Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 4 Episode

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? Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

4 – Episode

Recap :- Avni plans to buy a ring for Neela Maa on occasion of mothers day , At jewelry store she clashes with Neil

Avni’s car crashes with a big white

Avni : It’s a huge highway , There’s a big space this man has to drive in from of me only .

On that highway , Two cars were in front of each other . Both of their doors opens .

Avni comes out and sees him , She’s terrified on seeing him .

The man sees her and says ” How much we looked for you , Boss was mad after your missing and you’re riding here in car ”

Avni : Whatever you do I’ll never come with you , Now I’m free , Free from your trap .

Man : Ballu ko na !! Na ! Bahut mehenga parhega ( Don’t argue with Ballu you would have to pay for it )

Avni : I don’t care about you , And not even your boss .

Ballu : Don’t talk with me like this , Have you forgotten that you’re Alia , You’re that little fragile , Delicate girl who use to be afraid from us

Avni : That time I was little girl , Now I’m not that weak girl , I’m strong , Today I’m in my birthplace , And here no one can do anything to me

Ballu : What do you think , You’ll flaunt these filmy dialogues and you’ll freak me out ( He laughs aloud ) , Nice joke

Ballu : Come Alia , Vacations are over now , It’s time to get back to work

Avni : I’m not Alia , I’m Avni , And no one can take my identity from me .

Ballu comes near her , He shows her a picture

” You’re Alia , And you’ll stay Alia till your last breath ” , He grasps her hairs tightly ” And you lost your name the very day when your mother died , Now you’re made only for boss , You’re Alia ”

He leaves her and she is pushed back with a jerk .

Ballu : Now silently come with us , Or else what your mother will regret from above seeing what is happening with her daughter

Avni got frustrated , She holds his collars

Avni roars ” Open your ears and listen to me carefully , My mom is not dead , She’s still living in me , In my heart and I’ve promised her that I’ll never let her die , I am her daughter Avni and will stay Avni ”

Ballu : You can just speak and speak and can’t do anything , But I don’t believe in it , We’ve to go , Boss is waiting , Come .

Ballu holds her arm and pulls her towards his car .

Avni shouts ” Leave me , I said leave my hand ”

Avni in her mind ” No i can’t go back to that hell again , No I won’t ”

Avni hurriedly breaks her glass bangle and pricks it on his hand .

Ballu shouts and pulls his hand away .

Avni seeking the opportunity runs away .

Ballu : Hey what are waiting for catch her .

Two men runs behind her , Running a few steps they both caught her .

Avni to them : Till now you’ve seen Alia , But today you’ll see Avni , You’ll see when a girl have to save herself , She can even fight a tiger

Avni gives a hard puch on one of the mans face .

Avni : This is my life and I’ve the right to rule it , Not you .

Avni runs again to save herself . She fights with other two men , They fell and she ran away .

Ballu reached at the spot ” Today again this girl ran away , We couldn’t catch her , Now what will I tell boss ”

Avni reaches back to‘ Sukoon ghar ‘

Neela stood up from sofa in shock ” Ahiana , Were were you Bacha ! I was so tensed ”

Avni comes in , keeps her bag on sofa ” Nothing Neela ma ! I was busy in doing some shopping ”

Neela : What do you think am I a fool , Can’t I see your torn clothes , These scars on your arms , Tell me what happened

Avni : Nothing some bad men chased me , But I didn’t gave up , I fought

Neela : Oh my god , Did you told police about it , wait let me do so

Avni : Ma ! you needn’t do anything , I taught them a brilliant lesson , Now they won’t repeat it again .

Neela : Still Bacha !

Avni : Ma ! don’t worry , I’m fine with it , Now may I please go to my room to get fresh .

Avni goes to her room .Instantly she takes out picture of her mom .

Avni : See mom your daughter fight back today , Every time I get low , I recall my mission , To find you mom and to fulfill your dream .

Avni smiles sobbingly ” But you know I’ve got a mother just like you , Neela ma ! she’s so sweet ”

Avni bangs her head ” Oh shit ! I forgot to bring back my purse form shop ”

Avni says that it would not be safe to again to go out of house , So she calls at the store .


Neil is holding Avni’s and his childhood picture in his hands

Neil to himself ” Avni , I remember every inch of our childhood , I really miss you so much ”

Someonemeone knocks at his back ” Oye tillu , Still you’re sitting here holding her picture , I told you burn it away ”

Neil : Mom what’re you saying , Yo know very well that she’s my best friend .

Shweta ( Mother ) : Oye shut up , She’s your enemy , Thank god she died , And her mom also , Don’t you remember , Because of her once goons attacked you , And every time police use to visit her house , I just thank god she’s not here now

Neil : No , She’s not dead , She’s alive , But where I don’t know

Shweta : In which decade you’re living in , Don’t remember , 15 years ago , Her house was burnt , In that her mom and she died .

Neil : No mom , That was a fake news , If it would had happened then where’s the dead bodies , Reports says there was no corpse found .

Shweta : I don’t know anything , Just move on now

Neil : I’ve told earlier also , Now I’m repeating again , She’s taken a fraction of both my heart and mind ,

Now I don’t know if I would be Able to give it to someone else or not .

Shweta looks into his eyes with sort of disturbance in her mind .

Shweta leaves the room , Neil’s sits down and his phone rings .

Neil : Hello

Avni : Hi today in the morning at jewelry store shopkeeper gave you my purse , I got your number form him

Neil finds out it’s the same girl ” Oh yeah , I have it ”

Avni : Could you please return it to me I’ll message you the address

Neil : Off course why not

Neil to himself ” Wow , Now I can give her the ring too ”

Neil sees the address ” This address ! How ! ” He says in suspicion .

Sorry if I bored you and I just hope it was a good one . Show it some love by hitting ?? icon , Your views , Criticism , Comments would be awaited by me . Good night all my lovelies ??

In previous episode I made 
A mistake , In beginning episodes Neela calls
Avni as Avni , But Avni hasn't told her 
Real name to anyone. sorry for
That . If you found any mistake 
Do tell  , Bye ...
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  1. 8B4756

    Superb episode di,and I think that in ankkhon me Teri. Naina sings well that’s why Avni also sings well.

    1. Kira

      Yeah , You got it right dear ??

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    Nice episode di… And why you were upset??
    Good night and sweet dreams

    1. Kira

      Just ase hi , Mood swings
      Thanks ??

  3. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Amazing episode like always ☺ update soon

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear , ??

  4. Jasminerahul

    shocking that it was the goon who was looking for avni.loved how avni saved herself.poor Neil is missing her childhood friend avni.shocking that sweta hates her very much.waiting for Neil to recognize avni.nice pics.I love pic updates

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear ?

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