Rhythm of Life – Tune 31 (RagSan)

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Recap: Ragini’s nightmare

Ragini hugged him tight….. he too reciprocated….. “hey don’t worry Ragini… I’m with you” he hold her cheek and about to kiss…. Both are very close to each other
What’s happening here? They parted their way when they heard the sound and shocked to find Vibha at door

San: voh…. Nothing….. just dust fell in her eyes….. by the way I told you na… I’ll pick up you…. Why you came?
Vibha: why? Don’t I have rights to come here?
San: not like that…..
Vibha: ok leave that…. Soon get ready…. What is the break fast?

Rag: till now I didn’t prepared anything….
Vibha: ohh that means because of you daily he comes late….
San: nothing like that….. she is not feeling well….. you sit she will prepare food….. Ragini you go…. Swasha also waiting for breakfast….
Ragini nodded and went to kitchen….. she is cooking….. while Sanky came after fresh up….. Ragini heard Vibha telling him to wear some other shirt…. Then she hears Sanky telling Vibha, not to tickle him… “hey… no… I’m telling na….” tears escapes from Ragini eyes to hear those talkings….. she is unaware that from few minutes she continuously pouring salt in dish…. She came to reality with jerk due to cooker whistle sound.

Ragini about to serve Sanky and Vibha…. Swasha enters the home…. Ragini hands the lunch box to them and asks to eat breakfast but they replied “they will manage” and left from there.
Ragini serves food to Sanky and Vibha…. Vibha takes a bite and splits it…. “yak yak….. thu.. thu…. What is this Ragini? Man will be able to eat this?” Vibha shouts at her….. Sanky asked what happened? “just taste the food and say” Vibha shrugged to Sanky…. Sanky takes a sip and says, Ragini its so salty….

“I’m sorry…. I don’t…” Ragini tries to justify but before she completes her sentence Vibha throws food plate on floor…. Ragsan both jerk… Vibha stood with frustration…. Sanky trying to calm her while tears developing in Ragini’s eyes due to harsh behaviour of Vibha…. With her teary eyes she takes the plate from floor and cleans it…. she felt someone’s presence at door and shifted her gaze to door and froze to see the person standing at door…… while calming Vibha , Sanky too notice the person standing out and shocked.
Sanky whispered “RK….”

At door RK standing at first and behind him RV and Madhu standing. (ishani didn’t came as she is near to delivery so she is in her mother home)

“Bhaiya ” Ragini said in undertone
RK: whats happening here?
Ragsan looked at each other….. and nodded
Ragini took them to swara’s house as she have spare key with her. While Sanky told Vibha to sit there quietly and came to swara’s home.

Rag: bhiaya…. Bhabhi…. You three…. Suddenly here…. Whats the matter bhaiya? Any problem?
Madu: actually we want to ask the question Ragini….. what confusion is going here?
Ragini: nothing…. everything here is alright….
RV: is it? that’s why you didn’t call us since a week…. That’s why you forgot pregnancy ceremony of your ishani bhabhi which is near by?
Rag: voh.. bhaiya…. She don’t know how to convince….
RK keeping silent and giving dead glare to Sanky who is looking down.
RK: who is that girl…..
Ragini tried to lie them…. but at last Sanky broke the truth out about Vibha….. he explained everything to them…..

“you blo*dy rascal…….” RK hold Sanky’s collar….. “bhaiya please…. Try to understand the situation….. nothing is his mistake……” Ragini supported Sanky. “Ragini just stop it….. now I agree why people tells love is blind…. Don’t be a blind and open you eyes” RV stated with angry…. “look Ragini we agree we all are arranged marriage couple and we don’t know the mind set of you love marriage couple…. I always used to support you…. But today just open your eyes” Madhu said.

Ragini: I don’t know what happened to you all of a sudden…. This is not a big matter we can solve this but please just leave this topic….

Suddenly RK slapped Sanky and started to beat him, because of you…. Just because of you today my sister who never uttered a word against me is ordering me that I’ve to leave the topic….. he still beats and Sanky tries to defend….. Ragini and madhu tries to stop RK but all ends up in vain….after few minutes RV controlled RK.

