Ishqbaaz FF- A Tale Of Love, Passion And Romance (Chapter 6)

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“Shivaay Singh Oberoi”shouted Akshay
All of them were startled to see Akshay shouting at Shivaay. He went ahead and held him by his collar
“How dare you? How dare you do this to my sister?”he asked
“Leave me what did I do?”asked Shivaay
“Akshay what’s wrong with you leave him”said Naira pulling her husband back
Akshay left him though he still glared at him.
“Calm down Akshay what is it”asked Vikram who had not seen his son this angry even in the most crucial times.
“Dad this man”started Akshay then he stopped
“Wait I will show you”he said pulling out his phone
Akshay then showed the Singhania’s the video of how Shivaay had forced Anika to marry him and the video of the reception party. The Singhania’s were hell shocked to see all of this.
“You…”said Vikram, he went ahead and slapped Shivaay
“Do have a heart?? how could you do this to a girl”said Naira
“How dare you treat my daughter like that”said Anita
“Stop”said Anika
She couldn’t see Shivaay like this. After all he had apologied to her and after all had he had done for Sahil and her. She couldn’t let him get paid back like this by her family. Her family sounded so strange. She was used to having only Sahil calling as her family.
Yes he had made a mistake and a that too a very big one but he had paid for it. Be it Mrs Kapoor’s blackmailing or the attacks on them or taking the bullet meant for her, Shivaay had had his redemption.
“Whatever Shivaay did was for his family’s reputation,he didn’t do it intentionally and he did pay for it”said Anika
“But that does not redeem him, my manager has told me everything how he forced you to do everything”said Akshay
“Whatever he did I told you it doesn’t matter”said Anika
“Anika you are my daughter and I will not leave anyone who treats you like that”said Vikram
“Absolutely, you will not stay here anymore”said Anita
“No no please don’t take my Anika Bhabhi away”wailed Rudra
“Mrs Singhania i understand your pain but please Anika is the daughter in law of this house”said Janvi
“She may be but she is my sister andmy Di will not stay with such a person”said Aliya
“Mrs Singhania please don’t take her away, Shivaay had paid for his mistakes”said Dadi
All this while Shivaay and Anika were starering at each other. As if silently assuring each other that they were there for each other.
“Mom I think it’s Anika’s decision, we can’t force her. I think we should let her decide”said Naira
The Singhania’s were stunned by Naira’s words. It was true after all. But after finding Anika after so long it was difficult for them to trust her with anyone.They had been given a chance to live with their daughter again and they couldn’t let it go.
“Naira we are not forcing her but we are worried for her and we are taking her to her home”said Akshay
“I know Akshay but”began Naira
But she was interrupted because Anika left the room abruptly. She went into her room and shut the door. Shivaay started to go after her but was stopped by Om
“No Shivaay.. let her be alone for sometime, she needs to be alone to think, trust her and your love”he said
“But..”said Shivaay
“No Shivaay let her be. Trust me she will be fine in a while”said Om
Anita too started to go after Anika but was stopped by Vikram
“No Anita, Om is right let Anika be alone, she will be fine”he said
Meanwhile Anika went to the room and sat on the couch. Her whole life turned up side down within a matter of few hours. She had finally reunited with her chutki. She couldn’t believe it her mom, dad and brother were right in front of her. She didn’t need any DNA test to prove it . As soon as Anita had hugged her, her heart was filled with warm vibes. When Vikram touched her or when Akshay hugged her , she knew it that they were her own family. Her chutki, she had finally found them. But what about Shivaay, she thought he was her life, her heartbeat how could she live without them. Even though he had never said it she knew that he too loved her. His little actions, his care for her, his support to her in anything and every situation spoke of the love he had for her. Now she was forced to choose between her family and her husband. What was she going to do????
Anika finally started crying. There were mixed emotions. Happy and sad tears flowed at the same time and she couldn’t understand what was happening.

Meanwhile in the hall everyone was pacing here and there. Shivaay had tried to slip out a few times but was stopped by Om and Rudra.
Akshay on the other hand was busy on his phone. He sent a few messages to his managers and lawyers. Naira knew that look on her husband’s face very well.
“He is up to something very big, but what?”she thought
“Bhai what are you doing ?”asked Aliya coming over
“Nothing Aliya, wait and watch”said Akshay
“Mummyji will they take Anika away?”asked Pinky
“I don’t know Pinky”said Dadi
Suddenly Mishra, Shivaay’s PA entered.
“Sir sir you need to see this”he said rushing in with a couple of papers.
Shivaay was started to see Mishra running like a thousand dogs were after him.
“What the hell happened Mishra? Why are you running?”he asked irrirated
“See this sir you will know yourself”he said handing over the papers
Shivaay read the papers and was shocked. He couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Akshay Singhania”he shouted
“How dare you ?”he said
“Calm down Mr Oberoi, I have not done even half of what you did to my sister”replied Akshay
“What happened Shivaay?”asked Om
“What did you do Akshay?”asked Vikram
“Shivaay speak something”said Tej
“This man he “began Shivaay
“Wait Shivaay I will explain Mr Oberoi, Singhania Empire has taken over Oberoi industries. All your assets are seized and your companies taken over . All your employees are under us now and your entire property in under us”said Akshay breaking the bomb
There was a stunned silence in the hall. They all were aware of Singhania’s power but to do something like this was unbelievable.
“This is for doing all of that to my sister, this is my pay back Mr Shivaay, your pride is Oberoi business. I have taken away that from you”said Akshay
“I swear, if you were not Anika’s brother , I would have not spared you because Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t leave those who mess with him. But I don’t want to hurt Anika more”said Shivaay.
“What next???”thought Rudra

Precap: Anika’s decision, a compromise is reached and Shivaay and Anika’s talk.

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