IshRa: Burning In Love (Part-4 World’s Best Mom)

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Ishita’s POV:
“ A surprise…..” She said as she ran to her room.
“ Don’t eat the whole box haan….” I shouted as I looked towards her room confused. The door opened and her face peeped outside.
“ Papa , you also come…..” She said looking towards Mani.
“ What is my surprise???” I kept asking as Mani too ran inside laughing.

Raman’s POV:
I got down the stage keeping my guitar at a side while Shagun held my hand , “ Raman , you sang really well ,you know this one’s My favourite song of yours…” Shagun said as smile encountered her face , till now she was angry at me and suddenly….
“ I know , It must be afterall the things that make you remember Ishita are always your favourite….” I said as I pushed her hand.
I walked past her while she came running to join me , “ Ruhi is waiting at home so don’t dare go anywhere else…….” Shagun said looking at me angrily , I knew I couldn’t say no to her this time because Ruh meant my life.
“ I am coming to Hotel only….” I said as I walked towards my car while Shagun sat by my side , Uninvited.
We soon drove to Hotel and reached our room.

“ Papa, You must have got selected na..I know…” I heard a voice from somewhere as I tried to look for the source of the sound.
“ Search for me if you can…..” Shagun smiled , I too smiled, this girl is my life , my love.

“ I know my Ruh must be in the cupboard….” I said as I walked towards the bed hearing her giggle.
“ Ruh,……” I said getting hold of her from behind the bed while she got shocked.
“ Papa…You were searching in Cupboard na…….” Ruh said shocked, I laughed.
“ Aww , Mera Bacha….I am your Papa , I know you…..” I said holding her cheeks.
Ruh too giggled as she looked at me.

“ Mumma , Papa got selected na….” Ruh asked as she moved towards Shagun.
Shagun nodded in a ‘Yes’ while I got confused.
“ Shagun….” I said as Ruh was facing her , Shagun blinked her eyes indicating to me that I am selected.

“ Ruhi , when your Papa was in car na , he was very angry , like an angry young man who’ll eat someone up and so in his anger when I picked up his phone and checked message , he didn’t got to know….” Shagun said sitting next to Ruh and smiling looking towards me.
“ Afterall who’s father he is blessed to be , whatever he is he would get selected…” Shagun said teasing me.
Ruh laughed again , “ party…Party……” Ruh said dancing and jumping in room.
“ Party , Party…” Shagun too joined her dancing and jumping along with her , my small family much better than the hell I was living in.

Ishita’s POV:

“ Yaar Sanajana , its been half an hour , I don’t want any surprise but atleast come out…” I said as I looked towards Sanju’s room sadly.
“ Madam , someone has come , should I bring her??” The watchman asked coming inside.
I nodded in ‘Yes’ wondering who is the one.
As I was looking towards the door waiting for the one who came , My eyes were suddenly covered by two hands behind me.
“ Mummaa……” I heard an excitement filled sound from back.

“ Sanjana , someone is coming , don’t do like this…” I said as I tried to remove her hands.
“ Mumma , nobody else but My surprise is coming…….” Sanjana said still smiling.
“ You girl….”
“ Namaste……” I heard a sound as it just got cut in the middle.
“ Sanjana , what are you doing , tell me na what is surprise , who said Namaste in London , I don’t know any Indian here…….” I heard Sanjana giggle when suddenly she left my eyes. As i opened My eyes ,I saw that the room was completely dark.
“ Sanjana , Mani , now why did you switch off lights…..bacha ,Mani where are you both…” I shouted , this time angrily.

Suddenly the lights were switched ‘on’ and I saw a table in front of me with a cake in the middle , it had ‘ I love my Mumma’ Inscribed on it.
Then at another side , I saw a crown kept with ‘World’s Best Mom’ Written on it and my picture made. As I looked at it , I was pushed back the memory lane.
“ Adi , what is this??” I had said looking towards the wrapped box kept in front of me.
“ Oh-Ho Ishu , see it na , you’ll know….” Raman had said as he held me from back.
“ Raman……Adi…..” I said trying to free myself while Adi laughed.
“ Mumma , open it…..” Adi said as I got free from Raman’s hold.

I opened the box and had seen a similar gift with ‘World’s Best Mom’ written on a crown.
I smiled and hugged Adi as I realized some tear drops in my eyes.
I smiled as I searched for Sanjana but she was nowhere to be found. Yup I was World’s Best Mom who killed her own son.

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