RK: Ragini I don’t have patience any more…. Don’t believe him…. He is not a correct person to you…. Surely he will leave you…. And that Vibha…. I’m damn sure she wont be
less than Nikhil…. After all she is his sister… they wont leave you in peace…. He is a useless…

Sanky was totally disappointed and nods in no for RK’s words
San: no RK you…
RK: don’t dare to take my name he raised his hand again to slap but Ragini hold RK’s hand…. Both looks face to face

Ragini: enough (in high pitch….) enough is enough….. you talked a lot bhai…. Don’t dare to talk one more word…. Her eyes are turned red due to anger

San: Ragini let them….
RV: don’t act smart

Rag: I said enough…. I was thinking you are different from normal people….. but I was wrong….. you also like everyone…. You all never accepted Sanky…. You were seeking chance to separate us and now you got it…. enough of your drama

Madhu: what rubbish you are talking Ragini
Rag: enough Mrs. RK…. Let me complete….. when you all dared to raise hand on my husband…. I too dare to break all my ties with you…..
All were dashed….. screen went greyscale…..

Rag: from now onwards Mrs. Ragini Sanskar has no relation with Kundra family……. According to me I’m a orphan from now….. you are none to me….
RK felt whole world has stopped….. tears are forming in his eyes…..
San: Ragini do you know what?

Rag: very well I know what I’m doing….. this is my final decision…. Hope none of you are deaf…. So please leave from here
RV: Ragini…. She showed her palm to stop then pointed the exit
RK was not at all able to stand…. Madhu and RV helped him to take out… they went to door and RK stopped.
RK: may be according to you all ties were broke with us but still you are our little sister….. always we are there for…. When you need us just call us…. We will be there for you and you (pointing Sanky) … you have to face many consequence…. Get ready….
Trio left from there.

Uncontrollably tears escaping from Ragini’s eyes…… she broke down with thud

San: Ragini…..
Rag: please Sanky….. just leave me alone…. Please
A helpless Sanky left from there….. Ragini burst out with cry…. She sobbed.

@ evening

Ragini sitting in her balcony lost herself in deep thoughts…. She was thinking her moments with her family…. RK is sleeping she poured water on him…. He chases her…. She hides her behind her dad and mom….. then RV catches her and twists her ears for spreading ink on his new white shirt…. Kaaka and kaaki telling them to leave Ragini…. All are laughing at them…… these scenes were flashed on her mind while tears tasting the cheeks of Ragini.

“Ragini….” Sanky called out…. But no response from her till he waved his hands in front of her face. She wiped her tears and composed herself. “do you need anything?” she asked
“why are you stressing yourself? What is the need to talk to them like that? You only talked like that and now crying….” Sanky told the fact. “what to do…. I don’t know in that situation…. I got angry” she told. “every decision is wrong which was taken in angry or excitement” he mentioned. “don’t worry everything will be alright” he consoled her…. She hugged him….. she drenched him with her tears. “are you decided to wash my shirt with your tears?” he tried to enlighten the mood…. She glared him without breaking hug….. “I think bad joke” he said while making faces. She smiled a bit.

“Now tell what do you want?” he tried to broke the hug. “I just want more tight hug….” She said again tears welling out “offo my jungli bili….. again crying…. Sure we can do more than hug too but not in balcony…. See down teenagers looking us from garden as we are giving free show” Sanky told the happening. She pat him playfully and went inside.

In bedroom she was sitting…. Sanky came with apple pies and ordered her to eat. “don’t forget that now you are not single…. My princess is inside” eat this… she is hungry. “why all the time you are telling your princess? Why cant be this prince charm?” she asked while winking her eyes. “haan this can be but I believe as girl….. I want sweet angel like you” Sanky said naughtily. “don’t butter up me…. I want prince charm…. Lets see… give me the apple I’m very hungry” she ate the apple while rest her on Sanky’s shoulder…. Sanky too feeding in mid…. “ouch..” Sanky shouted as she bite it…. you….. he run to chase her who started to run.

