Bigg Boss 10 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Day 104
Farah Khan is outside Bigg boss, she says i have come to take class of inmates, lets see whats happening in house. Farah enters house, she says i am in room where i can see inmates but they cant see me. She sees Bani lying down, she says they dont know what fans are doing outside, i should praise Lopa that she is fully ready for photo shoot. Farah says Manu is coming to fight Ranveer. She says they were fighting with Bani but trying to act friendly, lets take their class.
Bigg Boss asks Manu, Manveer, Lopa and Bani to assemble inside the activity area for an elaborate panel discussion on the topic- Celebrities vs Indiawale(commoners) – who deserves to win Bigg Boss. Leading the panel are – Ex-contestant Puneet Issar and RJ Malishka as they support the celebrities while actor Ravi Dubey and senior journalist of Aaj Tak, Shweta Singh backs the Indiawale. Popular filmmaker Farah Khan becomes the moderator of the debate. Bigg boss says to inmates that you have been in house 15weeks, you had faced many situations and we do or say things in heat of moment which are right for us but not right for others, we dont usually get chance to explanation our actions, so to give you that chance to put across your point, we have arranged this panel. Bigg boss welcomes everyone and asks Farah to start discussion. Farah says this season was great, two commoners and two celebrities are in finals. Farah asks Malishka why commoners didnt play more good than celebrities? Malishka says celebrities had class and maintained status, commoners became goons, threatened people, thats what people think. Manu says we had passion to get something, we didnt have any plan, we did things then got results, we just walked on path and tried to prove that we are no less than celebrities. Puneet says you both picked on Rohan in laundry task because he was easy target. Manveer says Rohan irritated us so much, we couldnt bear it, Manu says Rohan broke rules. Farah says Manu and Manveer are going in politics after this, what speech you both are giving. Puneet says when Rohan became captain, he tried to send you in jail and Manu said he wouldnt go and nobody can make him go but when Bigg boss ordered Manu, Manu easily went to jail without questioning. Manu says if i say that i dont want to answer you then would you like it? Rohan didnt give us reason to send us to jail, i signed for show so i had to follow them. Farah says commoners showed anger and aggression much more than celebrities. Malishka says you both supported Swami. Manveer says we condemned him, Farah says i didnt like when Manveer freed Swami from jail instead of Gaurav, people didnt like it, Manver says Manu and Rohan were lawyers, Manu showed presentation better so i gave judgement to his side. Lopa says Manveer was not neutral, Puneet says i didnt want Manveer to take Swami’s side. Farah says whole house was against Priyanka but commoners supported her and made her captain even after knowing that she would destroy peace of house. Manveer says we supported celebrities too for being captain, i agree that i had soft corner for commoner. Puneet says Bigg boss put you in situation and let your mind decide what is right decision. Malishka says its so good to see Bani and Lopa on one side, Lopa gives hi-five to Bani. Malishka says to commoners that you didnt let wall break between celebrities and commoners, did you try to act weak? Manu says we never said we were weak, Lopa says when we were servants, we were better than them, Bani says i am still washing toilets, no commoner washed it, Farah says no commoners panel will scrutinize celebrities. Shweta says celebrities were laidback, you were usually doing tasks but nothing else. Bani says i might be laidback in tasks but i dont think anyone can say about that Lopa, Farah says i applaud you for this Bani. Bani thanks her and says my motivation was not give my everything to tasks, there is more to my life than winning tasks. Ravi says you signed up for this, what motivation you ahd Bani? Bani says i had done extreme reality shows, ten years back i had passion to do something, i was 18years, there is not only tasks in this house, doing tasks for 48hours doesnt inspire me. Ravi says you show aggression in different things why not in tasks? Bani says i am still growing up, you guys make it sound like i didnt do any task, Farah says in initial episodes celebrities were overshadowed by commoners completely. Sweta question Lopa and Bani for having superiority complex and for not warming up to the Indiawale contestants, you called commoners ugly people. Bani says i was not targeting commoners only. Farah says celebrities even said that commoners find it big