Ishqbaaz OS – Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasaan

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“Excuse me, are you Omkara?” a sweet voice reached Om’s ears and he looked up only to meet a pair of beautiful eyes. He was lost in the beauty of those eyes and felt himself getting locked in that beautiful gaze.
“Excuse me, are you Omkara?” she said it a little loudly bringing Om out of his trance.
“Yes, I am Omkara.” He replied smiling at her.
“Actually, I came here to give you an order.” She said and continued further, “I wish that you prepare a few paintings for Dad’s birthday.”
“Sure, I’ll make paintings for you” Om replied, “But when do you need them?” he asked further.
“By next month, 27th is Dad’s birthday. I hope you’ll be able to do it by then.” she said.
“Don’t worry, I’ll do it.” He assured her.
“Ok then, I’ll tell you the details of the paintings I want.” She said and explained him everything. All the time that she was talking Om was busy admiring her, the way her eyes moved with every word that she said, how her hands moved and how her expressions changed as she talked, Om was completely lost in her.
“You understood naa” she asked him, to which Om nodded.
“Ok, then I should leave.” She said handing him a piece of paper, “This is my name, number and address. If you have any query, just call me.” She said and waved him a bye.

Om took the paper and looked at her retreating figure.
He opened the chit and read her name, “Ishana Raichand, such a beautiful name just like her” he thought to himself and smiled.

Oberoi Mansion, Om’s room,

Om was looking at the canvas kept in front of him, he was lost in Ishana’s thoughts when ShivRu entered and found Om lost.

“Aree O, kiske khayalo mein khoye hue ho?” Rudra spoke loudly bringing Om back to reality.
“Nothing” Om spoke.
“C’mon Om, don’t hide it from us.” Shivaay also joined Rudra.
“Shivaay, you also” Om said, “It’s really nothing.”
“I know O, you must be thinking about my would be bhabhi, right?” Rudra said excitedly.
“Shut up Rudra” Om said irritated.
“What is happening here?” Anika entered, “Why are you teasing my devar?” she said looking at ShivRu.
“Nothing Bhabhi, we were just asking O about your devrani.” Rudra said and Anika was shocked while Shivaay chuckled to which both ShivRu received deadly glares from Om.
“What is Rudra saying Om?” Anika asked Om with suspicious eyes.
“Bhabhi, he is talking anything. Don’t pay attention” Om turned to Rudra, “Rudra, just shut up and let me do my work.”
“Rudra, let’s go otherwise this angry young man will not leave us.” Shivaay said and both ShivRu laughed and ran out.
“Om, I wanted to talk to you.” Anika said thinking something.
“Say naa bhabhi, you don’t have to think so much.” Om spoke.
“Today Badi maa came to me and she told me to say this to you. She was thinking that its time that you get married.” Anika said and Om looked surprised.
“But Bhabhi, I don’t want to get married now.” Om said.
“Om, we are not asking you to get married right away, but at least think about it. Think from her POV also, she is your mother and just wants to see you happy.” Anika smiled and said, “Rest is your decision. I should leave, good night.”

Anika left and Om was again lost in his thoughts.

Next day,

Oberoi Mansion,

Om was looking at his phone, he had dialed a number but was thinking whether to call or not. Rumya and Shivika were watching him from a distance.

Soumya, “What happened to Bade Baal Wale Bhaiya, why is he looking at the phone like this?”
Rudra, “Don’t know Sumo, but O has been staring like this from the past half an hour.”
Shivaay, “He is looking worried. I hope everything is fine.”
Anika, “Nothing will happen if we stand like this, let’s go and talk to him.”

Anika walked ahead and others followed.

Shivaay, “Om”

Om was startled and he accidently touched the call button, he was shocked, he cut the call and turned back.

Omkara, “You all, what happened?”
Rudra, “This is what we should ask you”

Om was confused.

Anika, “Om, is everything fine. You look worried.”
Omkara, “Bhabhi, wo…”

Before Om could answer, his phone rang, “Ishana” the name flashed on his screen and Shivika and Rumya were looking at him with questions. Om ignored their looks and received the call.