Finally he caught her…. He pulled her towards him while holding her wrist…. Both shared lovely eye lock…. She kissed him on cheek…. “only on cheeks?” Sanky said naughtily asked pecked her lips for which she blushed… she pushed him but again he pulled her…. She hugged him tightly (Nagida nagida song playing in nearby home which suited to situation)…. He started to kiss her around neck… she shakes her head as it giggles her. She again pushed him and about to go but both pendants tangled.

Screen freezes with Ragini’s sanskar named pendent and Sanky’s Krish (god) pendent.

To be continued……………

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

Howz the chappy? Hope you liked it and enjoying it….. many of you feeling sad that I’m making Ragini cry…. But I’m sorry for that… I don’t know why I’m making Ragini cry but soon I’ll try to end Vibha chapter. By the way you want to see Sanky getting hurt right? Frankly I’m not getting any idea for that don’t know is it because I like Sanky more than Ragini…. Please who want to see Sanky’s suffer tell me what kind you are expecting…..Keep smiling…… by yours loving Aastha

  1. Plz any one say about vibra paSt and I a silent reader and huge fan of urgency quotes?????

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooo much for cmnting my dear meetu…
      When sanky doing his first year in PG he fall in love with Vibha in first sight. In the beginning vibha avoided sanky but gradually fall in love him… This matter came to knowledge of vibha’s brother Nikhil. So he sent vibha abroad for higher studies. Later Ragini came in sanky’s life both were happy .
      One-day sanky was one the was to home then a girl came btw his car n met accident that is vibha. She lost her partial memory due to injury on head. She remembers her moments with sanky… She don’t know he is married. This is the past of vibha.
      Are you clear?
      Once again thnq

  2. Asw

    Nice feel sad for Ragini for breaking ties with rk keep going

    1. Astha

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    Awsm….incredible…..no more cmnts

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  4. What an episode….u rocked it..vibha darling ungalukku salty sapadu pathathu nu nenakire en kaiyala samaichu thatattuma *evil smirk* waah RK,RV n madhu entry was fabulous. ..their caring towards ragini, was awesome..ragini ava family eh sanky kaga vittuta..feeling bad for ragz and her family…i love RK soooooo much in this ff…..awwww he is such a lovely n caring brother. . .his word “may be according to you all ties were broke with us but still you are our little sister “…it was touched my heart. ..nd FB scene was soo cute….ragsan romance was superb….i loved it to the coreeee. ..loved the each and every scenes dear…

    Sanky ya hurt pannanuma..kk???..1st vibha va pathi ragini kitta marachathuku avan nose la oru punch pannanum *don’t worry baby…slight ah dha*
    Baby ma do you have any nickname. .pls tell me na .. I thought to give a nickname to you..but unga arivukum theramaikum etra per kedaikkala*it’s not a joke*. .unna nickname vechi kupdanumnu enaku aasai….pls tell me…..

    How are you??…na unkitta pesa arampicha niruthamatten. .keep smiling….umma??..take care…Tata…

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooooo much da… Un cmnt always making my day… Enanu solla teriyada yedho feel agudu.
      First, [email protected]
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      We chat can then.
      Now coming to ur cmnt.
      Un kaiyala samayal… Ha ha… Don’t worry nan ready panren da.
      Yup family scene was good… I loved it… Rk… Umma…
      Happy that u liked ragsan’s romance.
      Sanky ah punch…. I’ll think abt it.
      Nick name… Watsapp va discuss panlam… I too love to talk to u…
      Keep smiling ?

    1. Astha

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  5. Inu

    Superb. Though it was a sad epi i loved ragsan scenes. Good work astha.

    1. Astha

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  6. Awesome dear,who told you only ragini suffering,both ragsan are suffering,but i am giving one sugetion you give sanky’s pov this is definately audians like it.

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much dear for agreeing that both are suffering. Wonderful idea… Thnq sooooo much again.. I’ll add pov.

  7. Awesome update dear..bt can i b honest? I dnt feel d same kind of love frm sanskar to ragini which ragini has to sanky..hope u wil justify dt part..may b am wrng….srry if i hurt u any ways…..

    1. Astha

      I’m not hurt dear… May be u r right… I’ll try to show sanky love for Ragini. ? sure dear I’ll do something for that. Thnq sooooo much for the nyz cmnt

  8. nice superb amazing mind blowing next part soon

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  9. Loved the part but feel u should show sanky’s love towards ragu too I think only ragu is suffering that’s my view srry if I Hurt u.

