Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi (Episode 44 and 45)

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RECAP: Anika warns Shivaay to be careful…..Rudra is confused regarding his feelings…..Om confronts Ishana but Ishana doesn’t say anything

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Ishana came back and as she was passing by Om’s room, she saw him packing his bag and went in,
Ishana: Om, what are you doing? And where are you going?
Om didn’t answer and ignored her which surprised her,
Ishana: Om, I am talking to you, at least answer me. I know you are upset but please at least talk to me.
Om still didn’t pay attention and continued with his work. Ishana held his hand, and he looked at her,
Omkara: Leave my hand and let me do my work. (Saying so he removed her hand rudely, Ishana was shocked)
Ishana: Om, please don’t behave like this. Please, I said naa I am sorry, please.
Omkara: See Ishana, I don’t need your sorry. I just want answer to my question.
Ishana: Om…wo…
Omkara: What happened? I know you don’t have an answer, so let’s leave it.

Saying so he picked up his bag and left the room.

Ishana’s tears were now flowing, the tears she had controlled till now, and she sat down crying near the bed. She herself didn’t understand that why she didn’t answer Om’s question when she had an answer, she didn’t know why she kept quiet knowing that he meant everything to her, that she loved him, more than anything in this world but still she didn’t utter a single word when his painful eyes pierced her heart, she still kept quiet.

In the living room,

Om took blessings from Dadi and others.

Jhanvi: Om kuch din aur ruk jate, Hume acha lagta.
Soumya: Haa naa Om Bhaiya, please stay here for few more days.
Omkara: I am sorry Dadi, I cannot stay here for longer, waise bhi ab to shaadi bhi ho gayi hai, and what will I do staying here?
Rudra: Om Bhaiya, stay naa.
Omkara: Sorry Rudra but..
Dadi: When everybody is saying then stay Om puttar. Ab kya Dadi ki baat bhi nahi manoge.
Omkara: Aree Dadi, wo….Acha thik hai but only for a few days.
Soumya (thinking): Yes, now see what I do? Om Bhaiya now you’ll stay here forever wo bhi mere jiju banker. (She smiles to herself)

Ishana who was standing far hears this and gets happy.
All go back to their respective rooms.

The next day,

Anika was getting ready when her eyes fell on the mangalsutra on the dressing table, she picked it up and remembered every moment she spent with Shivaay.

Shivaay who had come to give her an important file saw her holding the mangalsutra, he walked to her and stood behind her, Anika looked at him through the mirror, and they stared at each other.

Shivaay took the mangalsutra from her hand and slowly brushed away her hair from her back, his touch sent a slight shiver through her body, she closed her eyes for a moment, instead of making Shivaay away, Anika just kept quiet which surprised both of them, Shivaay continued and made her wear the mangalsutra, he then kissed on her neck to which Anika didn’t say anything. He then made her face him and slowly filled her hairline with sindoor. He kept the sindoor down. He then cupped her face and kissed her forehead.
Both of them looked at each other.

(“O Jaana” Plays in BG)

Anika realized what she was doing and moved back bringing Shivaay back to reality,
Anika: You…
However before she could say anything, they were disturbed by the shouting sounds coming from the living room. Both of them immediately ran out.

In the living room,

Shivika came down and were shocked to see Jhanvi crying badly and Tej shouting at her.
Anika thanked God that Ishana and Soumya were not home to see all this.

Anika: Bade papa, what happened? Why are you shouting like this and why is Badi maa crying?
Tej: You stay out of all this, this is our personal matter, and you don’t have to say anything.
Anika was taken aback and Shivaay was surprised.
Pinky: Jethji, how dare you talk to my daughter like that?
Shakti: Pinky please, this is not the time for all this.
Pinky: Aap to rehne hi dijiye, khud to kuch kahenge nahi aur naa mujhe kehne denge.
Anika: Shut up everybody. Just keep quiet.

All were shocked seeing Anika shout like this and all kept quiet.

Anika went and sat near Jhanvi.

Anika: Badi maa

Jhanvi hugged Anika tightly and started crying more which made Anika worry more. She controlled her tears and maintained her composure. She made Jhanvi face her and wiped her tears.
Anika: Calm down Badi maa, please tell me what happened.
Jhanvi: Anika, wo. Tej….
Tej: You just leave it, I’ll only say. Anika, it’s not a big deal, I just asked Jhanvi to sign the divorce papers.

