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Hello guys em back again i mean annie with another episode
I don’t get much comments as compared to other fanfictions got Coz maybe they are much good writer than me
And thanks To those who appreciated me
For Justifying Every couple

So as i Never got enough comments to Keep writing my ff I’m ending this soon Ik it’s an late update but.. i was lil busy and upset too.. Sorry for that
i’ll end this ff as soon as i reach 20 episodes

And then I’ll be soon back with another one not sure when..but for that u should encourage me …?
I’ll write 2 episode togather 14 and 15 just to compensate i hope i’ll get enough comments which i think i deserve i thought not to upload any more update but thanks to jayshree she messaged me and asked me about why em nt uploading my next part so thats why im here again thanks fr msg sweetie this update is just fr u …


Moving forward to our Episode

Episode 14

Episode Start with shivaay standing up in anger takes out his mobile and calls khanna
Khanna:: yes sir
Shivaay:: (name of lady) i want her Detail each and every detail Where is she now what she doing…etc.. got it?
Khanna:: ok sir

Disconnects the call

And side hug Anika
Shivaayyy:: Anika no need to Worry now everything will be fine That lady will be soon caught She nods

Rudra:: chalo bhaiya apki ashiquee khatam ho gayi ho to hum kuch enjoy Kare (bhaiyaaa if ur ashiquee is finished shall we Enjoy)

Shivaay ::shutup rudra amm not doing any ashiquee im just consoling ur bhabi

Rudra raises his eyebrows and everyone says ohOoo consoling
He says shutup u all

Rudra says ok settle down everyone I’m gonna start the movie

Special notice :: bachy yaha se chle jaye or jo yeh movie dekhne wala hai apni mama papa ki permission lele (children just go away from here and who wanted to watch this movie just take your parents permission )

Rudra just Shutup and play the movie says om and rudra nods

He plays some romantic English movie

After some Romntic scenes ISHKARA, priveer, shivika hugs their respective partners And looks romantically at eachother
and share Some deep eye locks

Seeing them Romantic RUMAYA tooo sits with eachother and hug eachother film is passing RUMAYA are taking And falls asleep hugging eachother

Shivika ISHKARA PRIVEER Are still sharing eye-lock

And their moment is breaked By high Volume (volume f the TV raised due to Rudy’s hand Falling on remote )

And they all cupped their mouths seeing rumaya Sleeping together hugging each other and Ishu click their some Pictures…

As They All planned to spend night together so still sitting in pairs and chit-chatting whole night passed…and they Falls asleep around 6 Am

It’s morning in mansion Elders of family (TEJANVI, SHINKY, dadi and kiddo Sahil) are back from yatra Around 9Am

And tries to find All of them and Saw them all sleeping in Rudy’s room…
And cupped their mouths (just seeing rumaya as they know that theyHate each other )

Oh my mata…! Aj suraj kaha se nikla jo yeh Rudra soumaya ek sath Chipak kar so rhy hai larte to aise hai jaise india pak ki jung hoti hai (from where the sun is rising that rudra and soumaya are sleeping together and stick to eachother they fight like India and pak war is happening btw them) …says pinky…

Pinky but I’m thinking why they’re all sleeping here on the floor like this….says Jhanvi

Jhitani ji mjhy lagta hai yeh log humare peeche se party kar rhy thy or yeh rudra ghade ne pirse koi Garbar ki hogi Punch wunch me tbhi yeh sb aise soo rhy… (i feel they were partying after we left and this rudra has done something with this punch that’s why they all are sleeping like this) … Says pinky

Jhanvi nods

Oye utho khoteyo shouts dadi

rudraaaa..!! in Some Heavy and big Loud tone shouts tej

sitting beside somu shakti shakes Her calling beta

Sahil goes to anika and Tries to wake her up but in vain (as she just slept B4 some hrs)

pinky jakr paani ki balti lekar aa (pinky go and bring bucket of water) …says dadi

