Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 11

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“Puppa! Puppa!” Pragya exclaimed.

Abhi: Pragya! Stop it! I want to sleep yaar…
Pragya was not leaving him and asked her squad to shout as well.

Abhi rolling over in bed with his eyes closed was covering his ears with the pillow.

Pragya: Boss! It’s Sunday! Family time!
Abhi: I know…but let me sleep for a while…
Pragya: We are leaving Boss if u never wake up!
Abhi: Go!!
Pragya and the kids were upset and were giving a pout to each other.

Abhi: That pout of yours will not work!
Pragya: Arrey u are telling it without seeing us!
Abhi opened his eyes and threw the pillow on her.

Pragya: How can u throw it like this Boss?
Abhi waking up walked towards his kids who were sitting on the prams already being dressed up.

Abhi: You dressed them up already?
Pragya: Yes, you know they have color preferences na…choosing for them itself took me almost 1 hour!
Abhi: Then why are u not dressed up?
Pragya: Waiting for u! U take care of them! I will be ready in a while.

Abhi: Boss! Do we need to go out? I feel so sleepy yaar…
He asked looking sleepy.
Pragya: What Boss…you know na Sundays we go out as a family…
She said by looking down sadly.

Abhi: Come here!
Pragya went near him and he whispered to her: I am resisting myself as our children are here if not would have eaten you!
Pragya looking at him shrieked: Boss!
Abhi: Do u know how cute u look when u look sad….
Pragya looking away: I am not cute!
Abhi: You are cute!
Pragya: Our kids are cute…
She said by holding her duppata.

Abhi said by pulling her cheek: They are cute as u are cute!
Pragya: Ouch!
Abhigya and Prabhi looking at that told something in their gibberish language and sounded as if they are angry.

Abhi: They have started it again!
Pragya: They thought u gave me pain…
She said by rubbing her cheek.

Abhi: I know…they are always supportive of you….
Pragya looking at her kids: Oye Kiddos! I am fine! Silence please!
Abhigya and Prabhi smiled hearing Pragya being normal.

Abhi: Phew! I seriously don’t understand how they listen to u!
Pragya raising her eyebrows asked: Why? They can’t listen to me?
Abhi: I didn’t say so…
Pragya: Boss! Enough of your talks! Get back to work! Take care of them!

She ordered him and went to the closet.

Abhi was waiting for her to get ready and was losing his patience.

He had asked Dadi and Dasi to bring his kids out to take care of them.

Abhi knocked the closet’s door vigorously.

Abhi: Have you slept???
Pragya loudly: No Boss…
Abhi: Then why are u taking so long?
Pragya: Boss…
She said in a worried tone.
Abhi: Haan! I am here…do u know how long I have been waiting? I haven’t even freshen up yet!
He said in frustration.
Pragya: Sorry Boss…
She said in a pitiful tone.
Abhi: I even passed them to Dadi and Dasi!
Pragya: Boss…can you come in?
She said worriedly.
Abhi: Why should I?
Pragya: Please…
Abhi: Open the door!
Pragya: It’s not even locked.

Abhi went inside the closet and she was nowhere to be found making him confused.

Pragya: I am here!
Abhi in a panicked tone : Where are you? Why I can’t see u?
Pragya: In the wardrobe!
Abhi going near the wardrobe that was opened: What are u doing inside? Come out!
Pragya was standing in a corner of the wardrobe looking timidly.

Pragya: I can’t..
She said looking like a timid child.
Abhi: What u mean u can’t! Do u know how long I have been waiting for u??
He asked angrily.
Pragya: Try to understand Boss…I am stuck!
Abhi: Stuck?
Pragya told him that her salwar kameez was stuck in the wardrobe’s sides.

Abhi giggled making her to look sad.

Pragya: Is this funny? I have been trying to come out! But I can’t!

