Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 54) Season 2 – Epilogue

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Recap : Nandini noticed everyone’s chng bhvr & manik also avoided her

Story continues,

Nandini went to her room angrily…

Nandini’s POV :

How dare manik to avoid me lyk that !! How could he ?! Really..he’s becoming irritating day by day…if he would b ok na..I would’ve beat him badly..but what happened that suddenly all r behaving strange !! & I can’t even remember what I did last night..I really hope I didn’t did anything wrong..If I would’ve done something wrong mukti would’ve tell me for I guess everything is ok…

Today I don’t even have office as mom forbidden me to join today & ordered me to take rest…then what to do ?!

Yeah !! I can read novels..tym will also pass & my mind will b divert from all of this..

I took a novel from my desk & started to read it…I was just lost in that story..I didn’t even realized when I slept while reading it..

When I opened my eyes I saw it was already evening !! I couldn’t blv I slept for so many hours !! That novel was lying beside me…I was covered with a blanket..lights were off..who came here & did all this for me ?!! May b mukti or navya..yeah…it was dark..but still some lights were coming from outside & I was able to see the surroundings… I got up & searched the switch of the light…I turned the lights on & was surprised as well as shocked watching the scene in front of room was beautifully decorated with my favorite flower – white rose & jasmine…there was also many red roses…anyone will call my room a little shop of flowers..I was just lyk awwee on the decorations.. It was sooo beautiful !! But who might have done all this & what is the occasion?!!..I found a card lying on the table beside my without wasting anymore tym I picked up the card…

“A beautiful surprise for a beautiful girl..u must b wondering who did all this for u ?? Ok..u will come to know don’t waste tym..there’s something for u on the couch..get ready & come to the terrace..”

What’s all that ?! Who is the person !! He didn’t even write his it manik ??? But why would he ! He doesn’t even remember me..moreover today he avoided me badly…

Well..I don’t want to think about will just ruin my mood…let me check what’s there on the couch..

I went near the couch & saw a packet..I picked it up & opened it…

There was a beautiful maroon color saree..I really loved it..I also found black shoes & a cute blue box..I opened the box & there was a beautiful golden bracelet in it…

I went to washroom & after freshened up I chngd myself into that saree..I did some make up & applied the same color lip stick so that it matches with my saree…I curled my hair perfectly & also put the vermillion hiding it with my hair..Then I wore that bracelet & the shoes…

I was just impressed on myself as I looked perfect…I was just wondering who did all heart was continuously saying it’s it really manik ?!!

I came out from my room & saw rose petals were lying on the ground & the stairs making a way for me..whole mansion was beautifully decorated with candles & flowers…it was just amazing…but where is everyone !! I couldn’t see even a single person in the house…

I climbed on the stairs & reached terrace..whole terrace was covered with white & golden curtains,scented candles & flowers…

I was amazed watching all this..& I can guess who can do all this for me..I know my guess is right…as soon as kept my step on the terrace, rose petals started to fall on me..I couldn’t help but smiled enjoying the moment…

I entered into the terrace & looked around..there was no one to b seen..

Nandini : Manik..where r u?? Look..I know u did all no need to hide…just come na…manik !!

Suddenly I heard a sound of crackers & looked at the sky…my eyes filled with happy tears looking at the sky…
“I LOVE U NANDINI” – it was written on the sky…

Then I finally heard the voice calling my ears were yearning to listen the voice..the voice which can raise my heartbeat indicating my whole lyf depends on this person..well, it does…

I looked behind & saw the most handsome person of the world standing in front me with his killer smile…that smile..I can spent my whole lyf admiring it…
He was wearing a red shirt with black blazer & black jeans..he was looking beyond handsome..
I took little steps towards him & he also did the same..
End of POV

Nandini : Manik…

Manik kept his finger on her lips saying – I want u to listen what I say…

He took her hands into his hand…

Manik : nandini..u must b thinking what is all this ?! If manik has get his memory back or not ?! Etc etc…ok..I don’t remember anything… Even I don’t want to remember..nandini.. I blv the feelings,the persons r imprtnt for a relation..not the memories..if we r together,we can make thousands of memories lyk that..our lyf can’t just depend on such memories… Bcz our love is beyond all memories.. We make the memories, memories doesn’t make us…so nandini murthy..or I should say Nandini Malhotra… I have again fall in love with u.. Yes..u r the girl who can make my heart weak in any situations..who can make me fall for her again & again…& truely I will love to lose my memory again as I will get the opportunity to fall for u again..nandini I want to grow old with u..I want to spent every moments of my lyf with u & I don’t care whatever the situations will be…I just know..I LOVE YOU…truely, crazily,madly & from the bottom of my heart…I Really Love U a Lot…

Manik sat into his kneels holding nandini’s hand…

Manik : so..will u give me the honour to take all ur pains & give u all the happiness of the world ?? May I have the honour to spent each moments of my lyf with my nandini ??

