Ishqbaaz 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye gets Anika home

Ishqbaaz 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi asks did Shivaye get conscious. Tej says no. Priyanka says you are misunderstanding Anika. Dadi says if he doesn’t get conscious in an hour, we will take him to hospital. Tej says sure. Jhanvi comes and says Anika is leaving. Priyanka asks what. Dadi says let her go, I asked her to go. Jhanvi says Anika’s state is bad, what will we answer Shivaye about her. Dadi says Shivaye and Anika have no relation, we don’t need to answer anything. Jhanvi says Shivaye married her, she is our bahu. Dadi says I don’t consider her bahu or Shivaye’s wife, its better if she leaves. Anika and Gauri walk on the road. Anika gets hurt by a stone. Shivaye shouts Anika and gets conscious. They ask are you fine. He asks is Anika fine, did she get conscious. Priyanka asks him to have water. He asks about Anika. Gauri holds Anika and takes her.

Dadi says take rest. He says I have to see Anika, I will just come. Dadi says you aren’t going anywhere, just take rest. Shivaye says you don’t know what she has gone through, she is serious. Dadi says care about yourself, you almost died. Shivaye says I just care for Anika. Tej says we care for you, your condition is critical. Shivaye says even Anika’s condition is critical. Priyanka says Anika isn’t at home. He asks what do you mean. She says Anika left the house. He asks what do you mean. Gauri says stay here, I will go and get rickshaw. Jhanvi says don’t leave, you aren’t well. Dadi says you should take rest. Tej says listen to us Shivaye. Shivaye shouts to Khanna to get the car out.

Anika says I just regret that I couldn’t meet Shivaye before leaving. Auto driver stops and says that car came in front. Shivaye gets down the car. Anika rushes to him and holds. She asks what are you doing here in this state, you haven’t even worn shoes. He says come home. She says I can’t come, Dadi…. He asks why, don’t you care, tell me. She says don’t do this please, I can’t come with you, it matters a lot to me. He says then come home. She makes Anika sit in the car. Anika and Gauri leave with him. Dadi says Shivaye didn’t listen to me and went against me for the first time, he went after that girl in such a condition. Tej says he was always stubborn, since that girl came in his life, he changed, he is in her control completely, she is not of our level, we don’t know about her blood and ancestry, background of character, God knows if Shivaye has really married her or not, we didn’t see their marriage, maybe he got her without marring her. She says he is not such. He says I hope so, but he is Shakti’s son, he will bring that girl again. She says no, he would not go against my decision.

They hear Jhanvi saying Shivay and Anika. Shivaye asks Anika to go to her room. Anika says Dadi, I didn’t wish to go against your decision, but I couldn’t refuse to Shivaye. She goes with Gauri and Priyanka. Dadi says I didn’t expect this from you. Shivaye says I… Dadi says wait, tell me who you are now, my Billu or Anika’s Shivaye? He says I will always be your Billu. She says so you didn’t keep my word. He says I m sorry for that, you have taught me to fulfill duty, I did a mistake which spoiled Anika’s life, I was rectifying my mistake, I know you have bitterness for Anika because of me, I didn’t accept her as wife, so you didn’t give her respect, just see how noble she is. She says she might be the best girl, but she isn’t right for you, ask her to leave. He says I can’t do that, she will stay here. Tej asks did you forget that Dadi is elder, will you go against elders’ decision.

Shivaye says no, I m trying to rectify the wrong. Jhanvi says he is right, just forgive Anika for Shivaye’s sake, he married her. She asks Shivaye to give some time to elders, go to the room and take some rest. He goes. Anika holds Shivaye and makes him sit. Anika sees his foot and says you are so hurt, why did you come out barefoot, why did you leave the house, you should have taken rest in this state. He asks why did you leave. She says how could I stayed back, Dadi said right, your life got problems because of me. He says you fell in trouble because of me, you became Daksh’s enemy for my sister’s sake, he tried to kill you. She says but you saved me by risking your own life. She does the aid to his foot. He says fine, you saved my life, I saved yours, scores are settled, now can we move on. She says we need to be together to move on, but you feel our paths are different.

Shivaye says we should leave the path where we get sorrow and choose a new path. She says we should make a try, I have accepted the fate, I accepted that you are my husband, do you accept me as your wife………., I knew it, you won’t have any answer. He holds her hand and says I can’t be the person which I m not, love, marriage and relationship, I don’t believe in all that, I was marrying Tia just for Dadi’s sake, I told this clearly to Tia as well, you are a nice guy, you deserve a beautiful life, a marriage where you get much love, I can’t give this to you, I don’t want you to have any misunderstanding or have any expectations, as I will never be able to love anyone. She says then by what right did you get me home, why do you care so much for me.

