Anshi OS Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 24 Maha Episode) by shama

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Here I am back with the most requested part in my ff please consider it episodes 24 and 25 and let me know your valuable views on it… Please feel free to clear your doubts regarding my episodes
Present episode { Part 24}
Scene 1
At marriage venue
Omkara was standing still looking at the direction where Shreya and tulsi was heading towards their car Shreya was holding tulsi and tulsi was continuously asking that what happened and shreya had no answer to it as if the her wordbank was empty tulsi was confused she looked back at omkara she saw the same tears were in his eyes too omkara saw tulsi and neglected it Ishana patted om shoulder and asked om kya hua ? Why your eyes are drenched and she took a last look on tulsi and shreya sitting in car and in fraction of seconds Shreya was out in the car.
Ishana sensed some thing wrong between Shreya and omkara and this was sensed by tulsi too..
Omkara senselessly started heading towards his car with wet eyes and Ishana was curious to know and the settled in their seats and omkara thought ki woh ladki joh uske saath thi kya naam tha uska ya tulsi she was talking something regarding some launch I guess she can help me but for that I have to find which launch?
He stopped the car and asked an excuse from Ishana.. He walked some steps forward and he started surfing on web he typed tulsi launch .. Meanwhile Ishana closed her eyes and focused she had a strong feeling that somewhere she saw that girl …. But where ? Where?
Om tried once again including today’s date and results came :
” Tulsi Mehta and Shreya Arora presents dilo ke darmiyaa….”
Om was like yaa so she is Shreya and tulsi whose words create magic but they never came in limelight from web itself he noted tulsi details .. And both again started for oberoi Mansion.
Scene 2
@ Oberoi Mansion
Shivaay was constantly trying his level best to reveal that he is shivaay and not shivin but failed to do so …
They both reached on the entrance and lifted their legs to step in when dadi shouted ruko and they stopped.. Dadi comes forward and says technically balehi preksha ki bahu aai hai per anika hai toh ISSI ghar ki bahu so grehpravesh ceremony toh karni banti hai..
She kept a kalash down full of rain grains on top with dried turmeric and dadi said pinky and janvi to perform aarti pinky was like kyu mumnyji ?
And janvi takes the aarti plate and did aarti of the newly wedded couple she puts tikka on their foreheads sprinkled flower petals on them and she gives the taal to pinky and says pinky please aarti kar do .. And pinky was like thik hai and does the aarti…

[ shivin composed himself and was terribly angry he wanted someone to pacify and the only name strikes his mind was ranveer and he called him ].
On the entrance of oberoi mansion shivaay thought to try again he said anika woh mujhe kab se tumse Baat….
And he was again interrupted and this time by pinky… Oh my mata dekho toh baat karne ki kitni jaldi hai wese Baate waate hoti rahegi pehle rasam poori karo. And pinky saw om car entering and said chalo om bhi aa gaya woh bhi kuch seekh jayega yeh sab Dekh ke …
Rudra says o agar Nahi seekh paye toh main hoon na..
Somo: ya dekho garibo ka srk bola hahaha
Ru: very funny somya!
Dadi : oh khuto stop fighting and said chalo rasam shuru karte hai….
Dadi was about to explain the ceremony when a big bang sound came someone opened the gate and entered with anger and shouted rukhiye… Mere bina yeh sab kese kiya aapne ???

Everyone : Prinku!!!!
Prinku: ha main aur main aaj bhahut… Gusse me…hu shaadi … Mere bina.. Aap log mujhe bhul gaye ..

