Dil Hi Toh Hai 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mr. Puri lays a trap for Setu

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Everyone is practising their steps. Shivam’s sister tells him about a girl that has come with the photographer team. She lies that the girl’s name is Tashu and she does not like Mumabi at all.

Mamta tells Rishabh she wants to make things really special for Ritvik. He has agreed with so much difficulty and still does not seem to have so much faith. I want to make it really positive for him. Rishabh assures her it will happen that ways only.

Shivam walks up to Tashu and speaks badly about Mumbai. She tells him to stop demeaning Mumbai. I am from Mumbai and I love that place! She walks away. Shivam’s sister comes back to tease him.

Setu’s mother tells Manjeet ji to handle Setu’s wedding. Manjeet ji is overwhelmed knowing she has to handle both the weddings. I don’t know what I will do in Palak’s wedding. I will go mad. She asks Palak to come with her to Ritvik’s house. Palak refuses. Manjeet ji asks her to finalise the card. Ask Ritvik what he likes. Palak tells her to ask either him directly or his mother. Manjeet ji says this shouldn’t be asked by either of them though. If I had known, it would have been easier to decorate the wedding bed. Leave it. Don’t remain upset.

Rishabh asks Ritvik if all is well. Ritvik says I want to know if all is well. Rishabh says sometimes it happens that we find answers to some questions in the questions only. It is better to be with the question. Maybe you will find the answer. Ritvik thikns his question is Palak but the answer!

Palak thinks the answer is in destiny. Though I know what’s in his heart but still, time will tell!

Setu is about to call Rohit when she notices Puri Uncle there. She thinks to say hello to him when she overhears Mr. Puri telling someone that he will be on road if that happens. The guy asks him to ask Rohit’s FIL. Mr. Puri lies that he is a very honest official. I cannot ask him to do something against his ideals. Mr. Puri again declines. I cannot force him for this. His friend says what will Rohit do by marrying if he doesn’t have a roof over his head. Setu walks away. Mr. Puri and his friend high five seeing their plan working.

Ritvik watches his mother talking to Manjeet ji about the wedding. Aman asks him to
Vijay asks Mr. Puri about Rohit. He shares that Rohit is too busy with income tax returns. He might join us on his wedding. Vijay asks him what he means but Mr. Puri diverts the topic. Mamta speaks of family values. Mrs. Puri speaks well of Mamta. You have kept such a big family together. It isn’t an easy thing to do especially after Ritvik’s mother left him. Manjeet ji looks at them in confusion but no one stretches the matter any further. Manjeet ji promises to make the wedding grand and use a new grand theme she has in mind. Mrs. Puri tells her to

Palak thanks the girl who has come to help Manjeet aunty at such a short notice. The girl says I can do anything for Manjeet aunty. She got me married in such a big house. I owe this much to her house. She asks Palak why Ritvik and Ananya are marrying in such haste. Is Ananya pregnant? Palak declines but then says that she does not know that. The girl says Ritvik’s image is that of a playboy. It isn’t something new. Palak replies that that was before. Now he has changed. Let’s finish work first. The girl shows her the card she has made. Palak looks at it. Ritvik weds Ananya!

Setu comes to Palak’s house. She tells her what she just overheard. Don’t know where Rohit is. He is at some IT Officer’s Office. I don’t know how to help her. Palak asks her if she spoke to Ananya. She might know something. Setu declines. Ritvik would know. Palak tells her to talk to him. Setu reasons that he is closer to her. Palak agrees to talk to him.

Reeva asks everyone to play truth and dare. She takes Ritvik’s phone and gives it to Aman. Make sure he does not get it back. Ritvik is reluctant to play but his parents ask him to come. He joins everyone. Dadi answers the question honestly.

Palak’s calls are left unanswered. Setu is worried as Rohit is also not picking her calls. Palak tells her not to worry. I will go to his house and talk to him.

Reeva asks Mamta who her favourite son is – Ritvik or Rishabh. Mamta takes Aman’s name. Ritvik chooses dare when his chance comes. Reeva asks him to call one of his exes. Saanchi suggests Aarohi’s name. Ananya asks her about Aarohi. Reeva takes Palak’s name. Mamta tells her not to make things complex. Palak’s mother is managing the wedding now. Don’t mess things. Ritvik walks away. Ananya too tells Reeva to stop. We are getting married now. Reeva takes it lightly.

Setu cries as Rohit is not picking her calls. Manjeet ji comes there. Setu lies to her that it is due to her wedding. I am going away. She hurriedly takes leave from her. Manjeet ji calls Palak. Something is wrong with her. I feel she is hiding something. Palak shares that she is worried for Rohit. I will tell you once I am home. Don’t worry. She ends the call and tries Setu’s number but there is no reply. She calls Gayatri. Gayatri tells her that Setu came long ago. She said that she isn’t feeling well. I dint disturb her. shall I wake her up? Palak denies. I will call back later.

Ritvik is sitting alone. Aman comes there. Ritvik tells him not to start poking him about Palak. There is nothing between me and her. Aman tells her that Palak isn’t well. She fell unconscious on her way. Ritvik panics. Where is she? Aman shows him his phone. There are 10 missed calls too. She is in a private hospital and offers to take him. Ritvik starts driving too fast. You should talk to aunty too. He is all panicked. Call hospital landline. Talk to the doctor. He receives Palak’s call and asks her if she is fine. Palak says I am fine. I was coming to meet you. There is something urgent to talk about. Ritvik halts the car. He asks Aman if he lied. Aman nods. Dint you see how you reacted after hearing it? Will you still say there is nothing between you and Palak? I don’t know about others but I know what’s going between you two. Ananya is a very good girl. She has never hidden anything from you. Don’t hide anything from her. Your wedding is about to strengthen the bond. I am also going to be a part of this family. I don’t want anything to happen which will break the families apart. He gets down to get beer.

Ritvik sees Palak’s incoming call and scolds her for calling him again and again. She replies but he disconnects it right away.

Precap: Mamta tells Aman that Palak knew about Ritvik’s mom. She knows that Ritvik’s mother left him. Who told her this? Did Ritvik tell her? If yes then I want to know how close Ritvik and Palak are.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Nice episode…….Aman toooo gud yaar luv u
    I think rohith will help rikky to realise love for palak bt no aman will help he knows everything…..palku answers to that girl was superb “now he has changedchanged let’s finish the work” I like that scene especially and Aman tells Ricky palak is not well then Rickey reaction tension he was sure palak Ricky dosth nahi hai…..when Ricky will realise this
    And precap is interesting I wish mamtha knows everything and questions Ricky about palak……

  2. Reeva will be never changed and Mr.puri has preplanned for either sign papers or break wedding…… What happened to setu why she believes in Mr.puri……

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