Nandini was in tears by now..she just nodded in yes…manik got up & hugged her tightly..nandini also hugged him back….

Nandini : I love you manik.. I love you a lot…
Manik : I love you too nandini…I love you more than anything…I love you till the stars shine & fireflies glow…

After a long hug, both slowly parted away..

Manik wiped nandini’s tears & cupped her face…

“U said I’m ur firefly who always shines for u…but u know’s not’s you – my firefly…all these while u shined for me..u were glowing for me..u brightened my lyf removing all the darkness… So it’s star..who never hides behind a cloud & always shines for me…& I can’t express how much lucky I’m to have u with me..I’m proud of u..& words will less to express how much I love you…”

Nandini was just numb..her eyes were expressing how she was feeling.. The pain which she felt till now..the happiness which is she feeling right now ..all were expressing through her eyes.. & manik’s eye was reading it…

Manik held nandini by her waist & moved closer to her…& slowly their lips met…after a long separation both of their hearts connect through their lips…it was a deep passionate was a promise from manik that he will never ever leave his Nandini alone…it was a promise from nandini that whatever the situations r she will always stay by his side…it was assuring both of them the strength of their love which can fight with all the circumstances…

After a long passionate kiss both left each other unwillingly..

Manik : I’ve something for u…
Nandini : what??

Nandini’s POV :

Manik put his hand into his pocket & took something from soon as he showed it to me I was again in happy was the nuptial necklace which was the symbol of our wedding… He put the necklace on my neck & gave a peck on my neck..shivers ran through my spine as soon as he did that…I couldn’t stand on my knees I just hugged him tightly…
End of POV

Manik smiled while nandini hugged him tightly…he also hugged her back..
After a while manik took nandini into his arms & both were lost in each other’s eyes…manik slowly started walking & left from the tarrace carrying nandini in his arms…

Both went to a room…it was nycly decorated with candles & flowers giving a look as if it was their first night after marriage…

Manik slowly kept her on the bed & hovered over her…he moved closer to nandini & kissed on her was a slow & deep kiss expressing their love for each other..being breathless both parted away…manik asked her the permission through his eyes & nandini hugged him as a positive response… Both celebrated their night..their immense & eternal love for each other & started a new journey of their happy married lyf…’s this ff ends here..quite unexpected end..r8?? As u all thought manik will get his memory back..well..I didn’t have any intention to give his memory back.. Bcz as manik said, I also blv memories doesn’t make us, we make the memories… If they r together, they can make thousands of memories lyk that..if something matters, then it’s true love..which they already have..

That’s how I planned the ending.. In season 1 manik became the firefly in nandini’s lyf & in season 2 Nandini became the firefly in manik’s lyf… That’s how they completed each other & I completed my story…

I still can’t blv it’s over..this story will remain close to my heart..always… & a big thank u to allllll my readers for supporting me in each part of the story & for showering so much love..thank u sooooo much !!!! I’ll miss u all…

& about new ff…I’ve already decided the plot..but yeah..title is not decided yet..I’ll give the promo soon whenever it’ll b ready to publish..hope u’ll lyk that too… don’t forget to give me the feedbacks about today’s episode & also about the whole story & the ending..hope u all lykd the ending.. So let me know how it was…will c u soon.. Till then –

#b_safe_n_stay_happy_&_spread_love 🙂



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  1. RinaSivaguru

    Wow… Nishita….. It’s was a pure love…. I will miss this ff…… I have been read ur ff since season 1 and now season 2 too…… Ur realy described well manan’s emotions…… Their separation, meeting and how they united…. Truly superb…. Keep writing……

    1. Nishita

      Thank u sooooooo much dear !! I’m really glad to know u lykd my work so much.. ? 🙂

  2. I never ever seen such beautiful ending in any story and ff .no words dear about your ff I think whatever I say or write is not enough to appreciate your work I loved the line that we make memories its awesome dear .I am literarily in love with tour writings,the way you show emotions you always writes scenes in a way it seems everything happens in front of eyes I can’t express in words about this beautiful superamazingggg ff from beginning I reads all your parts twice or thrice they are that much amazingggggg dear I just love the ending you always do something beyond our imaginations .every part of your ff has new emotions new vibes it is so amazingggg dear I just like everything in your ff if its songs,the way you describe every relationship hats off to you dear I just Want to giveeee you tight hug for your splendid work sry thoda bada comment ho gaya but I can’t do anything I loved your ff soooo much plsss come back soon eagerly waitinggg fr your next work till then take care of your health stay blessed love youloads??????