Dadi : Nahi puttar yesa Nahi hai woh toh yeh sab itna jaldi hua ki tujhe baata hi Nahi paye..
Prinku:? per shaadi toh ho gayi

Somo: pinku not to worry mere pass shaadi ka video hai

Prinku: really tab thik hai ( really then its OK)

Shivaay to anika: main shivaay …

Anika looks at him and says shivaay ? OK abhi Nahi please baad me Baat karege

Shivaay thought : anika I want to tell you first I don’t want you to know by someone else.
[ shivin says to ranveer that I know shivaay won’t reveal his identity but I will make it happen ]

Dadi says : anika puttar ab yeh kalash aapne dahine pear se gira kar andhar aa puttar
( anika now kick this kalash from your right leg and enter the house anika does the same )
Dadi explains the importance : this ritual is actually done for prosperity and happiness and prinku says bhabhi bhaiyya mera gift ru: prinku I know ki bhaiyya chalti phirti pharmacy hai but mall toh nahi hai na joh tujhe present de…
Dadi : khote ! This is also a ritual that as the newly wedded couple entered grooms sister would ask neekh and the bride and groom has to gift her ,her favourite things somo: samjhe ?
Ru: nodes … Shivaay asked servants to go and bring gifts from om room anika was confused that why the gifts are ready and that too in om room i think that this decision of coming here took in haste so how!! Gifts came diamond earring ,gold chain,solitare ring she hugged anika and shivaay and said thanks now dadi asks prinku to bring something..
Prinku : OK dadi and she goes… And came back with a kumkum thal she kept it on the floor
Dadi: ab anika puttar you have to dip your feet into this kumkum mixture and walk in when you leg impressions will left it will be considered as ma laxmi has entered our house .
Ru: was like oh!
Anika does the same and entered… With my confused thoughts in her mind ..

[ shivin and ranveer was heading towards oberoi mansion and someone was also following their car ]

That person in the car who was following shiveer said shivin aur Shivaay yeh dono tab tak hai mujh per khatar hai…
Scene 3
At naina place
Naina entered with silent steps and thought aaj toh maza aayega Shreya didu aur tulsi ko surprise visit dene me.. Per yeh log hai kya ? She walked in and scoped all the rooms and a sound of crying came from her mom room.
Naina : huh billi roo rahi hai kya ? She kept her hand near her ear and nodes in no billi Nahi hai yeh… Oh toh mother India ganga jamun baha rahi hai …
Naina slowly headed towards her mom room and peeped in Shreya was crying and her mom and tulsi was trying to compose her naina quickly entered and said didu…
All looked at her Shreya rubbed off her tears and all said naina..
Naina knelt down and asked cupping Shreya cheeks with her hand didu aap roo rahe ho why who made you cry tell me aapki behen hai na I will punish him nicely

Shreya: h…h..h… Naina chup kar
Naina : Arrey!!
Tulsi: accha na woh kuch bole na hum kuch bole toh Tumhare help kese kare ?
Shreya mom : exactly !! We want to know dear whom did you met today?

Shreya : tears were streaming she closed her eyes and said ma my past …h..h…h..
Naina : past?
Tulsi : gujara kal
Mom: aatith
Naina : umm I guess this all are synonyms

Shreya: ( taking deep breathe) she said

” Zindagi humari yun hi sitam ho gayi,
Khushi na jaane kaha dafan ho gayi,
Bhahut likhi khuda ne logo ki mohabbatein,
Per jab humari bari aayi toh zindagi khatam ho gayi !”

Naina : didu !?!?.
Shreya said I would be always thankful to this family for accepting me as their elder daughter Shreya arora but the truth is that I am not your daughter I am just in your daughter’s disguise who was dead in a plane crash ..
Tulsi was shocked as she used to think that she is her childhood friend Shreya who did plastic surgery after Manado plane crash

Naina : no didu your my sister how can you say this rubbish things huh?.

Shreya mom: yes tulsi she is not my Shreya but she is not less than her everyone in our relation knows that Shreya faced plane crash and her face destroyed badly that same day while returning from Shreya feneral I saw her fainted and she was drenched with blood and I and naina saved her and when she regained her senses she told us that she is an orphan and we took her home and slowly she became Shreya arora…
Tulsi cupped her mouth in shock
Shreya: umm ma I am not orphan !!
Naina and her mom: what?
Shreya : I have a family a mom a brother

Tulsi asked so who was that guy he is famous I guess right ?
Shreya : yaa he is omkara Singh oberoi !
Naina : om bhaiyya
Megha: om is your past ? How?
Shreya: please leave me alone I don’t want to remember my past . please leave
All left her alone… She cried
Scene 4
Back @ oberois

Anika mind was puzzled : why shivin is again and again trying to say something ? How here everything is ready before our arrival? Why oberois are treating me as their daughter in law ? I guess shivin is not having such great bond with omru prinku or others so why all are reacting Normal ?

