did you have to cheat ? You could only flatter dean and get marks. he leaves. Vidushi gets a call from doctor. Doctor tells her that Parth needs medicines. It will cost 20k. He says I know you will take time to arrange drugs but we have to hurry up. Viduhsi says even if I save my annual pocket money I won’t be able to collect 20k. Why did I have to born under poverty line. I wish I was rich. She hears some guys talking, I don’t think I will pass the mid. I wish I could know the questions beforehand I could give money for that.

Vidushi goes to peon and says I wanna meet professor. He says he is in meeting. Vidushi sees the keys in his pocket. She drops her books. He picks them up and Viduhsi plucks the keys.

Parth is reading. Yoyo says we are so unlucky. We are studying and people are passing by just giving 1000 rupees. He hears some people saying we will pass this time. we have got questions in just 1000 rupees. Parth goes to viduhi and says I shouldn’t have wasted my time in wondering who leaked the papers. Only you could be this cheap. You are recovering the money this way. Vidushi says please listen to me parth for once. Parth inverts her bag and the money fall on the ground. Parth says I am going to complain about you. Viduhsi says how will you prove I have done this. Parth says you are stupide you have forgotten that there are cctv cameras in college. Vidushi says I placed magent in all of them. just gave 5 questions no one will get full marks. So no teachers will doubt about the leakage of papers. What will you prove ? Parth says you have proved that no one can be worst than you. He leaves. Vidushi calls doctor and says I have arranged the money.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vidushi sees parth says am I doing a mistake by concealing him. I should tell him. Vidushi goes to him and says I want to say something. I am doing something for you. He says for now you are just irritating me. Some juniors come and says we wanted to thank you parth sir. Vidushi says we are busy. parth says why you wanna thank me ? The students say because we have got good makrs because of you. Parth says no its because of your will. I don’t take favors. Parth aks vidushi what were you saying ? she says I wan bringing tea for you.

SAhil says why have varhdan sir called us here ? Vardhan comes there and says were you expecting anyone else ? Back to your tables. You people are so over confident. You know what is going to happen with you. I will be taking your internals and they are divided in three tasks. I will take the first one right here right now. Vardhan sets a machine and says change yourself with time. Keep running with the time or eject. He unveils something long. he says let me help you. You have to make a clock and the time should match the time of my clock. You have to make a precisely calibrated clock. Vidushi says whats the challenge in making that ? Jiggy says we have made super fast car whats with this clock ? Vardhan says don’t take small things easily. You just have time till 4 to do that. They all go back to their works to make their clocks.
Randhir says to Sanyu how would you know about the task. you are a stupid girl who just knows how to cook. SAnyu says varhdan said you have to change with time. my time has changed but your will end soon. I will prove you wrong.
Sanyu starts working and says I will make 10 times better clock than him. They all start working. Kaustuki says what are you doing ? SAnyu says I am reminding someone his worth. Randhir says remind your own first.

Scene 3
Maya comes talking to someone on phone. she sees some pupil talking on stairs. she says whats going on there ? How dare you. They say ma’am we were just talking on phone. maya says get out.
Vardhan says to maya why are you making students your target ? She says I won’t tolerate useless comments. Vardhan sees a scar on her hand. Vardhan says I wonder why you show someone else’s anger on someone else. Maya says you have a lot of work to do.

Everyone is busy in making their clocks. Parth’s hands are shivering. Kaustuki has placed the wrong gear. Jiggy comes and says let me tell you. Yoyo ays your smile will even run this. parth gets a call from doctor. Doctor says come to my cabin. Parth leaves.

Scene 4
Doctor gives some medicines to parth. parth says what is this for ? Doctor says you are fine. You have minor muscle distortion. Parth says what is the name of this disease? Doctor says you have no major problem just keep taking these medicines you will be better soon. Parth says in heart there is something serious that you are concealing. Doctor says in heart till when will I conceal. I should talk to his fiancé.

Randhir takes a tool. SAnyu wants it too. He says you are following me here too. SAnyu says you will be behind me like always. Randhir says following champions won’t make you one. Use your brain and you will understand this.

Precap-Vardhan comes in and says I hope you engineers have done this small work. he goes to sanyu and says I hope you won’t disappoint me. He checks sanyu’s clock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the hell yr i ws expecting sme sandhir scene or some funny fights bt no thr ws only vidarth atleast b’day pe kuch to special dikhate

  2. **** Many more happy returns of the day **** dear ROCKSTAR PARAM SINGH BHATIA

    In the journey of your life, may your joys double and your success triple, may your sorrows disappear. Wishing you a stress free life.

    With good luck on your way,
    Wishing you an awesome day,

    Stay blessed and happy this day, My dear PARAM on your birthday today!

  3. this time i want Randhir to win the task…. not SANYU as always pls pls. i know this is a woman oriented show, but still…

    1. Ya i also wnt d sm..kyuki sanyukta agr itni intelligent hti to woh rank no 1 hti nt rank 300..nd dnt knw why d cvs alwaus wnts to mk rd a lsr ..seriously wht d hell yr he is rnk no 1 dey shldnt frgt dat

      1. pakhi i wanted to ask u – u twitted bday wishes giving ref as 5th septembers comment section right???. kyuun ki 5th sept cs pe hi ham sab PARAM ko wish kiye the…..

