‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L…part-2

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HEY BUDDIES….I’m so sorry for the delay.. actually I’m not getting enough time to pen down the stories guys.. Ok let’s off to the story.. Enjoy the part.. And Thank you sooo much for all the love and support… I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to any one the previous time but this time I surely will…. happy reading..

—- Outside Road———*

Anika was walking ahead without any aim wandering from one tree to another while Shivaay pedaled his leg to reach upon Anika..

“ Hey, so…. So where are you going?? “ screamed Shivaay raising his hand..

“ Uh, I don’t know!! “ came the reply from Anika.. Shivaay stopped and looked around the place… Even though it was a railway surrounding, it looked quite green.. The birds and trees were acquiescent to have a look at.. Anika stopped her engine and looked back at the day dreamer behind her.. the cold breeze made Shivaay’s hair dance fluently..

‘ Wow!! This guy is…is.. is Handsome!! ‘ thought Anika but she soon rubbed her thought and neared him..

“ Sooooo Veerappan, “ Anika called out the name and hearing it, Shivaay shut his eyes tight and gave her a dead glare..

“ Ok…ok.. whatever your name is, so what are you gonna do next?? “

“ I have to get out of this place… it’s very important for me to reach Mumbai as soon as possible.. “ Shivaay placed his hands over head looking the sky..

“ Why? Isn’t this place good at all? “ Anika looked around smiling.. Shivaay noticed her smile the very moment..

‘ Whoah, she’s…she’s beautiful!! ‘

“ hello!! Veerappan.. “ she waved her hands before her which brought him back soon..

“ huh? What? “ Shivaay blabbered..

“ No.. I was just saying that… uh, let it be.. so, you have to go to Mumbai! OK! “ she looked around and saw a tea shop where few men were chatting each other.. she treaded the shop and took out a magazine hanged on the wall.. Shivaay was confused what she was doing!.. he saw her talking with the men and wait, are they laughing? After few seconds they started having fun..

‘ This girl is crazy.. ‘ Shivaay self-talked and slowly walked to the shop…. Their loud laughing voices were far enough for Shivaay to get angry.. He neared Anika and tried to talk to her but she was moving from here to there and there to here… Shivaay got angry and pulled her hair lock towards him… Anika winced littlie holding her head..

“ Listen, I have to talk…. “ Shivaay’s words were stopped by those men…  One of the men came forward and pushed Shivaay by his shoulder hardly…

“ Venda chetta, he..he’s my friend.. “ Anika interfered and stopped the men from doing so..

“ How dare he push me! “ Shivaay angered his face and moved forth but Anika pulled him back by his hand..

“ Stop it Ok? They thought that you were hurting me…. These people have great respect towards women.. Understand? “ Anika calmed him down and faced those men… Shivaay felt a bit embarrassment hearing her… They apologized to Shivaay and so did he.. Anika bid them lovingly and walked straight with the magazine in her hand… Shivaay stood in front of her and stopped her stepping further..

“ Wait.. Ok, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have reacted like that…but..but where are you going? “ Shivaay lowered his voice asking… Anika’s eyes bulged out hearing this..

“ Arrey whah, Yesterday who was telling me that, ‘ I know what to do! you don’t have to teach me anything.. You can follow your way and so I will ‘… but isn’t this the same sound saying this today?  Such a difference in one day? “ Anika pulled his leg but Shivaay didn’t say anything and gave her ‘ Really’ wala look…

” but how did you learn the language? you know already? “Shivaay was curious to know…

” Oh, I learned when that auto driver screamed at me…  Ok..Whatever.. look Veerappan this is Trivandrum.. “ she opened the magazine and took the last page which had a short map of the city… “ there is no train or any travelogue in this month to Mumbai…  “ she slided her finger upward.. “ well, this is Kochi…also known Ernakulam.. there is an international Airport over there which launches its first flight to Mumbai on June 5th .. today is April 29..  well, I’ve less then a 1000 with me so that we can board a train to Kochi today.. so if we take train then we’ll reach Kochi on May 1.. and the same day itself we, or you have to find a job… you looks like a well-educated man so definitely you’ll get a better job.. and yeah, Kochi is industrially and metrologically alerted city.. it’s no less than a Mumbai in Kerala.. and yeah, you have to find a job possessing an amount of 25000.. don’t worry you’ll get it.. and on the salary day, means on 2nd June, you’ll get the money.. so the next day you can book the ticket and whooooooff… on 5th, you’ll fly to Mumbai… So, how’s my plan?  “ Anika widened her arms and placed over her hips shrugging her shoulders..

“ Annamma, I didn’t know that you’re clever! “ Shivaay stood still saying..

“ Thank you.. Thank you.. “ she self-adulated..

