ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 7

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hi guys.

Naira’s POV.

I just love sundays.

I lay back on my bed, eating chocolates, and drinking hot chocolate.
Yep! I’m a chocolate lover, a fan!

I check my phone for some messages, no..nothing!
not even from karthik!

It’s strange, he hasn’t spoke with me since yesterday..

“office work..” I suddenly remebered.

I slowly close my eyes, when I wake up from my phone call.
It’s Raina.

“Hello girl..where have you been?” I asked her.

Raina was my college friend, also a friend of karthik.

“I was busy know with life” She said, giggling.

I laugh.

“what happened with karthik?” She asked.
“Nothing!” I replied. ” Can we guys meet?”

“Yeah sure! when?” She asks.
“TODAY!” I reply.

we laugh.

Yay! now I get to call karthik. It’s weird..I can’t stay without him.

Karthik’s POV.

I get a call from her.

“hello” I answer it.
“it’s me” she replied.

As soon as I hear that voice, all my worries go away..IT’s Naira!!

“Naira, I want to talk to you..” I said..
“Yes..?” She asked, eagerly wanting to know..
“We met in college, and as soon as I saw do you know what I fell for? your eyes! and ever since then, whenever I stare at your eyes I can read your mind..and recently I’ve been wanting you more, and now I realise I LOVE YOU!” I said.

I said it! really!

She laughed. “Me too”

We smile together. But I someone splashes water on me..I opened my eyes.


It’s Luv And Kush…And all of that was a dream?!

“Call for you bhaiya” luv says, handing over my phone.

I check the’s naira..and this time FOR REAL!

“Hey naira” I say, trying not to sound to sad or sleepy.
“Hello karthik, are you sleepy?” she asked me.

she found it out..maybe I can’t change my voice..

“Hmmmm, I saw a beautiful dream..anyway..what’s the hurry?” I asked her.

“I’m going to meet Raina..can you join us?” She asked.

Oh my! 3 friends, meeting again, after a long exciting!

“Ofcourse” I replied eagerly.
“Great” naira says, her voice sounds very exciting. “we’ll meet you there, you know the cafe?”

She ends call and I smiled.

Naira’s POV.

Me and Raina talk and talk untill Karthik arrives. He’s always late…
Finally he entered the cafe. He looked stunning.

“Hello karthik” Raina greeted him.
“Hi girl!” Karthik said.

They hugged each other.

“Come on guys, have a seat” I said.
“Oh god, I’m really hungry, let’s order the food guys” Karthik exclaimed.

He’s always hungry.

After we ordered the food, we kept chatting. We had so much to talk about.
We were interrupted by Naksh bhai’s call.

“Naira, home right now!” His voice sounded shaky.
“Bhai anything wrong?” I asked.

Oh god now I was really worried. what if something terrible has happened?!

“Come on’s urgent” bhai said.
“Okay” I replied.

I ended the call.

“Sorry guys, got to matter” I said, I felt really bad.

But yes, that’s what friends are for..they consoled me and I went home. I hope everything is fine!

Karthik’s POV.

what family matter? After Naira left it was just Raina and me.

“I do hope everything is fine!” Called Raina.

I nodded. I was more tensed than Naira.

“Karthik?” Raina asked. “Do you um…love naira?”

What was that? how did she know?

I nodded slowly. she smiled.

“Wondering how I got to know?” She started. “Your face, all emotions..staring at her…smiling at her..You really do love naira..”

I laughed.

“You are a great friend Raina” I exclaimed.

We hug. I love my friends!

“Well karthik, do tell her” She said.

“I’m scared..what if she says..?” I said.

“No..don’t think negative..” she cut me off.

We smiled.

PRECAP: Raina’s POV. naira’s family tensed.


I’m really sorry, for the short update, for those who think it was..
I’ll try to write longer in the next episodes..i was so busy these days.

How about Raina to make kaira together???!!
Do comment.


sorry for the mistakes guys!

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  1. Fenil

    It’s Fantastic
    Laughing hard dear our karthik see dream of confessing love on phone very simply….but our lav kush interrupted…
    Naira expecting call nd msgs from karthik wow
    So finally u make a new entry wid bringing Raina who very well known kaira.Good friends
    For Raina : Nalini Negi

    1. Crazyfan

      Im really really glad u enjoyed it!!!

      She’s really good for the role!

  2. Vinni05

    Cute part waiting for next

    1. Crazyfan

      Thank you!!

  3. Vrushy

    Nice 🙂
    Waiting for next part !!

    1. Crazyfan

      Thank you dear!!

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