Ok mummy ji… She complies and leaves

Mummy ji i don’t think we should do this says jhanvi

Nah beta agar yeh sharab pee kar soo rhy hai to kuch ghalat nahi hai (no beta if they are sleeping After drinking then nothing is wrong) says dadi

Jhanvi,,, But… Cuts by tej
no Jhanvi Nothing to argue Maa is ryt

Just then pinky comes With Water

Dadi orders pinky to throw on all of them and she does That

They all wakesup (they haven’t opened their eyes yet)
Fhat the wuck.. Yeh paani kaha s3 agya (from where this water comes ) …says Shivaay ((no water on anika as her was covered in Shivaay’s coat))

Ishu tm Itna roi ke ansu ka sailab Agya ishu u cried soo much that tears Flood came) …says om
no om i think Yeh tmhari Shairi roo rhi thi itne salo se aj bar agyi (i think from years Ur poetry was crying today flood come) says.. Ishu

Prianku tune mjpr pirse paani phainka (u again throwed water on me) says ranveer…

No ranveer u throwed water on me says prianku

Saumaya is fully awaken and shocked seeing them all (While others are still rubbing their eyes)

/Oh sorry i forgot rudra?/

Bachao bachao Sunami aagyi somu mjhy bachaooo bhaiyaaa O mjhy bachaooooo (save me save me Tsunami has come soumaya save me bhaiyaaa O save me) shouting rudra

Soumaya shakes him

rudra duffer Its not Tsunami Pinky aunti had thrown water on all of us says somu…..
hearing her everyone stands in shock and opens their eyes (as shivayy stand up Anika’s head slips and bump on cushions and she too wakes up and stands)
they all together says appppp agye

ha aagye Yeh kya Hall bna rkha h tm logo ne lagta hai tm logo ne pir punch pee kar apne livers Ka achar Dala hai wh b (and does liquor signs) ((yes we came What is all this it seems u have drunk punch again and have made pickle of ur livers In liquor)…… says Pinky

They all shout nooooo we haven’t drink punch nor alcohol we was just chatting and falled asleep

jo bhi hai just fresh hokar jldi breakfast keliye neechy ao (whatever it is just fresh up and come downstairs fast fr break fast) says jhanvi

and all leaves giving them pain look(elders)

they all looks at eachother and leaves (youngers)

in Shivaay’s room he’s on call with khanna and After some time he cuts The call and says yes and does his signature step… (conversation muted)

after 30 minutes they all gathers on table for breakfast

by the way jaithani jii ajkl pak /india ki buhut achi dosti hogai lagta hai and stare at rumaya (nowadays it seems that pak/india became best friends) ..Says pinky

PRIVEER(PR),ISHKARA(IO), SHIVika(SA) ((I’ll use these so please memorize it)) understands what she’s trying to say
so to pull their legs

yeah mom you’re right nowadays they are so close to eachother… Says shivaay while smirking and signing Anika
Anika… ha billu ji buhut ziyada close ke (yes billu ji too much close that and signs ishu )

ishu…. That They didn’t even knows and signs om

Om… That They can warm Eachother and signs ranveer

Ranveer…. And that they can feel eachothers souls and now he signs prianku

prianku thinks what to say

Prianku…That india can feels the weight of pak’s biceps and bites her tongue realizing what she just said…

everyone laughs except RUMAYA

Soumaya and rudra who was confused while all this but after prianku’s words Soumaya understands what they’re trying to do but Rudra our Duffer is still confused)

Soumaya feels awkward and tries to avoid eye contact with everyone..

and rudra

just to clear his confusion

kya pahelia bhuja rhy ho seedhe se bolo na kya hua (why you’re doing riddled just say it straight what he happened) says Rudra while scratching his head

