Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha walking towards each other. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………. Plays……………They come near the rope and smile. She hugs him. He holds her. She says she can’t live without him. He says I can’t live without you. She says you came to me in few hours. He says you were showing attitude, see the result, you came running to me. He holds her and she smiles. He says I know you can’t live without me, tell me you are incomplete without me. She says come out of dreams, you are not prince charming, the truth is you can’t live without me.

She says Mr Rude, I m your every breath, you get me in every thought. Sajna ve………….plays………….. He laughs. He says you are really ridiculous, I can’t believe you told me this, I understood you are adamant. He says you have to prove that I said what I feel, you don’t feel. They come out of their imagination and are standing far and staring at each other.

They feel the bizarreness of how their relation changed and leave. Its morning, Sojal says Jaya left when I m in problem. She says what should I make now, everyone will come for breakfast. She comes in kitchen and sees Anjali and Astha. She thinks to ask Anjali, but she can’t, this division has troubled me, its good for Astha to make two person food. She thinks to give bread butter, but no it won’t look good. Sojal mixes flour. Sojal starts cooking. Astha thinks why is she making dish, we don’t eat roti sabzi in breakfast. Anjali smiles.

Varad calls Sojal. Anjlai scolds Sojal for making breakfast late. Anjali says she made Methi and Roti in breakfast, I thought its for lunch, did anyone eat roti in morning, is she mad, she is here since many years, don’t she know this. Astha says let her do her work, our breakfast is ready, shall we eat. Anjali says she will eat later after Niranjan eats. Astha says now you don’t need to be afraid of him, you said I m not wrong, then what, if he can eat before you, without valuing you, then why are you doing this. Anjali says its traditions, a wife can’t eat before husband, its bad to break it. Astha says we have to change with changing time, time does not stop for anyone.

Astha convinces Anjali nt to move back for her self esteem. I want Baba to realize that everyone respects you if he does not. Anjali says lets go. Varad asks what did you make this Sojal. Sojal says Methi ki sabzi. Astha brings the dishes for her and Anjali. Shlok comes for breakfast. She sees Astha. Astha serves food to Anjali. Astha asks Anjali to eat. Anjali looks at Niranjan. Astha makes Anjali eat the food by her hands. Niranjan is shocked as Anjali broke his rules and ate before him. Niranjan does not eat. Sojal and Shlok asks him to have something. Niranjan says I don’t wish to and leaves. Shlok says even I m not hungry and leaves. Vard says me too. Sojal says she made it working hard.

Varad asks who eats roti and sabzi in this house in breakfast, you are here since years, you don’t know what we eat, if you don’t know, ask Astha. Astha says wait for 5 mins, I will make something. He says no need, if house and relations are divided, its not right you do something for me, its time some people should realize their responsibilities. He gets annoyed with Sojal. He leaves. Sojal says Astha, she is there for Varad, you manage your duties. Anjali says see I told you I will make something, everyone went without eating, they don’t know how to manage home. Astha says when they miss us, they will know how important we are.

Renuka and Riya pack bags. Jyoti asks where are they going. Riya says we are going back home. Jyoti asks them to stay for few days. Sid comes and asks why are they going. Renuka says your dad feels we should go, as it will be problem here for you and Jyoti, its small house. Sid’s dad says the same and asks Sid to spent time with Jyoti. Sid asks them to stay back and no one will go anywhere. He says he saw a new home, we will shift together. Everyone is happy. Sid says we will shift when I get keys, Jyoti also wants this. Renuka gets angry and says as its Jyoti’s wish, else we can’t be together.

Sid says fine, pack the things to go in our new house, my mum will always be with me, please agree. Renuka agrees. Niranjan is his room saying how dare Anjali go against me and ate before me, she will get punished for this big mistake. Shlok comes and says shall I get fruits for you, as you did not have breakfast. Niranjan says no, I m going office, if I wish, I will have breakfast in office, don’t worry. Shlok asks what are you finding. He says I m finding socks, Anjali keeps it, I don’t know whats in her mind, she decided this without thinking.

He says I understand Astha went that side as you wanted it, but Anjali went by her wish. He says he always kept her happy, Anjali left me easily and supported her bahu. Shlok asks him to sit and he will find the socks. He says he is not getting, he will get new ones. He then gets it and gives him. Niranjan thanks him. Shlok asks him to get ready. Niranjan says I can bear the pain of Anjali’s absence to have son like you, what Anjali did, I have to teach her a lesson.

Patel invites Niranjan and his family for Janmashtami puja. Niranjan says he will come. Patel leaves. Niranjan tells Anjali by what right will she attend the puja, he won’t take her, only he and his sons will do got the puja.

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