Love at coffee shop (episode 3)

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Hey guys. Keerti is here. I know i know i am so late & absent for such a long time. But what to do yar festival na isi liye. I have to accept i enjoyed so much with my friends & flying kites.

Very very sorry for missing my update. Now i will stop my talking express & start ff. Here we go.


Laksh’s clarification about love to swara.

At the same cafe. Convo between swara & laksh.

Sharukh has started saying his experience.

Laksh: Thats y i will call my loved ones as silver.

Swara: Then what is this intelligent boy doing on my table?

Laksh: To keep an application. Love & fondness. In this matter boys have three approaches to express them. The approaches i knew & believe in firstly, they like someone they will decide to express her but this heart beats faster than a racing cheetah in discovery channel. Silence predominates his words. In that process fear wins over the desire. We will dance to the tunes of misfortune. Six out of ten boys will be like this only.

If i am one of them, this conversation wouldn’t have happened. Secondly, the way ants whirl around sugar, planets around the sun these guys stalk you all the time. Even after cursed, beaten and hissed off, they still follow you. They will have patience along with time. Only because of them girls are looking down on boys. Feeling exaggerated only because of their following. Because of them the girls fathers had developed a special image for boys. We are unable to resist their stares on streets. As though we owe a debt for them. Three out of ten will be like this. The job i do, sometimes i don’t even have time to eat afternoon lunch. Then how can i stalk you in evenings? So i am not even that type too.

Lastly the third without any apprehension & fear facing someone like this, making an eye contact & express the fondness. They don’t care if your brother is a karate expert or not. The frank they are the caring also will be the same. If mistreated they will pay pay back hard. They will do anything you like. And will leave if u refuse. They won’t bother you. Not because they lack love or patience but they possess sense & duties. These are real pride of boyhood. That is my brief introduction.

Swara: I am not single. I have a boy friend.

Laksh: Definetly no. In this mobile phone generation, in this romantic ambience without stressing her fingers or ears a girl of this beauty is idle for last one hour means surely u don’t have a boyfriend.

You are single & i bet my entire property on that.

Swara: Then get ready to write out your property. I am really not single.

Laksh: Fine. I believe you have one. But i don’t mind it. God can have number of devotees. A beautiful unmarried girl is worth a try to any sensible unmarried boy. Each has his own way. Why to stop their attempts?

Listen to me. Spend some time with me. I feel the astrology favours me today.

Swara: Okay go ahead then.

Thats it guys. Please read it & comment. Take care.

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  1. Inu

    Superb. Lovely words.

  2. Mica

    ufoo confidence laksh

  3. loved it

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