Soumaya hits on his foot (((dhammm)))

kya moti mujhy mar ku rhi ho (what Kutti why you’re hitting me)… Says Rudra

soumaya stares him angirly…

rudra she’s trying to say just shutup… Says om

o kya ?har kisi ko apny jaisa smjhty ho? Jo har koi srf shutup hi kahy ga ( O what? U think everyone is like u? So That everyone will just say shutup)
Says rudy

and he looks at Soumay again she is still staring him with anger

arry kya somu tm to angry bird ki trha ghoori hi jarhi ho (what somu why you’re just starting at me like angry Bird) Says Rudra

now all couples together shutup rudra we’ll talk later about this

he makes puppy face and says okay while Making cute cute faces………•°•`•`

after breakfast
everyone is about to leave…

no one will leave just sit on sofa everybody says Shivaay (in his bagad billa’s Avtar) does his signature step

Sees him doing step everyone thinks not to ask him anything and sits on sofa quietly ..

Shivaay calls khanna
just bring her inside and cuTs call

after a minute or 2 khanna enters in mansion with a lady

seeing lady
tej.. u here why…?
janvi in shock looks at shivaay and then tej

pinky looks At lady (( in her mind (huh again she cames here).. ))

shakti looks at everyone and says in heat mata rani please Nothing should be bad

Dadi is shocked as Shivaay bring her inside mansion and looks at shivaay with tensed eyes….

sahil is thinking who is she????

(PR, RS, IO) looks at her with eyes full of hatred anger and lot more

shivers runs through anika’s Body…. her eyes widens .. She starts sweating… Her eyes are filled with fear … her hands and legs are trembling… she tries to step back but feels like she’s stuck with something and us unable to move… She tried to speak but unable to utter a single word..

seeing her situation ishu places her hands on her shoulder… Anika turns her face and sees ishu and is relived and Then omru ranveer prianku too gives her support cox of which she is normal again and stable too

Tum sweathleana (I don’t know exact spelling ?)
yaha kya kr rhi? (u _name_ what are u doing here? ) asked tej with confused ton3…

bade papa she’s here coz i brought her here reply’s shivaay

But beta why u brought her here again asks jhanvi with tensed Face..

yeah shivayy tell tell says pinky

pinky there must be a spcl reason let him say first Says shakti to pinky

i know you’ll never do anything wrong u are doing this fr betterment just go ahead beta says Dadi

as we all know about Anika’s kidnapping
but we were not aware of the culprit

so let me introduce sweathleana the Kiddnapper and looks at her with anger

everyone is hell shocked hearing this

Everyone Whatttttttttttt how do u knOw shivaay

o narrated the night incident where anika identifies her…

Tej slaps HER hard for betraying him

and sits on sofa with shock

pinky… from very First day i no like her huh(that’s her language)

shakti mean our security system was held by our enemy that’s why we used to get so many attacks even after a high security

Shivaye yeah dad you’re right she was behind all this

tell me why the hell you kidnapped anika asks Shivaay in anger(u can imagine angry Shivaay well )

Sw-Because she saved OBROS everytime from our attack so we decided to kidnap her first…

shivaay shouts khanna take her and lock her up in the locker he complies and leaves with her

they all are kind of shocked and much relived…
Screen freezes on them

precap: some emotional scenes next episode …(down)

episode starts
tejanvi’s room

jhanvi im sorry i left u fr that b***h i never knew what u willl feel seeing me with her like we( tej and (sweathlena)) used to be
i thought she’s much better than u but unfortunately first time in life this famous arrogant bussiness man was wrong yes jhanvi i was wrong now i can feel what u have gone through all these years…now i feel what u have gone through when someone betrays… u now i can feel pain sentiments everything jhanvi just now… im sorry jhanvi im really sorry im ur culprit ….. i was idiot that i just believed in money and all never believed that there is also a life where is just happiness and we cant buy that with this blo*dy money …….. im ur culprit cox of me u started drinking just cox of me and i taunted u fr that too i was an idiot ….. i lost my elder son in all this im his culprit too cox of our fights he strts drugs …. actually not our just i ..i used to fight… im even the culprit of prianku em everyone’s culprit (and he breaks down and collapses on the floor) he is crying badly evenn jhanvi is crying

