Love for Life Episode 10 & 11

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RECAP:: Ishkara hug… Shivaay and Anika’s cute moment… Shivaay’s POV… Anika’s POV… Shivika’s nok jhok… Anika rocks with her replies leaving Shivaay shocked… Ishaana confronts Om… they share a emotional romantic moment… Rudra and Soumya’s nok jhok… Rumya’s hug… Soumya in maa kali avtar.

Let’s get started with this episode…

Rudra and Soumya are looking away from each other. Soumya is totally miffed with Rudra. Rudra is also miffed with Soumya.

Rudra’s POV::
I am really a duffer singh oberoi. Why did I get miffed with her when all fault is at my side. She is correct in her place to be miffed with me after all I hugged her. But mostly I used to hug the teddy bear in my room when I woke up from my sleep… haan haan it’s actually coma. Even she is also very cute just like my teddy(he peeps at her from the corner of his eyes to confirm on what he said whether she is actually cute or not)

He places his hand on her shoulder and turns her face to his side. Soumya didn’t pretend to not turn at him. Rudra looks straight into her eyes soumya also looks at him.

Rudra:: if you want you can stay miffed with me as it’s usual for us. But for now we have to join them in the party.

Soumya raises her right eye brow.

Rudra:: Maa kasam… I just want to tell you this only nothing more than this.

Soumya:: what did I say now? Aur thum baat-baat pe maa ki kasam kyun leta rehta huh!? (why are taking mothers swear for every single word huh?!).

Rudra:: ab phirse daatna shuru math karo… (don’t start scolding me again).

Soumya:: rudra… main tuhme data rahi hu…. Huh!! (am I scolding you). She turns her face sidewards.

Rudra:: sumo… you know what you are impossible… (he shortens his eyes).

Soumya:: Arey!! Waah… tum toh aisa baat kar rahe ho jaise tum ne kuch kiya tak nahi aur main tumhe bekaar mein daat rahi hu…. ( you are talking like as if you haven’t done anything and I was scolding you for nothing).

Rudra(joins his hand like when we say namasthe):: ab bas bhi karo my cute little sumo…

In his heart he thinks like “Hothon me aisi baat, mai dabaake chali aayi, khul jaye wohi baat toh, duhaayi hai duhaayi”.

Soumya:: rudra tum mujhe littlee…. Rudra places his hand on her glossy pink lips.

Soumya is awestruck by his sudden act. Rudra too doesn’t know the reason behind his act. They share a cute eyelock… Rumya’s tune plays in BG….

Rudra:: I told naa we have to join them in the party…

Soumya nods her head positively. They both leave from the room..

Rumya are walking through the kitchen corridor. Suddenly, they find something it is like 2 dark souls found their peace in each others arms. Rumya are walking close to them as close they are getting they are able to see their faces view a bit clear which is actually blurr before due to long distance and ofcourse the effect of fruit punch. Those two dark souls are none other than our Ishkara..

Rumya cup their mouths after seeing Ishkara’s close proximity. Ishkara are completely lost in each other. Ishaana sees them and pats on Om’s shoulder. They are all set in their original positions(They are like wife and husband at the starting of military protocol I guess you know before the starting of the protocol every body should stand in attention position) they are freezed. Rudra comes and turns around them singing “NAINO mein sapna, sapno mein sajna, Sajna pe dil aa gaya, kyun sajna pe dil aa gaya…” He drags Soumya in between and they dance around Ishkara “NAINO mein sapna, sapno mein sajni, Sajni pe dil aa gaya ke sajni pe dil aa gaya…” Om and Ishaana feels embarrassed and they look at each other. Om understands that Ishaana is not comfortable with it and speaks..

Om:: Stop it Rudra!! Aur soumya thum bhi iske saath..

Rudra:: kya hua O! Hum toh bas aise hi gaana ga rahe the.. tum ne bura maan liya jaisa kuch hai aap dono ke beech mein… He does logic wala sign… (What happened O! we just singing normally and you took us in a wrong way like there is something between you guys… He does logic wala sign…)

Om::” just stop it… She is slipping and I was just holding her” he realizes that he made a lame excuse.

Rudra:: wow!! Bhaiya mujhe nahi pata ki jab log girte hai toh woh haathon mein nahi baahon mein aa jate hai. (Wow!! Bro I don’t know when a person slips he/she will be in our arms not in our hands)

Om:: woh… actually…

Rudra cuts him and starts saying “Waise Ishaana di aap kis posture mein thi ki aap exactly bhaiya ki baahon mein aagayi…(Ishaana sisy in which posture are you in that you exactly fell in bro’s arms) He didn’t even left Ishaana and started teasing her.

