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Hello everyone as your comments and enthusiasm make me to give one more episode today it self..
So lets move on to where we stopped….
Pr; but abhi…
Bul: di.. he is really mad at yesterday. As his thoughts are flying in different directions…
Pr; bulbul..till yesterday I don’t knew abhi have some feelings for me.. when he yesterday tell that to me.. but I take it as his new plan to tease me..
Bul; di… but I knew it di.. that’s why I confused at this marriage..
Pr; then why can’t you said that to me earlier…
Bul; di.. I knew in your heart there is only place for purab.. and I thought I can solve this.. di.. don’t worry purab will understand everything…
Pragya cries… di what happens…???

Pr; bulbul sometimes life is like this.. it will not give what we need… yesterday I thought I am the world’s luckiest girl.. but now feel I am most unlucky… bulbul till now I don’t knew that purab have no feelings for me.. he acts in front of me that too for abhi… do you knew what he says about me… ( pragya tells the conversation between purab and abhi )
Bul; di.. I can’t imagine purab Will talk like this..
Pr; bulbul sometimes we fails in judging people…
Bul; di.. I Will make purab understand.. you don’t be worry..
Pr: bulbul there is no need for that.. there is a purab in my heart but he is not the one whom I see now.. he is not like him.. and love is not a thing getting by forcing someone.. it is feeling that come from heart..
Bul; di..

Pr; bulbul if purab came in front of me telling that he is ready to marry me… in that case to I will not agree..because once a relationship got broken it is not easier to patch up.. the words which he spokes… she cries aloud..
Bul: di… don’t cry di..
Pr; bulbul.. how can I..
( tereliye khudko bhadalde plays)
Bulbul leaves from room.. and came to see abhi..
Bul; wow abhi.. is your plan got success..
Ab; bulbul…
Bul; don’t you dare to call me..
Ab; bulbul I knew what all feelings you are going through..
Bul; abhi… I need to clear one thing as I knew from the start itself you have no feelings to me what you feel is just an attraction.. or infauctation..
Ab; bulbul it’s not like that..
Bul; abhi. I knew that don’t try to say lie..
Ab; bulbul… please listen to me no one is trying to hear my words.. abhi kneels down in front of her..

Bulbul feels pitty..
Bul; abhi don’t cry.. tell me I will hear you..
Ab; do you believe me..
Bul; abhi… I can knew you well as like my di.. because both of your character are same.. and what happened yesterday night.. I knew we’ll as my di is innocent.. in it.. abhi look at her face pleadingly..
Ab; do you think I did that purposefully..
Bul; till I reach here I thought so.. but now I can’t…
Abhi happily hugs.. her.. bulbul too hugs him.. as she knew he need someone to control his feelings and emotions…
Ab; bulbul I can’t see chashmish like this.. when she cried its just like stabbing a knife in my heart.. I don’t wish chashmish to be In pain because of me.. I don’t knew what happened yesterday… as I was in fully drunken.. I don’t if I came to her room or not.. I just don’t knew anything.. my last memory about that day is I am talking with chashmish.. do you knew bulbul.. I tried to make purab understand but you knew what he said..
Bul; I knew.. di told me..
Ab; bulbul… tell me a solution to solve all this I am ready for anything…
Bul; are you telling this in serious…
Ab; yes..

Bul; then you Must marry di..
Ab; bulbul what are you talking.. marrying chashmish.. do you knew whom she loves..
Bul; abhi I knew everything well.. it was at this time they heard pragya screaming… all rushed to where the sound comes..
It was a room.. as pragya is with sarla.. who is just trying to do suicide.
Pr; maa.. what are you doing? How can you think like that?
Sarla cryingly.. what will I should do then by seeing all this..
Pr: maa.. please..
Sar; don’t call me maa.. as you lose that right.. I don’t teach you this culture… you are not my pragya.. my chipkali..
Sarla cries..
Bul; maa… you just shut up.. why ad you shouting at di..
Sar; then what Will I do now? You tell.. look she spoil your life too na..
Bul; maa.. don’t talk against di… she is not wrong I knew that.. and about what happened… it’s all happens na.. so what we need is to find solution..
Sar, what is the solution for this you tell bulbul..
Bul; dis and abhis marriage.. all get shocked..
Pr: bulbul what are you talking? How can you think like that?
Da; ya sarla… what bulbul said is right that’s only the solution..
Pr; no I can’t marry him.. looking at abhi…
Sar; if you can’t then think as your mother as dead only because of you..
Pr; maa..

