Double Swapping wedding–Ishqbaaz (Shot One)

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Hi, Hola, Sasrikal, Namaste. How r u guys?? This is jazz again. I am really happy ?? u guys liked my intro. First I was really nervous ? bcz it’s my first time. I keep checking TU and my e-mail for any info and I couldn’t go to sleep. But in the morning time the first thing I did was to check the TU and there I saw the intro and those lovely comments by u guys. I really didn’t expected those words from u guys. Thanks guys it really means a lot to me. First I was about to write just one shot as my school gonna start in three days but now just for u guys I am extending it into 4 or 5 shots. So guys plz support me wid ur comments. A clarification Karan is Daksh’s brother & if u have any other question about anything u can ask me. Another thing the shot gonna start from Sangeet Day. Sorry for my bakbak & let’s go. Enjoy ? ?. If u didn’t read the intro. Here’s the link.

In Om– Sangeet Day
There r preparations going in OM. Anika is handling the all arrangements. Dadi & other elders had said that they will hire another wedding planner & she should enjoy her wedding. Anika insisted & said I will be more happy & will enjoy more if I arrange the wedding for me and my lovely brothers/sisters (she didn’t mean shivaay in that ????. Not even Daksh she should ??). They said fine. All youngsters said they will help her too. Everyone got busy in arrangements.

Anika was standing on a ladder fixing some lights when suddenly she feel the ladder is moving she looked down to check if someone was doing intentionally. But she found no one. She started doing her work & again she feel the ladder but this time really hard. She started moving and she fell and screamed AAAAAHHHHH. When she opened her eyes she found herself in someone’s arms. It was Shivaay ((Shivaay was doing bcz he wanted something and now he have it (u already what he wants))). They had a beautiful eyelock. O jaana plays. Tia sees this & left in anger. They broke the eyelock.
Anika: Shivaay leave me.
Shivaay: Ha ? Oh! Yeah. He put her down but still close. His left hand is on her waist & he pulls her more close. For balance, she grabbed his shirt. They were so close that they can feel each other’s heartbeat. Nazdeek hai dil ki plays. They were just staring at each other when they heard Daksha.
Tia: Shivaay Baby
Daksh: Anika. Both Shivika step away from each other.
Shivika: Yes Tia/Daksh
Tia: Shivaay Baby. I wanna talk to u. Can u please come??
Shivaay looked at Anika and then Tia and said: Sure. Let’s go. They leave.
Daksh: Anika. Let me help u in ur work.
Anika nodes.

Art Room
Om is in his art room making sculptures. Ishana enters his room silently. Om feels her & without turning around he said
Om: Ishu do u need anything??
Ishana thinks how he knows that it’s me without even turning around. Om turned and saw Ishana lost somewhere. He moved the table he was working on and he hide it with a cloth. He went to Ishana. He put his hands on her shoulder.
Om: Ishu what happened?? Ishana came back to her senses.
Ishu: Nothing Om….. I saw u working on something. What was it??
Om: Nothing.
Ishu: Om if u don’t know how to lie then why do u lie? Om didn’t respond & thinks how does she know?
Ishu: Om where r u lost? Tell me na.
Om: I said nothing so that means nothing. Ishana gets angry ? ? & strts looking for the thing he was working on & strts looking at the all tables. Om gets tensed.
Om: Ishu stopp. But Ishu is not stopping & is about to go on the table he was working on. To stop Ishu Om went behind her & pulled her from behind by het waist. It was like Om was back hugging ? her. O saathiya plays. They were standing like that for 10 mins. Suddenly the window opened and cool breeze came inside. It was windy outside. The wind was coming and it blew off the cloth from the table. Ishu came back to her senses as she felt cold. She saw something and
Ishu: OOOOOMMMMM. Om got back to his senses & kind of feel awkward but more happy ? ???.
Om: Ishu I…..
Ishu: Oh!! This is what u were hiding from me. O got confused ? & then he saw the table. He ran to the table and again covered it wid the cloth.
Ishu: Om let me see while she takes off the cloth.
Om: Ishu plz stop.
Ishu: It’s beautiful ? it’s not even finished yet but still it looks so beautiful.
Om: Thanks but not thanks. Why u did this? I was going to give this surprise gift for the wedding day to them but…….
Ishu: I am so sorry. But I couldn’t control myself. I promise I will not tell anybody specially them.
Om: Pinky promise & forwards his pinky towards her.
Ishu: Pinky Promise & tangles her pinky with his.