Soumya:: Rudra!! You said some thing before I mean just a while back that we need to join them in the party…. Tum mujhe gyaan de rahe ho, ab tera gyaan kaha gaya.. huh!

Om:: Soumya is right we have to join them…

All the 4 leave to join them in the foyer..

Shivaay and Anika are looking at each other. They both can feel their budding feelings for each other. They feel that each other’s presence is affecting them strongly. The wide smile they see on each others face when they meet is something which makes them a perfect couple. Ishkara and Rumya comes to the foyer and they see Shivika lost in each other’s eyes. All four look at each other’s faces. Rudra starts making sounds like umm….umm….. Om smiles looking at Shivaay. Om and Rudra nods their heads as if they understood something.

Suddenly, there is a power cut. Soumya gets afraid and holds Rudra’s hand. Rudra looks at her.. they share a eyelock… at the same time Ishaana starts sweating and Om holds her.. they share a eye lock… Anika gets afraid of sudden power cut and hugs Shivaay. Shivaay is spell bound by her act(as we know Anika is damn afraid about dark ness)… (This time the case is different guys OH JAANA plays in bg… For all the 3 couples as I guess the songs meaning will make justice to the situation).
Ishkara and Rumya moment breaks when the light get on but Shivika are still in each others arms.

Ranveer comes there with a wide grin on his face but the smile vanishes when he sees Anika in Shivaay’s arms.

Rumya and Ishkara looks at Ranveer…

Rudra:: toh ab mazaa ayega… (Now it’s time for fun).

Om:: just look him we can easily light 100 diyas in one go just by rubbing the match stick on him.

Om and Rudra give Hi5 to each other…

Rudra:: mujhe ek gaana yaad aa raha… “Tip tip barsa paani, Paani ne aag lagayi… Aag lagi dil me toh, Dil ko teri yaad aayi..”

Om laughs out loud:: Sach mein Rudra… Aag lag gayi (Truly rudra… fire is on)

Soumya:: stop it guys!! What if Viraj bhaiya sees them like this I mean in this romantic wala posture.

Ishaana:: Jab Viraj bhaiya ko yeh pata chalega na tab Aag lagna nahi pura ka pura jal jayegi… (When Viraj bro gets to know about this then it will not be firing it will burn as a whole).

Shivaay and Anika parts away after knowing many eyes are on them. They feel embarrassed. Shivaay is still holding Anika’s hand. Anika see Ranveer and thinks Offo… this jhalla is here to eat my brain.

Viraj comes to Ranveer and hugs him. Ranveer reciprocates the hug. They greet each other. Ranveer greets cousins gang and they share a warm friendly hug. Ranveer moves forward towards Anika. Shivaay and Anika are still holding their hands. Ranveer comes to them and see them holding hands..Rudra to Om “Bhaiya! Mujhe kuch jalne ki badboo aa raha hai” he giggles. Om to Rudra “Haan… Mujhe bhi aa raha hai kuch jalne ki badboo” he also giggles.

Ranveer takes Anika hand from Shivaay and shakes his hand with her. He smiles at her. Anika unwillingly smiles back.


Shivaay and Anika looks at each other. A slight smile appears on the corner of their lips.

Om:: Wahh Wahh!! Hujur app toh chaa gaya…

Viraj:: Guys!! For whom those lines meant for…

Rudra:: Chodo naa Bhaiya!! Jiske liye kaha gaya, unhe samajh aa gaya… (they understood for whom it is meant) saying this he giggles.

Ranveer:: guys!! guys!! Leave it… Just tell me whether you guys completed the party or it has to be started.

Rudra:: we started but we didn’t completed…

Ranveer:: So, shall we kick start the party again.

Cousins gang, Ishkara, Rumya, Shivika, Viraj and Ranveer shout YESSSSSSSS

Ranveer takes the place of DJ. Ranveer starts the songs playlist. “Mere saiyaan ji se aaj maine break up kar liye….” He stops the playlist and looks at Anika. He thinks Mausam kitni achi hai, party kitni achi hai aur meri Ani itni acchi hai…. Sab kuch acha hai par ye gaana.. uff!!(Climate is good, this party is good and Anika is also good… everything is good except these songs.. uff!). He plays the next song Disco Deewani. All of them dance madly on that song with crazy moves. Ranveer constantly stares Anika. Even Shivaay is looking at Anika.

They take their places in a round circle in middle section of the foyer. Ranveer hosts the game saying it is a pillow passing game who ever gets a turn have to split out their opinion on LOVE either positive or negative.

