Sadda Haq 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
At night sanyu is in her bed. She says in heart I hope you said that to avoid my question.
Kaustuki comes and says why are you up ? Take rest. Sanyu says okay. Kaustuki says I have been looking for my phone I can’t find it. Sanyu says if me and vidushi are in some trouble whom will you save ? Kaustuki says obviously you. Sanyu says if vidshi has more chances to be saved and I can’t be saved. Kaustuki says only you doesn’t matter how difficult the situation is. Sanyu says why is that so ? Kautsuki says because I love you. You are special to me. Sanyu says you have feelings for you ? Kaustuki says why are you asking so many question. Sanyu says because I want answers for both you and me. You have to figure out whom you really want and who is loyal to you.

Randhir says to himself you are an idiot. she was asking if she is special and you said you would have done the same for anyone.Now keep waiting for opportunity. Jiggy is looking for his laptop. He asks parth. Jiggy says maybe I forgot it in the class. Parth says sandir lost his laptop too. Parth asks randhir have you lost something ? Randhir says yeah my charger. Jiggy says what is happening? Parth says lets go and look for it. We will complain about this matter.

Jiggy, randhir and parth are in corridor. Jiggy says why did someone has to steal my laptop. They could have taken my t-shirt slipper anything. Laptop is like my brain most important thing. Randhir says I thought kaustuki is the most important thing for you. He says yeah she is too but laptop is important as well.
They hear kaustuki screaming. Jiggy says what what is happening. what are you doing here. Kaustuki is under the shelves Kaustuki says please help me haul me out of here. Yoyo comes. Kaustuki says please do something its hurting. Jiggy holds her hand and says you will feel better. Randhir says let anyone person hold the shelf. Kaustuki says go and help yo yo. Jiggy says it might hurt me. Yoyo is trying to take off the shelf the shelf. Partyh says some has to cut it with the metal cutter. Jiggy says no I mean I should stay here with you. Sanyu calls randhir and says my foot is hurt please come randhir.
Randhir gets a call from sanyu. She says please come and help me randhir. My foot is hurt.
Randhir goes to sanyu’s room. her foot is bleeding. Randhir is so worried for her. He says what you do sanyu. He removes the blood. There is no bruise. Sanyu says relax it was just color.

Yoyo is holding the shelf. Parth starts cutting it. suddenly he drops it. His hands shiver again. Vidushi looks at him with concern. yoyo says what happened paaji ? Cut it please.
Randhir says is this way to joke ? left kaustuki in trouble and came here. Sanyu says exactly you said you would save anyone and I am not special to you. THen why you came here to help me ? Is this not being special ? He says you have gone mad. Your life is valuable and you will always be my priority that doesn’t mean you will tease me like this. He leaves. Sanyu says please stop randhir. I forgot to say what I wanted to. Sanyu recalls when he wanted to propose her. She says he was doing that for me and I thought jiggy was doing it for kaustuki. I know how special am I for him.
Kaustuki comes out of the shelf. Vidushi says how you came out so easily ? She says I twisted my foot and came out. Yoyo says kaustuki is fine. He hugs jiggy. Jiggy goes and Is about to hug kaustuki but yoyo hugs her first. Vidushi says scene shouldn’t end like this. She has done it herself.

Kaustuki comes to sanyu and says plan successful. They recall how they got kaustuki stuck there deliberately wityh help of two peons. Sanyu says I told you if you don’t wanna be confused you have to sort out everything. Kaustuki says I feel bad for yoyo he was so worried and jiggy was just saying kaustuki baby. Sanyu says you are lucky to figure out who is truly yours. Kaustuki says what should I do now ? Sanyu says no one has life to decide anything for you not even me. SAnyu says in heart I have to decide something for myself too.
Viduhsi over hears their conversation and says so this was done for kaustuki’s stupid love story. You made parth feel so helpless. I will not leave you for this sanyu.

Scene 2
parth is under going a test in medical room. Doctor says I can’t clearly diagnose. I have to send this report for further analysis. Parth says how much will it cost ? Doctor says that is done. Parth asks how ? Doctor says I told you some doctors are doing I for free.

Vidushi is so angry in her room. she receives a parcel for sanyu. She says are we her servants. Suddenly she plans on opening it.

Sanyu is in the lab. she looks at the car and recalls how much worried randhir was for her when she was in fire. She moves her hand, her hand touches another hand, its randhir. He grasps her hand. Sanyu says will you just satre or dare to say something? He comes closer holding her hand and bows down to his knees. He makes sanyu wear the ring, sanyu is in tears. Randhir says I love you sanyu. Sanyu hugs him. She says I knew you love me but I wanted to hear from you. I love you too Randhir. She hugs him again. Suddenly her phone rings and she realizes it was all her imagination. Its Samir’s call. Samir asks did you get the parcel ? Its the invitation cards samples for our engagement. I am sure we will like the same one.

Vidushi sees the samples and says what the hell ? She was lying with the whole team. Lets see sanyu what I do to you.
SAnyu says I haven’t seen them so far. He says then go and take the from your in charge. Our engagement date is fixed and you will be mine forever. see your college for last time. I have asked ankit to send you car tomorrow. You’re coming home. Sanyu sits down in tears.

