Ishqbaaz 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika and Shivaye perform the puja rituals

Ishqbaaz 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says like you can go to any extent to save your family, I can go anything, just our ways are different, remember this, go now, because I have to get ready for the puja. Shivaye says puja is just for family members. She says I m your wife. He says no, you are nothing to me. She says you should have thought this before marrying me, Omru invited me and I will go there. He says you won’t go. She asks by what right are you commanding me, I m not your wife. He says you are eager to come in puja, I will see how you come. He gets a lighter and burns her belongings. She rushes and gets water. She blows off the fire.

She asks what did you do, my sister got clothes for me with love, and you burnt this. He says whatever gives you peace, I will burn it to ashes, stay here, I m going in puja. She shouts stop and breaks a vase. He stops. She shuts the door. She says enough now, you can’t have your ways all the time, you do what you want, I kept trying to explain you, you were just being adamant, you are making mistakes, it seems you can understand straight way, I think I have become khidkitod Anika now, you have broken my marriage, you have hurt my heart and self respect, you ruined my respect, you defamed me, you still want to go on, you made a mockery of marriage, you denied all the vows, wife should be proud of husband, you have turned this relation into a puppet show, you even broke my mangalsutra, its a sin, not a mistake.

He says I don’t acknowledge this marriage. She says I don’t regard you my husband, but I believe in holy relation of marriage and respect it, I will teach you the meaning of this marriage, I will do it, this is my promise, you will make me wear this mangalsutra one day with respect, I will make you accept me as your wife. He says you give good speech, you should have been a motivational speaker, I don’t have time for you and your lecture, if you are so hurt, leave with your self respect. She says I will go when I make you realize your mistake, I have said what I had to, now you can go, listen, I want clothes, go and bring new clothes for me. He says you joke well. She says I complain well too, if I tell Dadi and your brothers what you have done for me, then… get clothes for me. He calls Khanna. Khanna says I got what you asked me.

Shivaye asks him to go. She checks the bags and asks which saree shall I wear, this one or this one? Biwi no 1 song plays in BG. He turns away. She says it means first one, I will get ready and come, we will go together, we need to do puja together. He says there is a problem with you and your company. She says then get habitual. He says you are not my wife. She says I know, don’t repeat it, I will wear this saree and come. He asks why do you think I will agree. She says you have to agree, Dadi, Omru and…. wait here I will just come.

She comes and says see I have come, I had told you I will just take two mins. She applies sindoor. She takes selfie and asks him to smile. He goes. She says we look really good together. They come downstairs. Tia looks on. Omru smile. Tia calls Daksh. She says I had told you, that girl is dangerous, Anika is taking my place in Shivaye’s life, its because of you. Daksh says you are getting stressed for no reason. She says Anika sat in puja with Shivaye, their marriage will turn into real. He says this won’t happen, don’t worry, I have a plan.

Pandit says puja mahurat has begun. Dadi asks Shivaye to sit in the puja. Anika takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi says its not needed. Anika says elders’ blessings are always needed. Dadi says blessing is good when its given by wish and happiness. Rudra asks Anika to come, we will wait for Dadi’s blessings. Tia greets them. She says Shivaye, these are Priyanka’s friends, they want to pray for her. Shivaye says I wanted you to sit with me in this puja, its good you got them. The girls get seated. Om signs Rudra to sit. Rudra sits beside Shivaye and says I will also sit. Om says me too, Tia, sit over there. Tia sits away. Rudra asks Anika to get the flowers.

Anika goes and gets it. Rudra says thanks, why are you standing, sit here. He gives flowers to pandit. He asks Om to get up. Omru sit away. Pandit asks who will do puja. Pandit asks are you married. Om says he is married. Rudra says he recently married. The girls ask did you get married. Shivaye says nothing like that. Rudra says don’t lie during puja. Tia asks why aren’t you saying anything Shivaye, this is so insulting. Dadi asks Shivaye to focus on puja. Om says there is nothing imp than puja. Rudra says nobody is imp than puja. Pandit asks Anika are you Shivaye’s wife, just offer the flowers to the fire together. Shivaye says I will do puja alone. Pandit says as you wish, be careful that the flowers don’t fall down, close eyes and pray for Priyanka while you put the flowers in fire. A flower falls. Anika holds the flower and Shivaye’s hand. Omru smile. Shivaye sees Anika. O jaana….plays……….They put the flowers in the havan kund. Pandit says your wife saved the flowers from falling down, maybe Lord wanted you two to do the puja together, now you all pray for Priyanka. Shivaye and everyone pray for Priyanka.