opportunity to sit with us, Bani says Manu said that people lie me dont deserve in house, Lopa says whole team should not be blamed for one inmate’s problems, Manu says now no one will question us about Swami. Farah says Manu and Manveer cried most when Swami left. Manu says Bani loved bird in this house so we couldnt love a man? Lopa says Mona was celebrity and connected Manu and Manveer. Manu says they sidetracked Mona so she came to us. Lopa says i was standing with Manveer in captaincy task against Gaurav, i was supporting commoner, they behaved more like celebrity, they made Mona wash their utensils, Manu finds it shameful to wash dishes. Farah says Lopa can arrange strikes for political parties, all laugh. Farah says this wall was broken way before, now we have four finalists, we will talk to them one by one, lets start with Manveer. Manveer sits on separate seat. Farah says Manu and Manveer have become good looking in show, they thank her. Puneet says to Manveer that you played using friendship, Malishka says they played like soul and mind. Manveer says we commoners fought with each other, Manu was like me and we thought to walk side by side, i dont know i could reach here till if i played like Bani, i can fight alone but i cant live alone. Farah says winner can be one, Manveer says i will be happy more if Manu wins, Manu has lost important thing(his mom) so i want all happiness for him. Malishka says did you you use your friends in tasks? like in igloo task? when Manu gave up for you and you used that opportunity to become captain, Manveer says everything was mess in that task, Manu says we made decision that Manveer would be captain. Manveer says i waited for Manu to enter in igloo but he didnt come. Man says we decided in 7th week that Manveer will become captain first before me, Manveer says i waited for Manu but Manu didnt move inside. Farah says you want Manu to win but you didnt give captaincy for Manu? Manu says i wanted to be captain, Manveer wanted to be captain, i wanted my friend to become captain so we decided it.
Next for questions is Bani. Malishka says you kept saying Bani has no friends, but was it like Bani was of no one’s friend? when Gaurav left, you made friends with Niti and Manu, are you friend of anyone? Bani says there was wall between commoners and celebrities, it was so much divided that my heart was feeling good, Farah asks did you mad friends here? Bani says Niti, Mona, Jason, Sahil, Gaurav, Elana. Farah asks any chances that you and Lopa can be friends? Bani says when we are in tasks like this, we can play along but after task, i dont think so, Farah says you both are strong feisty girls. Bani says that the problem, Lopa says two swords can be in same cover, Fara says its about girl power, she asks Manu if Bani made friends? Manu says Bani made friends after calculation, she made friends time to time, Farah says whats her fault if they got evicted, Manu says she made friends to take advantage of them, Bani says what advantage i took of Gaurav? Manu says i cant tell what happened with Gaurav, it will be in headlines tomorrow, Farah says clear it. Manu says Bani used to not give food to Gaurav, he used to wait for others to give him food. Farah says he is grown man and could cook his food. Manu says Gaurav used to be with us at lunchtime. Bani says we didnt have set plan that i will cook for him. Manu says they used to spend time but cant cook for each other, Bani says i didnt use to cook before but i cooked my food in house, we are not kids to cook for others. Puneet says Gaurav tried to become friends, Bani didnt have intention to romance or make strategy. Manu says it was friends with benefits, when Jason and Sahil came in house, Bani said that all old inmates can leave. Bani says Manu is my friend and how he can say all this about me? Manu says we are talking about all what happened, Bani says why you are showing me as bad person? Manu says you take conversation on wrong track. Ravi says to Bani that you got “selfish” tag for being isolated, you can justify it now. Bani says i feel like i selfishly reached here, do you think i enjoyed being alone for 105days? Farah says we have seen you cry alone. Bani says inmates didnt see me cry, when people called me emotional, inmates used to laugh, they know what topics i am sensitive about, people think here that i am weak, Farah says i dont think they think you are weak, Bani says these inmates keep asking me why i cry but i get release by crying, i know how difficult it is to live alone with so many people around, it would be selfish if i made friends just to pass time. Shweta says when Priyanka said selfish things about Lopa, you said that Priyanka didnt say anything bad about me so you were cool with