Shivika are shocked.

Dadi: You don’t have any shame Tej, it’s not a big deal. Till date, we don’t have any divorce in Oberoi family and now how can you even think of divorcing Jhanvi. Till the time I am alive I won’t let this happen.
Anika: Bade papa, what are you saying? Aap Badi maa ko divorce kaise de sakte hai. Just think how it’ll affect Ishu and Soumya.
Jhanvi: Leave it Anika, it’s no use explaining him, he doesn’t care about anyone else, he only cares for himself.

Tej doesn’t pay attention to her words.

Jhanvi: I am feeling ashamed of myself today that I still love a man like you. You know what a person like you doesn’t deserve all this, you just deserve hatred, I feel ashamed that you are my husband, you are just selfish and a bl**dy lier…

Tej raised his hand to slap Jhanvi, all are shocked but his hand was stopped by Shivaay who stood between Tej and Jhanvi, Anika looks at him.

Shivaay: How dare you raise your hand on my mother?
Jhanvi looks at Shivaay with tearful eyes. Anika looks on,
Tej: Who are you talk in between, this is our family matter and you don’t have any right to talk in between.
Anika: He is my husband and he has complete rights to talk. And you don’t have any rights to talk to my husband like this.

Shivaay looked at Anika in surprise.
Shivaay held Jhanvi by her shoulder,

Shivaay: Maa, you don’t have to cry. Till your son is here, you don’t have to shed a single tear.


Shivaay was sitting alone on the stairs, Jhanvi who was passing by saw him, and she understood that he was sad and went and sat beside him. Sensing Jhanvi near him, Shivaay wiped his tear,

Jhanvi: Pata hai when Ishu was small and whenever she was sad or angry, she would come and sit here and then I would come and sit beside her. At first she wouldn’t say anything but then she would hug me tightly and cry. After that she would tell me her problem and then I would explain her and she would get happy. This is her favorite place in the mansion.

After finishing Jhanvi just smiled at Shivaay, Shivaay without thinking anything just hugged her tightly and cried, Jhanvi caressed his hair and calmed him down. She wiped his tears and kissed his forehead.

Jhanvi: Now tell me, what happened?
Shivaay: I don’t know why but I am missing maa a lot today.
Jhanvi: Bas itni si baat, to abhi tumhari maa ko bula lete hai.

Shivaay looked at her confused.
Jhanvi got up, walked a few steps and turned around, she opened her arms and said,

Jhanvi: Shivaay (Shivaay looked on confused) Apni maa ke gale nahi lagega.
Shivaay didn’t know how to react, he got up and ran to her like a five-year old kid and hugged her tightly.
Shivaay: Thank you maa.


Shivaay wiped her tears and Jhanvi hugged him. Anika smiled seeing them.


RECAP: Om agrees to stay at OM for few more days…….Shivika moments……..Tej asks Jhanvi to sign divorce papers…….Arguments in OM

At present, Oberoi Mansion, Living room,

Tej: All of you are my family and still are taking this woman’s side. I can’t believe this.
Dadi: Because she has valued all her relations in this house, which you have forgotten long time back.
Tej: Do whatever you want but remember one thing, I am also Tej Singh Oberoi, and I won’t lose so easily.
Saying so Tej leaves without waiting for any reply.

After Tej leaves, Jhanvi breaks down, Shivika support her.

Jhanvi: Why is all this happening with me? What wrong have I done?
Voice: You have done the mistake of loving the wrong man.

All turn around and are shocked to see Ishana, who was boiling with anger.

Anika: Ishu…
Before Anika could say anything, Ishana left from there.
Shivaay: Don’t worry Anika, I’ll talk to her. You take care of maa.
Shivaay goes behind Ishana.

At the poolside,

Ishana was sitting near the pool, tears flowing from her eyes. Shivaay came there and saw her, he went and stood beside her, and Ishana saw him and hugged him tightly, crying harder this time.

After sometime, Shivaay calmed her down, he wiped her tears and made her sit down and sat beside her.