Shivaye prays to Lord to make Priyanka recover, he can’t live without her. Anika wishes Priyanka gets fine, Shivaye can’t live without her, return his happiness. Pandit says this puja is completed now. Daksh comes and says sorry, I got late, I had gone to meet a neurosurgeon to show Priyanka’s reports, he said the same, she can’t recover, doctors aren’t Lord, Lord can’t do injustice, she will get fine, I have seen this dream in morning too, its an auspicious day, Pandit from Banaras has sent these anklets, it has been worshipped, if a husband makes his wife wear this, her steps will become of Devi Laxmi, then all the worries and problems will end, I m sure if you make your wife wear these anklets, Priyanka will get fine. Shivaye says if this is true, I will make my wife wear these anklets. Daksh asks what are you thinking, come on. Dadi says if pandit has said so, then do it, maybe Priyanka recovers. Tia smiles. Anika sees Shivaye.

Shivaye says I can find my wife, the one who I consider my wife by my heart. Rudra says fine, then do it, you have to find your wife among them all. Shivaye gets blindfold. He goes to find his wife. Tia smiles. Anika’s saree catches fire. Rudra shouts to alert. Shivaye gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Pushpa

    OMG im speechless…
    Our khidikitod Anika is back wt a bang..
    Luv the way she answered Shivaye..
    Hw could he burn those sarees…. u hv to answer to all these SSO…
    Well Anika looked beautiful in tht saree … i think SSO ws stunt but what can he say at the moment of heat..
    Why cant dadi bless Anika… whts wrong… as a 3rd person just bless dun hv to b SSO wife could b anyone …. here im a little dissapointed wt dadi..
    OmRu i luv u both..please continue and help Anika to pass through SSO hurdles… seriously Tia is hell irritating … please cvs throw Tia & Dakhs asap… hw can he win everytime????? Thts nonsence…..

    They just hv to touch… our SSO & Anika can feel their bonding their luv their care…. luvly song ……

    So i hope Shivaye will no definately he will tie the payal on Anika’s ankle…

    Luv u all … gd nite

    1. Pushpa congrats for being number 1 dear. Yes I also feel at lest dadi should bless her but I am not sure why she is also very sullen about it.

    2. Pushpa

      exactly dadi u hv dissapointed me..

  2. Banita

    Congratulations everyone…
    Today our IB completed 600 episode….
    Congratulations to whole cast nd crew…
    Congratulations to d team who works to entertain us either it’s onscreen or offscreen…
    Congratulations to all d viewers , fans of IB who supports IB always…
    Nd at last Congratulations to all of U PKJIAN…
    Now coming to epi ,
    Lotsss of smile wala emojis from my lappy….!!
    Just loved d epi after soo many days…
    Khidkitode Anika…. Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi…
    Just loved d Shivika bedroom scene…
    Specially that background song , “BB No ONE”….
    Hahaha… It’s just hilarious…. I m still laughing…
    Anika said she will go after Shivay understand his mistake…
    Means there will be Guilty Singh Oberoi who will manauing Anika…
    I m just superr exciting for upcoming epis…
    Now Omru…
    I wish SPA mein #BESTDEVERAWARD ho nd it will be surely goes to our Omru only….
    No mood to say anything about Tia nd Daksh…
    Precap –
    Today he burned her saree nd tomarrow he will only save her saree (her)…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Yes banita I watched them celebrate 600 episodes on the sets on you tube. It was nice.

      You watch banita anika will leave once he identifies her as his Wife. She will keep to her word and leave the mansion. Of course Omru will be very very sad but Shivaay will fell 200% guilty.

    2. Pushpa

      hey bani…. anika return wt a bang….. luv the bedroom scene too but the pooja is owsm..
      yeah yeah he will only c the burned saree ……

    3. Banita

      Hlo Pus dii….
      Yeh dii Puja wala part was also good… They did puja together nd O Jaana in background… I also like that , but enjoyed that bed room scene mostly…
      Yup just waiting to see how he will save her…

    4. Banita

      Yup @Sindhu dii i m just waiting for that only…
      When Shivay will realise his mistake nd will be more more guiltier nd will put lots of affact to win Anika back (her heart)…
      Yeh i also saw d celebration on youtube…

  3. Hola everyone,
    Just loved todays epi.
    Credit:- Anika di.
    Loved her today in starting 15 min.
    Thanks Shivay bhaiya because of u my di was looking beautiful.
    That biwi no.1.
    Tia rani ki chop.
    This new Oh janna
    is also beautiful.
    No words for Dracula
    Precap- waiting.
    Lots of love to u guys.

  4. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 36……
    ..Ohhhoo ohhho ohhhoooooo.
    Today ishqbaaz completed 600……
    I still can’t believe i am.hooked with a show since long
    And my excitement is still same..
    Thank you ishqbaaz for act as a stressbuster (NOT ALWAYS????)

    Come to . episode. …
    @Sindhu di..As you said…..
    OH MY GOD.
    Ahe is back with a bang…
    Till now she tolerate. .everysingle cruel thing that was happening with her..still she was quiet and tried to came out of shock.
    But now finally she DID.IT.
    What a swag!!!!

