Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 17)

Let’s begin….

After some actions and fights…

Sanskar goes to Unconscious Ragini….

He sees her neck the was a small cut…

He picks her in the arms…

And goes out…. He places her in case

And drives..

He held her palms which was no less than a ice…

Sanskar: Ragini… Ragini.. Wake-up… Scold me hit me punch me.. Do whatever but wake up! Please…

He drives fast…

Ragini in semi unconscious state: Sa.. Sanskar

Sanskar looks at her…

She was looking at him with tears filled eyes:aa..aapne aisa kyun kiya…

They reach hospital

Sanskar gets down the car moves to her

She was not in full conscious but she was determined

He was about to pick her

Ragini: don’t touch me…
She cries…

Here..swara brings a handycam..

And shows a video…

Where Ragini: laksh…i don’t love you and i am not a toy that whenever you want you can have me and whenever you want you throw me like a garbage…if possible please forgive me i want you to marry swara.. i am going with Sanskar to start a new life with him!
Good bye…

Dadi:no…my laado can never do this

Swara: even i thought range dadi..but isn’t this proof enough to you

Laksh was shocked…


Laksh has planned to for fake caller for Sanskar to keep him away from the wedding

He told the fake caller to scare him by telling Ragini is kidnapped… He was scared that he would separate him from Ragini

When sanskar came to check his reaction at room.. Laksh have noticed him already so he acted unknown

It was all his plan to keep sanskar away from the wedding
Only and only for Ragini

Fb ends

Laksh closes his eyes in pain… He lost Ragini

Swara was crying

Nikhil and kavya weren’t understanding anything…..

Here Ragini was been treated

Sanskar goes to meet her

Ragini: don’t come near me…

Sanskar: Ragini you are taking me wrong

Ragini: even after whatever you did..i..i trusted you.. But you…

Sanskar: Ragini…if it was me then why will i come to save you

Ragini shouts: it was all your plan.. It was all yours and Swara’s plan

Sanskar was shocked+confused

Here Laksh sees Swara you have married to Swara so complete the final ritual..

He takes the pinch of vermilion and applies it on Swara’s forehead

Nik to kavya: what is happening here kavya? Ragini was kidnapped right
Kavya: and video

Here Sanskar: are you out of your mind..?

Ragini: why are you doing this drama now.. everything is over now… And i don’t want to see your face

She was about to get down the bed…

Sanskar held her: you will not move!!!

Ragini jerks and pushes him: you know what….today i forgot to believe someone or trust someone…before doing all this didn’t you a get atleast a little guilt

It was over for him

Sanskar: of i had to kidnap you i would have done it long back…did i forced you did i forcefully married you.. Did i do anything to you…. And what did you say..i planned all this with Swara.. The girl with whom i haven’t spoke properly..

Ragini looks other side

Sanskar: yes i am selfish… Even i would have done something to get you..but not by costing your life…

Ragini for once looked at him… She found him genuine…but whatever swara told her created a barrier to trust his words….

Ragini remembers what exactly happened

(Fb continued in next part)

Sanskar: Ragini… Now let’s go back.. but one thing Ragini..i love you but i would wait for you until you love me back..

RagSan moves outside.. Where they found kavitha and Karan

San: Karan…

Karan: Swara and laksh are married..

SANSKAR Shocked: what??

Ragini was expressionless

Karan: you both are blamed… There’s some confusing situation

Sanskar: whatever be it is.. We will go

After sometime..

They reach baadi

Swalak were about to leave.. It was swara’s bidaai

Laksh sees them.. He was hurt with Ragini

RAGINI looks at him painfully

Laksh held swara’s hands

Lak: don’t think i married her because of you… You thought i would be broken.. Or cry for you.. Never…

His pain was truly visible by his tone

Ragini cries: but i…

Laksh: enough Ragini you are not innocent as you look..look Sanskar don’t believe her she is the bad omen for anyone.. She loves to play with someone’s feelings

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar looks at Ragini.. He held Ragini’s hand

Laksh sees it: may be next there is some other target for her

Ragini was hurt

Shekhar: Ragini i told you before only that i would agree to your decision…but you insulted me a daughter is an pride for the father..but You…

He goes from there….

Ragini: dadi..i didn’t do anything
She cries

Dada ji shows her video.. She was shocked bcs she didn’t do anything

Ragini: i didn’t say this

Dada ji:before i do something to you leave from my sight

Dada ji takes dadi from there

All Maheshwari’s were about to leave

Sanskar:ek minute….

To be continued…….

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