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Episode 8;

Scene 1:Pareikh Mansion.

Avni woke up and then Neela asked her why she fainted.

Avni:Ma,I didn’t fainted I just fell asleep as I was tired.

Neela:Are you sure and ya first talk to Neil he was worried for you ,saying this she gave her the phone and went to make the breakfast.

Avni was about to call Neil but then she got a call from Neil.

Neil:Avni are you fine ,and why did you fainted.

Avni:I didn’t fainted I just fell asleep as I was tired.

Neil:You are not lying right,by the way only one week is left for our wedding.

Avni:Neil,come and meet me ,bye.

After some time Neil came and said I have to tell something to you first let’s go to your room.

(In the room)

Avni:What …..

Neil kissed her cheeks.

Neil:I love you.

Avni:Oh you wanted to say this by the way I want to say something to you , I love you and I will love you till I am breathing,even if you will not love me then also (Mai tumse pyaar karti hoon aur tab tak karungi jab tak ye sannse chal rahein hain ,agar tum mujhse pyaar nahi karoge tab bhi)See this is how we confess our love ,you are not at all romantic.

Neil:Oh my going to be wifey you are so adorable.i love you ,saying this he kissed her passionately.

Scene 2:Banquet hall.

After one week (weeding day)

The guests came and even the priest and then the marriage started Neil put the garland around Avni’s neck and she does the same then Neil filled the partition of Avni’s hair with vermillion(sindoor)then he made her wear the nuptial chain (mangalsutra)then the priest tied the stole on Neil’s sherwani with Avni’s weeding gown and said them to stand up for seven circumambulation (saat phere).

Neil:Wait,I won’t marry her saying this he stood up and unknotted his stole.

Avni:N…Neil are ki..kidding.

Neil:No he said loudly and pulled the garland from Avni’s neck then he pulled the nuptial chain(mangalsutra)from her neck breaking it ,then he rubbed the Vermillion (sindoor)from her hair and then he threw away his garland and stepped on it and then said:I didn’t love you i was playing a prank on you ,you proved it that you don’t deserve anyone’s love .

Tears had already made their way out through Avni’s eyes ,and all the wispers and the laughing faces around her only increased her grief ,wiping her tears she ran past him,never to return again.

Scene 3:Pareikh Mansion.

Avni went to her room and locked it from inside .Ali,Reha,and Neela followed her and when she didn’t open the door Ali broke the door and Saw that Avni was about to cut her blood vessel with a knife but Neela snatched it from her and hugged her .

Neela:You have to be strong and now we will go back to New York and Ali and Reha will also come with us.

Scene 4:Neil’s studio Apartment.(4 years later)

Neil had really seen Avni he not just looked, he saw her beauty, her dark silky hair her pink plump lips and her chocolate coloured eyes,indeed he also saw the heart that would stop beating for him, the breaths taken for him, every breath of hers was done so he could breathe freely every day,He knew as he sat down, all those years later, sipping on his champagne twirling it around the glass that he was her true but he broke her heart though she thought she was darkness he made her his light ,but then he Made her walk out of his life ,along with her she took his light pushing him into darkness ,And he knew that he was only responsible for it ,he knew that not trusting her was the biggest mistake of his life,he knew that he left a wound on her heart that can never be seen on the body as it was deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds,Closing his eyes he remembered the day, just like it was yesterday, every moment, every touch, every word spoken,he remembered her hurt face ,he opened his eyes banging the glass on the table ,letting a lone tear make its way out through his eyes he finally spoke looking at her pictures that hung on his whole flat and the nuptial chain (mangalsutra)in his hand ,I love you and I will love you till I am breathing,even if you will not love me then also (Mai tumse pyaar karta hoon aur tab tak karunga jab tak ye sannse chal rahein hain ,agar tum mujhse pyaar nahi karogi tab bhi)And I know that you hate me ,you hate me for breaking your heart ,you hate me for not trusting you,and I deserve your hatred,it’s my punishment for not trusting you.You know why do I only drink on this particular day every year because I want to drown my pain but this damn pain had learned to swim saying this he went out.

Scene 5:New york.

Avni was sitting in her room in a house in New York the one in which she stayed while she was studying,she was drinking champagne and was writing a random chapter of her new book ,she was writing her and….Neil’s story that was different that she was writing it in a narrative way she said the same thing that she wrote :After he left her and left a wound on her heart that could not be seen on the body as it was more hurtful than anything that bleeded she turned to alcohol ,but she drank it only on the day he left her as she wanted to drown her pain On that particular day every year but the damn pain learned to swim.saying this she banged the glass on the table and went out .

I hope you all enjoyed reading this episode and bye for now.


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  1. Hasinasoghra

    I can’t believe that they are separated

    1. 8B4756

      Ya,but they will soon meet and bye,good night

  2. Lucie

    It was very emotional episode. Please dont separate them.

    1. 8B4756

      Don’t worry they will soon be together

  3. Unexpected twist. ? Waiting for next one.

    1. 8B4756

      Ya there will be more twists and soon they will be together

  4. Sadhusirisha

    Actually I didn’t understand one thing y they got separated (the reason)???

    1. 8B4756

      Read episode 9 to understand why they got separated

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