Abhi: You should exert some force!
Pragya: No Boss! If I did that then my dress will tear!
Abhi: Ok let me try…
He said by trying to pull it off from the side but end up tearing it badly exposing her back.

Pragya screeched: You see Boss! You tear it off!
Abhi touching her exposed back sensuously: It’s nice right? New design…
Pragya closed her eyes in shyness and tried to move away.

Abhi: No you’re not going away! I helped you so….
He said seductively making her flustered and looked away.

Pragya covered her back with the dupatta and said: Go out now! We need to go out!
Abhi: Do we need to?
He asked by pulling her towards him.

Pragya: Yes! We need to and they are waiting Boss!
Abhi: Acha…
He said by trying to remove her dupatta and just then someone knocked the door.

Pragya pushed him away and asked him to go out!

Abhi: Always having disturbances!
He said with frustration by kicking one of the scattered clothes and went out.

Pragya smiled at his frustration and locked the door to get changed.

She came out changed into a saree and Abhi was also ready and whistled looking at Pragya.

Pragya: Boss! Shall we go?
Abhi: I am asking u again…Do we need to?
Pragya: Yes Boss!
Abhi gave a puppy like sad face which made Pragya laugh.

Abhi: Alright! But tell me one thing, why do u have to go inside the wardrobe! You wear your chasma but u still can’t see the dresses properly that u need to go in and see ah?
Pragya hearing that stared at him in anger.

Abhi: Tell me…
Pragya: It’s not like that! I was trying to take one of the sarees but couldn’t take it so I went inside to take that.
Abhi chuckled hearing that and Pragya glared at him.

Abhi: So funny! I still can’t believe u….I think you just tried to seduce me…
Pragya furiously: Seduce u? You are overthinking Boss!! Anyways I don’t care whether u believe me or not!
She said that with irritation and went to see her kids who are with Dadi and Dasi.

Abhi: Wait! Wait! I am also coming!
He said and followed her before closing the door hurriedly.

As it was Sunday, Purab couldn’t meet New staff and was thinking of calling her.

New staff saw his number and looked around and lowered the volume in her laptop before picking up the call.

New staff: Sir…I am busy…
Purab: Oh…How busy?
New staff: How busy? Busy means busy Sir!
Purab: Oh…
New staff: Ok bye Sir!
Purab: No! Wait!
New staff: Sir, why can’t u understand that I am busy??

That’s when Radha from the back yelled “Are you watching kumkum bhagya again??”

Purab hearing that laughed and asked: You are still hooked onto it?
New staff bit her lower lip and remained silent.

Purab: Oh…I know you were watching their dances right?
New staff: How did you know?
Purab: You were really watching that?
He asked and smirked.

She hit her head with the phone and placed the phone near her ear.

Purab teasingly: Very sorry for disturbing you when you’re busy….

New staff: Please Sir! Don’t tell about this to our colleagues!
Purab: I will try…

New staff: Please Sir…give me a moment, I have to pause the video…
Purab: Sure!
New staff: Sir! Please please don’t tell that I am watching kumkum bhagya even now…

Purab: What’s wrong in that? You like it so u are watching it!
New staff: Haan Sir but in our office nobody is watching hindi serials na….all are watching only English dramas…..

Purab:Oh…That doesn’t matter….
New staff: It doesn’t matter?
Purab: To me it doesn’t matter and that’s what matters right?
New staff in confusion: What do you mean?

Purab smiled thinking how she can’t understand this simple thing and is getting confused.

Purab: Nothing Darling! You don’t get confused for this!
New staff: Sir! Darling again!!!!
Purab: Why darling? Is there any problem in calling you darling? Or shall I call you darlu?
New staff screeched: Stop this Sir!

Purab: Okok! Relax! I called you to say I can’t do storytelling for tomorrow as I have a party to attend in the night.
New staff: Fine Sir…
Purab: So I thought of telling it today…
New staff in excitement: Now???