her, Bani says i was surprised that Priyanka was bashing everyone and not me. Ravi says Swami said disgusting thing about your mother and you asked inmates to boycott him but when same thing happened between Lopa and Priyanka, you had different stand? Bani says i didnt even know that decided to boycott Priyanka, i listened cross-fire from both sides, Lopa says i gave reaction to Priyanka, Bani says i didnt see Priyanka’s bashful words. Farah says Bani Priyanka said harsh words to Manu about his mother and you didnt stand against her, i wish you would have boycotted Priyanka after that, Bani says Manu handled situation very well, she says to Manu that i am sorry for that. Ravi says Bani is blamed for using victim card, when Swami threw urine, it was disgusting and he was evicted and next day, you argued with Salman, it should you were stubborn, Salman was patient and told you that they took action against Swami, you were like Swami threw pee on me and i couldnt even become captain, a you kidding me? why was Bigg boss obligated to give you captaincy? Bani says i didnt like when Salman said that it happens in boarding school. Shweta says lopa said that Bani and Swami are same, Bani is his english version. Lopa says what Swami did was so condemn-able, i dont compare Bani to him on that level, i compare on small things like they both keep their chairs close while sleeping, keep their clothes hanging, Swami is third class person on earth. Manu says we compare Bani to Rekha too. Farah asks Bani to not get disturbed. Farah asks Manu to praise Bani. Manu says she looks like Rekha. Bani asys Lopa didnt take her words back, Lopa says i am sorry, he is totally different person.
Manu is next for questions. Malishka says Manu plays double game, you seem like two faced. Manu says i might have done it to benefit my team, i did things for games. Farah says you are first contestant to accept your allegation. Malishka asks if you did it with Manveer too? Manu says Manver lose his patience so i didnt say things to him and i said things to other inmates. Farah says i joked about Lopa’s makeup, did you feel bad? i am sorry for it, Lopa says no issues. Farah says to Manu why you keep changing your opinion about people? Manu says we sleep for 8hours only, so to spend whole time, we cant praise each other so Manveer and me talk about other inmates and joke about them. Farah says Manu has answered very well. Shweta says people relate with him because he accepts his mistakes. Farah asks Bani if you want to ask him anything, this is your last chance? Ravi says it was not healthy to compare Swami and Bani, thats not fair. Manu says it was healthy, Bani is most hygienic and beautiful person of house, Farah says give a hug to Bani, Manu says i want to give it already, all laugh, Manu goes and hugs Bani, Bani hugs him back, Manu says sorry.
Next is Lopa for questions. Ravi says i have crush on Lopa and Sargun my wife knows it, Lopa flatters and thanks him. Ravi says to Lopa that Mandana was third person and was not part of game but what she said about you, you made it such big deal that you said you want to go home, you are finalist, and you showed your vulnerability, Lopa says i am sensitive person, i kept telling myself that i didint come to convince Mandana in house, what hurt me most that she compared me with Priyanka and Swami, Farah says you compared Swami with Bani too, Lopa says i am sorry for that but i didnt compare Bani for his villain-acts but Mandana compared me with his villain streak, what bothered me that Madana put me down on channel and can influence some audience. Farah asks what is prize money? Lopa says 40lacs, i earned money in rail task and lost it in finale room, i feel sorry for that. Shweta says you have accepted your mistake but you didnt in show, Lopa says its difficult for me accept my defeat because i have lost a lot in life and bad memories haunt me, Bani makes weird face, Farah asks Bani baby say something, Bani shows she has zipped her lips. Farah says Lopa you blame Bani for all things. Shweta says you both were compared to Tanisha and Gauhar and it was said that it might be gameplan to continue enmity to get to finale. Lopa says i dont think we are following animosity, when we tried to talk, sometime li lost patience and sometime she lost patience, i tried to make friends with her, things were rough from her side. Manu says they cant be friends because then Manu and Manver wouldnt reach till here, only one day is remaining so let them continue fighting. Farah says its proven that you four deserve to be finalists. Bigg boss thanks panelists for coming, and gave inmates chance to give their point of view, they wouldnt regret for not getting chance now, Farah wishes everyone luck.