    1. Nishita

      OMG !!! Thank u sooooooo much dear.. I’m unable to blv on my eyes !! Such a swt cmnt it is !! It means a loottt dear !!! & a veryyyy tight hug from me also swty..even I also lykd that we make the memories wala’s my prsnl fvrt line from this ff & this chapter also one of my fvrt chapters of this ff…love u loads too dear..u also take care of ur health..& c u soon ? 🙂

  3. Ur story was n epic. U were just amazing. Its sad that u hv ended it n i am sure u will again come back with a bang. Thanku fr giving us such a amazingly beautiful story. Pls come back soon…. all da best n stay blessed

    1. Nishita

      Thank u soooo much tanushree !! I’ll come back soon & I really have to.. As I’m also miss these swt cmnts from my swt readers !! U also stay blessed dear ? 🙂

  4. finally end of the story. i too believe that memories don,t return also its ok . coming to the total story it dont feel like u r new to this ff writing . it is good in its own way of how he have successfully achieved in his true love which helped her and her true love and belief which made him to return back to her .

    1. Nishita

      Thank u soooo much sri..yes..u r absolutely right..memories doesn’t return..but if u have the person in front of u..u can make more beautiful memories which can heal all the pains..moreover nandini is also with manik to tell him each imprtnt things & memories of their lyf…as it is said love can heal everything..& thank you again dear for lyking & supporting my work ? 🙂

  5. Crystal

    Amazing Nishi………… What a cute end…… You have truly lived upto this FF… Will miss it though but nevertheless waiting for few more works of yours so that we can again make new memories with your new FF…… Hopefully you come back soon with your new FF and hopefully it is again a sweet story same like this one………… Will miss u ton but hopefully to see ur comments in my FF just to know that u r there……….. Please come back soon with a new one… Looking forward to it………. Miss u and ur FF………. 🙂 🙂 Keep glowing like a firefly and shining like a star 🙂 😀

    1. Nishita

      Awwee..thank u sooooo much crystal !! I’ll surely come back soon..& of course we’ll b in touch through ur ff…u also keep glowing lyk the fireflies & keep shining lyk stars.. & also don’t forget to keep smiling dear !! ? 🙂

  6. Nishita jaan why did you do it ?????? I am gone miss this ff my favorite really amezing mesmerizing lovely thank you so so much and I am so sorry bcoz I couldn’t comment I was so buz I couldn’t get time to read but today my luck I got time to read and comment so sorry dear you may know by now you are may one of favorite ff writer love you and so sorry once again ????????

    1. Nishita

      Awwweee…I’m so sorry janu…but it had to b end…but prmiz.. I’ll come back soon with a new one..pakka..&’s absolutely ok dear as I completely understand ur prblm..& it’s my honour that I’m one of ur fvrt writer..c u soon ? 🙂

  7. I am going to miss u believe me u r a awesome writer

    1. Nishita

      Awwee.. Thank u sooo much megha..I’ll also miss my swt readers ? 🙂

  8. Awesome dear…loved Manik confessions..really wanna appreciate u for UR regular updates. See u soon wid rocking plot…till dat tc

    1. Nishita

      Thank u sooooo much dear !! Of course will c u soon..u also take care swty !! ? 🙂

  9. The dark day came????????i am feeling like crying. Plz plz sis return back soon i am gonna miss u badly and ur ff are the best one
    Plz return back soon
    Take care
    Love u and miss u

    1. Nishita

      Awwweee..thank u soooo much dear..plzz..don’t fact I’ll also miss my ff & my dear swt readers a loottt.. I’ll come back soon..pakka..u also take care dear & love u too ? 🙂

  10. End is so gud..I also blv tht memories are made by us,nt memories make us.Jst true love is imp.
    Come soon with a new ff..Will wait fr u…..

    1. Nishita

      Thank u sooooo much dear !! Good to know that we think the same..will obviously come back soon with a new one as fast as I can ? 🙂

  11. Di I am literally crying I will miss you Di love love love love love love love love love you you you you you Di Di Di Di di di and ending was fantabulous
    Iss kahani ka har panna tha mazadar
    Tum jaldi lout ka aana yar

    1. Nishita

      Awwweee…sorry baby for making u cry !! Lovvvvveeeeee uuuuuu toooooooo my swt little sis !! & ur shayari was superb !! Really loved it…will miss u too & pakka will come back soon.. T c ? 🙂

  12. Miss u Nishita..,.u nailed it,ending was just awesome… And Ur story superlike….loved it so much….miss u a lot …come back soon

    1. Nishita

      Thank u sooooooo much dipal..really happy to know u lykd my story so much !! Will miss u too & pakka..I’ll come back soon ? 🙂

  13. Literally not expected that without manik getting his memory back u will give so beautifully end to season 2.. first season ended with MANAN separation and 2nd season ended with MANAN uniting again and celebrating their love❤
    come back soon with new ff will miss u till u come back? COME SOON!!

