Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 5]

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so Neeti back, last part was my longest 1, I have written ffs before also but that 1 was my longest part. I also added a lot of Shivika scenes, even then if I get less cmnt then how can I continue? any1 in my place wouldn’t have continue….. ok let’s move ahead now…

Part 5
Scene 1
Kuch toh hai plays…. All the couple are in their respective rooms infront of windows, 1couple sad, 1 smiling and another crying….
“Kuch samay pehle” “some times before”

Scene 2 (in a car)
Rumya love song plays… they were enjoying
Rudra: kya, Sumo! mai bohot acchi driving karta hu na, pata hai bhaiya ne mujhe ye sports car khas pass hone ke liye di thi (hey, Sumo! I drive very well na, uk Bro gifted me especially because I passed)
Soums: Rudra, pehle to tum mujhe Sumo bulana band karo!!!!! aur ha, tumhe khas pass hone ke liye diya, matlab?!!! (Rudra, first of all stop calling me Sumo!!!!! and yeah, especially because you passed, means?!!!)
Rudra: answer to the question no.1= mai tumhe Sumo bulana nai chorunga, kiuki Sumo cute hai aur tumvi…. answer to the question no2= bhaiya ne mujhe bola tha agar mai is bar pass ho jata hu to wo mujhe ye sports car dilaenge, aur pata hai maine har roz pure 10 mins padke, 45% laye the??? (answer to the q no1= I will not stop calling you Sumo, because Sumo are cute and even you are…. answer to the q no2= bro told me if I pass this time then he will buy this sports car for me, and you know, I studied full 10 mins everyday and got 45%!)

Soums: Rudra tumhe ye bat batane me sharm nhi ati! tum ye garb se bol rahe ho!!!! (Rudra don’t you feel shame while saying this! u are saying this with ‘garb'[pride])
Rudy: hay!!..??? garb, oh u mean garbhabati, which means pregnant, par aha to koi pregnant nahi hai??? (but no1 here is pregnant???) “he looks at Soums with suspicious eyes” Sumoooo….!!!!
Soums: what???….. “she understands his gesture” Oh God!!!!! Rudra, tum pagal ho kya!!!? (are you mad Rudra!!!?)
Rudra: tumne hi to kaha! (you only said that)
Soums: Rudra duffer! maine kaha “garb” jiska matlab hai pride!!! (I said “garb” which means pride!!!)
Rudy: oh accha, par isme problem kya hai, maine pure 45% marks laye! (oh ok, but what is the problem in it, I got full 45%)
Soums: which is similar to fail!
Rudy makes a cry baby face

Soums: ok stop it cry baby, ab tum ghar chalo, humne waise vi bht ghum liya (now go to home, we have already roamed a lot)
Rudy: bohot kaha ghume? hum to sirf 3 ghante ki movie dekhne gaye the, wo bich me chor ke hum woha se mall gaye, 1 ghante mall me ghume then khana khake hum park gaye, woha se bas 2 gahnte ka hum match dekhne gaye, wo bichme chod ke….(when did we roam a lot? we just went to watch a movie of 3 hours which we left in between, we went to mall from there, we roamed around the mall for 1 hour then ate food, then we just went for a 2hours match, left it in between……)
Soums: “cuts him” stop it Rudra hum pehlei bohot jagha ja chuke, ap mujhe bas Reeyan ke ghar pe chodke tum ghar jao (we already went to a lot of places, now just drop me to Reeyan’s house and you go to home)

Rudy: par tum woha kiu jana chahti ho (but why do you wanna go there) “with questioning eyes”
Soums: wo mujhe Reeyan ne bulaya hai, uske woha party hai na… (actually Reeyan invited me, there is a party in his house)
Rudy: party me hi jana hai to aj Bacchan Sabh ke woha vi party, unhone mujhe vi invite kiya tha, maine tumhare liye mana kar diya, ab agar tum chaho to hum ja sakte hai, waise vi wo hamare parosi hi hai na (if you wanna go to party, then there is a party at Amitabh Bacchan’s house, he invited me also, I refused him bcz of you, but if you want then we can go there, anyways he is our neighbour only) {???}

Soums: Rudra duffer mujhe party se koi lena dena nai hai, mujhe Reeyan ne bulaya is liye mai ja rahi hu (I have no interest in any party, I am going bcz Reeyan invited me)
Rudy: “lil disappointed” oh accha, mai vi chalu kya tumhere sath?? (ohk, can I come with you??)
Soums: ok, tum a sakte ho but firse flirting mat suru kar dena ( you can come but don’t start flirting again)
Rudy makes a cry baby face

Scene 3 (some orphanage)
Om: Ishana, kya tum har sal aha inke sat tumhara b’day celebrate karne ati ho? (Ishana, do you come here every year to celebrate your b’day with them?)