Manu says to lopa that Shweta talked less, she is solid analyst, Manveer says you are involved too much, Lopa says i have involved in everything, you cant compare me with you, Manveer walks away. Manu says Manveer got miffed with you, Lopa says sorry to Manveer, Manveer says you shouldnt have said that we made Mona work for us, Lopa hugs him, Manveer says it showed like we used Mona, Manu says you thought we made her wash dishes? Rohan did your work too, Lopa says dont compare it, Bani says Mona used to like taking care of Manu and Manveer, Lopa says i just said that Mona did things without thinking about her celebrity status, Manu says i used to cook, Manveer used to cut veggies, Bani says to Lopa to you didnt see how organized and how friendly they were with each other.

Manveer says to Manu that i would not answer any press conference after show, we did things in show and now we will asked twisted questions, they asked me about Priyanka being captain, i was referee, Lopa says you cant run from people’s questions, its your choice to answer them or not, Manveer says i cant bear to answer people. Bani says this is side-effect of these shows, if you are miffed that such good panel asked your questions, i cant tell you what journalists will ask you, they can ask you anything, you have to patient, keep in mind.

Manver runs and jumps in pool, then Bani jumps in then Manu jumps in, Lopa says awesome. Manu says come inside, she says i am making tea, Bani runs to catch her, Lopa says i would have to do makeup again, Manu says you wont get this chance, lets jump in. They all hold hands and jump im pool together, they all cheer and enjoy.

PRECAP- As the finalists gear up for the last leg of the finale, they get a surprise makeover at the hands of beauty experts. Bani says today is grand finale? Lopa says my heart is in my throat. Inmates will be glamed-up. Manu and Manveer will give dance performance. Lopa and Bani will have performance together. Salman says we will get to know tonight who is going to win Bigg boss season 10. All ex-participants are present on stage except for Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga. Naveen says to Salman that i was asked if Salman is really that smart as he looks on stage, i said you are more handsome in real life, Salman says thats why you wear glasses, all laugh. Salman asks Rohan whom he would have replaced as finalist with himself? He says i should have been in place of Manu or Bani. Hirthik Roshan, Mouni Roy, Karanvir Bohra, Sohail Khan, Neha Dophia and many other stars will grace stage in finale.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    hi guys @fatarajo. r u ..I hope u liked kabiil and especially hrithik…he nailed it with his perfection . ..I m going to watch tomorrow again. ….

    …now episode. …..very fast paced episode. ….I m finding manveer very fake now a days since last 4 to 5 weeks he is showing himself as a saint. ….other 3 are same from begining. …….and bb is trying very hard to take bani down …They discussed each and every negative thing related to bani. …..but manu and lopa were not questioned that much. …..why manu supported baba each and every time …why lopa said to rohan I will support baba not bani for captaincy. ……those were some questions which should have been asked. …..nevertheless tomorrow is finale. hrithik is coming. excited. .

    …last thing. ..spoiler alert….manu walked away with 10 lacs …and nd now bani manveer lopa left…..

    1. Totally agree kal bhi manveer ki journey sabse lambi dikhai or baki sab ki choti si phr aaj bhi aaj ke guest kitna kuch puch sakte they but bani ke ilawa sabko chod dea khasker mannu se or lopa se bhi ke tum swami ko kese support kr rhi thi ya or bhi bohut and log kehte hain bani is fake and usmein hai kya jo uski fan following hai but real i luke ke itna sab khud ke bare mein sun ker she is hurt jo kuch mannu ne kaha phr bhi wo normal ho gyee infact lopa ke samne ye bhi boli ke mona cares for them
      Manu is so cunning total show mein mannu bas sabki bat hi kat.ta raha