Omkara, “Hello”
Ishana, “Hello, you had called? What happened?”
Omkara, “Nothing much, actually I wanted to ask you a few things. Can we meet?”
Ishana, “Sure”
Omkara smiled, “Ok, then, I’ll come to your house.”
Ishana, “No, you don’t come. I’ll come to your house.”

Om was surprised by her answer but before he could say anything Ishana disconnected the call. He turned around and saw Shivika and Rumya looking at him with teasing smiles.

Omkara, “Guys, why are you all looking at me like this?” he said trying to escape their gaze.
Rudra, “O, aap to chupe rustom nikle. Ishana, not bad haan”
Omkara, “Shut up Rudra”
Anika, “Om, why are you asking him to shut up. Sahi to keh raha hai. You didn’t tell us about Ishana.”
Shivaay, “How can you hide it from you brothers?”
Soumya, “And your little sister”
Omkara, “What are you all saying? It’s nothing like that. Ishana is just my client.”
Rudra, “Acha, sirf client hi hai yaa…haan…”
ShivikaYa, “Haa bolo”
Omkara, “Looks like staying with Rudra you have also become mad, I said naa there is nothing like that.”

Saying so Om left from there.

After some time,

Everybody was sitting in the living room when Pinky saw a girl standing at the entrance.

Pinky, “OMM such a beautiful girl”

All turned around and saw the girl.

Omkara, “Ishana”

Now all eyes turned to Om who forgot that his entire family was present there and looking at him. He was lost in her.
She came forward.

Ishana, “Namaste” she greeted everyone and took blessings from Dadi, Pinky, Shakti, Jhanvi and Tej. All were overwhelmed by her manners.
Dadi, “Beta, who are you?”
Ishana, “Ji, wo I…”
Omkara, “Dadi, she is Ishana, my client.”
Pinky, “Only client yaa…”

Ishkara looked shocked at Pinky while others laughed.

Omkara, “Choti maa aap bhi”
Jhanvi, “Om, take Ishana to your room. I’ll send something to eat.”

Jhanvi smiled and the elders left. Om guided Ishana to his room.

Om’s room,

Om’s room was decorated with paintings and sculptures, Ishana was lost in the beauty of the room and Om was lost in Ishana’s beauty.

Ishana, “Your room is really beautiful.”
Omkara, “Thank you and sorry for what Choti maa said, she…”
Ishana, “It’s ok, I understand.”

Ishana smiled and Om was impressed by her.

Ishana, “You said you wanted to ask something.”
Omkara asked her a few questions and she answered them.
Ishana, “I think I should leave now.”
Omkara, “I’ll drop you till outside.”

Saying so both moved and Ishana bumped into Om, she lost balance and was about to fall when Om held her by her waist, Ishana put her hand on Om’s shoulder and they shared an eye-lock. They were lost in each other.

(“Jo naa keh sake tum
Jo naa keh sake hum
Kehne lagi dono se wo
Khamoshiyan O Saathiya
Kehne lagi dono se wo
Khamoshiyan O Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya……..” Plays in BG)

Both of them realized their position and broke the eye-lock.

Omkara, “Sorry, wo…”
Ishana, “I should go.” And she left from there and Om felt bad.

Over the next few days, Ishana and Om became good friends, they used to talk every night and meet once in a while. Shivika and Rumya didn’t leave a chance to tease Om who would just skip the topic. But deep inside his heart he knew that he had fallen in love with her.

Om decided that he’ll tell Ishana about his feelings, he would get her answer and then only tell his family. He only told Shivika and Rumya, who were happy hearing this.

Om invited Ishana.

The place was beautifully decorated with lanterns, in the center was a beautifully decorated table with candles and dinner for two, there were white roses all around as Ishana loved white.

Ishana was confused seeing everything.