Om: par aisa kiu (but why so)
Ishu: “smiles” Om tum inke chahre par ye khushi dekh sakte ho? pata hai ye kiu hai, kiuki inhe ye pata lagta hai ki ye kisike liye kitne important ho sakte hai… inki ye smile dekhke mai apne sare gum bhul jati hu, sare taklife bhul jati hu aur isiliye mai har sal especially inke liye is din time lekar ati hu… (Om can you see the happiness on their face? u know why, bcz they get to know how important they can be to someone… watching their smile, I forget all my sorrows, I forget all the pains, that’s why every year especially for them I take all my time in this day…)

Om: tum bohot acchi ho Ishana (you are very nice Ishana)
Ishu: umm…???
Om: tum bohot acchi ho (you are very nice)
Ishana looks at him lovingly, they share an eyelock….. kids make noise and Ishkara come back to sense. they now try avoiding eye contact as they feel awkward.
Om: Isha… Ishana ab mai chalta hu…. (I should leave now…)
Ishu: ek min ruko Om…. (just wait a min Om…) “she gets something” ye lo (take this)

Ishu: ghar pe jake dekh lena… (check it after going home…)
Om: ghar pe jake kiu, avi kiu nahi? (why after going home, why not now?)
Ishu: kiuki mai bola rahi hu, agar phir vi tum kholte ho to mai samjhungi mai tumhari kucha nahi lagti… (bcz I am saying, if you still open it now then I will think that I am nothing to you)
Om: ok baba, emotional drama band karo, mai jata hu (ok ok, stop this emotional drama, I am leaving now) “he starts leaving”
Ishu: Om ruko, (Om stop)

O sathiya plays…

Om: ha kya hai? (yeah, what happened)
Ishu: thank u
Om: never mention it “he smiles” “again starts leaving”
Ishu: Om ruko (Om stop)
Om: ab kya hai? (what is it now?)
Ishu: ummm….kuch nahi bas aisehi….. (nothing, just like that…..) “Om smiles and Ishana smiles back”
Om leaves

Scene 4 (Shivaay’s room)

Shivaay remembers his moments with Annika… how he entered t.r., how he tied her lace of dress, how he got angry when goons were talking bad about Annika, how they fought cutely, sk thought them to be couple, their eyelock and all the moments….
Shivaay: mai Annika ke bare me itna kiu soch raha hu??? no Shivaay tujhe uske bare me itna nahi sochna chahiye, just…just don’t think about her, wo teri kuch nahi lagti aur waise vi meri shaadi hone wali hai, so just stop thinking about her….. (why am I thinking about Annika??? no Shivaay you should not think about her, just… just don’t think about her, she is no one to you and I am going to be married soon anyways, so just stop thinking about her…..)
their piano music plays in bg…..

Scene 5 (Annika’s house)

Ani also thinks about their moments, their eyelock, Shivaay holding her close, how she hugged him and all
Ani: tu unke bare me itna kiu soch rahi hai? kya hai wo tere? tujhe unke bare me nhi sochna chahiye, ye galat hai! aur waise vi unki shaadi hone wali hai, tu unke bare mai mat soch….. (why are you thinking about him so much? how is he related to you? you should not think about him, this is wrong! and anyways he is getting married, you stop thinking him…..)
O jaana instrumental plays…..

