Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 1

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This is a small short story based on the current track of Ishqbaaz. This is my first ff about Shivika.

The story is starting post a 24 years leap with the upcoming generation. Here Pinky is perfectly alright and Shivaay is hating Anika due to filing complaint against senior Oberois. Nobody knows where is Anika as she moved out of Shivaay’s life 24 years before, even none tried to search her except OmRu. They still believes Anika. Shivaay’s fake wife is not at all a part of this ff. But if the plots needs Roop then she will be back.I am introducing too many new characters as this is a long leap. I hope you will understand.

Episode 1

She skittishly gazed outside. There it is a peaceful atmosphere. But it is a peace before storm, she knew it. A bead droplet rolled out of her lotus shaped eyes. She was looking like a diva in that chilly red bridal lehenga and antique jewelry.

That beautiful arms carefully stroked a beautiful family pic.

” Sorry Mama ji. I doesn’t wanted my marriage like this. Without you all.”

She moved the pic close to her heart and sobbed. Someone wrapped through her waist and wiped her tears. A hot handsome guy in off white Sherwani started adoring her with love.

Her eyeballs rolled for glancing him.

“Today’s account is over. Now no more rona dona mm.”

She nodded willingly and passed him a gorgeous smile. Her head touched his chest. They remained in the posture for some minutes.

“My family is waiting for you. They are really eager for meeting their daughter in law.”

A gorgeous lady came inside.

“Adi,(Varun Dhawan) leave the room right now. You are prohibited to stay in her surroundings ??.”

Adi: Saanjh (Manushi Chillar) this my Gowri Chachi.

Saan: Nice to meet you Chachi.

Gow: So this is that Chiraiyya.?

Adi: Ji Chachi ?

“Waise if you leave him then I will file a case against you ?.”

An another lady entered inside.

Adi: Saanjh this is…

Bhavya: Enough enough. Now we will continue the further introduction. You may go now.

Saanjh was feeling awkward with unknown ladies. Moreover she was lost in her family and upcoming scandal. Adi signalled her to smile.

She smiled forcefully.


Adi really stunned to see the arrangements did by his father. He smiled due to his Paapa’s smiling face. Adi never had seen such smile and delight on his face. He gestured “What” to Adi by his one eyebrow. Adi nodded ‘nothing’.

“Thank you Dad. You are doing this much for your adopted son. You assured me everything.”

A hot tall handsome man with short hair punched on his shoulder.

“Om Chachu you.”

Om: Shivaay is looking too much ecstatic. This smile was missing from years. Okay what about Mr VVT. He is our business rival right.

Adi: And Saanjh’s Mama also.

Suddenly a Jaguar rided through red carpet of the venue. A A handsome middle aged man dressed up in a black Sherwani exited out of the car. He resembled like a super star with his heavy stylish moustache.

He approached Shivaay.

“Ohh Mr VVT. Welcome to my son’s marriage.”

VVT: Not only your son’s. My niece’s also.

His eyes explored everywhere.

“Hmm destination wedding nice.”

Shi: I thought you had a plan to disown her. What are you saying Shivaay. She is my niece. I brought her up. Saanjh will never betray me. She is a puppet under my control. It is a not a divine love. But I sowed the seeds of love inside her.

Adi: What do you mean??

VVT: Hey don’t worry. She is genuine and honest in your relationship. Haan if I wished then I could create a misunderstanding in you. But I love my Princess so much and I can’t create a bad impression about her.

I want to pierce your heart. Through you, your father’s also.

An old woman dressed up in expensive ornaments and Saree came out of VVT’s car.

“Meet my Maa, Mis Devyani Singh Vadhera.”

Shi: Mr VVT where is Saanjh’s mother.

VVT: She is not well. Ajj Saanjh toh tootne wali hai. Toh sambhalne ke liye koi toh honi chahiye na. So my Maa also came with me.

Panditji furiously shouted about their concern about mahurat.

Adi was dare to enter the Mandap.

“Go go you will complete your four vows and she will not be here for complete the remaining.”

Rudy: Khanna increase our security and black cats.

Rudy yelled… VVT began to laugh madly.

“Look I don’t like violence. I won’t capture her forcefully. Par voh khud mere saath chali aayegi. She is my puppet you know.”

Shi: It’s your dream. I have trust on my son’s love.

ShivOmRu slowly walked.

Two gentlemen came to talk with VVT.

“Ohh wow Mr Deshmukh and Mr Parikh. Too many elight men are present. Ab toh Oberois ki beizzati karne mein bada mazaa ayega.”

ShivOmRu gazed back and rudely stared at VVT.


Saanjh hugged her Nani and Uncle.

“I wanted everybody here ??.”