Purab hearing her excited voice: If you don’t mind, then I am ready! I am all yours darling..
New staff: Huh?
Purab: I mean I am all yours to tell the story.
New staff smilingly said: Haan, carry on…

Purab began his narration:

Pragya walking into Abhi’s house with a gift and looks around at the lavish decorations for his birthday.

Pragya, Does he have a need to spend so much for Birthday? Is he thinking he is a small boy to celebrate birthday parties? So childish!

Thinking that she looked around to see where he was.

Just then a servant came by and said “You are Pragya mam right?”

Pragya looks surprised of how he knows her as it was the first time she is at Abhi’s house.

Servant “Sir have told that a girl with chasma looking everything like a officer is Pragya!”
He said by slightly chuckling.

Pragya gave a glare of Abhi’s description about her. Pragya, Even his servant is like him in teasing me!

Servant “Sir is in his room with Mithra!”

Pragya asked with shock “Why is she there?”

Servant “Sir needed some help so she is with him…”

Pragya wondered what kind of help is that and asked him where was Abhi’s room.

She followed the instructions and went to the room which was with door opened.

Pragya, If door is open then nothing should be wrong…

She opened the door and saw Mithra and him looking at the scattered t-shirts on his bed.

Abhi seeing her “You are here?” Pragya “No at everywhere!” She replied mockingly.

Abhi “Today is my Birthday! Don’t disturb me like this!” He said like a grumpy child making Pragya laugh.

Pragya “What are u two looking at?” Abhi “T-shirts!” Pragya “Why??” Abhi “You know, I want to be in casuals in the party, like a T-shirt and on top of it wearing a jacket!” He said excitedly.

Pragya “Okay..” Abhi “But there is a problem!” Pragya “What’s that?” Abhi “The t-shirts here does not match with my new Jacket!” He said sadly making Mithra feel sad too.

Pragya looking both feel like laughing but she know she can’t.

Pragya “Well, I have an idea for you problem…” Abhi “You have an idea!!” He asked cheerfully.

Pragya “I bought an T-shirt for u as your gift, why not you take a look whether it matches?”

Abhi nodded his head many times to ask her show it. She opened the gift and Abhi seeing the shirt snatched it from her and said “Wow! This is the best choice!!!!” He said and instantly hugged her and kissed her cheek many times quickly.

Pragya shrieked “Stop it!!!!” Abhi “Wow! I didn’t expect you to help me in this way!” He said and moved forward to hug her again when she ran behind Mithra in shock.

Abhi end up hugging Mithra making her shy and seeing that Pragya said “Mr Abhi! Do you remember that you are not a kid anymore?”
Abhi breaking the hug and said “Are you scared of my hug?” Pragya “Both your hug and kiss!”
Abhi looking cluelessly “I only hugged you Ms Pragya…” Pragya “No you kissed my cheek many times!” Abhi “What are u saying Ms Pragya….how can I kiss you?” He said convincingly making both Mithra and Pragya look confused.

Abhi looking at Mithra “Mithra, did u see me kissing her?” Mithra was about to say yes when he signalled her not to say yes by giving a pleading look. Mithra “No…” Pragya “He did! Why are u telling like that Mithra?” Abhi “Maybe you had thoughts of getting birthday kisses from birthday boy….” He said with charming look making Pragya widened her eyes.

Pragya “What the hell!!! I shouldn’t even have come here!” She said angrily and was about to leave when he said “Birthday boy never give kisses Ms Pragya…He only wishes to get kisses…”
Pragya “Liar!!! I am leaving!” Abhi smirked as she left the room. Mithra “You shouldn’t have lied…you should have admitted your mistake…” Abhi “Mistake?” Mithra “Yes it was a mistake right? I mean the kisses…” She said hesitantly. Abhi “It was out of excitement and happiness! Like a way of thanking her! Not a mistake Mithra…” He said that and asked her to leave the room as he needs to get changed.