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes kaabil is kaabil Yat taarif movie even though it was inspired from a Hollywood movie kaabil did quite well. Really yaar hrithik’s acting was the best, he really convinced as if he was really blind i never felt he wasn’t blind at all. Yami did her role well too, and Hrithik is looking so dashing in kaabil reminded me of his koi mil gaya times koi mil gaya is my fav hrithik movie followed by kabhi khushi, dhoom 2 , krish and now kaabil

  2. Love the way, how manu gave answers. Very graceful. Gud luck to all of u

    1. This is cunningly not smartly ??biggboss favours him alot warna ye nikal chuka hota


  4. Update: Lopa Mudra is not in finale anymore. Bani or Manveer left. YAY! Going to win – Bani J.

  5. Manveer Gurjar is the WINNER!

  6. i feel this was the manveer who played by heart n not mind. actually, before he got the ticket to finale, to get into the limelight by winning our hearts, he got himself more involved in fights. he came back to his friendly nature after he got secure to get the ticket to finale. he is really a pure soul, he even said sorry to lopa so sweetly. he is an awesome friend, a genuine person. he even had tears when rohan left. i don’t feel manveer is fake.

  7. anyways, manu had clear answers n might be he took up his fan following a notch higher today. i realised today m3 had the most selfless friendship ever in bb history. loved manu today, sweet of bani to call lopa to the pool, n as usual, lopa protested so well to keep her point. all the best to all of you.

  8. Manu has walked away with 10 lacs. I think it was a good and smart decision. He knew that he’ll not win and will be the first one to be evicted among the top 4. I personally wanted him to be in Top 2 with Bani among the finalists but I knew it’ll not happen. He has given enough content to the show and made the season really interesting. I think he was more deserving than Manveer and Lopa. A smart player who showed his smartness in the finale also. Now I think top 3 be like this:
    Manveer(1st runner up)
    Lopa(2nd runner up)

    I really think that Bani has the highest chances of winning because of her big fan following, but if she doesn’t wins the show then I’ll accept it without crying fixed winner because it only sounds like grapes are sour. If I’m voting for my favourite, then it means that I believe in the voting system. So after doing that, crying fixed winner or rigged show if your favourite doesn’t wins, only proves that u r a hypocrite.

  9. According to my ranking of the finalists, it was
    But I think Rohan was a better contestant than Manu and Gaurav was a better contestant than Manveer and Lopa. Sadly these two contestants left before the finale.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah Rohan and Gaurav were very much deserving candidates and I know Manveer was behind manu in first half and also bani didn’t do much special in first half i feel ?, i think in first half the stars of bigg boss were manu and Rohan and in second half the stars are bani and Manveer

  10. I liked how Bani answered all the questions of the panelists articulately, though all the contestants were great. I think Manu was the best among them while answering. Also liked how Bani was giving advice to Manveer despite after knowing what he was saying behind her back about her. In yesterday’s episode, Bani controlled her emotions after watching her video,. I also liked that.

  11. Manveer never literally played the game. He did what his heart said. Actually, before getting the ticket to finale, he felt he must come to the limelight to get our attention. So, he got himself entangled in frivolous arguments. After getting the ticket to finale, he became the previous friendly Manveer after being secure. His journey was fabulous, he didn’t loose anything, yet got much more. He developed as a human being a lot. Manveer said sorry to Lopa so sweetly after learning what he said on the first day was wrong. Manveer even had tears when his all-time foe Rohan left. As a friend, Manveer always stood by Manu’s side. He is not pretending to be a saint, he is a good person from inside. (N yes he is handsome too ;-))

    Today Manu was the show-stopper. How he justified himself was up to the mark. Manu has surely taken up his fan following a notch higher today. Well done, Manu Punjabi. You were the best example of a true friend (ignore that hypocrisy, it was just a weakness)… I realised M3 had theost selfless friendship in BB history till date. Mona, Manu n Manveer were wonderful friends.

    Coming to Lopa, you go girl… The way she protests to keep her point is an inspiration.

    Best of luck to all of you.

