Ishqbaaz Bole Oberio (part 2)

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Hey guys sorry for late update actually it was my results yesterday so was a bit tensed but Mashaallah it’s good so hear I am with another chappy
Plz continue supporting me luv u guys

Let’s begin
After sometime the Dr comes out
Everyone rush towards him
Shivaay:Dr how is anika my wife
Dr:she is out of danger but
Shivaay:but what Dr
Dr:she is very weak and stressed so make sure she isn’t tensed
Everyone sighed in relief
Rumya looked at eo and smiled
Same with chulkara
Om:thanks chulbul you supported me
Chulbul:omkara ji you tell no that I’m your buddy so I can do this much atleast right

Shivaay:Dr can we meet her
Dr:yes only one person after she gets conscious then everyone can meet

Soumya:bade bhaiya you should go
Shivaay nodded and went inside
It pained him to see his anika lying on the bed with so many machines attached to her
He went near her and sat on the stool nearby and held her hand softly
Shivaay:why anika why you took the bullet on yourself it was going to hit me why
He was teary eyed
Yes the great shivaay singh oberoi was teary eyed bcoz his wife was lying unconscious
He came near her and pecked her forehead
Anika finger moves a bit
Shivaay:you know anika I was so sacred for the first time in my life
Anika responded to his talks by moving her finger but it wasn’t noticed by shivaay as he was busy in talking with his unconscious wife

Screen shifts to chulkara
Om got a call
Om:what r u sure
Other side:———–
Om:OK I’ll meet you 2Moro yeah at xyz place

After the phone call
He hugged chulbul
Chulbul smiled
Om:chulbul guess what my detective had found a clue against swetlana
Chulbul:see I told you that shankar ji will definitely help us
Om:not again plz chulbul
Chulbul:so this time sultana madam ji will be caught right
Om:definitely chulbul after ishana and riddhima cheated me and after Mr oberoi inhuman behavior towards mom I didn’t trust anyone bcoz I was afraid that I would be broken if I trust anyone but you are a true friend and I trust you alot I know this is not gonna happen but still I’m telling you that plz never break my trust
Chulbul nodded teary eyed
Chulbul(mono):so this is the reason omkaraji doesn’t trust anyone but I’m doi g the same thing once this sultana is exposed I’ll tell him my reality

Screen shifts to rumya who are in the canteen for taking some food for the family

Rudra:thanks for supporting me
Soumya:it’s OK
Again there was an awkward situation for them bcoz after the plane incident things have turned worst between them but bcoz of anika health they forgot about it but now it’s all the same

Rudra saw soumya taking a paratha
Rudra remembered how they met in the hospital first time
He smiled thinking it
Rudra:so again having paratha sumo
He said absent minded
Soumya:it’s soumya I let my friends and family to call me by pet name not those who insult me infront of everybody and about the Partha it shouldn’t bother you bcoz I’m no one to you right I’m over weighted I know and I don’t mind being one
She said all they teary eyed
Rudra was pained seeing her cry
Rudra:I’m I umm
Soumya:it’s OK u don’t need to say anything bcoz I know have anything to say not you fault sorry I spoke much I think let’s leave with the food
Rudar followed her but his mind was only in her thoughts

They gave everyone their food
Everyone reluctantly ate
Screen shifts to shivika

Shivaay is sitting near her holding her hand
Anika :s-h-I-va-y
She said slowly
Shivaay:anika you’re fine dr nurse
Dr checks her
Dr:she’s fine Mr oberoi I think you can take her home tomorrow morning

Dr leaves
Shivaay:who told you to take the bullet do you think that you are superwoman haan
And he continued scolding her
Anika:shivaay stop it now I understood
Rudra entered
Rudra:bhaiya if you’re done scolding Bhabhi then can we meet her
Shivaay glared at him
Rudra:come in everyone
He said ignoring his bhaiya glare
Everyone came and asked anika about how she is feeling
Pinky was left now she came near anika
Pinky:I’m sorry
Was only she said

Precap:pinky realization
Shivaay’s care for anika
Chulkara on mission swetlana
Rumya in college

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