Jhalli Anjali 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

VP tells Anjali to do something for the show as Amisha is following Dhruv as she find Dhruv with a girl…Anjali goes and sits and starts the show…Says Good morning..Dhruv tells the girl to on the RAdio…Anjali tells that her morning is different tell because when her heart broked tears came out and she cannot stop….Soo to make that Amazing she remembered the song “BABY doll mein sooney dii””.Dhruv is driving listens and gets happy.tells that Amisha sounds different…Amisha follow Dhruv tells that he would have said before about her girlfriend…Anjali removes the headphones and tells that she is afraid as it was good or not VP tells its excellant….One girl calls Anjali introduces herself as Saundraya….tells that she wanted to celebrate her b”day with boyfriend..but he forgot and went with his friend…Soo saundrya got upset…tells that she find a orphanage girl…and asked that girl where is her b”day the girl replied dont know….Soo Saundarya celebrated the birthday with her…The small girl got happy and made Saundrya as her sister.Shaundrya tells that she found soo happiness and calls his boyfiend as jerk..Anjali asks if hshe broked with him…Saudrya replies yes..Anjali tells if anyone wanted to heal their broken Heart have to make soulutions by themselves not to depend on others..Saundrya appreciates tells that Nice funda of life and keeps the phone.Anjali puts a song for the listners…Dhruv gets happy tells that unbelievable tells Amisha is hosting too good…Dhruv goes with the girl in the room…Amisha follows…Dhruv and that girls goes and sits on the bed…Amisha peeps from the window tells yuck…tells that people like Dhruv want to play with girls…That girl amd dhruv fight with pillow…Amisha calls them cheapsters…Dhruv tells that he is too happy to see her small sister after many years..Amisha gets shocked tells that she misunderstood…Dhruv”s sister tells him to go Dhruv goes..Amisha feels shy and tells that her sister in law is soo sweet…Amisha thanksgod that Dhruv is single..Amisha remeber”sabout the radio show and runs..
A girl calls and tells Anjali that her boyfriend was upset with her because she refused to kiss him..but later he kissed her and both were happy..Anjali says “Saajna ko mili Sajne ko karke khushi”…Anjali tells to love being in limits…not to love unconditionally and forget the limits and keeps the phone…VP tells that she is very good…
Amisha gets worried runs and comes….Dhruv comes and hugs Amisha tells that it was not looking she was a RJ….tells that she directly connected to listener”s heart..He tell that he is impressed will give treat in the canteen..Anjali comes and asks Amisha where was she.. Dhruv stops and says Amisha that her shamina changing the voice and telling idea was awesome….Amisha smiles and tells yes…VP…comes and gets shocked to see Amisha…was about to say but Amisha goes hugs and stop him…VP gets happy….Amisha goes back and stand with Anjali….Dhruv tells Amisha to come in canteen…Anjali and Amisha murrmers…Dhruv tells that full family is mad..Amishaa convinces Anjali to do the show..Anjali agrees after a arguement..
Anjali comes and gives a piece of paper to Amisha tells that it is list of trouble…Amisha asks what…Anjali says trouble no 1-…Dhruv will recognoze her voice…
Trouble no 2- Wen Anjali will be starting thow Dhruv will be behind…Amisha tells she has all answers of the question…Anjali asks what….Amisha replies “Anjali”…..Anjali gets shocked…Amisha says both will take out some way …..Anjali says okey..Amisha says she have to apply moisturizer for tommrrow”s show….Amisha tells she is feeling sleepy and sleeps…Anjali calls Amisha stupid…tells in what trouble she is trapped…tells Babaji to help and sleeps…Next morning….Anjali and Amisha are sitting…beside…Amisha is telling Anjali to be preapre for the show…..Taijii observes and says something bad will happen…Taijii gives tea to Anjali…Amisha shouts noo and keeps away the Tea..as it is not good for Anjali’s voice…..Taijii says first time she is listening that ginger tea is not good for health…Amisha gives Anjali soup to drink…Anjali drinks…and coughs…Punit tells to be okey…Next in the room Anjali tells Amisha that her voice became good.Anjali gets happy and jumps in the bed…dances…Amisha gets shocked and tells what….Amisha tells that another problem is arised…Amisha asks Anjali whether she eat ginger or tulsi as her voice is good…Anjali says no…Amisha says now she have to change her voice again for the show…Anjali says noo….Anjali begs no…Amisha tells no way….Amisha goes to her mother asks that her night sleep is gone Amisha asks that how can someone voice can be changed ….She replies if they have cough or cold….Amisha asks when she got cold…Amisha”s mother reply… in chilhood when she used to eat alot of pickles…Amisha gets happy…epsiode ends…

Precap::Dhruv tells Amisha that today’s show was super asks where is Anjali…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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