It’s time for Sangeet. Guests r coming to OM. Everyone r looking beautiful/handsome. (They r wearing the clothes like they did in real IB for sangeet the same theme). Tej goes to stage.
Tej: Ladies and gentlemen. Can I have ur attention plz?? First of all Thanks for coming here. I am really glad ? to announce that there not gonna be a wedding. Everyone were like what happened to him. Why is he talking like that.
Tej continues: There will be 8 weddings at the same day. He said smiling. Everyone applaud. There goes our shivomru dance on Ajj ki party songs. At the end of the song other boys joined them too. After they were done. They were talking but they heard some noise they all turned and saw Dadi. She was dancing on gallan goodiyaan song. Slowly all other elders joined her. After their performance it’s partner dance. Partners are Shitia-Aksh, Ridom-Ishkaran, Seyaan-Rudromi, Devanka-Raanjali. Teri meri plays from Bodyguard. (- the sign means they gonna change their partner wid the that couple). Shivomruranv r staring at their ladylove. Their lodylove is trying to avoid eye contact but can’t. Partners change: Shivika-Daksha, Ishkara-Ridkaran, Roumya-Ryaan, Priveer-Danjali. Ishq Mubarak plays. Shivika, Ishkara, Roumya, Priveer and even Daksha r dancing really close. They all r just lost in each other’s eyes. The song ended light on but still lovebirds r in dancing position but the sound of clapping bring them back in real world. They composed themselves & start enjoying their rest Sangeet wid der parents and friends. Sangeet was done. All guest went. Everyone went to their respective rooms to sleep. (Everyone r staying in OM till the wedding). Shivika and ishkara reminisces their moments and other remember their dance with their love ❤️. All smiled and went to sleep.

Sorry guys no precap but the next shot will be about Mehandi ceremony. Guess work if u wanna answer any questions u can.
1. What’s Om surprise and for whom?
2. What does Ishu mean by saying she will not tell anybody “specially them?”
Guys plz tell me how was it? Plz plz plz plz comment. Sorry for any spelling mistake and for boring u.
Guys ok Will see u in next shot.
Take care ????

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  1. Superb duper Epi dear waiting for your next one.. boring??? Do u think so?? Then kill that thought dear it was awesome

    1. Jazz1

      Thanx dear

  2. Anjaly

    nice update jazz

  3. Jayashree

    Sounds really interesting…

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks di

  4. Samaira20

    That was so awsum jazz….just loved that ladder vala scene….too good….

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks. Me too I loved ladder scene too

  5. Inu

    Superb shot. I am loving it.

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks ?? ?? Dear

  6. Om’s surprise is for shivaay and rudy…….maybe…..

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks for ur comment. Maybe dear let’s see

  7. Anujohnson

    Your story is suprb jazz…..thankyou for the link!!!

  8. Anujohnson

    Your story is suprb jazz…..thankyou for the link!!!and i think the surprise is for shivru or shivika…

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks di for ur lovely ? comment.
      U welcome for the link.
      Let’s see for the surprise on the wedding day.

  9. ARK

    It’s interesting!!!

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks dear ??.

  10. Samm

    i guess it’s for shivika or shitia, since he’s shivaay’s brother, or it could be shivru or his family as a whole. basically, i’m saying it could be anyone 😀

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks. The surprise can be for them maybe not but let’s see.

  11. Meenakshi Shyam

    CAN U Pls add from rumya scenes too. I love them the most that’s why. And the episode was nice

    1. Jazz1

      Thanx dear. I added roumya scenes in the second shot. So plz do read that one too and tell me if u liked it.

  12. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi ? Jazz nice start dear your concept of double swap seems to be really interesting.?? In all I really liked the epi and sorry for such a supper late comment dear and post next epi asap. ????

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks di. No need to say sorry. I have posted the next shot ????

  13. Rosemahal

    So nice ff loved it

  14. Pri_24

    Its amazing update I enjoyed it a lot and sorry for commenting late hope you forgive…??

    1. Jazz1

      Thanks di.
      No need to say sorry ?.

  15. Mrunal

    hey jazz u know… u r Amazing.. such different concept…. and sorry for late comment…

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