    1. Nishita

      Awwweeee…thank u sooooo much navneet.. Really happy to know u lykd the ending…I was confused people will lyk it or not..but after getting the cmnts..I’m relieved !! I’ll obviously come back soon..& will miss u too dear ? 🙂

  14. Amazing ff I miss your ff alot I am in plan to start to read your ff from ep 1 until end.I must be much bettter if you are writer of kyy 2….I love kyy 1 but I dont like kyy 2…..I wish you became novel writer or drama maker.

    1. Nishita

      Awwweee..that’s so swt of u !! Thank u soooo much dear ! It’s an honour for me that u think lyk this ? 🙂

  15. Ur ff is an epic I am sad that it is ended but I wish u will come back with a bang among all the ff’s this is my fav nishitha we miss u alot come back soon

    1. Nishita

      Thank u soooo much sush ! I’ll obviously come back soon dear..glad to know that it was ur fvrt ff…will miss u too dear ? 🙂

  16. Wowww endingg isss superrrr & unexpected dearr & all the best fr new ff eagerly waiting fr u dear plssss come back asap take care love u miss u nishi jaan

    1. Nishita

      Awwee..thank u soooo much manu…I’ll come back u & miss u too dear & u also take care ? 🙂

  17. Mahi13


    Nishi I won’t say it was superb amazin or fabulous coz these words r definetly not enough to describe your story. Honestly your story and one shots always amazed me. You took us on a wonderful journey. It was a thrilling experience. An experience never to be forgotten. U gifted us a story which we’ll always remember with a smile. You’re really talented.

    Best wishes for u di. Hope u’ll rock with ur next ff too n hope I’ll be there to comment too. Waiting eagerly for ur next story.

    Mahi 🙂

    1. Nishita

      Awwee..that’s so swt of u mahi..if my story makes u smile..then ur cmnts also makes me smile ..r8?? & itz ok issues..u lykd my story & that’s enough for me..I can understand.. & thank u sooooooo much dear for ur beautiful cmnt..will c u soon !! ? 🙂

  18. Yessss dear u r corrct…memories r made 4 us…..oll matttrs is d love…..awwwww i cant just believe this ff to end…. willlllllllll misssssssssss it reallllly….this was d ff which made me checkng d updates within half an each hour…..wat a ending…it was realllllly beautifullllll amazingggg awesomeeee suprbbbb fantasticcccc mindblowinggggg outstanding…..nandini was in tears well i too had lil tears while reading d ff ….actualllly d happppy wala…..ollll through was love love nd pure love….manan : its u my firely…i telll u its my fav. Ff….nd u too dear…u r an awesome writr….u too desrv ollll d love 4rm oll of usss….a biggg wala love nd hugggg 2 u….willll misss u defintly…..plzzzzz come back soon nd reallllly sooon…nd congratulations 4 d succesful ending of ur 1st nd a fantastic ff….bst of luck 4 ur nxt ff….lots nd loads of love…sry cant xpress more….simply lovd itttt nd lovvvveee uuuuuu..t c

    1. Nishita

      Awwweee…sooo much compliments !!! Thank u sooooo much dear…it’s my honour that u lykd my sooo much !! I’m really happy to know that it was ur fvrt really means a loott to me !! & yeah..I biggg hug & lottsss of love for u…I’ll come back as soon as possible.. Will miss u too..t c dear ? 🙂

  19. Still reading it today alsi i read it more than 10 times
    Missing you badly sis plz return back soon plz
    Take care???
    Love u alotttt ????
    I miss u and ur ff everyday????

    1. Nishita

      Awwee..that’s so swt of u Christina !! I’m also missing the swt cmnts of my readers…will come back soon..thank u soooo much.. Love u a loottt too & u also take care dear ? 🙂

  20. Naaz21

    Beautiful End….?
    Nish Dii, ur Amazing….?
    I am gonna follow u on Watty….?
    Amazing everything was, from start to end….??
    I don’t know how to express like others did, but ur story was heart-touching….❤❤
    Keep Writing….?
    Keep Smiling….☺
    Take Care…..?
    N I believe u vil return back with an amazing concept very soon….?
    Waiting desperately for it….?
    Lots Of Love Nish Dii….❤❤❤

    1. Awwweee..thank u soooo much naaz !! I’m glad that u lykd my ff so much ! It means a lot…u also take care dear..lots of love to u too ?❤

  21. Sis i read it more than 25 times i miss u so badly i always see if u have posted any os or ff bt u havent plz plz plz return back soon i miss u badly??????????????
    Plz return back soon plz plz plz
    Take care sis n love u alot??????
    Plz return back as soon as possible uf u will write ff later then plz write any os as ur os r also amazing like u
    Love u alot and miss u badly?????
    Plz be back soon n take care???

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