Pu; if she can hurt this much.. then she can think Like that.. she has no problem with that ( in anger voice )
Pragya looking at purab lifelessly.. k I will agree for this marriage all smiles..
Sar: purab…
Pu; maa.. I have no problem as I don’t wish to marry her after all this happened…
Sar: purab.. if you have no problem in marrying bulbul then..
Bul; maa what are you telling?
Pu; maa.. that..
Da; ya purab.. sarlaji is right..
Pu; k I agreed al smiles.. but bulbous hate this step.. but by seeing her mother’s happiness she too agrees..
Da; so everyone go and get ready for marriage..
Everyone leaves. Except abhi and pragya…
Ab; chashmish I want to talk with you..
Pr: don’t call me with that name as you lost that right… just call me pragya…
Abhi in sad; pragya I knew you don’t like me.. and you love purab only.. but what happened was something different.. in which our destiny make us together..
Pr; is that destinys game or your abhi?
Ab; pragya now whatever I tell to you.. you can’t understand that so what I wish to tell is I don’t need to compel you for marriage.. but your maa want that… pragya what I am going to say is after marriage too we are not like husband and wife.. and I will not come into your personal life.. you can do whatever you want… I just want is to see you happy.. and one more thing.. tomorrow we will leave to London so no one will get knew what’s going in between us.. if you wish divorce to after marriage I am ready to give you..
Pragya look at abhi…
Ab; pragya…. I don’t like to see you like this…
Abhi goes..
Pragya came to room and sees bulbul getting ready… but now she sees her in happiness… pragya doesn’t the knew reason for that..
Bul:di why are you standing like this.. come and get ready to marriage..
Ali; pragya sit.. I will help you… pragya site lifelessly.. pragya in thoughts..
Pr; it’s my fate make me marry you abhishek… but my fate is not you.. never be…
Screen shifted to abhi who is getting ready by looking on mirror..
Ab; I am feeling guilty… and I can get rid from this by only marry you.. I knew you have only hatred for me..
Scene shifted to purab
Pu; I knew its really difficult to go forward with this life.. but bulbul I will never break your trust which once broken by someone..
Scene shifted to bulbul
Bul; purab… I knew you are good at heart.. I will try to forget my past and be with you..
Screen freezes at abhigyas and purbuls image looking at mirror…
Episode ends..
I knew some of you feel really bad for abhi and hate to purab… and some of you thinking about abhigyas hatredness… but just wait as there are lot of suspense waiting for you all.. as I mentioned that this is story different from my writing.. I am trying to do something more interesting… so lets see in next part in abhigyas… purbuls marriage..
Please drop your comments suggestions if any…

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  1. Very nice ya I waiting for next ff

  2. Awesome dear….. Great going really interesting dear….. Waiting for ur new twist ….

  3. Omg super epi dear u r great yaaa

  4. Awesome … di….

  5. Hai haritha…nice epi Abhi prags kitta pesunathu superb….and yesterday epi la abhi Rishab kuda than irundhanga…. Rishab and aliya antagonist in this ff or I am overthinking…….and thanks for the soon updates yaar…..

  6. Vishvaja

    Di, the episode was really good…why bulbul is in happiness di..whether all this is planned by bulbul..that may not be the case…there will be a twist..keep rocking di..

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  8. Saranya24

    Wow great i jst love it darlu????

  9. B.k.maha


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