Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya ConvincesTiara To Appear I Exam On Behalf of Kanak

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya finds Kanak in laboratory and asks what is she doing here. She says she is trying to study for exam and if she gives exam, she will fail definitely, she does not know what to do. He says he has solution for her problem and explains students talking about one student appearing for another student’s exam. Kanak says it is wrong and looking at Bhagvadh geeta says Bhabho says it has solution for every problem, reads it and says they can make changes for good work, agrees to take someone’s else. Aditya goes to canteen where Tiara is and acts as speaking to his friend and asking to book his front row ticket for Rajasthan beauty pageant contest. Tiara addresses him. He asks if she is fine, she is addressing him today. She requests him to take her along for beauty contest. Aditya asks her to appear for exam in Kanak’s place. Tiara resists at first but then agrees. Dr. Madhavi hears that and smirks thinking everything is going according to Parag’s plan.

At first, Tiara finishes practical exam and comes out. Aditya says good she appeared in exam before Kanak. Tiara says after Chinmay, it is Kanak’s turn. Kanak walks in. Parag asks her to dissect patient and show where his heart is. Vigilant officers enter and ask Kanak to remove her mask and show her face. Madhavi removes mask and is shocked to see Kanak. Kanak collapses before doing dissection. Back at home, Uma scolds Kanak for giving her wrong idea and says it was black mark for medical profession. Kanak informs how she told Tiara that she herself will appear for exam and will not cheat. Mausa says Kanak will fail in exam and Uma will lose his license. Uma says he is proud that Kanak did not cheat. Mausa says Kanak has to pass final exam for Uma’s sake.

Next day, Parag announces practical exam results and informs they have another test which they have to take with partner. Chinmay and everyone resist and say they don’t want Kanak as partner. Aditya peeping from door reminisces bribing peon and asking him to fix Kanak and Chinmay’s chits together. Madhavi watches that and smirks thinking this is also part of Parag’s plan. Parag picks chits and announces Chinmay and Kanak’s name. Chinmay yells Kanak does not know anything, he will fail in exam. Kanak pleads to try at least. Chinmay walks to lab angrily.

Maasi meets Payal in market and asks in which hospital she is getting her medical checkup. Payal says Prathistha. Maasi gets tensed. Payal collapses. Maasi pleads people to all Dr. Uma’s mobile ambulance. People shout Uma is untrustable. Maasi says he is trustable and please call him.

Chinmay does practicals himself and does not let Kanak to touch dummy body. she says she has seen her husband do it, let her try. He warns to stay away and gets tensed when he does not get exact reaction from dummy body.

Precap: Uma checks Payal’s report and says his doubt was right, Payal is not pregnant. Parag asks Kanak to give in writing that

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hey bhagwaan!! Such confusing and pointless story writing. Kuch bhi hue chalaa ja rahaa hai.

  2. With the non-sense 2 year leap track,CVS spoiled uma character and portrayed him as puppet controlled by meera. Before leap court granted him green signal to continue medical profession. He got all his properties back. And he has ladnu people support. But still he could not try another option to save his sister. Just gave himself to meera. Is this Uma Shankar? To the viewers surprise,He could not realize this not even once in two years??? Unknowingly he blindly trusted Nanda and puppet in her hands. Knowingly for 2 years, he is puppet in meera hands. More over he is committed to the marriage deal in the name of fulfilling his promise to meera to save his sister and made himself scape goat.

    In the current track CVS spoiled kanak character. She portrayed her as Buffon. After working 2 years as a govt officer,to get medical admission in parag college kanak played foolish,silly and immature tricks.

    It would have been gr8 if we CVS ended this serial when court punished nandas in palomi case and uma- kanak United in the end. I do admit,we will be umas transformation and kanak transforming him as her ideal husband. But at present CVS are not focusing on these two aspects. ALL CRAP!!!

  3. I stopped watching this show before if it become off air. Stupid story line. All the best Rhea in your carrier .I love you soo much.May God bless you. You are extremely talented. Old Kanak and toshniwal moments will live in my heart forever. I used to see old tsmsp moments in YouTube . Now daily my son is playing the sad version tsmsp as our good night song as a honour for our Rhea. Love you ???.

  4. Yes you are right. Cvs destroyed this show. Having such talented actors how come trp can go down. Shashi sumeeth productions should look after this instead of blindly believing cv’s. Avi and Rhea as uma and kanak really put themselves in those characters. Whatever given they brought justice to it. So many angles were there to concentrate on it but cvs just ignored it. Instead of bringing Meera track could brought this current track. Or they may handle that differently instead of making married .

  5. Hem

    yes agree whole story distory its version of dabh which never seperated they face difficulty but tsmsp briNg meera mittal.good luck for reha& avi for future project

  6. Mellu

    current track is very boring , don’t have such excitement to watch the episodes as v had before

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