    1. Sorry for the triple comments. I thought they were not properly posted. Sorry!

    2. Yeah aarohi absolutely right point of view about manveer am totally agree with your comment actually manveer did something for limelight before finale but after that he is doing in impeccable line and lenght he become a very friendly person and good hearted like when he was in the starting i like manveer nowdays

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes Aarohi i agree with u Manu’s hypocrisy was just a weakness but he was a true Friend. He did a lot for Mona and Manveer too. Most saying Mona sacrificed for manu twice but manu didn’t i think that was wrong, manu also sacrificed for Mona twice one was sacrificing his soft toy to save Mona from nomination and also sacrificing luxury Budget so that she can meet her Husband.
      And if Lopa have a point and she knows she is right there is no way others can stop her which is what I like about her a lot, my mom’s fav is Lopa.
      And even though Rohan-Manveer were not in good terms they both actually respect each other a lot, Manveer says that he can see Rohan in finals and Rohan says if not Lopa Manveer deserves to win despite the fights they had, hats off to true sportsmanship to both of them

  12. Aditi245736

    So exited for tommarow’s ep bcz Hrithik,KVB and mouni are coming.
    Can’t wait!!!!!???

  13. Can’t wait any more fo DA finale….. Supe excited.. Hope da bst one wins ..

    Hope to c maniti nd gaurbani dance……

  14. bhai jo bhi ho wheather east or west MANVEER GURJAR is the best…..
    manveer bhai you rock bro…

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    Most knew that the commoners performed better than the celebs this season, but in this panelist thingy the panelist who r supporting the celebs presented their points better than the panelist who r supporting the commoners. Farah Khan was always amazing as a host but today she wasn’t that much amazing maybe because Mamla serious tha ???
    Now finale today let’s see after 105 days who wins Bade Dilwala Manveer, Stand and Aukat Queen Lopa or The Cool Dude Bani .
    I read that manu walked away in 10 lakhs which is a smart move, as he already saw a glimpse in the mall that surely Manveer has more fan following than him. And I m rooting for Manveer. I think even Bani will be happy if Manveer wins bigg boss (she herself confessed that Manveer gave his all to tasks unlike her). I think Lopa is fine with being 3rd rather then 2nd since she would be more hurt if she lost despite being so close.
    Hope Manveer wins if not Manveer may the best win (Manveer is best for me)
    According to me:
    1) Manveer 2) Bani 3) Lopa

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And all four contestants presented their point of view well which proves that why they deserve to be in the finals i felt Manveer could have said more and manu was answering more than he was. Manu presented his point of view the best and I think bani and Lopa both did equally well happy to see them together and trying to clear the problems between them finally bigg boss paired them in a task love M2 friendship true friendship and BaniMudra’s new found friendship

    2. Fatarajo, your comment is really adorable. I am also a Manveer supporter, so I want him to win. But despite this fact, I believe all the four contestants were extremely good. Human beings can’t be black or white, they are always grey with both the angel and the devil. Let us focus on the angels for the last time :

      1) Manu : strength was his friendship

      2) Lopa : strength was her dedication
      to complete tasks
      3) Bani : strength was her true nature

      Strength : (Friendship+Dedication for tasks+ real nature) = Manveer

  16. Make-up dukan.

    we love u Bani j.

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    10 golden moments of bb10

    1. Commoners dominating over celebs like a boss
    2. When celebs finally won the task
    3. The wall between celebs and commoners r broken
    4. Bani becoming first captain of bb10
    5. Manu’s return to bigg boss house
    6. When Rohan and Monalisa with other housemates made an effort and prize money increased to 40 lakhs from 15 lakhs.
    7. Swami Om ousted out of the house
    8. Manveer the first to win ticket to finale
    9. Manveer successfully completing the bungee task
    10. Bani the 4th finalist

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Instead of no.2 , it should be 2) All the contestants meeting their loved ones in family app task thanks to manu and baba

