Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 11

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Hello loves x

Episode begins.


Veer and Krishna stare at eachother happily. Sayaam snaps them back into reality.

Sayaam: Krishna. Who is this?

Krishna: Oh Sayaam i forgot. This is my childhood friend, Veer!

Sayaam shakes his hand.

Krishna: And Veer. This is my husband, Sayaam.

Sayaam smiles hearing her call him her husband.

Veer: Nice to meet you.

Suhani: Soumya ji, come. I will get you some tea.

They leave.

Krishna: Veer, come with me! We have so much to talk about!

Veer: Woah. Okay!

They also leave, and Sayaam is left standing alone. Baby comes there.

Baby: Sayaam? Who was that?

Sayaam: Krishna’s friend ……

Baby decides to fill Sayaam’s mind.

Baby: They seem to be very close, right?

Sayaam: Yeah ……

Baby: You dont think they like eachother? I mean, in a different way?

Sayaam scratches his head, irritated.

Sayaam: If you are done with your nonsense, may I leave?

Baby fumes.

Baby: As you wish ……

Sayaam leaves and Baby smirks.

Sayaam enters his room. He stands at the door. Veer and Krishna laugh together, reminiscing.

Krishna: That time was so funny! Ah Veer, I need to show you something!

Krishna gets up but slips on the carpet. She falls into Veer’s lap as he catches her in his arms. They stare at eachother’s eyes. Sayaam looks on. They burst out in laughter and Veer helps her stand up.

Veer: What is this Krish? Even today you are still so clumsy!

Krishna laughs. She sees Sayaam.

Krishna: Sayaam! Come here!

Veer: Krishna, i will see where Soumya aunty is. She might need me.

Krishna nods. Veer smiles at Sayaam and leaves.

Krishna: So. Did you like my friend?

Sayaam: Hmm.

Krishna: Sayaam?! Really!

Sayaam: He’s nice.

Krishna: Yes he is. He has been through a lot. He lost his parents when he was 5.

Sayaam listens.

Krishna: He is very strong. And he’s here because he’s getting married!

Sayaam is surprised.

Sayaam: Really?

Krishna: Yes. Well not yet. He still hasnt found the right person. But he is ready to settle down. So he is staying with mom for now.

Sayaam nods. He gets Krishna’s pills and a glass of water.

Sayaam: Here take this.

Sayaam helps Krishna drink water.

Krishna: Thank you.

Sayaam smiles.

Sayaam and Krishna come to the hall. They see Yuvani and Veer laughing together.

Sayaam: Yuvani?

Yuvani: Sayaam! Come, sit. Veer was just telling me about his time in America. You see …….

Yuvani re tells the story to Sayaam. They all laugh together. Krishna watches from a far. She smiles.

Scene fades.

Its night. Krishna is sitting on her side of he bed, staring into space. Sayaam sits next to her on his side.

Sayaam: Krishna? Are you okay?

Krishna doesnt respond. Sayaam pinches her.

Krishna: Ouch!

She rubs her arm.

Sayaam: What is wrong with you? You arent replying.

Krishna: Im just thinking.

Sayaam: About what?

Krishna: Yuvani di and Veer got on so well today, right? I mean, di was smiling so much. I have never seen her this happy.

Sayaam smiles.

Sayaam: Me neither. Im happy if she is happy. You know. Veer isnt bad.

Krishna nods. She thinks.

Krishna: No. I wont tell Sayaam now. His mood will spoil.

Krishna: Anyways. Good night.

Sayaam: Good night. And Krishna ……

Krishna: Yes?

Sayaam hesitates.

Sayaam: Please stop kicking me.

Krishna looks confused.

Krishna: What? …… When did I ……

Sayaam turns off the light and lies down, his back facing her.

Sayaam: Night.

He sleeps, leaving a frustrated Krishna.

Episode ends.


Krishna screams.

Krishna: Yuvani!!!!

So as you can tell, i decided not to do a jealousy track as i feel a lot of fanfictions have them and it gets a bit repetitive. Im also lacking inspiration which is why the updates have been a bit shorter. Please leave requests for scenes etc below! Lets chat!


Cover @kriyyam.fc on instagram

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  1. Sanaa.khan

    Hi shreya, the episode was nice and about the scenes u can show how veer and yuvani fall in love ….I mean an action scene would be nice to show veer saving yuvani from goons etc.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you for reading and thanks for your suggestion x ❤❤

  2. Shaani

    Nice episode.. I loved it… Veer n yuvaani will be a great pair… Not soo bad . Keep writing… ?
    Waiting for the next episode..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks x i look forward to your comments! They keep me going ??

  3. Nice episode

  4. Next upload fast and sayyam jealousy track continue plz something different next epi karo story veer sayyam fight for Krishna veer jealous sayyam etc

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading. I have decided not to drag out a jealousy track sorry! Maybe in the future I will but make Krishna jealous instead? Will update soon x ??

  5. Dinu

    Nice epi dr.actually I was waiting 4 ur ff since morning. ??? If u don’t want 2 bring a jealousy track it’s k dr.? i’m sure veer n yuvani will make a nice pair. Keep writing dr.waiting 4 nxt epi.bye tc dr??

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks thats so sweet! Im glad you enjoy it and look forward to it x ??

  6. Ahhh what an episode?and yeah excited for veerani (veer and yuvani)??hope so yew are ok with the name??

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you x the name is great ❤❤

  7. All i could say is was fantastic and so engrossing ur track is quite different I was looking forward to ur update but plz update often or write longer episode n yeah I wanna ask are u Shreya wether u r the writer of the chronicles of kriyam??????

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Im glad you enjoy it x the updates are normally a bit longer but i have been lacking in time. Will try and make them a bit longer. Im not Shreya …… but i am the writer of the chronicles of kriyam. ???

      1. oh sorry i saw shreya mentioned in the comments above so i just thought

  8. All i could say is was fantastic and so engrossing ur track is quite different .but plz update often or write longer episode n yeah I wanna ask are u Shreya wether u r the writer of the chronicles of kriyam??????

  9. What’s the need to write story this will not going to help your future story if you feel bad but it’s a truth which you can’t change. your well-wishers

    1. Fanficwriter518

      I appreciate your opinion but i do it because i enjoy it and would like in the future for it to happen even though i know it wont. Im at a point in my life where i can study a bit less frequent at the moment, therefore i write it.

  10. Just focus on your study

  11. AnahitaAnnie

    That krishna kicking saiyyam so funny…and i guess I agree jealousy track witj saiyyam would be a little repetitive..and I have been loving ur work since chronicles of kriyam.. Its great as always shreya…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Im glad you enjoy my work x also who is shreya? Its not me …… haha ❤❤

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Opps sorry…. U r fanficwriter and shreya was AFanficwriter…..sorry I matched up the names…

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