Would you like to see Iqbal Khan back as Aryaman in Tumhari Pakhi?

Iqbal Khan has quit the show Tumhari Pakhi, as his character of Anshuman died in the show, and other one Aryaman was sent to jail. The actor took a break from work and went to meet his family in Kashmir. We can’t state whether he will be back in the show in Aryaman’s role. The rumors mills are reporting about Iqbal getting back in the show. Aryaman’s character is being approached by his mum Devki/Anuja, who is trying hard to convince Pakhi to forgive Aryaman and bring him back home. She takes the help of her nephew Veer Pratap (Varun Badola) who can be featured opposite Pakhi as her lead, is makers does not make Aryaman’s entry again.

The current track is showing Veer and Pakhi, managing business. Veer wants to help Anuja and make Aryaman come back and marry Pakhi, so that she gets a life partner and Ayaan can get a father. Veer reminds Pakhi about Anshuman. Veer tells about touch, which shows everything about a person, the most beautiful touch is the one which touches heart. She thinks about her words told to Anshuman about language of touch. Veer is impressed by Pakhi’s efficiency knows Pakhi does not need anyone, but Ayaan does. He makes Ayaan realize that Pakhi can’t be alone whole life and she is breaking within. Pakhi celebrates Ayaan’s birthday, though Veer and Anuja plan hard to send off Pakhi to Chandigarh for her meeting. Pakhi manages everything and arranges a video conference and ends her meeting being in Shimla, so that she can be present in Ayaan’s birthday. Maha ji tells Ayaan that Pakhi is leading a tough life and is killing herself.

Ayaan feels sad and on his birthday. He thinks about Anuja’s words that Aryaman loves them a lot and is regretting his mistake. He wants to come back home and be with them. He makes a wish asking Pakhi to bring back Aryaman home and marry him. Pakhi is shell shocked. Even Anuja says the same to Pakhi, to marry someone whom she knows and that can be only Aryaman, as he loves Ayaan as his father and is concerned about her too. With Aryaman to come back in Rathore Mansion, will Iqbal return in Tumhari Pakhi? Let us know whether you all are keen to see him in the show.

  1. Plz bring anshuman back,without him the show is so boring.

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