    2. Wow fatarajo great 10 golden moment you represent to us

  18. Prettypreeti

    Hey all.good morning..last sunday of bb 10………ohh ab pta nhi roz kya dekhongi kisko dekhne ke liye raat tak jagongi……..ab agle saal shayad hmari mulakaat ho….pta nhi yeh safar kaise bheet gya and jo loving and awesome wale 10 moment…u forget 2 add jagga going out…mona ki shadi……i think first moment ab winner ka naam hoga..u forget 1 top moment our friendship here via bb 10….
    Ok so ek ganna hmari dosti aur bb ke gharwalon ke liye from me-
    Rat ke 10:30 jb bajh jate the,
    Bb ka epi dekhne ke baad hm na soh pate the…
    Roz yaha aakr sbki bavnayoon ko padhna,
    Tum logon ke sath thora hasi majaak krna..
    Oh bani lopa ke fans ki ladhai,
    Bb ke khayal bhool jani padhai…
    Manu manveer mona ka m3 group,
    Maniti ki pyaari ci chup..
    Rohan ka aapna anokha andaaj,
    Gaurav ka superhit mijaaj…
    Jaaga aur dhongi ka tamasha,
    Sunni padhi hmko unki gandi c basha..
    Rahul aur karan jaise badhe stars ka bb 10 me aana,
    Ab aaj bb 10 ne hmko aapni jadein de chale hai jaana..
    Salman sir ko kaise bhool payenge,
    Pta nhi woh agle season me kya aayenge..
    Tum logon ko na bhool paongi,
    Aapne sapno me bhi mai tumse hi milna chahongi….
    Hr koi tha yaha pr anokha,
    Tum logon ne mere dil ko choo liya jaise choota hai hawa ka jhokha…
    Love u alll…………… u bb u tu….

    1. Hello preeti my little friend once again i would say my trade mark punch on your poem “wonderful poem” and you are such a precious commentater and our friend i will miss you and your imperious poem and comments thank you so much for your all poems they entertained us very very much and your impressionism at least on me is very high and you are such a affectionate girl indeed

    2. Yes preeti kp is right mai bhi aapko bahut miss karungi mai bhut emotional ho gayi hun aapka cmnt padh ke i dont know why but preeti my sister aap bhut acchi ho love you

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Wah Wah Pri ???? kya tribute hai bb10 Ke liye I m already missing ur poems

    4. Wow, your poem is very sweet. I will too miss all of u n yeah, Preeti’s anokhi poems too… πŸ™ We will miss our bb10 a lot. Love u all, Goodluck n goodbye πŸ™‚

    5. hey Preeti superb poem.
      I will miss your poems dear.
      loads of love take care.

    6. Prettypreeti

      Awww thanku kp bhai ur comment touchedy heart..thanks sona di i love u trice infinity actually will miss u alot,jo hm fir kisi aur page pr mil jayege like this one…love u aarohi oh yaar thankuuuu veryyyyyyy muchhh aasha krti hoon ki tume meri anookhi poems aachi lagi..thanku reema love u u too take care..
      Simu di diti di anu shriyo???where r u??misssong u ek din reh gya aa jao..and all.kl ke epi pr pls comment krna..

  19. Hello everyone m here with my analysis about today’s epi..
    Manu answered each nd every ques so cleverly.. H showed that although he has done something but it was not his fault .. He very well tried to justify his wrong deeds .. He said that first the commoner used to do things then they came whether they have done something wrong or ri8.. He is really a fake frnd.. He said cheap things about Mona nd Manveer who r his so called best buddies..

  20. manveer ki fan

    Manveer gujjar is the winner of big boss 10.

  21. Lopa- She is really so mean… She was so upset when Mandana compared her with Om nd Jagga but she did not felt while comparing Om nd bani.. Insecure LOPA… she has a bad habbit of praising herself… Farah nailed it when she said that Lopa always blame Bani for each nd everything .. Bani is such a nice person that she even praised Lopa by saying that u can say that i have not performed well in the task but u cannot say this about Lopa…
    And what do i say about Lopa madam she can support Om in captaincy task but she cannot support bani.. OM said bad things about her character, he gave her threat to life .. Insecurity at its peak..