Anika said to herself : chod anika calm down

Shivaay scanned her thoughts and thought I know you are puzzled with many questions and I am the only answer for it but wait how I will face you … No shivaay no be brave woh tujhe kha thodi na jaayegi ( she will not eat you don’t worry) …
Ru : walks to shivaay and says hhhh.lagta hai Mr billu ban gaye bhigi billi daru mat bhaiyya
Om : ha shivaay chinta mat kar woh tujhe Nahi khayegi..
Shi: ?? oh gosh..
Prinku : kya anika bhabhi ko Nahi paata ki unki shaadi shi…
Rudra: shuu…..ha prinku bhaiyya bataye ge
Bhatao ge na bhaiyya…
Shiv: toh tabse main mosquito mar raha tha kya ? I was trying
Om: OK OK cool shivaay
Prinku: bhaiyya gussa Nahi anika bhabhi dar jaayegi..
Shiv: no yeh kissi se Nahi dar ti ( no she don’t scare by anyone ) infact sometimes she scares everyone..
Ru: especially you shivaay bhaiyya
Om ???
Prinku: haha
Shiv: ha ha Rudra ek baar Teri biwi aane de tab poochoga
Sahana and somya joined them and at this question somya coughs
Rumya looks at each other….
Om : you really think shivaay ki this duffer will get married seeing his track record its seems impossible
Prinku: Nahi bhaiyya I know that my brothers would get best wives and me the best bhabhis you see in both conditions I am winning I have such brothers and now anika bhabhi..
Dadi said : chalo bhaccho ab second rasam family antakshari
Rudra to om : o ye shaadi ke rituals toh India ke festivals ki tarah hote hai
Om : what ?
Ru: ha o kabhi katam hi Nahi hote
Everyone sits in hall…
On one sofa omru sahana Somo
Other pinky janvi preksha dadi
Third SHIVIKA fourth shakti and tej …
Bethe Bethe kya kare karna hai kuch kaam shuru karo antakshari leke prabhu ka naam prinku says…
Rudra to somya yeh prabhu deva iss game me kaha se aaya
Somo: ???
Sahana: jiju prabhu deva ki zarurat Nahi aap ho na the best dancer..
Rudra: oh thanks dear seekho Somo seekho..
Somo : uff kaha phas gayi do crazies ke beech me
The wheel rotated……. Zooooooooooooo..
And stopped on Rudra
Everyone: ??
Rudra cleaned his throat : ahaaha…
Prinku says somya you have to accompany him in singing and dancing..
Rumya : koi aur Nahi hai kya??
Prinku : nodes in no
And Rumya walked and bumped into each other…
Everyone sees this and Rumya had to make an excuse and go in corner

Meanwhile Rudra eyes got struck on a beautiful girl and somya was like I should slap ?him …
Sahana came in between and stopped somya and whispered in Rudra ears jiju woh meri friend hai aur uska boyfriend hai
Ru: sahana tujhe paata Nahi hai single ladkiyaa Rudra ko Dekh kar kya bolti hai
From behind two girls said agar tum mil jaao zamana jhod de ge hum..
Rudra: aur jab committed ladkiyaa Rudra ko dekhti hai toh paata hai kya bolti hai..
Again from behind answer comes : agar tum mil jaao purana chod dege hum ..
Sahana : ohhhh!!
Somo: ab meri baari
Ru: ha ha tum bhi tarif karo!
Somo: agar tum mil jaao tumhe phodh dege hum ( ???)
Sahana : oh oooo…
Rudra says aaya bhaiyya and escaped
Somo : crybaby ???!!!
Song plays…
Yeah !
What a look !
What a grace!
Rudra says to somya ; tenu hi Kara main chase … Somya shows nakhare and walks

What a naks..
What a nain!!
Now somya to Rudra : what a style !!
Kabhi soft ,kabhi rude ( here there fights play) … Killer tera attitude..

