Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 3

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“Bhaiyya this is too much. 70 rupees for only 2 km??”

Auto driver justified his stand depending upon petrol price and left. Neighborhood women were staring at her extra bumped tummy. Now Anika will be their gossip subject for one or two hours.

She vainly checked the files and remembered doctor’s words.

“Mis Trivedi. We have only 20% hopes. At least you should abort one of them. Otherwise it will harm you.”

Anika pampered her tummy.

“Don’t worry Mumma is here. Everything will be fine. If I will demise then your Paapa will take care of you all.”

She unlocked the door and accessed inside.

Lonliness was ruling her in the house. She took a paper and pen and wrote something.

“Anika di”

Sahil came back from school. He snatched the paper from her.





“What is this di.”

Ani: This is the name for babies.

Shivaay + Anika = Shivika


Shivaay + Anika = Shivaani

Karthik is Shiva and Parvati’s son right.

Then Vaanika, people ask her why. Absence of why is it’s hint. She would proudly say that she is Shivaay and Anika’s daughter. Saahil if something will happen to me then please go to Shivaay. Haan he is married but I swear he will take good care of you and babies.”

Sahil: Be optimistic di nothing will happen to you and babies.

Ani: I hope so.


Adi hugged OmRu unite.

“Jaane ka mann nahi kar raha phir bhi Paapa ke liye jaa raha hoon. Take care of him.”

Vaani: Jao na yaar kya pata tumhe tumhaara pyaar wahan mil jaye ?.

Adi: That chapter is closed forever.

Rudy: You will reopen it soon. My heart is saying.

Adi: Where is Paapa.

Rudy: He has a meeting with that cricketer. Karthik Singh Oberoi.

Adi: But why??

Om: Actually shivaay is planning commercial shoot for our new launched energy drink.

Rudy: Sometimes it seems that he is Shivaay Bhaiyya’s son. He is a Tadibaaz more than Bhaiyya. Did you noticed it Om??

Vaanika smiled whole heatedly.

“You are right Chachu and I swear Karthi you will get your father and family soon. Because I know, 3 of you are wishing Paapa more than me. Omg ? how will be their first meeting??”


Anika rolled her vision through a modified Mumbai.

“Mumbai is Changed, right Mom??”

Anika smiled. Sahil was vainly moving his walking stick from here to there.

“By god’s grandeur, he couldn’t molest her but he made her a living dead body. Some neighbors saved us and admitted di in the hospital. I was totally afraid and leaned to a chair. Hours passed, doctors and nurses are running outside and inside of the ICU. I assured to myself that I am gonna loss my Di and you all. I was sure about at least one death. I just wished for at least one of you. But God is great, nurses showed me you all in the same time. I forgot about Di for sometime, four kitten are playing and crying in front of me. They seemed like cotton bundles. Suddenly a nurse came forth to me. Her eyes showerd mercy on me, but what to do she is also a labourer. She gave me a huge bill and a demand of O negative blood. SSO was my initial and final option. I rushed to him, from Oberoi Mansion to his office. That brute employee also arrived inside of the cabin in a second difference.

“Sir, you work is done.”

SSO: Here is your payment. It is 2 times extra.

Me: SSO matlab yeh sab aapne karwaya hai??

SSO: Aur kaun. Actually this is a micro punishment. You don’t worry Sahil. I will take good care of you. I hates your sister only.

Me: SSO it is unbelievable. You did this??

Yes it was unbelievable for me. He punished her for the mistake which she had never done. Leave it, if she did a mistake; then he could pardon her after all he loved her for once na. Leave the case of love, at least he could consider her as a pregnant woman. He snatched father’s love and care already from you all, then mother’s also. Then I determined I will use you all as a weapon against him ??.

I returned to hospital, an Angel was awaiting for me. Your Bademama. He already donated blood. He took all of us with him. Then my journey till now is made up of revenge.”

Karthi: No worries Mama, it’s the time to conclude the drama. It’s payback time. Shiva’s mission is on, now it is the turn of my drastic steps.

Sahil: I will be back after 2 months. I’m fed up with this job and planning to settle in Manali. You should conclude this in these time lapse. Do you understand.

Karthi: Yes.