    1. Astha

      No baby… I’m not hurt… Sure I’ll try to show sanky’s love towards rag. Thnq soooooo much for the cmnt

  10. Superb dear.today only i read last 5 episodes of these ff.feeling really bad for Ragini & RV.Plz Make Sanskar character more strong & bold dear

    1. Astha

      Missed ur cmnt baby. Sure dear I’ll try to show his character strong… Thnq soooooo much for the cute cmnt.

  11. Fairy

    Its ws outstanddddngggg yaaaaar!!!
    Loved it sooooo veryyyyyy muchhh..
    M realllly feeelng sad for ragini..?
    Flashback ws soooooo sooo soooooooo awesome?
    Rk ah!!!i jst love him???
    N ur quotes…omg dey always attracts me dr…sooo awesome n inspirng quotes …?
    All in all a mindblowngggg update dr.
    Waitng eagerly eagerly for nxt part aasthu…
    Keeep rockng n stay blessed sweeetypie..
    Love u sooo much doll…umaaaaah??????????????????

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much my sweet heart ♥ getting ur cmnt after soooo many days. Happy to receive it.
      Happy that u liked the flash back.
      I too feeling bad for them n RK … Perfect bro.
      Aww quotes inspiring u… That’s sweet.
      Love u too my doll. Umma…. Keep smiling ? n rocking

  12. Today chappy is little emotional and romantic…. Rk and ragini scenes are make me cry….I love rk character in bro side…I hate vibha….plz.intha vibha character ah mudichirupa…enakku irritation ah irukku …vibha naala dhaan ragini rk kooda fight panna…last scenes are cute…..waiting for next part soon…..

    1. Astha

      Yes akka its quite emotional…. Happy that u liked the romance
      Ohh I made u cry…. That much u involved in story…..
      Sure akka soon I’ll try to end this vibha… I too dont like this character…
      Thnq sooooooo much akka

  13. Asra

    fabulous akka….vibha nenga knjm salt athigama irundhathunala ragini’a thidurengala…but enaku oru doubt nenga yeapadi samaipenga…chef damodar mathiri sameipengala….and akka ragini pavam….ragini and Sanky 2 perumey great akka…ragini kaga Sanky avan family’ey venam nu vandhudan…Ipa ragini num Sanky kaga ava family’ey venam nu solida….superbbb akka….na nenacha mathiriyae rk oda reaction knjm mosama than irunthuchu…na Sanky ya kondruvan nu nenachen bt ragu kapadhida….aana rk oda dialogue semma akka…loved that… always we are there for…. When you need us just call us…. We will be there for you and you….superbbb akka…get ready for that…Indha word nenacha knjm payama iruku…song naiyda naiyda…superbbb akka….waiting for nxt one….tkcr akka….

    1. Astha

      Ha ha ha…. Enaku samika teriyaduda…
      Yup both left their family ?
      Haan RK Ku semma kobam rag thadukala sanky margaya Dan.
      Rk dialogue was good and ur scare… May be come true. I like that song da.
      Love you ? loads umma….. ?

  14. Awesome akka and I hope u will finish that vibha chapter soon akka bcoz I really don’t like for her behaviour with Ragini…And I really support RK’s behaviour akka he is such an awesome bro cares for his sister alot….Apro I want sanskar to suffer akka bcoz first la iruntha yella problem kum Ragini tha suffer aagura… Infact sanskar um avoloda pain ah therinjikanum akka make him jealous r do more than that but he should also feel the same pain which she is undergoing….And akka ennakum sanskar ah romba pudikum but entha edathula avanum konjam suffer aagurathula thappu illa nu thoonuthu akka

    1. Astha

      Actual ah readers a Vida nan vibha character mala kadupaiten… Enake track pudikala… Sanky suffer aaganum… Try panren da… Actually sanky ah enna panradunu terila… Na yosikirenda… Haan Ni crt Dan.. San suffer aaganum. Let me try… Kadavul Dan decide pannanum
      Thnq soooooo much da… Keep smiling ?

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