The game starts… Ranveer plays the song. The first lucky person is our Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. umm.. he again proved that he is first of all… 😉 . He says “I only believe in my love toward my brothers, my sister and my dadi and my family… there is nothing like true love in this world all other relations are made on the basis of deals. Anika is awestruck with his opinion. Rudra says but these days you have changed a lot. Shivaay says I know right change is required for every person. Om says exactly Shivaay… just like very person need change in his life every person need love also. Shivaay gets into thinking about his feelings for Anika and their moments. The pillow starts to pass again. Now it’s Om’s turn… Om says love is the biggest magic of a person’s life and so on……. At the end he gives a quote “LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE YOUR LOVE”. This makes Ishaana fall for him like anything. It’s time for our super cool Rudy… Rudra says just clarify my doubt… about which love I have to say? I mean on my 1st love, 2nd love, 3rd love and the list goes on. All jaws are dropped. Om says you know what Rudra.. you are impossible. It’s turn for Tulsi. She says that she agrees with Om and her opinion goes same with Om. Pillow again runs. It’s time for Shama. Shama says She believes in first love so there should be only one love for a person unlike Rudra. Pillow passes again. It’s time for Nandhu.. She says that love is eternal way to discover our self and she too agrees with Om. Pillow is now in the hands of Priya She says that Love is something which makes all our senses active when we take the special persons name. Pillow is now in the hand of Sreeja she says that she is too young to know about love.. Pillow again runs now it’s turn for Prateekh he says that love is something which make us mentally and emotionally strong.. Pillow is now with Viraj He says that only love I experienced is the love from my sister Anika I think with out her I was nothing she is a lucky champ for me. Pillow passes to Anika.. She says that love is something which makes us stay connected with the special person and makes our world special and Bhaiya! You are the only person who made my world special thank you for being a part of my life. Viraj says I should thank you for being a part of my life. Shivaay thinks oye!1 duffer you might have used this opportunity to impress her… Pillow again runs and stops at Ishaana She says that I can’t say that I have any experience in any sort of love only love I got from my life is a sisterly love from Anika… but trust me love truly a beautiful feeling(She looks at Om). Pillow now stops at Somu She says that According to a research it is found that the persons who have experienced more number of fights I mean more like cat fights their bond will always remains strong. Soumya and Rudra looks at each other… Tulsi asks Ranveer about his opinion on love. He says love is a pure feeling which is not effected by any kind of circumstances and if it happens once it will be tough to hold it. Ranveer looks at Anika and Shivaay and Anika looks at each other.

Game ends with a lot of positivity…

Viraj makes O’Bros agree to stay at Rathore’s mansion as it is late night.

Anika is in her room lost in her imaginary world. Viraj comes to her and stands beside her. Anika didn’t notice him and she still continues her imagination about Shivaay. Viraj pats on her shoulder and brings her back to normal human world. Anika looks at him with a skeptical look.

Viraj:: Ani… are you okay?

Anika:: Bhaiya!! I am perfectly alright… she made a blunder lie.

Viraj:: Par tumhe dekhne se aisa nahi lag raha ki tum teekh ho…(I don’t feel that you are okay by looking at you)

Anika:: Aapko mujhe pe vishvaas nahi hai naa…(Don’t you have trust on me)

Viraj cups her face in his palms…

Viraj:: “Meri aankhon mein dekhkar dekho meri vishvaas par vishvaas ho jayegi”.(See through my eyes you will trust my trust)

Anika and Viraj both get teary eyed and looks at each other emotionally…

Viraj:: Tum meri vishvaas ho Ani…(you are my trust Ani)

Anika sobs and Hugs him. Viraj also hugs her.

Viraj again cups her face and looks straight into her eyes

Viraj:: AB rona band karo…. Jab tum mujhe bataana chahogi tabhi bataana….(now stop crying and say me only when you want to say)

Anika:: Bhaiya! Aisi koi baat nahi hai… agar koi baat hogi tab main pehle aap hi se bataungi… (Bro! it’s nothing like that… if something is there first I will come to you and I will tell you only).

Viraj:: pakka… tum mujhe batauogi naa (Sure… you will tell me right)

Anika:: haan…. Pakka wala Pinki promise…

They tie their pinkies and smile at each other

Shivaay is searching for Om’s room in the vast palace… By mistake he enters Anika’s room assuming it to be Om’s room… Shivaay places his hand on his forehead and walks forward. Anika is thinking phel gaya raitha!! Bhaiya got doubt on my behavior… what should I do now?? She is walking here and there like a moving maniac. Shivaay and Anika collide with eachother. Anika slips(don’t Worry our hero Shivaay is there) Shivaay holds her by her waist. He looks at her and Anika looks at him…. Oh Jaana plays in BG…. Screen freezes on their faces…

PRECAP:: Adventure trip with O’Bros, Rathores, cousins gang and Ranveer.

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Please help me in choosing an actor for the role Viraj..

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