“ but.. what about you? Aren’t you coming? “ Shivaay cracked his doubt zigzagging his eye bros.. Anika’s smile vanished the very moment..

{ ‘Anikaa, whatever may happen, you should never ever come back…  you mustn’t come back, do you understand? If he sees you then that will be the end… Now go… I’ll wait for your call.. Anika run!!! ‘ }

Anika recollected Gauri’s words.. her frozen eyes were brought back by Shivaay’s snap..

Shivaay “ Wow, you do know to be quite.. so aren’t you coming? “

“ uh.. leave it.. first we have to catch the train.. and.. Oh GOD!!… “ Anika squeaked ..

“ what happened? “

“ the train will be at station in an hour.. “

“ in this station? “ Shivaay asked..

“ No! another station.. but.. but it’s way too long.. I don’t think we’ll reach there.. “ Anika showed bit tention..

“ hey Annamma, don’t loose hope.. you yourself told that Everything is possible ! right? “ Shivaay encouraged..

“ Whoah, kya baath hai Veerappa… you are really becoming Veerappan.. “

“ yeah, whoever meets you will become adventurous.. “ Shivaay smiled a bit..

“ hey..hey..hey you actually smiled!!.. “ Anika was fully astonished.. just then Shivaay sensed that he was smiling..

{ ‘ Shivaay, are you a stone or what? Smile karna koi paap nehi hai jo thu smile karne se dar raha hai..’

‘ well, we already lost in making you smile… only Omru make him smile.. ‘

‘ it’s strange right? Rather than Omru, no one can make him smile.. ‘ }

“ hello!! Veerappaaa… where are you lost? “ Anika asked..

“ N..No… nothing.. I was just… No it’s ok.. “ Shivaay blabbered..

“ Ok then. LET’S GO!! “ Anika shouted and ran to catch an auto..

‘ huh.. She is something strange.. ‘ thought Shivaay and followed her!


Precap : Shivika in train!! Girls team and boys team challenges in the compartment… Shivaay challenges Anika!! ..


 So this is it guys… how is it ? do tell me the reviews.. Anika’s past is quite scary fellas.. do wait and read..  my other story is getting moderation.. wait a little more friends….

Haiii Anusree.. even I’m from kerala.. good to meet a nearby friend…

Hello Nikki.. so sorry I didn’t reply to your comment… Yes I’m from kerala.. and I went to thrissur for the great pooram… yeah it’s true, thrissur pooram is an epic one.. Uh, can I explain it later may be on the next part? I’m not having enough time to write it down.. hope that will be ok!..

And yeah don’t forget to bang on the thumbs up and comment.. a single word itself is enough for me friends.. I know guys I’m quite late in replying back but please don’t stop thinking that..

Till then this is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell…

Take care and stay amazed guys…


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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Shivika ki yeh journey mujhe bohoth accha lag raha hai…funny bhi hai aur cute bhi….Will be waiting for the next..Till then Take care and Love you Buddy..

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Prabha!!.. good to see your comment first.. Thank God you loved the story line… hope you’ll support me well buddy.. you too take care and have fun.. Thank you buddy!!

  2. Hey moon! Welcome back! Waise am confused a bit.
    What do the words mean, jo teh use karte hai I mean verappaa, etc? And is anika or is shivaay south indian? Both of them are using the language. Am confused.

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Nandu… wait wait am I new? like you’re welcoming me? ok! Thank you…hehee… yeah, you should welcome me.. like, I’m back after a long time right? haha… uh, Nandu I don’t understand those lines… have i written such lines? huh, I don’t get it… but yeah, one thing I can clear that Shivika aren’t South Indians… Even I’m too confused with your question!… please clear the question dear… and Thank you so much for commenting buddy… keep reading!

  3. Hello MoonLight,I like your ff & the way you narrate.All the best for your work.

  4. Niriha

    Loved it to the core ????dear…fabulous eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hai Sree… Thank you so much for the words my friend.. Hope you’ll love the coming parts too…keep reading dear!
      hey Niriha… how are you my friend? Thank God you loved it buddy.. Even I’m eager to post the coming ones… Thank you so much…


    Interesting, adventurous,very nice

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It Is Nice One dear

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Halo Manav… Thank you so much my friend.. happy to hear that you loved it.. keep loving buddy..
      Hey Nikkiii…. are you fine? I’m so lucky that I got a good friend like you Nikita… Thank you so much for commenting buddy…keep loving friend!

  7. Hey, I am also from Kerala…?
    Loved the update…
    The update was superb…?
    I am excited for next..

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Allu… pinne, enthu parayanu? Sugham? hope you’ve seen Bangalore Days… Nammal malayaalikal orikkalum malayalam samsaarikkilla! but my friend, I’m not like that.. I’m glad to do so… Thank you so much for all the love and support dear… hope you’ll support me like this till the end!

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