FANAA – Reborn For Love And Revenge (((((RAGLAK))))) ||| Episode 6

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sorry for being always late… please mujhe maaf kardo..I’ll try…

episode 5s link…
Episode 5

scene 1,
its 1 day later, ragini comes to hospital..sujata is standing outside of ward…she noticed ragini..
ragini : Aunt, laksh?
sujata: he’s in rest… go in.
sujata sends her in and looked… ragini opened and gets into the ward near laksh… laksh is sleeping..
ragini sit beside him and touched his head, gently.. a few drops of tears streams down on her cheek.. the drop dropped on laksh’s hands… laksh feels it… ragini wipes her tears…
laksh slowly opened his eyes and looked at ragini…
laksh : ragini!
laksh is in surprise and tries to get up…ragini stopped him..
ragini : its okay..

laksh: hey, I’m fine.
laksh smiles and sat on bed… ragini didn’t speak..
laksh: so..
ragini: how this accident happened?
laksh: oh that, I don’t remember fully..
laksh thinks… ragini concerned..
ragini: its okay..
laksh looked at her.. ragini shows a smile at laksh…
ragini: okay. you rest, I’ll come some other time..
laksh: hey..
laksh grabbed ragini’s hand…it passed a shock… laksh leaves her hand but didn’t say about the shock. ragini looked at laksh..
laksh: nothing, be here for some time…

scene 2,
another side, virat enters the main entrance of hospital… he come in and gets into a lab beside him…there was a ward boy standing aside…the boy heard the footstep and turned..
boy : hey man, who are you?
virat : chill, I’m virat..
boy : its not the place you can enter… go out…
virat : okay…
virat turned and walked to the door… he gets closer and stopped… the boy looked on..virat looked at him and closed the door…

scene 3,
after a while, virat come out wearing the Boy’s uniform..he come out and looked around.. he then walk away.. meanwhile, onside the ward boy is unconscious.
ragini and laksh is talking and suddenly the door opened.. sujata comes in…
sujata: get ready… we’re going home…
laksh nods… ragini helped him..sujata noticed that all…
sujata: (thinking) I wish…
she packed the things…
the lab opened by some other person and noticed the ward boy.
girl : aaaaah…
the girl screamed outbto her death… the others come to her and shocked..
other side, virat is walking.. a man sees him and come to him…
man : who are you? I didn’t saw you before..
virat looked on what to do.. the man asked him again and again…after few, the man gets suspicious…
man : hey, come here…
he calls others… virat slowly walls behind the man comes to him…
virat runs away…raglak and sujata heard the sound outside and cones out..
vrat passsed them and saw ragini…ragini looked on…he noticed laksh also… virat ran away looking at ragini… raglak looked at him….

To be Continued…

so hope you’ll like it…bye…

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