Avneil FF: Love Me Forever (chapter 6)

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In Mumbai (Ayesha Haider’s House [Time: Around 10 pm])

A guy is sitting against the wall and is crying holding a photo frame in hand. The guy’s face is hidden due to darkness.

He says “1st September” and he laughs sarcastically.

He says with a hint of sadness in his voice “Such an unlucky day, it changed our life. And today even rhea is not here for me rather she is there with her fiancé” At the last few words, there is a sense of bitterness in his voice. And he takes a sip from his wine bottle.

He continues with sadness” Why did you let me do that crime, why god. I still remember how we met and how everything happened”

[Author’s Note: I know you all have figured it out who’s that guy, but still I will tell you. He is none other than Ali. so those who have guessed it right are winners, and a huge round of applause for theme. now, what he is doing in Ayesha’s house etc. etc. will be revealed in future chapters]


Ali’s POV

In Delhi, everything was going well, I had many friends. And life was perfect. then a girl came in my life. She was eleven, when she, her mother and her brother had shifted to Delhi, and to my society. She had a tragic story, but she was so brave that she never let anyone see that side. She told me her story after our one year of friendship. Our story was somewhat same, we both didn’t have father. ah, let’s leave that part. and jump to when we met. When she shifted to the society no one talked to her or wanted to be friends with her as she was new. But when the next day neela aunty came with her kids to the playground to have fun, I went to them to become friends with them. Her name was Avni. And we started playing , seeing us , the society kids also become friends with Avni. Same happened with neela aunty, my mom become friends with neela aunty and later her friends became neela auntie’s friends too. Everything was so great in life then. Later we became best friends, we used to go to same school also we live and play in the same society. All our things used to be same. We used to care about each other very much, also we used to have fun together. Life was so good. We had many memories on going on school trips, bunks, movies, family picnics, pranks etc. people used to think we were more than friends and that came true later.

On 1st September, when we were in twelfth grade I proposed her, and I was head over heel when she accepted my proposal. At that time, I had given her a ring too. That day was the best day of my life, I was so happy. We were so happy together. For us 1st September was our valentine’s day.

=Beparwaahiyaan kar na tu yaara
=Mainu tu ae jahaan ton vi pyara (x2)

Everything with Avni was great, so nice, I thought everything will remain like that but no. next year everything turned around. When we started our college, she started roaming around guys . Even rhea told me about this. rhea was avni’s cousin, she used to live in Mumbai, but she took admission in Delhi and especially in our college. I knew rhea as she used to come to delhi in her summer vacation for few weeks. rhea and Avni were same soul, everything was same among them though they never lived together for very long . rhea was still the same in college but Avni, she was totally changed, she was so in her own that she started to care less about my feelings and me. the only one who understood me was rhea, that was the time when rhea cared about me and understood what I felt. till more than a month I was ignoring avni’s changed behavior . just because of rhea, as she had asked me to keep quiet and not confront Avni as her feelings will get hurt, as might be Avni would just be helping those guys.

but my patience level broke when a week or so before our first anniversary, I saw Avni talking and laughing with our college’s football team captain, virat. upon rhea’s saying I ignored it too, but when I saw them hugging in the college’s store room in evening, I had lost it. but rhea didn’t let me confront her rather she took me from there and helped me cool down so that I could confront Avni in the morning when I have a cool mind.

=Mmm.. lele saari khushiyan
=Tu dede saare gham tu
=Tere utton sab kuch waaran

=Beparwaahiyaan kar na tu yaara
=Mainu tu ae jahaan ton vi pyara (x2)

in morning, I found an envelope in my locker, full of Avni and virat’s pics. I was so shocked to see those pics, I was so hurt and angry at the same time. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe that Avni will cheat on me. to worsen the situation, I get to know a bitter truth. rhea told me , that Avni from past few days was talking to someone at night. I wanted to confront her but when I wanted to confront Avni with all the accusation I have, Avni was not there in the college. Rhea told me that Avni has fever. And coincidentally virat was not present in college too. I was a mess that time. I was so done with Avni then. no one knew how I was feeling at that time, how angry, hurt and betrayed I was feeling. to me Avni was everything and now she destroyed me. Avni broke me. why did you do this Avni.

=Seene thand peh jave
=Jadon tenu vekhda
=Darda ae dil mera
=Doore na tu ho jave (x2)

=Tu hi mera chann tu hi taara…

=Beparwaahiyaan kar na tu yaara
=Mainu tu ae jahaan ton vi pyara (x2)

I was so done with everything, that I shut myself in room till 1st September. in all this, rhea was there with me at my house, and for Avni, she just texted me a ‘hey how are you’ and nothing else. she didn’t care about me, and I was such a fool that I cared about her so much.

On our anniversary, 1st September, we had to meet irrespective of what happened, because she didn’t know that I know her truth. and we met at our favorite spot, the park behind society on 1st September 12 am. when I reach there , I saw Avni was already there, moreover she was talking to someone over phone . her back was facing me, so she didn’t see me. As soon as she heard me she ended the conversation with her so called new boyfriend so that I didn’t know about him, she is such a cheater.

“Avni” I shouted, she turned and saw me standing few meters away with a bouquet in my hand. she smiled and ran to me.

“Happy anniversary ali, is this for me” she said. she was acting so well, she was making it so real, as if she was happy seeing me.

I faked a smile and said, “happy anniversary my baby, and yeah this is for you, beautiful flowers for my beautiful girlfriend” and I handed it over to her, she took it and smelled it. she hugged me, and I hugged her back. she was so fake. When she broke the hug, and starts to separate slowly, I stabbed her with the knife I was hiding behind my back. this was the right punishment for her , for cheating on someone who loved you so much.

she must have felt immense pain as a low scream escaped her mouth. she started crying. she looked in my eyes, her eyes seemed to be filled with many questions, but my face was blank, and my eyes were the depiction of my soul, which was pained, emotionless, hard and black, . at that time, I just knew I had to punish her for what she has done to me, so that no one could ever do that to any one who loved them.

I remained silent, standing there emotionless, slowly slowly seeing and hearing her crying in pain and trying to feel better. she kept calling my name, but I ignored her.

=Sahan wangu vass jaaye
=Tere dil ‘ch pyar mera
=Marr ke bhi mud aavaan
=Je naal hove pyaar tera (x2)

=Tu hi mere jeen da sahara…

=Beparwaahiyaan kar na tu yaara
=Mainu tu ae jahaan ton vi pyara (x2)

I moved backwards taking each step slowly. she saw a knife covered with blood, her blood, in my hands. she touched her abdomen from where blood was coming out. she fell on the ground and was crying while I walked to my car. And I sat in my car, each moment I saw and hear her pain. I said, “no one can hate you more than someone you used to love you” and I left her there dying.


=Beparwaahiyaan kar na tu yaara
=Mainu tu ae…

***************END OF FLASHBACK*****************

Ali says “if I knew the truth, then I would never have done something like this.




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