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Hi I’m Dini. A crazy fan of ishqbaaz. Guys this is my first ff. So plz support me. Your valuable comments are my strength. Both good & bad comments are accepted. Drop a comment what you want in future. I start my ff from shitia’s sangeeth. So here we go.


Daksh proposes Anika for marriage & she accepts it. After the function Shivaay congrates Anika & she leaves to her home in heavy heart. Once she reached home, she msg someone that ” Step 1 is done. I accepted him. Go ahead as per the plan.”


Anika comes to OM & goes to meet Daksh. She enters to Daksh’s room & find him nowhere.

Anika’s POV : Anika, This is the right time. He’s not here. Now start ur work.

Anika starts searching something in Daksh’s room. Finally she found something just then Daksh enters to the so Anika hides it in her trouser pockets.

Daksh : Anika, What are u doing here? And what are u searching for?

Anika (stumbles) : Searching….. Me….. Nothing. I just came to meet you. When I come to ur room it looked so messy so I thought to clean it up. After all this is my fiancé’s room. Why ? Shouldn’t I?

Daksh : Oh….ho (moving towards Anika) Fiancé….. ha? That much care for me? For this I should give u a gift.

Anika : (little bit shocked & moving backward) Gift… ? what is that? I don’t need any gift? (realizing his intentions) I think I should leave now. Dadi will be looking for me.

Anika moves towards the door but Daksh holds her hand & pulls her back.

Daksh : No… No…. U can’t escape today. U have to take this gift. (saying this Daksh comes closer to kiss her.)

At the same time someone’s eyes turn red in anger who has been spectator for this whole scene. It’s non-other than Mr. SSO. He angrily leaves to his room.

Shivaay : Anika………. ( shouting like this he breaks a glass in his hand & his palm gets hurt starts bleeding.)


Anika : Daksh, Billuji is calling me. I must go. Bye. See you later.

Anika comes out from Daksh’s room & sighs relief. Then she goes to Shivaay’s room.)

Anika comes inside & gets shocked to see blood on the floor. Then she sees Shivaay’s palm.)

Anika : Billuji, ur hand?

Saying this she takes Shivaay’s hand & tries to stop bleeding.

Anika : What have u done? Are u gone mad?

Shivaay : I don’t need ur care. (saying this he takes his hand back.)

Anika : But I have to care for u. (saying this she takes Shivaay’s hand again.)

Shivaay : I said…….

Anika : Shut up Shivaay…..

Hearing Shivaay from Anika’s mouth he becomes stuck & stares her. Meanwhile Anika makes Shivaay sit in the bed & starts doing dressing to his palm.

Shivaay : Ah…..

Anika looks at him and he looks at her then she start to soothe the wound by blowing wind from mouth. Meanwhile Shivaay gets lost in his lady love. O jaana….. plays


Anika comes to some corner and checks that no one see her. Then she takes out something from her pocket and checks it. A victorious smile appears in her lips. Then she calls someone gives some instructions.

Anika’s POV : Till now you played the game. Now it’s my turn to reply. Now you will see the original Anika. Let’s see who will win?

Recap : Shitia are taking pheras. Omru and Dadi looks on sadly. Anika smiles looking at Shitia.
“Stop it “ a loud voice comes from back. Everyone look back and get shocked. While a broad
victorious smile appears on Anika’s face.

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  1. Jayashree

    Sounds interesting…plz post next part asap 🙂

    1. thank you so much

  2. Gayathri.visu

    Hi, DINI. I’m a silent reader. I love your ff….it’s amazing..!!! Plz…plz…plz…update next part soon. I’m eagerly waiting for it…..

  3. Shivika

    Wow dear it was wow …..superb waiting for nxt part

  4. Priyanka_22

    Nice one dini
    Update soon

  5. Mast hai yarr

  6. Sat_9492

    Its amazing…. Precap is awsm…. Waiting for next episode….
    Update new episode ASAP……

  7. Nida

    It was great

  8. Anjaly

    wow..interesting update soon

  9. Jazz1

    Sounds interesting. Really wanna know what is Anika upto and why

  10. Thank you so much everyone. I’ll upload next part soon. love u JAYASHEE, GAYATHRI.VISU, SHIVIKA, PRIYANKA_22, SHIVIKA, SAT_9492 & NIDA.

  11. Diyaa

    Cool!!! Please update as soon as possible.

  12. Priyali

    It was mind blowing dear… post next asap please

  13. wow Precap is interesting…..
    waiting for next…..

  14. Ananya7044

    Yaar..soooo much of suspense

  15. Priyanka1911

    Nice post….update soon.

  16. Ankitha

    Loved it post the next episode fast

  17. Nice episode ??

  18. Nice Dini….

  19. Mukta

    Lovely update….. post the next part soon!!!!

  20. Nansshivika

    Interesting dear post next asap

  21. Woow……!

  22. Wooow!!
    Nice love it

  23. Post soon
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