    ??????????BIWI NO 1Sso obeyed her Totally like a obedient student.
    ????he burnt clothes…and himself bring clothes that also really good cloth….

    And also She make him wait..ha ha ha.
    Sso..i amtotally enjoying your situation..

    Annika was looking really pretty.

    And MY PYARE OMRU…love you both of you.

    Annika.manna padega….Still you are caring for Sso…you have really a very big heart…

    Tia Baby..???????????????????????????i was laughing so hard seeing her.
    Bechari ki toh tie tie fiss hone wali he.

    And Daksh…i don’t want even talk about you..tu toh giyo.

    PRECAP ?????????????????current situation of Sso…blinded Sso.
    WAIT..Sso consideting her that also DIL SE.???????
    Wait more..SSO HAS A DIL..???????
    I am died of laughing. .

    [email protected] dear.

    I think D is going to be expose before Sso ASAP.
    Aab thoda khush ho jao.

    USE TAG#Ishqbaazhits600…
    In.your every comment except hatred.
    Silent readers come here and comment. .
    Love you soo much..

    1. Hey Arpu dear how are you? Yes our khidkithod anika is back. Anika looked so beautiful in the green saree. Oh my goodness she was fabulous looking. Shivaay as usual looks always handsome even though he is acting negative role.

      Arpu today is anika and omru’s call at the set. It was their episode unitedly. Tia and daksh can got to hellfire.

  5. it’s a treat for audience…congrats for completing 600 episode..
    read in spoiler that in this week prianka will be recovered n daksh expose track will start and aniomru will appear as a strong team. waiting for omm of daksh by shivay, om n rudy.
    I knew that annika will say this that she will leave on when shivay will understand his mistakes. N also she doesn’t consider him as her husband.
    waiting eagerly for shivay’s repentance n wearing ms to annika and acknowledge her as his wife in front of world…

  6. Arpita6

    I am.late.

    But wanna say something
    All of you are really really special for me.
    I am.not even seen anyone..but still habe a strong connection
    Here i feel secure.and comfortable
    I loke to.share my secrets..
    My wild imagination. Khatarnak comments ???????.
    It really means very special to me.
    Hope all of our bonding will stay like this.

    Love you all my frnds.cum pagals


    1. Awww….. so sweet Arpu dear for feeling connected with us. You are wonderful. Love ? you dear

  7. Arpita6

    #Ishqbaazhits600. ..
    And THANK YOU TO ALL ACTORS..casts ..crew members.everybody..AND CONGRATULATIONS TOO.

  8. Nice episode

  9. Luthfa

    My comment just got vanished????????

  10. Luthfa

    What does she think of herself?Was lecturing me,Shivaay Singh Oberoi?How dare she?This girl is epitome of stubbornness.How easily…..Okay I just don’t want to go there.Still,why would she yell at me like that and who gave her the right huh?First of all she barged into my house and now is not allowing me to go out of my own room.This is not done.Does she think I work under her,Am I her employee?
    Do whatever she wants to do but I won’t accept this so-called marriage no matter what.She can’t force me to do that.The way she was talking like firing was going on.Thank God it stopped or else I would have turned deaf for sure.And how can I forget that part?She was literally ordering me to arrange cloths for her!She thinks she can take over me anytime?Just a regular daydream.Anyway,today I let because I did not want her to take advantage of OmRu anymore.But look at her,she made me do what she wanted.Like a typical wife she was bossing over me!Just cant’t believe that she was threatening me in the name of OmRu and Dadi and I gave up!This won’t happen next time……….What are you thinking standing in front of the mirror?We will get late for the veneration.I am talking to you.Did you take the vow of silence?Am I talking to a statue or what?Speak a word or two at least……………..

  11. Anyone plzz tell me why shivaya, Anika and om, Gowri are separated… What is happiness after kanna marriage.. I cannot understand what is going on

  12. Luthfa

    Finally my dream of seeing Anika in a proper Saree got fulfilled.A proper one,like today.Not like those drapping around casually in the name of fashion.Thank you,the one who designed this.Anika was looking like a true Oberoi bahu in that Saree and getup.And IB completed 600 episodes with khidkitode performance of Anika just added to the charm all along.Love you my Ishqbaaaz.May such happiness often come to our life????????????

    1. Yes Luthfa finally anika’s clothes are getting better and she looked so stunning. I am sure shivaay has gone giggle eyed. Tia has only one phrase…. Shivaay this is insulting me!!!! If she feels insulted she should just go home.

      Loved your mind voice analysis dear. Great going!!! I can’t wait for this whole week of episodes. It will be Super exciting. At least now daksh will be vigilant because he knows they have played their games with the wrong person anika.