Rudra to somya
Tere liye hi toh signal todh tadh ke aaya dilli wali girlfriend chodha chadhke
Tere liye hi toh signal todh tadh ke aaya dilliwali girlfriend chodha chadhke
Tere liye hi toh signal todh tadh ke aaya dilli wali girlfriend chodha chadhke

Ho Teri aankh da ishaara mujhe fraud lagey tu toh majhnu awaara by god lagey…
Ho kasme waade khaake aapni pocket money bachaake aaya tere liye paise wese jodh jadh ke ghar waalon ko bhi bye shye bol baalke aaya dilliwali girlfriend chodha chadhke……..
Everyone :??????
Omish performed…..
Dadi janvi pinky on banno tera ….
All time shivaay eyes were glued on anika and anika lifted her head and noticed …. And family said ab aap dono dance kijiye
Anika and shivaay took their places arms in arms eyes in eyes soul in soul and a voice came anika pooch toh lo kiske saath dance kar rahi ho shivaay ya shivin
Everyone looked at entrance….
Everyone : shivin!!!!
Omru : mar gaye
Anika sees shivaay and shivin !!!
And leaves shivaay and steps back in shock… Shivin entered and said anika tumhari shaadi shivaay se hui hai…mujhse Nahi
Anika looks at shivaay and all??

Naazdik hai dil ke
Phir kyu lage mil ke
Jese ho milo door woh
Jasba hai anjaana mushkil hai samjhana
Aapna hai ya hai gear woh
[ she sits on sofa senselessly and remembered shaadi with wet eyes]
Ishq me adhura sa rooh me hai poora sa
Dard hai woh sari umar ka
O jaana khoya khoya rehata hai dil tarap ke kehata hai tu hi hai jeene ki wajah o jaana
Shiv: he knelt down and said anika trust me I was trying to tell you…
And holded her hand …. She took it back
Shivin came and pushed him how dare you marry her how dare you touched her …
Shiv: she is my wife.. Anika looks on
Shivin: no dhoke ki shaadi shaadi Nahi hoti shivaay..
You are such a cheap person…
( anika in tears closed her fist and holded her lehanga )
Shivin:( holding his collar) shivaay tune mujhse mera sab kuch cheen liye mera surname ,meri mom,mera pyaar…
Pinky : oh my maata shivin billu ko chod
Shiv: anika I swear I was trying to say you I didn’t want to cheat you… Your the most precious thing I have

Ani: oh really shivaay aapne mere dil toot diya kyu shivaay
Shiv: anika I am innocent please trust I love you
Ani: maybe per yeh tarika galat hai first I used to think ki aap chahe jese bhi ho per shaadi Aapke liye mazak Nahi hoga per today you proved me wrong I used to think ki aap kisi ko dhoke Nahi de sakte per…
No anika I am sorry…
Anika: sorry kis kis cheej ke liye bolo ge shivaay… Tum hi bolte ho na ki surname lineage status class matters so tumne ek middle class down market ladki joh garbage se bhi batar hai jiska surname lineage class Nahi hai..
Shiv: I am sorry anika..
Shivin: oh hello stop your drama he pushed him .
Ranveer tries to control him both shivaay and shivin holded collars
Shiv: no pinky is my mom
Shivin: no …
Anika comes in between tries to stop them
Shivaay for defense holds knife…
Shivin : moves forward …
Lights goes…………

A sound came aaaaaaaaa…

Everyone was shocked ….

Just for awhile anika felt someone she holded the intruder and the intruder pushed her and went….
The lights came and all were screaming because shivin was dead… And the knife was in shivaay hand….
Preksha was shaken….
Episode ends
Sorry for short episode my dears
Do comment
Anika was stopped at oberoi mansion for shivin murder case mystery tulsi and omkara meet to know about Shreya…

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