jhanvi rushes to him and sits infront of her and holds his face with her hands
no tej no dont cry im happy u realised this u can still change everything and do it right now … dont be sorry tej im happy that u realized and hugs him he too reciprocate and they have a long warm hug

shinky’s room

oh my mata!!! shakti ji this (sweathlana) i cant believe she did all this with anika and with all of us … for that churail jaith ji was going to leave my pyaari si jithani ji
she is churail(witch) she tortured my diamond bahu
i wish she burns in hell
she die of thurst

pinky thank GOD this all revealed now anika will not be afraid of darkness or anything anymore and bhaishab thank GOD bhaisahab attentions diverts from her along ago and she left the job

shakti ji u r right u know shakti ji i love my jaithani ji even tough i fight with her alot sometime but i cant bear that anyone hurt her she’s just like my elder sister i love her and she too feels that but sometime in anger i says anything to her bt aftral she’s big hearted thats why everytime she forgave me her eyes are wet and shakti hugs her (side hug ) and they both too shares a warm hug

dadi’s room

dadi yeh lady kn thi ?{ who was that lady} asks sahil

beta yeh wohi thi jisne anika ko kiddnap kia tha ( she was the one who kiddnapped anika)

sahil gets angry but dadi calms him down

sahil beta u should sleep now fr sometime u must be tired he laid on bed and puts his head in dadi’s lap
dadi caresses his hair and while talking he falls asleep

dadi places his head on nearby cushion and laid beside him

dadi holding dada ji’s pic.. thankGOD this sweathlana is no more in our lifes u see our billu is real hero for this family he promised me that he’ll protect this family and will never let this family breaks and he is fullfilling it and hugs the pics and cries with somewhat sorrow and happiness

couples in a room

wese shivaay when u got her asked om

fb by shivaay
{he goes to his room to freshup he got khanna’s call
sir we tracked her number she is out of city near the same mill where anika mam was kept
khanna just go there and get her asap no excuses if not by road use chopper but make sure that she will not escape otherwise u r dead
sir whom should i send?
khanna send anyone or go bt urself but i want her in mansion b4 11 AM at any cost
sir just stay in line i’ll be on call after 6 minutes
after 6 minutes
sir we got her
thats good khanna just bring her
sir chopper isnt working
just bring her by car
ok sir we are coming } fb ends

bhaiya u became smart just like me ..says rudy

shutup rudra…. says somu


just then tej calls everyone in hall

everyone gathers there
except sahil as he is slepping and he isnt needed there ..

om is standing in anger seeing tej

tej says… om betaaa

mr obroy im not ur beta dont u dare to call me beta againn says om

om beta listen to him first says jhanvi
yeah om listen says shivaay and dadi

say what u want to say mr obroy says om

beta im sorry please forgive me for everything i have don with u ur mom ur sis ur family im ur culprit u can punish me whatever punishment u will givw i’ll accept that happily but please let me be ur father fr once and be my son i promise i’ll fullfill my responsibility jhanvi u too please forgive me and shivaay u please u too forgive me as i wanted to seperate u both by making a gold wall inbetween u but i was wrong i understood now nothing is more imp in life than family no money can buy family and happiness and shakti im sorry mere bhai please forgive me i always wanted to degrade u please forgive me….
( he tries to touch om feet fr forgiveness ) but om stops him saying papa dont do this and hugs him emotionally they both hug fr about 2 minutes dad im happy u realized and no need to ask forgiveness and again hugs him they all join them and they have a large group family hug shivaay pulls anika om pulls ishu prinku pulls rnveer and rudy pulls soumaya to join hug

after 5 minutes they break their hug

and stand on their places as they were standing b4

tej faints

screen freezes on his unconcious and eveyone’s shocked faces

precap: sweathlana’s introgation

bye thats it
drop ur precious comments weather negative or positive but plz do comment

and today no much romantic scene as in life there are some days we cant romance so today in episode is that day

hope u will like
drop ur opinions
nxt one will be soon…




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