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Hii…????everyone…how r u all…u all may not know me..may be some..??acha so my name is Nisbat I am going to start a fan fiction so plzz tell me that should i continue or not…the story will be same as ib little bit of change i.e I am going to pair nisha with omkara so intro of her….?

Nisha Sharma:22 years old.. last year in medical science after that she will be gynecologist…she has a family but her mother doesn’t love her because of some reason but her papa loves her a lot…she has a sister she loves her but her sister doesn’t love her…she is in Mumbai for her last year and living in clg hostel…
She loves paintings a lot and becoz of that she will meet our hero omkara….?

So plzz tell me should I continue or not..

Sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake
Bye…everyone ???

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  1. Anshikaa

    Go ahead write waiting for it but one que who is playing nisha vrushika or someone else

    1. Minion....

      Thank you so much….i will post ASAP
      I have not decided about who is going to play role of nisha so i will tell in my next update….

  2. Lisaaa

    Superb… Plz carry on

    1. Minion....

      Thank you so much…?

  3. Aarti32

    I also hv dis habit..I burst out laughing at serious moments..??

    1. Minion....

      ??thank u so much for your lovely comment….

  4. Nithu


  5. I liked your theme and that minion also. Please continue.

    1. Minion....

      Thanks for your appreciation..i will post that ASAP…n yah i love minions..?

  6. Yashu

    Nyc waiting for nxt episode……

    1. Minion....

      Thank you i will post soon…?

  7. Shivika

    Interesting…….post soon….would love to read ur posts….

    1. Minion....

      Thank you so much…i wo post soon..??

  8. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please continue. I loved the intro and plz post the first part as soon as possible. Please as I really liked the introduction and I want to know as why nisha’s mother doesn’t like her. So please post the first part soon and by the way what the tracks of shivika and rumya are they same as in the show plz let me know and what nisha is only 22 yr old isn’t she way too young than omkara even soumya is 24 yrs yaar!!!!!! Anyway lucky omkara getting such a young girl lol and who is playing the role of nisha????????????????????? This is really important so let me know and if u are confused about who should play nisha’s role. I have a name to suggest TRIDHA CHOUDARY from dahleez or u can also choose ERICA from kuch rang pyar ke or even NIKITA DUTTA looks good with om. Ok I think the comment was long enough so BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Post next one soon.

    1. Minion....

      Thank you so much..?..for your lovely comment…n i was not knowing about the age so got confused..??could u plz help me in that…n about who is going to play that role for that i have to think so i will let you know in my next update and that will be soon..
      N don’t take tension about long comment…its ok becoz i am one of them..??n once again thank you…

      1. ok fine sorry if i irriated you by commenting on nisha’s age.

  9. Go head dear…sounds Interesting

    1. Minion....


  10. Manu24

    do continue yaar 🙂

    1. Minion....


  11. Sat_9492

    Nice…. Carry on….

  12. Minion....

    Thanks …i will post ASAP..?

  13. Yaar! Post next one soon na!! For how long should I wait I want to read your FF. So plz post soon and yeah don’t test my patience becoz i don’t know what patience is and yeah i have a problem yaar to become registered member and post my own FF i made an account here about 15 days ago and it does not allow me to register and it says your email account is awaiting verfication. So plz tell me what to do????????? And yeah i felt that u got bit irriated by my comment on nisha’s age sorry if that bothered you but that’s my style of talking.

  14. Nice episode…

    1. Minion....

      Thank you ..

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