New staff interrupted: Omg! Boss is so naughty and at the same time is loving!
Purab: He is like that!
New staff: That means after this is romantic dance right? Wait! Did Pragya leave from there?
Purab: No she didn’t as his Dadi and Dasi blocked her from going away.
New staff: Oh…
Purab: Shall I tell u something very funny?
New staff: Funny?
Purab: Yes! Again in his room.

New staff: But was there romantic dance or not?
She asked desperately.
Purab: Please…He is not that romantic until at this point of the story! He only danced with them for Drama Queen song from Hasee Toh Phasee. He literally made them tired by twirling and spinning them, as far I remember Pragya was keep on feeling as if she is fainting after the dance and her cousin brother was there to help her.

New staff laughed by imagining the situation.

New staff in a cheerful tone: But that’s a very peppy song! I love it too!
Purab: Yes and u also look like a Drama Queen!
New staff frowned and remained silent hearing that.

Purab: Do u want to hear the funny scene?
New staff: Yes!!! I like Boss being funny!
Purab was feeling a bit jealous when she said she likes Abhi.

Purab: Maybe I tell u that some other time…
New staff: Why? A while ago u were so eager to tell the funny scene and now u are saying like this!
She said with anger.
Purab blatantly: No mood…
New staff: No mood? Let the mood come later but u tell me now!

Purab: I said next time na…
New staff in a dramatic way: How can u do like this Sir? You build up the interest and leave me in halfway like this with dying of curiosity? You can’t let me die Sir…
She coughed a lot as if she is dying.

Purab giggled and said: Stop it! Alright Drama Queen, I will continue!

He continued:

Pragya came across his Dadi after the party ended and Dadi looking at her “Sorry Pragya…He is always like this like a kid….running here and there, and teasing others!” Pragya “It’s okay Dadi…I know and I am used to it too..” Dadi smiled and said “Are u leaving?” Pragya nodded her head as yes. Dadi “No…I need a favour from you, I asked Mithra to bring up coffee for him but I don’t know in what thoughts she was in that she had brought oil that was in the container!” Pragya hearing that “Oil??” Dadi “Haan Pragya! And I need to order the servants here to clean up and also pack food to children homes…So can u help me pass the coffee to him and make sure the oil is not poured onto the floor!” She said and Pragya with a smile “No worries Dadi, I will go and pass him the coffee and take the oil back from there too..”

Pragya taking the coffee went up the stairs to his room and as usual it was not locked and saw nobody over there.

Pragya, Did I come to the wrong room?

She looked around and saw it as the same as the room that she came earlier.

Pragya “Mr Abhi! Are u here???”

Abhi “Why are u here?” Pragya “To pass coffee…” Abhi “Place it on the side table beside the bed…” Pragya “Ok…”

All the while, she could only hear his voice but he was nowhere to be found.

Pragya placed the coffee on the side table and was about to leave the room when she heard Mithra “Ouch!”

Pragya walked to the direction where the sound was and was shocked to see Mithra lying on top of Abhi on the floor.

Pragya “What rubbish is this???” Abhi “Arrey Ms Pragya, it’s not like u are thinking!” Pragya “What is there to think? U are romancing with her in the daytime and that too with your folks at home!! Worse thing with the door opened!” Abhi “Who will do romance on the floor when I have king size bed in my room!!!” Pragya “Whatever u will do where ever u wish!” Abhi “Stop it! She is not like that!” Pragya “But u are like that!” Abhi “I have nothing to say!” Pragya “Mithra! Stand up! Why are u like typical woman who falls for men like him???” Mithra “I… was…” She stumbled with words trying to stand up but couldn’t. Pragya not noticing the floor walked ahead and she fell on top of Abhi pushing Mithra slightly away.

Abhi looking at her with rage “Now do u know???” Pragya “Oil….on floor…” Abhi “So shall we do romance like u said?” He asked.