    People who r saying that Rohan deserve to be in the finale .. Dont u guys know that during the gold mine task rohan became captain because of bani.. First he was playing the game in shadow of RAHUL DEN GAURAV AND LOPA.. he is a immature person..

  22. Bani- I really like her straight forward nature.. nd i want her to win.., She was so real not like others.. whatever she want to say she will say on ur face not behind ur back.. For the first time we have seen the emotional side of bani.. one thing which i like about bani that if she feel that someone is saying ri8 whether she does not have good terms wid that someone she will say that he or she is ri8..

    And for me the result should be like
    1) Bani
    2) Manveer
    3)Lopa / Manu (koi bhi chalega in dono m se)

  23. yaar preeti..dil jeet liya yaar..queen of poems i tell u….bro yaar mein aap sab ko bahut miss karungi….aur haan i love u all a lot…ditya…preeti…luna…gud girl…bharat…aka hkf….dx…arohi…swastika…fatarajo
    guys i love u all

    bb khatam ho gayi
    m3 ki dosti ka ek misaal ban gayi
    dil mein bahut hai telly frends ke liye pyaar
    hum sab ban gaye hai sabse acche yaar
    kal winner kaun hoga pata nahi
    jeetega toh jiska dil hai saaf vahi
    bani aur manveer ne jeet liye bahut dil
    mein toh karungi uss jagga ko kill
    om ke bina kitni shanti hai
    aisa aakashi aka aashna maanti hai

    1. Yeah love you too aakashi and absolute solid comment

    2. Prettypreeti

      Ooye aki di kamaal damaal superhit poem…too good lyrics

    3. Prettypreeti

      And ya love u alot.great girl

  24. According to insider reports, Manveer will win the show though it’s not confirmed. Winner will be announced at 8:30 pm. If it’s true then congratz to Manveer and his fans. Though it’s really hard for me to believe that Manveer can get more votes than Bani, but I still accept it.

    Some fans may feel that Bigg Boss was unfair to their favourites and favoured few contestants the whole season. But the fact is, it was never fair in any season. There were always few contestants who got the shorter end of the stick, because just accept it!!!! it’s a show and they need TRPs and they will do anything for it.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes true i agree with u last two Seasons bigg boss were damn unfair. But I think the prev Seasons since i saw only half of 7 and entire of 8, i found bigg boss in season 8 fair (p.s i was a Sonali fan in bb8, neither GG Nor KT, but preferred GG over KT), and season 7 i liked gauhar though I watched only half and so I won’t be able to say if bb was fair, but I think in bb9 bb was really unfair to kishwer, Suyyash, digangana and Keith (as they got evicted even if they weren’t suppose to) . They were also unfair to prince in many cases but he won in the end. And in this season they are quite unfair to Karan, Rahul, Lokesh, Rohan and Gaurav, and to some extent Bani.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        And also Manveer to a certain extent

    2. Prettypreeti

      Oh luna and jo ..comeon guys ab aagle saal i mean issi saal bb 11 me bb ki khamiyaan nikalana….abhi toh hogya jo hona tha.and yup ek poori list bnana dena bb ki galtiyoon ki.isi bahane aagle baari aap yaha aa jaoge and i will get chance 2 meet my 2 lovely sissies

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Haha Pri i will definately be there in season 11, bb tha to bohot unfair but show tha too much fun like a funfair ???
        Vaise Hu tu meh Thora critics to end hone se phela thora bohot criticise karna Toh banta hain boss

  25. manveer is the winner





  27. Based on votes Bani won.

    Based on the BB10 concept Manveer won


  28. Hello everyone m here with my analysis about today’s epi..
    Manu answered each nd every ques so cleverly.. H showed that although he has done something but it was not his fault . He very well tried to justify his wrong deeds .. He said that first the commoner used to do things then they came whether they have done something wrong or ri8.. He is really a fake frnd.. He said cheap things about Mona nd Manveer who r his so called best buddies..

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