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Hello guys… here’s another OS on Raglak. Hope u guys will like it..

It was a normal day at office. Adrash and Sanskar were discussing some new projects. Sahil and Nikhil were busy cracking jokes while Kavya joined them later, Ragini was doing’ the paperwork, Swara hadn’t much to do yet, Kavita was snoring, Laksh was doing’ rest leaning at the back of his chair. Yup, it was a normal day at work.

But today a little different, because Lakah was feeling special, as he was going to propose a girl whom he had a crush since he saw her at the first day of her joining. He knew she also liked him. He thought, “Wow! I’m in Love, I can’t believe I’m in love. Gosh’ she is caring, sweet, chubby, bubbly, enthusiastic, cute, she’s super hot. I’m gonna propose her for sure.”


The clock was showing that it was time for lunch. All were present in the cafe, having their meal. He ordered a cup of coffee for him while she ordered some Crackers. While sipping he was continuously looking at her. She noticed that her was looking at her continuously. “What are you looking at, sir?”, she asked.

He was confused to answer so after thinking a little, he replied, “Umm…I was thinking I should’ve ordered Crackers.”

“Here you go. Take this.”, she handed the pack to him.

He slapped his head slightly. “You’re Dumbo, Laksh.”, he said to himself.

The lunch time was over but he stopped her, “Ragini?”

“Yes sir?”, she turned was a smiling face.

“Umm…You like some, is it right?”

“Yeah! There is one but I guess…he don’t have interest in me.”, her face fell down.

“I know you have a crush on me… (she saw up with a stern)…I just wanted to tell you that…”


“I…Umm…The fact is…I…I like you you back.”

First she was quiet, quite shocked to reply back when he said annoyed, “C’mon, we’d look cute together. Based on psychological study, a crush lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, you’re already in love and I have a crush on you for almost a year.”

Her eyes glittered. “Oh! Really! I couldn’t believe it. Do you mean it?”, she asked in an anxious voice.

“Yes! I do. No tricks, no bluff. I do love you honestly. I find myself smiling when you are with me. Truthfully, I could talk about you all day and all night. You’re my ONE in 7.4 billion. When I’m dejected, I think of you and those feelings take my sadness away. Will you be mine?”

“Why not! In fact that’s what I wished.”, she said hugging him.

Others were quite happy for them. “Ragini?”, he asked hugging her.


“I was thinking to take my girlfriend out for an ice-cream. Shall we?”

“Ice-cream! Cool! I’ll be back in some time. Hey! By The Way! Since when I became your GIRLFRIEND?”, she asked hitting him light on his chest.

“Just a few moments back.”, he replied with a smirk. “Go, I’ll be waiting for you here for ice-cream date.”

She collected her belongings from here table at the office and then they both set off for their First Date.

                      THE END

Sometimes you just need to express you true feelings while proposing in a simple and sweet way beside then well arranged proposal moment. With one smile and sweet moments you can make this memorable moment unforgettable.

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