Scene 6 (OM hall)

Rumya comes inside… they were a lil sad….
Rudy rmmbrs something
fb: (about an hour ago)
it shows how Reeyan proposed Soums infront of all and Soums accepted his proposal….
fb ends
Soums looks at Rudy, Rudy too looks at her and it’s an eyelock… they were walking but at the time of eyelock they stopped walking
Soums: Rudr……..
Rudy: “cuts her” no Soumya
Rudy went to his room sad, Soumya too went sadly

Kuch toh hai from Do lafzon ki kahani plays…..
Ahatein kaisi ye ahatein
Sunta hu ajkal aye dil bata
Dastakein deti hai dastakein
Kiu ajnabi se pal aye dil bata

this scene is like every couple remembering each other, crying /smiling / getting sad….
Shivika gets sad, Ishkara smiling, Rumya crying, they go to the window of their respective rooms and looks at the moon remembering each other…..

Kuch to hai to neend aye kam
Kuch to hai to ankhe hai nam

Scene 7 (Ishkara)
Kuch to hai jo tu kehde to
Haaste haaste mar jaye hum

Mujhse jyada mere jaisa
koi hai toh hai tu

Scene 8 (Shivika)
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sukun

Kuch to hai jo dil ghabraye
Kuch toh hai jo sans na aaye

Scene 9(Rumya)
Kuch hai to jo hum hothon se
Kehte kehte kehna paaye

Scene 10 (all couple is shown)

Jo humaare darmiyaan hai
Isko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao iss mein bahein

Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun
Haste haste itna roye

Screen splits on their face…..

Precap:haven’t thought yet….

my nxt update will depend on comments, the more I get the faster I will upload it….. luv u all, bye- Neeti

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  1. Hey neeti..nice ff.I liked it..and hope you like this comment too.

    1. Neeti

      the below reply is fr u, it got on cmnt sec by mistake….

  2. Neeti

    hey Mary (di)….. thank u, I am glad u like it…. nd yeah I will always be happy to see ur and everyone’s cmnt….- Neeti

  3. Jazz1

    Amazing ??

    1. Neeti

      thank u- Neeti

  4. Ruksy

    Plz post asap this part was amazing

    1. Neeti

      thank u, nxt update is not ready yet but still will try to pst soon… -Neeti

  5. Shivika22kapoor

    Awesome epi dear I just loved it especially the Rumaya prt was superb. I wish even I should get good marks but only if I study double the time Rudy does I.e.20 minutes in a day and get a sports car ?.????.
    Post next asap….

    1. Neeti

      even I wish I could get something big by only studying 10 or 20 mins but it’s not possible anytime. thank u, will post soon, luv u, bye- Neeti

  6. Sat

    Haha,10 mins study a day, oh my god even f I study seven hours a day excluding the school hours, my father won’t even gift me a chocolate.??
    It is very nice please update the next epi ASAP

    1. Neeti

      same here, my father won’t give me anything till I get 96-100% in maths?? nd Rudy he got sports car by studying 10mins nd getting 45%???…thanks, nxt update will be soon- Neeti

  7. Anjaly

    super episode .

    1. Neeti

      thank u- Neeti

  8. Nice episode ???

    1. Neeti

      thank u- Neeti

  9. Mukta

    Awesome lovely superb….. Shivika was just beautiful….. post the next part asap

    1. Neeti

      thank u, nxt 1 is not ready but will try to post today…. luv u, bye- Neeti

  10. Anujohnson

    Hey neeto….awesome…10mins studies and 45%….tab ham teen ghante padai karthe he to hum kaha paunch jate!!!(if rudra is 10mins and 45% then we all who study for 3h will reach where????)

    So funny I loved this the most!

    And whole episode was awesome……thank you for such a great update!!come back with a blast soon!!

    1. Neeti

      hey di!…. sahi kaha, mai roz 6 ghante vi padhai karu to vi mere 90% se 95% tak na ho but Rudra is Rudra na???……
      why are u thanking me, I shld thank u….. thank u di! nd yeah nxt epi k liye mai personally samajhti hu ki wo apko accha lagega….. my xt part is not ready yet but still I will try to post it today… bye bye, luv u- Neeti

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      thank u- Neeti

  12. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode

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      thank u- Neeti

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      thank u- Neeti

  14. ShubhangiRokxx

    it was awesome update soon

    1. Neeti

      Thank u, I can’t say that part 6 will be updated soon, as it is already posted 😛 but yeah part7, I am writing it and I’ll upload it tommorow <3 <3 <3- Neeti

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