Ishana, “What is all this Om?”
Omkara, “Ishana, from last few days I wanted to tell you something.”
Ishana, “Kaho naa Om”

“Ishana, from the day I have met you, I have been thinking about you only. From the rising sun to the comforting moon, you are in every moment of the day. Before meeting you I didn’t believe that perfect love stories existed but after meeting you I have learnt that nothing is more perfect than love. Ishana, you have become an important part of my life as well as me.
I love you Ishana.
Will you marry me?”

Om bent on his knees and took out a ring.

Ishana was shocked, tears started to flow from her eyes.

Ishana, “No, I can’t do this.”

Saying this Ishana ran from there.

Om felt heart broken and Shivika and Rumya who were hiding a little away were shocked. They all came back home, none of them spoke anything about what had happened.

Next Day,

Morning at Oberoi Mansion,

Om was worried and pacing around the living room.

Shivaay, “What happened Om?”
Omkara, “Ishana is not answering my calls, nor replying to my messages.”
Anika, “Om, give her time. After whatever happened yesterday, she needs time.”
Omkara, “I don’t know why but I think something is wrong.”
Shivaay, “Then why don’t you go to her house and check once.”
Rudra, “Bhaiya is right O, let’s go to her house.”

All five of them leave for Raichand Mansion.

Raichand Mansion,

Shivika and Rumya followed Om as he entered the mansion.

They were shocked to see the scene in front of them.

There was a big photo of a man smiling kept in the center with garland around it. Ishana was sitting to the left with tears and a lady was comforting her, a man was doing puja.

They decided to stay quiet and wait for the puja to get over.

After the puja was over the priest left.

Man, “Ishana beta, go to your room, you should rest.” The man wiped her tears and kept his hand on her head.
Ishana, “Ji Dad”

Ishana was going to her room when she stopped listening to the man’s voice.

Man, “Shivaay Singh Oberoi, you here”

Ishana was shocked to see Shivika and Rumya along with Om.

Shivaay, “Hello Mr. Raichand, sorry we didn’t know this and came at the wrong time.”
Vikram, “It’s Ok, Shivaay, please have a seat.” He turned to the lady, “Sumitra, bring water for them. Ishana beta, come here”
Ishana, “Ji dad”

Ishana went and stood beside Vikram avoiding any eye-contact with Om.

Sumitra, “Ye lijiye”

They had water.

Vikram, “She is Sumitra, my wife and she is Ishana, my daughter-in-law.”

Oberois were shocked.

Vikram, “After Kabir died, she is the one who has taken care of everything.”
Shivaay, “Ishana, aapki bahu hai”
Sumitra, “Why, what happened?”
Anika, “Nothing”
Vikram, “Even if she is our daughter-in-law, she is more like our daughter.”

Now they realized why Ishana said no to Om.

Omkara, “Uncle, if you don’t mind, can I talk to Ishana for two minutes.”

Vikram and Sumitra were surprised and Ishana was shocked.

Sumitra, “Haa Beta”

Omkara, “Ishana…”

Before Om could say anything,

Ishana, “Om, why have you come here?”

All looked at her shocked.

Omkara, “Ishana, I know why you said no to me and trust me it doesn’t matter to me, my love for you will not change.”
Ishana, “Stop it Om, don’t you dare say that again. Why don’t you understand, I said naa no, I can’t marry you.”

Raichands were shocked. All look on.

Om held Ishana tightly by her shoulders, she looked at him, and both shared a painful eye-lock.

(“Pad jaye naa dil par kahi
Gum ka nishan O Saathiya
Pad jaye naa dil par kahi
Gum ka nishan O Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya…….” Plays in BG)

Ishana, “Why are you doing this to me Om? Why don’t you understand?”
Omkara, “You are not understanding Ishana. If you worried about uncle and aunty, don’t worry we’ll talk to them.”

Ishana jerked Om away.

Vikram, “What is all this Shivaay?”
Shivaay, “Actually….”

He tells them everything and they are shocked.

Vikram, “So much happened and you didn’t tell us anything Ishu. I didn’t expect this from you.”
Ishana, “Dad…”

Vikram leaves from there followed by Sumitra.

Omkara, “Ishana”

Ishana gave him a tight slap.

Ishana, “I said naa I don’t want to marry you. Don’t you get it at once? Now just get out of here before I throw you out.”