  4. poor vidushi for the 1st tym she’s doing some gud. Happy bday param

  5. Aj ka epi=Boring,BOKWAAS,Ghaati
    What yaar…..kya tha ye…srsly,shq ke standards issey bohooth uchey hai….precap me bhi aisa kuch nahi tha that wud make ppl wait eagerly for the nxt epi…fultoo boring

  6. game changer

    bakwas episode sirf ek sandheer scene tha and ya me to want randhir to win diz time ….
    ***HaPpY BiRtH DaY*** dear PARAM

  7. guys do u remember the sanyu who ran 4m her own house and who followed randhir all alone for YSA Competition i mean what has happened to her she’s begging infront of sameer???? Highly depressed by her girls are not so weak and no parent forces a daughter somewhere she doesnt want to go atleast not rich people

  8. Cvs walo itna bakwas ghatiya fltu boring etc wala epi sirf or sirf upcmng madly in lv wala sandhir ke liye tolerate kr rhe hai..agr wo trck acha ni hua or ek bir rd ka hrtbrk or any type of bad thing hua to chodungi nhi tum lpgo ko bol ri hu avi se…pathar se marungi sbko

  9. boring.ep

  10. cvs waalo itna ghatia bekaar episodes dikha rahe ho janta maaf nahi karegi


    my question is y is RD NOT ignoring Sanyu? i mean he is arguing with her, talking to her one way or the other! i thought he will totally ignore her… i wanted SANYU to get disturbed by this sudden silence of RD, diff treatment and attitude towards her and thus feel his absence…

  12. Ya anamika…..RIGHTO!

  13. Ya meera i refers hm of 5th spt epi’s wu

      1. Mntn nt

  14. Happy Birthday Param…….

  15. maine kuch comment pare unsabko ye kiu lagtahe ke agar rd or sanyu ek dusre ko ILU bolenge ya rd sanyu ki ek dusre se sadi hogi to serial khatam ho jayega? are yaar bohot sare serial to hero or heroin ki sadi se hi suru hoti hai,or uske baad v 2-3 saal tak chalti hai.youth serial jaise dil dosti dance me sawron and soyam ne v to ek dosre ko prapose kia or unka show to avi v chal raha hai.Or shq sirf sanyu ki engineer ki degree hasil karneki kahani nahi hai.use to engineer ban na hai or engineer ke roop me successful hona hai.To uski or rd ki journey to avi suru hui hai ,manjil avi dur hai.rd or sanyu ek ho kar v shq ko or v 2-3 salo tak on air rakh sakte hai mujhe lagta hai.

  16. Aj ap logo ne moon ki taraf dekha.agar nahi dekha to dekho moon ki charo or ek round layer bani hui hai.agar sky clear hai to dekh sakte hai aap log.maine dekha or it’s so amezing.pata nahi ap logo ko dikhega ki kal raat ko bhi tha.kuch din tak dikhai dega ye layer.

  17. Bakwas serial. This serial should go off air now..((((

    1. @isani off air serial ko nahi tumhe jana chahiye.tumhe serial nahi dekhna to maat dekho lekin is serial ke bareme aisa bakwass bhi maat kia karo samjhi.

  18. ye maya kuch dino se saree pahen rahi hai.she is looking good.par bo starting bale look me hi better lagti hai.or uski saree ki color v bohot deep hai, partywear jaisi hai.

  19. Happy Birthday Param

  20. plzzz i want rd to win plzzz

  21. Many mny returns of d day param….Lv u… Xpct smthng intrstng in upcming episodes

  22. i want Randhir to win every competition from now on as it is when the show started Randhir was shown as a genius but he hasn’t achieved anything except for being FITE no 1 on the other hand Sanyukta is progressing at phenomenal rate and has achieved many things…its high time Randhir gets what he deserves some accomplishment on his list would make his character strong and also something for his fans to cheer about FTW Randhir

  23. Now read in FB that in SBS Param told he got engaged and will marry in 2-3″years I didn’t saw the segment if anyone did pls give a write up on the answer of Param and the question also the reaction of the co-actors pls pls pls I know I am asking too much but pls I want to know if its true or not

    1. @nila guys did u see param birthday on sbs…the whole mad people of saada yoyo, parth,sanyu,jiggi. ,nd apna pyara pkc. here is the write up on the answer of Param and the question also the reaction of the co-actors.
      param is crazy yr..jab repoter ne uski age puch to bola ki…m 34 kaho gaya hu…nd ring ko dekha ke bola ki meri sagai ho gayi h..nd sanyu ke shoulder pe hath rekh ke bola ki ab hamari sadi hone wali h nd firr 2-3 bache .

      Ha param tumhr badi jaldi h sadi ki…
      nd jab param se pucha ki fan sse kya gift chahiye to pahle to serious hoke bola ki mjhe koi gift ni chahiye..nd firr has ke bola ap kyu preshan hote ho gift kharidne ke leye m apna accout bta deta hu..wahi sab pesse dalwa dena.
      So whole seen is very funny.

  24. Hi!
    Hv u read the ff ‘daddy’s hands’ on india- forums? If not,do. Its nice.

  25. I am new here.anyone who wants to chat with me.

  26. HI AAROHI!!!!!!!
    I m always ready fr chatting,just don’t find any1 online whn I m………….

    1. I think THE KAHAANI PEHLE SE bandh ho gaya hai.maine last saturday ko dekha tha ,par monday ko mai dekhne gai to dekha us time pe jhalli anjali ka sunday bala episod ho raha hai.

  27. Don’t no.anyway where do you live and what’s your age?

  28. Why are you not replying me saddaharox

  29. Why are you not replying me saddahagrox

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