VVT: Jab asal mei shaadi ho jayegi tab sab log honge Kitto.

VVT muttered with smiling.

Saan: What Maama.

VVT: Na na Nothing. Start your wedding vows. Mahurat is expiring.

He said with looking at his watch.

Saan: Dekha my Maama is so sweet.

She said to Adi, Adi insensibly smiled at Saanjh and stared at VVT. He grinned at everyone.

Saanjh and Adi completed their fours vows. All were looking very very happy.

Ab aage ki phere mein kanya aage jaayenge.

“Kitto we want to talk to you.”

Devyani Interfered.

Saan: Now?? K Tell me Nani.

VVT: It is something personal. You please come with me.

Saan: 5 minutes Nani. Lemme complete it.

VVT : It’s urgent.

Bhavya: Shut up ??. Now this marriage is important.

Om: Saanjh complete the vows right now.

VVT and his mother seemed like amid of fire.

Adi: No Chachu. Let her talk to them. I have full trust on my love. They can’t separate us.

Adi and Saanjh followed them.

VVT and Devyani entered into a room.

Saanjh rested her head on his chest.

“Seeming like this is for the last time.”

Adi muttered, Saanjh slapped him slightly.

“Sochna bhi mat. I will definitely be back to complete our incomplete wedding vows.”

Adi: R u trusting me??

Saan: More than me.

Adi: R u loving me??

Saan: More than me.

Adi: Then go.

Their hands parted away. Saanjh walked with looking at him.


The last drop his patience has been evaporated. Adi broke the door and accessed inside. There Saanjh was sitting on a corner. Her swollen eyes indicated that she weeped badly. She was screaming and sobbing loudly. Remaining Oberois also came inside. Her make up and attire was totally damaged. Her chunri was lying on the floor.

“No no you both are lying.”

Her Nani kneeled and cupped her face. Meanwhile VVT was dialing someone’s number.

“No Kitto this is the truth.”

Adi rushed to her and wrapped her with his whole body.

“No you both are trying to separate us.”

VVT: Okay we are trying to separate you both but you can believe your Chotte Mamu right. He will never lie to his butterflies. He is on line. Ask him hmm.

Saan: No I want video call.

She said post a while of silence.

The ire was reflecting in her eyes.

VVT: This is my niece. Video chat will be more effective and reliable right.

He forcefully aparted her from Adi and took her to an another room.

Arguments went on.

At last Shivaay clutched VVT’s collar.

“How dare you to create havoc in my son’s life.”

VVT: Simple, it was my motive.

Saanjh came back after some time like a lifeless doll. An unknown fear had changed the color of VVT and his mother’s face. Adi shrugged her hand.

“Come with me Saanjh, I am fed up with this drama.”

Saan: Haan me too fed up with all these. Maama Nani shall we go.

VVT and Nani smiled whole heartedly. Oberois are super shocked.

Adi: Are you crazy?? Today is our marriage.

Saan: Really!! Our marriage. Our relationship is broken.

Adi: Stop Kidding Saanjh ?. How could you break this according to your wish. Remember, you are not alone in this relationship.

Saan: I don’t want to hear anything. I don’t want you anymore.

Adi: Tell me what is the matter. What these liers expressed ?? I want to know.

Saan: My Maama is not a lier. You Oberois are liers blo*dy betrayers.

VVT apologized to Saanjh.

“Sorry Kitto I used you for my venegeance.”

Saanjh: Koi baat ni Maama. Agar aapke badle ke liye khudko thodna bhi pade toh mujhe manzoor hai. This revenge is also mine na.

Adi: Badla!! Revenge!! How could you merge our relationship with revenge Saanjh.

Saan: Will you please allow me to get rid of here. Even I am surprised that how could I love you.

Adi: No, you can’t leave me. You are Adithya’s Saanjh right??

Saan: Who is Saanjh. I am not your Saanjh. She is no more.

VVT side hugged Saanjh ecstatically.

“You don’t worry my Princess. I will make you get married with a Prince.”

Saanjh smiled artificially.

VVT: I told you right. I will break your heart, by you your father’s also.

Adi: If you wanted this then you lost the game. Because an ordinary girl can’t break me in fact I am breaking this marriage get lost.??

Nani clutched Saanjh’s hands and moved. They both are still looking at each others eyes.

“I don’t know why are you going away from me. But I have to be strong for my Paapa. You don’t know Saanjh that I am his adopted son.”, Adi said in mind.

A tear droplet expelled from her eyes.

“You don’t know anything Adi. I’m hating these Oberois and my real identity that’s why I’m lying everywhere. I’m not your Saanjh. I am Shivika Singh Oberoi and you are my…….”

To be continued…….

How was the episode. Should I continue this?? Tell me through your feedbacks

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