Naamkaran 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni and Mitali have an argument

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Naamkaran 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saying Neil….I m sorry. Neil says I m sorry, I should have been careful, its my mistake. She says Mowgli will get fine. He says I will memorize the list and tell Mitali so that this doesn’t happen next time. Avni says we have to give him sponge bath, I know Mowgli recovers by sponge bath, he is my son, I know what’s right and what’s wrong for him, I will call you all if I need help. Bebe and others leave. Neil and Avni give sponge bath to Mowgli. Neil says he will get fine, relax. Prakash asks Shweta to see Mowgli, he has lived with Avni for ten years, how will he change habits in one day. Shweta says he just came here, Neil also needs time, Mowgli will like staying with us, he is our blood, we didn’t see him getting born and his childhood, we can at least watch him grow. She gets Mitali’s call and says maybe Neil’s phone is on silent, he is with Mowgli. Avni says Mowgli’s temperature is getting down.

Mitali comes there. She sees Neil and Avni. She says Neil, you didn’t inform me about Mowgli. He says Mowgli had high fever. She says you should have informed me first, not Avni, if you do this, how will Mowgli, you and me become a family. Avni sees her pics on wall and says you cut all the pics from album and pasted here, I miss you a lot. Neil says Mowgli wanted to meet Avni, she is his mom, it doesn’t mean you are less imp, Mowgli will take time to adjust, we have to keep patience, you have to help me in this. He goes. Avni gets Sunehri’s call and says yes, Mowgli is better, are all the kids fine there, I will come soon, you may sleep.

Neil comes and says thank God you came, sorry to trouble you at night. Avni thanks Neil for showing her true position. She says you have shown me that I need your consent to meet Mowgli, I was foolish to think everything got fine, you are with me, I m not alone anymore, your thanks brought me close to reality, you have made Mowgli away from me, so he has fallen ill, I will come here for his sake, I understood your anger, you are taking revenge for my decision, you will never forgive me, you have understood me before, and I thought you will never hurt me, you gave me the deepest wound, I will never forgive you, you have snatched your son and settled scores. She sits by Mowgli’s side. Neil also rests near Mowgli. They hold Mowgli’s hand. Mitali looks on.

Its morning, Neil and Avni take care of Mowgli. Mitali comes. She sees them and turns to go. Neil asks her to come. She says I just came to see Mowgli, how is he now. He says better. Avni says I shall leave. Mowgli stops her. Avni says you remember what I said, I will keep visiting you, but I have to go now, Neil please keep updating me. He agrees.

Mitali stops Avni and says I m sorry, but you have to go away from Neil’s life. Avni says Neil and I got divorced now. Mitali says you advised me to move on with Neil, you showed me dreams, but you are still with her, Neil is never present in any of my event, he is never with me, I m all alone, you need to go away from Neil’s life, I will never get close to him if you keep meeting him. Avni says you are misunderstanding me, I came here as Mowgli was unwell, he needed me. Mitali says I know, but I m there to look after him. Avni asks is it a small thing for you that my son fell ill, he was crying all night, he is fine now as I have come here, I have no interest in your and Neil’s life, I don’t have custody, but none can stop me from meeting him. Mitali says we are capable to take care of Mowgli, trust us. Avni says you are Neil’s would be wife, just stay that, I m Mowgli’s mum and will always be. She leaves.

Kamini says child gives birth to mum, like KK had given a birth to me, but Avni has snatched him from me. She gets angry. Neil talks to Shweta and Mowgli about his school. He says I will drop you to school. Shweta says then I will pack his tiffin. Neil makes Mowgli sit. He packs the bag. Avni asks Samrat did he reach boarding school, just take care. She ends call. Sunehri says Samrat will become much successful, credit goes to you, he got a free scholarship in the prestigious boarding school. Avni says I miss you, I know he will come back, but Mowgli fell unwell, don’t know what condition he is in. Sunehri says Neil also worries for him, he updated you when he took Mowgli to doctor, you can meet him any time. Avni says I m always ready to stand with Mowgli, don’t know if he gets habitual to live without me. Sunehri says no one can take mum’s place.

At cafe, Mitali says you know how I prefer my coffee. Neil says I have done many mistakes, so I have done this to impress you. She says you impressed me when you arranged candle light dinner at my home. He shows the honeymoon destinations chosen by Bebe and Shweta. She says final call is yours. She says they are amazing destinations, I m confused, we will go to Bali, I love beaches. He says oh great, Mowgli loves beaches, he makes sand castles, I think we should reach the list sent by Avni. He sees reminder and says sorry, I have to pick up Mowgli from school, he would be alone. Mowgli waits for Neil. A boy asks didn’t you dad come, don’t worry, he will come. Some goons come there. The goon asks Mowgli to come, his mum is waiting in taxi. Mowgli runs to see Avni. Goons kidnap him. The car leaves.

Avni says I know who can do this, Kamini failed to trap kids in child trafficking, she tried to kidnap Mowgli and failed, Kamini has done all this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think Mowgli’s kidnapping saga will get AvNiel closer.
    Avni slashed the house with her argument with Mitali.
    They say a person who goes through pain understands the pain of another person and makes sure te to never give that kind of pain to anyone. Both Niel and Kamini defy this. I never thought a day will come when I will put Niel in the same bracket as the villian, disappointed in the character.
    But still a rooter for AvNiel.
    Sad that the show will end soon.
    But what ever starts has to end sometime. Will always love the show.