Pragya “ Sorry! I didn’t realize oil had spilled on the floor…” Abhi “ Same here, that’s why we ended up like this…” Pragya too tried to stand up together with Mithra but were keep on falling on top of Abhi.

Abhi “ Excuse me Ladies! Do u all think I am a bed?” They both shook their head in denial and tried to stand up but were again falling over on him.

Abhi “ The two of you just stay where u are! I will try to move first!”

Both nodded their head and he tried moving in his ways when Uncle came in and saw their awkward positions.

Abhi “ Oh Shit!” Pragya seeing that buried her face in the crook of his neck feeling totally embarrassed. Uncle leaves scolding Abhi and Abhi “ Very Pleasant perfume!” Pragya whined “ It’s so embarrassing! Now how will I face Uncle?” Abhi “ Your perfume also is sweet!” Pragya “ I am telling it’s so embarrassing and u are complimenting on her perfume!!!”

Abhi “ Wait! I complimented on yours first!” Pragya looks puzzled as Mithra looks very shy of him touching her waist all this while.

Pragya “ We need to get out from here!” Abhi “ I know and I am scared Mithra would fall asleep!”

Mithra looking confused “ Why?” Abhi “ You are so silent! At times I feel u like my body as if it’s a soft bed!” Pragya interrupted “ U are not a bed!”

Abhi “ Thanks! I know I am not a bed!” Pragya trying to moved scratched his neck.
Abhi “ Haaa! You are so wild!” Pragya “ What wild?” Abhi “ You scratched me!” Pragya “ Where?” Abhi signalled her to look down and she saw a scratch near his neck.

Pragya looked away and said “ I’m sorry…”
Abhi “ Are u sleeping Mithz?” Mithra “ No..”
Abhi looked at Pragya “ Have to check on her at times…” Pragya smiled at his reply and said “ I can see her…so no worries..”
Abhi “ Thanks..”

The trio were thinking of how to get up from this awkward position when Pragya “ I know!” Abhi “ What u know?” Pragya “ You slide all the way to the other side which is not slippery….” Abhi “ Slide?” Pragya “ Yes! Yes! If u cannot we try to push u!” Abhi “ Then?” Pragya “ After u reaching the not so slippery part, u try to grab something and stand up!” Abhi “ I got your point and after that I can help u all! But why not one of u all do this?” Pragya “ This is your room and not ours!” Abhi “ That’s a valid point!” Pragya “ Ya so now go!” She said and tried to push him away together with Mithra.

Abhi “ My back is surely gone with the two of u all!”

Finally he reached the not slippery part of the room and grabbing whatever he could, he stood up and looked at the girls lying on the floor.

Abhi “ Can I tell something?” He asked by breathing heavily.

Pragya and Mithra nodded their head looking up the ceiling.

Abhi “ Both of u look very hot in sarees being like this!”

Pragya in irritation “ Arggghhh! I know what is running in your mind! Go and call Dadi!”

Abhi chuckled and winked at them. Abhi called Dadi near the door step and Dadi seeing the mess in the room scolded Abhi and he like a child was looking down.

New staff: Oh god! Boss is so funny and quirky!
Purab: He is and like a kid!
New staff: Cute kid!
Purab was feeling jealous again and ended the call abruptly.

New staff: What is this? He ended the call? Now I have to wait to listen to the rest on Tuesday!

“What I have is only one heart that I can see is slowly separating from me to merge with your heart….I can see how badly my heart is beating to merge with your soul…”

New staff seeing the way Purab tells is stunned. She feels as if he is telling her genuinely.

Purab looking at her expression smile how she is reacting to his words with a soft smile on her face.

Purab: Hey! Guess who told that line?
New staff coming back to her senses thinks, It feels as if you are telling me.

Thank u everyone for reading and also for excitement too. There maybe mistakes as I typed it in a hurry. I didn’t expected so much of curiosity for fb part though. Keep reading and keep smiling…

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