      I saw the you tube that daksh will try to kill Priyanka but I don’t know who will prevent that. If it is Anika then daksh will turn the plates around and blame anika again.

  13. Mona_2005

    Congratulations to all ishqbaaz cast, technicians and every1 behind the scene
    Thank you for giving us ib
    Coming to episode
    Love u mine khikitod Anika
    U are much better in this way, I was really bored seeing u weak
    Today shivaay was Soo cute(don’t know why I felt so) just like a obedient child
    They both were looking like children to me fighting ( maybe I am a child so I feel every1 like this)
    But seriously loved it
    And Tia ki tai tai phiss(so happy)
    Omru u both are favourites , always do good jobs
    This new o jaana is good but don’t know why I am missing the older one
    And finally surbhi u were looking gorgeous in that blue silk saree
    Keep watching on TV
    Increase trp
    Doubt-if I comment here regularly than can j become a member of pkj

    1. Banita

      Mona dr , U r already a member of PKJ….
      But it will be gr8 if u keep commenting always…
      It’s nycc to read ur comment today…
      Yeh me also missing that old O Jaana…
      Ishq hain aasun… wala song , but this one also f9….

  14. I am so waiting for the day Anika throws water on the face of Shivaay when he asks for forgiveness.

    1. I think Abhishek she doesn’t throw water now. Instead she throws things just like Shivaay threw his phone in old IB, anika here throws like the vase to show her anger. Whatever it is they are still throwing things around and breaking things.

  15. Oh my goodness today’s episode was so awesome!!!’ I really have no words to say. My mouth was wide opened when I was watching every scene. It is too amazing.

    Our khidkithod anika is back. Oh my tit for tat. I loved it when she said you will know the meaning of marriage and value of mangalsutra then I will leave. That is what I want to see. After Shivaay knows the meaning of marriage and even dadi accepted her I want Anika to leave the mansion with heads held high up. At least the public knows she is shivaay’s wife. Shivaay needs to work hard to win her back.

    Omru my dears you both are actually fantastic. What plans they come up with to join them? I must say when Anika was challenging Shivaay I saw he had a smirked snile. I am not sure whether he was impressed that she being such a mouse all this time suddenly turned tigress or he is smirking sarcastically. Not sure which is which. Whatever I just loved the bedroom scene and her selfie. She just normalised and suddenly took control of the situation.

    Tia oh my god kasam what is she doing there? She can just go into burning fire.

    When Anika’s saree catches fire in today’s episode Shivaay has that reaction that his Wife is in trouble and I think the anklet will just settle on her ankles because it is God’s will. If they are meant for each other shivika are meant for each other. Even the Pandit said God wants both Husband and Wife to do the Puja. Priyanka will recove and of Priyanka accepts Anika Shivaay will accept her cos he loves his sister to turn her down.

    I wonder when Daksh will be exposed.

    Shivaay just remember Anika is treating you with respect and even if you don’t want to accept her as your Wife please don’t insult her. Just give her the same respect. You will regret BIG time when she leaves the mansion and you will yearn for her so much that you will feel like dying just like how devastated you are now watching Priyanka’s condition.

    Biwi No 1 bg was very appropriate to play. I can’t wait for this whole werk’s episode. What khidkithod she is going to come up with. Remember guys Anika can cook well unlike the Old IB that she only can cook aloo puri. So I am waiting for kitchen scene if there is any.

  16. Hi dearest Frens… Happy to entered 600th episodes of IB… Congratulations team ????…
    Well 2day episode was really superb.. Annika cm bc to the attitude tat I really wanted her to b… Happy for it…
    SSO u really looked so cute when u col kanna n ask for the clothes.. U knw y… With all forces u burns up anni’s clothes n talk bla bla bla… But finally u bought sarees..n also wait until anni gets rdy… Wow super…
    At pooja.. Omru superb move…gd job.. Keep on supporting anni n help her on revealing the truth of tia, duksh n SSO..
    For nw… I’m vr eager to c 2day evg episode… In which situation SSO tie the payal on annika’s ankle…
    Let’s wait n watch… C u guys… Bye.. ??

  17. Vidyakrish

    Biwi no 1 song was good for the situation and I love to hear o Janna new version. Omru you are rocking and there action is awesome to see.

  18. #Ishqbaazhits600…
    HI HI HI A Big Hi to our Pkj famliy.
    how r u guys …
    and Happy Friendship day to all….
    congratulations whole IB team cast & crew …love u guys for entertaining us …
    love you ishqbazz love u so much….
    it is part of my life because of u so many friends are came to my life via pkj Family..
    once again a big congratulations ..

  19. wow khidkitod anika is back .not nice to see shivaay hurting her .

  20. Nikita_jai29

    Awesome update…. Be lated happy friendship day dear ishqies

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