Precap-Vardhan says so you are ? Sanyu says leaving. Randhir hears someone says she is getting engaged to Samir and she is leaving the college. He asks them what Samir ? Who is leaving the college ?
Randhir comes to parth and others and asks why are you guys so stressed out ? Whats written on notice board ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. If vidushi loves paarth that much then she would have taken the money for his treatment from the money(1 lakh) Maya gave her when she was LITS mentor….she could have used it na…y s she stealing others valuable things like laptop and mobiles???fake love fake concern

  2. wat da hell sameer is messing up evrythng…nd ab toh directrs make da proposal a true thng nt a drm ne more…horrible…
    dragging da proposal 4 atleast 2 n a half weeks…

  3. ATIBA – u r damn fast!!!
    tdys epi what was that??? love testing by the duo kaustu and sanyu… kaustuki chooses yoyo over jiggy… sanyu realises her ♡ for Randhir,.. Vidushi she felt insulted when Parth seemed hopeless… arre wah!!! she is really concerned for him…. finally, i shld say – SAMIR the may or may-not-be BG was looking sooooooo smart tdy.. definitely….
    PRECAP – i am hell scared yaar.

  4. Wowwwwww sanyu s n love with randhir….yipeeeee she finally realized it

  5. Wowwwwww sanyu s n love with randhir….yipeeeee

  6. This is going to be an tearful week for sandhir fans!!!! Can’t wait to see tomo episode

  7. Atiba I love you dr u r a gift for sadda haq fans…I have never seen such fast update…really thank you dr

    1. Atiba

      You’re always welcome ash. 🙂

  8. On Sundays episode sanyu should chose randhir over samir ..and she should not think abt hurting her family blah blah blah especially when she could 4get her life’s dream 4 them they can atleast let her marry the person she likes

  9. It was a dream ……..I saw the whole scene without taking breath and blinking my eyes but atlast it was a dream wow!!!! But anyway its nice he didn’t propose her if he did and she accepted then he would have more hurted 🙁
    Vidhusi I hate u she told Sanyu Kaminy as if she as pure as milk she doesn’t care about anyone expect Parth…..I know Sanyu did wrong by testing Randhir and YoYo but she purposely didn’t do anything …..she going to take revenge by placing the cards in notice board HOW MEAN ?????? Hate her…..
    Actually Sanyu didn’t do anything wrong but her way of approach may be wrong

  10. @meera I don’t think Vidhusi is in love with Parth its just infatuation coz if she really loves him it she would not have hurted others love story

    1. ok, that was just my POV. your y/days comment on Rds expression – nice observation!

  11. i know that they r goin to show the same precap tmmro also…..
    and that new promo in which sanyu was doin engagement with samir and suddenly randhir comes all drunked up..
    i dont want this to hppen!!
    i think tht sanyu must have written “i love you” or “i am srry randhir” on the notice board!!!

    1. notice board part – i think vidushi must have pasted a copy of sanyus engagement card… her revenge with sanyu for making Parth look like a fool…

  12. Uff….It was a dream,ye dd n ss chahte kya h,btw the hug ws awsme just loved it wen sanyu hugs randhir 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  13. 1st time an updater has thanked a viewer’s comment!!! unbelievable…. how come????? just out of curiousity – is it really ATIBA???

  14. i forgot abt 1 imp scene – yoyo and jiggy both hugging kaustu…. i was rofl!!!

  15. finally sanyu realized that randheer is in luv wid hr………bt guyz i did ny get one thing jab pehle sanyu ka engagement hone wala tha tab vidhushi to wahi pr thi to use to pehle se pata hoga k sanyu ka engagemnt cancle nahi hua?

  16. Wow! Atlast sanyu accept that she loves randhir yeah I’m so happy n this stupid samir calling her n breaking her dream n saddahaqrox where is Part-1 I didn’t got it I search plz if u don’t mind could u plz type it again only Part-1 plz plz plz……

  17. Hi meera which class u are?

  18. oh man why is it have to be a DREA M?? I was just hoping tht it will a real confession but BAD LUCK I guess 😐

  19. Jimli,
    I will post the pt 1 in sum time,wait a bit.
    Did u like the rest???
    Btw-pt one is in the cs of 8 aug…..

  20. Thx u n gud 9th n part 10 when will u post

  21. N other pt also i like is it really gonna happen

  22. Just now saw pics of Param and Harshita on FB and guess what???? Harshita was wearing lengha and Param in sherwani …..Aftr seeing this pics I think SANDHIR will get engaged just an guess …..ur opinion pls

  23. .engagement!!!!!!!nooooo…….sandhir ka engagemnt nahi hona chahiye nahi to ye serial bhi saas bahu serials jaisa boring lagega…..

  24. can anybody post d link for diz pics?….plz plz plz……..

  25. Good mrng to all..
    n nila wat r u saying..param in sherwani,omg…plz plz post d link yr

  26. hi guys & bye guys this is gonna be my last comment again i’ll be able to comment only after my exams …. and my exam starts tomorrow wish me luck guys!!!
    badi mushkil se yaha par aayi hoon …. BYE GUYS ….. 🙁

    1. best of luck dear!

    2. Sorry … I don’t know how to share links

  27. best of luck @AN


  29. good evening sandhirians……eagrly waitng 4. todayz episode

  30. Best of luck dear AN

  31. Hey guys i m in d hostel,mujhe lga ab se main SH miss kr dungi,bt i ws shocked n happy to know that sabhi girls n sabhi sabhi seniors yha SH ka wait krte h,or 6:30 pe tv room houseful hota h,bt sabhi yha mere jaise biggest wale fan nhi h sandhir ke,fir bhi sb ye show enjoy krte h,coz isme bhi clg n hostel life ko dikhate h,well i’m over d moon ab main apna show nhi miss karungi Yippeee.. 🙂 😀 😀

  32. Hi all sandheers

  33. Best of luck for the exam AN…

  34. Aaj ka special epi kitna accha hoga na ???

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