  2. Sana.

    Avni should not forgive Neil.neil is planning honeymoon with mitali chi.itna neecha gir jayega vo.mogli ka pain dikayi nehim deta he usko aur avni ka pain bhi sirf apni badla hi usko dikayi deta he.mktali chi what kind of woman she is?god only dare she to tell avni to stay away from mogli.she can tell her to stay away from Neil as he is her to be hubby but staying away from mogli…how can she ask that to avni..u stupid girl.really they will learn to rise mogli without avni…chi all this because of this Neil only.he should suffer for what he is doing I said earlier I am the strong opposer for avneil’s reunion as Neil doesn’t deserve avni and mogli.i wish avni to move on with someone than this jackass neil.he putted avni behind bars so that she could be his wife and vidyut could not get her.but what he is doing now? He wanted avni to be his’ all the time but now he forgot that he belongs to avni..what kind of man he is? He is worst than vidyut now a days.if vidyut did it we can digest it as he is a villain but Neil now a days proved himself a worst villain and also the womaniser than vidyut.i didn’t watch the episode as I realize nothing won’t change instead I would get only disappointment.i will definitely unsubscribe starplus from my channels list after nk goes off air.

    1. Sana.

      The way Neil behaving with mitali and cupping her face and kissing her in the upcoming all shows that he is the worst hubby I know worst hubby is not a heavy duty word he is the worst man in the universe.

  3. I don’t know what to say. Neil is not that bad after all. I can see some grey shades in him. In this epi he was fine. I simply hate this Shweta and Mitali. Both are being possessive about Mowgli and Neil respectively. And this Shweta is again turning so obsessive. She isn’t understanding a single thing. Dare they speak anything against Avni. And this Mitali, I just hate her. What does she mean that Neil should have called her first. What does she think of herself. Is she some goddess or something. And see how is she talking to Avni. She should remember at all times that she and Neil are not marriedyet whereas Avni and Neil have a son, so Avniel’s realtion is far ahead of what she thinks. Avni gave a good answer but if I would have been in her place, I would have given an even better answer. And she is not Mowgli’s mother, so she better not behave like one. And when she said that she is capable of taking care of Mowgli. She is such an a*sh*le. Doesn’t she know that no one can take a mother’s place for a child. STUPID. And this Kamini is such an a*sh*le too. Jab tak jail ki hawa nhi lagegi, tab tak akal thikane nhi aayegi. She is just too much. Pls remove her character. She is a constant source of irritation and hatred. sUCH A STONE HEARTED LADY. sHE IS kk’S MOM BUT SHE DOESN’T BEHAVE LIKE ONE. She has no rights to be called amom. What sort of mom she is if she can’t understand children’s pain and the pain of separation from their mothers.
    Just love love love u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Avni :*

    1. I mean Mitali is not Mowgli’s mom so she better not behave like one

  4. How neil saying honeymoon plans to Mitali. So disgusting. Like Swetha one mother there na total families collapse.

  5. No words…. just please don’t test our patience by showing Neil discussing honeymoon destinations with Mitali…..we are already hurt that our show is going to end… atleast show some courtesy on avneil fans…CVs afterall this is last week….

  6. Deepi

    What the hell is happening is this he gone mad????how can he so cheap by planning honeymoon with mitali?disgusting.I think in mitali is too involved in Mowgli’s kidnap?

    1. Sana.

      He is the cheapest creature on the universe

  7. Sana.

    Seriously bebe and Swetha planned honeymoon destinations for mineil…seriously bebe also joined in this..omg what the hell is this?with how many girls they will plan honeymoon for Neil..its nearly a prostitution.better they can run a prostition in their house like Ragini pandit so that they will get more girls for Neil….chichichi…Ragini pandit is better than this people.she never ever allowed her son to touch a girl in her rangmahal.chuhi only trapped him so that she could escape easily from rangmahal.

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    Mixed emotions episodes….
    Now tomorrow mogli will be kidnapped, 3rd episode neil and avni will fight and find mogli, in 4th episode they shall try to save mogli, and on last that is on friday they will save him and neil shall marry mitali, and in mandap he shall realise his love and in last 10 min avni and neil will unite…. Only 4 more episodes to go…. ???????

  9. How can stupid Mitali ask a mother to go away from her son’s life is this girl for real? I love the response she got from Avni and wish Neil do not end up with Avni what he is doing with Mitali is wrong he is using her to get back at Avni and the clown cannot see further than her nose,and least we forget there has been no one in Avni’s life and I am sure no one will be but Neil gawd I hate if that should happen.

  10. Pavithra1616

    Episode was really good actually..oh! Avni u rocked yaar… U said u won’t forgive Neil ever! Great! That’s really great! Neil doesn’t deserve her forgiveness.. And I don’t know why I am feeling like this that avni herself has forgotten who killed her neela ma.. Mitali deserves this actually!!! She deserves this for loving someone else’s husband.. Mowgli is the only way in which avneil can keep in contact.. Thank u Mowgli but still Neil doesn’t deserve avni and Mowgli.. And how dare that mitali say such things to avni? How dare she? But it was good that avni replied very boldly.. Found old avni ayesha back today.. But old Neil not back yet… And i dont want to talk about the last part as it was so bad.. So,waiting for twms epi… Luv u avneil….?????

  11. Neil, what happened to you?? U want Avni so much then why don’t you admit it??
    Why to be so confused.
    Why are u planning honeymoon with that bafoon Mitali??
    Mitali who the hell are u to ask Avni to stay away from Mowgli??

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