Sahil: I forgot to tell you something. Bhaiyya told me that there is a marriage alliance came for Kitto. She is broken and that guy will become her supporter.

Karthi: But I am really feeling pity for her.

Sah: We doesn’t meant to hurt her but..

Karthi: It’s k Mama, maybe it is written in her destiny. Her love also will flourish so soon. Okay Mama, we reached the airport. Driver, park the car nearby. My sister will meet you soon. Help her to make Maa sit in her car. Koi gadbad nahi honi chahiye. And you, you may go to Mama’s office, he wants a car as his vehicle had gone for servicing.

Dri: Okay Sir.


Shivaay wiped his tears while watching Adi going. He was about to fall off due to weakness. Karthik held him at the right time.

“Be careful Mr Oberoi, what are you doing.”

Shiv: Nothing it was a small weakness cz of my son’s absence.

“My son”, that word striked in his mind. His unknown care has changed to an unknown anger. Sahil lamely joined them.

“Meet my Chottemama. He is the Indian ambassador of South Africa.”

Shi: Ohh nice to meet you Mr

Sah: Chaturvedi.

Rud: I had seen you somewhere.

Sah: Hmm maybe earth is round right.

Om: Rudy tum bhi na.

Sah: Karthi Shall I.

Karthi: Ok Mamu take care ??.

They hugged and Sahil left to St Peter’s Berg. Shivaay and Rudy suspiciously stared at Sahil going.

“Something is fishy.”, Rudy said.

Karthi: So Mr Oberoi, shall we discuss the deal. I mean if your suspicions and emotional drama is ended then.

Suddenly a lots of his fans covered him like flies in jaggery. Then demanded him the selfies and autographs. Her humbly fulfilled their requests.

“Mr. Oberoi, Shall we discuss the deal. I mean if your time pass is over then.”

Rudy clapped.

“Kya match hai bhai. 1-1.”

karthik smirked,

“Mr Oberoi, mass will solely throw stones of those mango tree which has mangoes.”

Rudy: 2 – 1?.

Shiv: I am well aware of such celebrities like you who are misusing their own status. Stay in your limits.

Karthi: Off course I have the rights to misuse cz my growth is only based on my hard work and not like you Mr Oberoi. In fact you are a big zero in the absence of this surname.

Shiv: Don’t forget an Oberoi is behind yours also.

Rudy: Hehe 2-2

Karthi: It is cz l love and respects my Mom. This surname is for only proving that she doesn’t deposited a tumour in her womb from streets. I’m caring about her self esteem otherwise I hate my brute father.

Rudy: 2-3

Karthi: Mr Rudra Singh Oberoi, ab commentary ki koi zaroorat nahi kyunki Karthi Singh Oberoi score board mei ek khadam aage hi rahega.

Karthik left like a hero. Shivaay was speechless and left without OmRu and Vaani.

Shivaay’s POV

Why his each words are striking in my mind.

“I hate my brute father.”

Why such hatred arised in him?? Sometimes I had seen Anika in him. I can’t express my regressions to anybody that I am accusing myself for Anika’s absence. It was my fault that I had sent that goon for just throwing her out of house. I lost my temper, somehow I owned her rented house and threw her out. In some instances, from my life too. It was my mistake. Haan I am hating her for filing the complaint. Now too angry but I could have able to know about her. Why I hunted Sahil cz of her. He deserved a better living which she isn’t able to give him. Ohh no if she is married then. Then what I will live peacefully. My life is shortened in Adi and Vivi. Whatever I have to find them. At least for cooling my mind, for the sake of mine.

Meanwhile Vaani played an another game. She was going through the parking area. She saw Karthi’s driver.

“Mam, where is your car. Sir told me to seat Anika Mam in your car.”

“But my car ?? hmm maybe Shiva’s.”

Vaani seated Anika in Om’s car. Then she escaped like nothing happened. After sometime she ran to OmRu startled.

“Unc uncle ?? an unknown lady is sitting in your car.”

OmRu shocked to see a paralyzed Anika.

To be continued…….

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome chappy..Karthik and Shivaay’s Encounter was amazing..Vaani ka plan???will be waiting for the next to know..

    1. Manjula20

      Thank you dear. It was Vaani’s plan to unite Shivika. I updated the next chappy.

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Waiting for the next

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      Updated dear

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