Ishana: Aisa kyun hota hai ki jisase hum sabse jyada pyaar karte hai, wo hi hume sabse jyada takleef dete hai? Kya pyaar karne ki itni badi saza milti hai?
Shivaay: Aisa nahi hai Ishu, pyaar mein kabhi kisiko saza nahi milti, takleef hoti hai par sirf kuch samay ke liye, dheere-dheere sab thik ho jata hai.
Ishana: Kab Shivaay…Kab thik hoga sab? 15 saalon se dekh rahi hu yeh sab, mom ko har roz ghut-ghutkar jeete hue dekh kar dard hota hai iss dil mein….. ab to koi umeed bhi nahi hai…..jab 15 saalon mein kuch nahi hua to ab kya hoga.
Shivaay: Itni jaldi umeed mat ko Ishu, main hoo naa, main sab kuch thik kar dunga, trust me.

Ishana looked at Shivaay who assured her that everything would be fine.

Ishana: Anika, sach mein bahut lucky hai.
Shivaay: Kyun?
Ishana: Kyunki use itna acha humsafar mila hai. Aaj wo yeh samajh nahi paa rahi hai par jis din samjhegi naa, wo din tum dono ki sabhi khushiyon kaa aagaaz hoga.
Ishana got up to leave,
Ishana: Thanks Shivaay
Shivaay: Ek baat yaad rakhna, main tumhara jiju hone se pehle tumhara dost hu aur chahe kuch bhi ho main hamesha tumhare saath hu.
Ishana nodded and left.

Shivaay turned to go but stopped seeing Anika who just smiled and left.
Anika was happy that there was someone other than her who would always stand by her family, especially her sisters and never leave them alone in problem. The way he handled both Jhanvi and Ishana, she was relaxed that she didn’t have to worry because Shivaay would always be there.

At night, Oberoi Mansion,

Om was busy with one of his paintings when he heard slight music playing and he followed the music, he was walking through the corridor but stopped outside a room from where the music was coming, he slowly opened the door and saw Ishana busy in her dance.

She was wearing a peach coloured anarkali which was moving with her dance moves, the golden jhumkas were swinging around her face, her hair tied in a fish tail which moved around as she continued dancing, she was looking like an angel only descended down on Earth to add onto its beauty.

Om was completely lost in her that slowly he started walking towards her, he was now standing very close to her, Ishana who was unaware of his presence turned around suddenly, she collided with Om and was about to fall but Om held her on time, he held her by her waist while she closed her eyes in fear, she held Om by encircling her arms around his neck.

Slowly she opened her eyes and both of them were lost in each other’s eyes.

(“O Saathiya” Plays in BG)

Anika’s room,

Shivaay came to give Anika an important file but she was not there, he was about to go back when his eyes fell on someone sitting near the pool, he walked there and was surprised to see Anika, he was about to go back but stopped when he realized that she was crying.
Shivaay: Anika…

Before he could complete, Anika hugged him tightly and cried.

Anika: I have failed once again. I couldn’t keep my family happy, I couldn’t live upto the promise I made to Dadi. I have failed as a sister as well as a daughter. I have failed today.
Shivaay: Who said you have failed? You are Anika Singh Oberoi and ASO never fails. And who said you failed as a daughter and sister, in fact you are the best daughter, the best sister and the best wife in this world.
Anika looked at him in shock and Shivaay realized what he said.
Shivaay: I mean you can never fail, so stop crying and let’s sleep. Good night.

Saying all this Shivaay hurriedly left from there.
Anika smiled at him.

(“O Jaana” Plays in BG)

Back to Ishana-Om,

Om slowly made Ishana stand, Ishana was about to go but Om stopped her and pulled her closer to him, Ishana was facing him, they were very close to each other, Om brought Ishana’s face nears to his, Ishana closed her eyes tightly, Om brought his lips closer to hers and as he was about to kiss her, he realized what he was doing, he left Ishana and moved back, Ishana opened her eyes, Om left from there without looking at her or saying anything.

Omkara (thinking): Om, what were you going to do? Its better you control your emotions.
Ishana stood there thinking of what happened few moments ago.

The next day,

Rudra was getting ready when Soumya came there,

Soumya: Kya baat hai, looks like someone is going on a date.
Rudra: Oh please, yeh date-vate, only you have time for all this stupid things.
Soumya: Acha, then where are you going, wohi bhi itne saj-dhaj kar.
Rudra: I have some work.
Soumya: What work?
Rudra: Why should I tell you?
Soumya: Don’t tell me, I am not dying to know.
Rudra: Good. Bye, see you.
Rudra leaves.
Soumya: Aisa bhi kya kaam, I have to see.
Soumya also goes behind him.

That’s all for today.
Keep reading and smiling!!!

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