All are shocked and Ishana leaves from there.

Back at Oberoi Mansion,

Om directly went to his room. Shivaay told everybody what happened in Raichand mansion. All were shocked and worried for Om.

Shivaay, “I’ll talk to Om”
Anika, “Not now Shivaay, he needs his time.”

Shivaay nodded and all left to their respective rooms.

Om’s room

Om was looking at one of his paintings, it was Ishana’s painting, she was smiling, and how beautiful she looked when she smiled.


Om came and sat beside Ishana, she looked at him and he smiled at her, Ishana didn’t smile back,

Omkara, “Lagta hai aaj ek smile bhi nahi milegi”
Ishana, “Om, please leave me alone, I am in no mood to talk.”
Omkara, “Then don’t talk, at least return me my smile. Ek baat kehna chahunga, “Hamesha muskuraatein raho, zindagi choti si hai, har pal khul ke jeete raho”, Life will give you thousand reasons to be upset but you have to find your own reasons to smile.”

Ishana looked at Om, he again smiled at her, Ishana smiled back.

Flashback ends

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was sitting near the bed crying and thinking about Om.

Both Om and Ishana remembered their old moments and cry.

(“Pad jaye naa dil par kahi
Gum ka nishan O Saathiya
Pad jaye naa dil par kahi
Gum ka nishan O Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya…….” Plays in BG)

Days passed, although Om and Ishana missed each other. They didn’t say anything to anyone. All were worried for them.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was setting her room when Vikram came with Sumitra.

Ishana, “Mom-Dad, kuch kaam tha”
Vikram, “Why, can’t we just come and talk to our daughter.”
Ishana, “No Dad, not like that”
Sumitra, “Ishu, come sit here.”

Ishana sat between Vikram and Sumitra.

Vikram, “Ishu, tell us honestly, do you love Om?”

Ishana looked at him shocked.

Ishana, “Dad”
Sumitra, “Ishu, we have always thought of you as our daughter, don’t hesitate and tell us honestly. Do you love Om?”
Ishana, “Yes, I love Om. I am sorry Mom-Dad, I know I did wrong…”
Vikram, “What are you saying Ishu, why are you sorry, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
Sumitra, “After Kabir died, we were always worried for you. You never showed your pain but we know you always felt lonely. But now we are happy that someone is there for you.”
Ishana, “Mom-Dad”

Ishana hugged them tightly.

Ishana, “But Om…”
Vikram, “Don’t worry about him, we’ll talk to them.”

Vikram smiled and assured her.

Oberoi mansion,

Oberois were shocked to see Raichands there.

Jhanvi, “Aap log, please come in.”

All were sitting in the main hall when Om came down and was shocked to see Ishana along with Vikram and Sumitra.

Vikram, “Whatever happened, it was not right. Ishu did a mistake and she is really sorry for that.”
Tej, “What do you mean?”
Ishana, “Uncle, I am really sorry for whatever I did and the way I behaved with Om. Please forgive me.”
Jhanvi, “It’s Ok beta, we understand.”
Sumitra, “Ishana wants to say something, if you all allow.”
Dadi, “Sure, why not.”

Ishana walked to Om who was standing between ShivRu.

She knelt in front of him, all were surprised.


“Om, I have done a lot of mistakes and I know one sorry won’t change anything. Please if possible, please forgive me.
Om, I really love you a lot and I cannot live without you.
So please, will you marry me and accept me?”

All were shocked and looked at Om, waiting for his reply.

Om held Ishana by her shoulder and hugged her tightly. Both Ishkara had tears in their eyes and all were happy seeing them.

Rudra, “O, if your romance with Bhabhi is over then pay attention to us also.”

All laughed while Om gave him a glare, “Shut up Rudra.”

Both Ishkara smiled at each other.

(“Jo naa keh sake tum
Jo naa keh sake hum
Kehne lagi dono se wo
Khamoshiyan O Saathiya
Kehne lagi dono se wo
Khamoshiyan O Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya……..” Plays in BG)


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