He says you are my dear friend. She asks friend. He says just a friend. She says you can give up life for a friend. He says I can give up my life and can take lives for your sake. She says so it doesn’t matter to you. He says no, it does, your happiness matters a lot to me, don’t know why, I don’t want to hurt you more, don’t keep any expectations from me. She says you mean to say that we are just friends, and nothing more than that. He says just friends. She says fine, keep the friendship and I will fulfill wife’s duties, and your heart which is confined by walls, I will make some place for me in your hear, not as a friend, but as a wife, one day, you will accept our marriage, I will eagerly wait for that day. He says Anika, nothing I…. sit, I will get some food for you. He goes.

A couple walks in to Oberoi mansion.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    What happened to u all..!!!!
    Only 25 comments… Where r u all.!!?
    Now coming to epi ,
    First of all i don’t want to say anything about dadi nd Tej… I m totally upset becz of this change in dadi…
    Same replica of last time…
    Shivay went to bring Anika nd al… Ab kya bolna hain iske baare mein…
    Shivika’s heart 2 heart talk was touching….
    Hope Shivay’s Anika’s promise to Shivay , Anika’s promish to herself will fulfill soon…
    Precap –
    Mystry part will be start soon…
    Waiting for it…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Luthfa

      Go Bani Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      At first I didn’t like Shivika’s conversations but giving a second thought,I liked it so very much.It was very real and human rather than dramatic implementation.There was no fake mask or hide and seek with emotions.Waiting to see how Shivika are going to handle everything.
      Everyone is busy perhaps that’s why less comments.Don’t worry,it will increase.Take care.Happy weekend to you too?

  2. Dhwani_Naidu

    Tillu has come to Billu’s house!!

    1. Luthfa


    2. Riana

      Luthfa.. ya tillu was neil’s (zain imam) nick name on naamkaran ?

  3. Dhwani_Naidu

    Avni Mehta’s husband ACP Neil Khanna has come to Nakuul Mehta’s show!!
    Neela parekh’s son-in-law in Shrenu parekh’s show!!
    Aditi Rathore’s on screen pati in ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore’s show!!

    Was thinking of this all along while watching the precap??
    It would have been great if Aditi was also cast opposite Zain here..
    Ok now ishqbaaz’s trp is gonna rise even more high!! Yeayyy!! Waiting!!!

    1. Luthfa

      Hehehe….You are on a roll Dost.Keep it up???????????

  4. Ateequa

    Really i was upset with tej and dadi …. Anika will make a place in Billu’s heart….??…… Nothing more to say pkj’,s …. Good night

    1. Luthfa

      It’s okay dear.I can understand.Hope Anika does it soon?

  5. This show is a drag.?

  6. Luthfa

    Today after watching Shivika’s conversation on their marriage and current sate of their relation,I get to ponder on so many things and have to force myself again to think from the start.Shivaay is very clear regarding his decision that he can’t offer Anika anything and if she is expecting that Shivaay will respect and fulfill every responsibility of their marriage then she is mistaken.He simply doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage nor he is ready to believe.He is nurturing the feelings of a friend for Anika!On the other hand Anika has accepted not only the marriage but Shivaay also,as her husband.Both of them are very straightforward and there is no confusion at all.If there has been any,then all get cleaned today.Honestly speaking,I got irritated so much watching Shivaay denying Anika her rights over him and his reluctance to accept their relation but soon I realized Shivaay has strong and valid reason to do so in fact,he is right from his own point of view.Marriage is a sacred bond that binds two different people together in one relation,forever with love,respect,happiness and every other thing.Most importantly it needs the approval from both the sides.But Shivika’s marriage has seen nothing sort of these.Shivaay was completely blind in his revenge Anika was to-be-wife of someone else.What happened in the name of marriage can easily be termed as worst nightmare.It’s another matter that now that nightmarish experience has all the potential to turn into a beautiful reality but no-one can refute the fact that it was a very wrong step and it will remain so until no replacement is issued namely-a marriage with all its due respect and dignity.Still the marriage could work but it was Anika who made Shivaay feel and realise that he was not eligible to be her husband after how he married her,after the truth revelation,indirectly.The journey of Shivaay’s refusal of their marriage started from there.Anika left OM,on her way she met goons and Shivaay came to her rescue.The most horrifying word Mistress showed its true self and Shivaay understood very well that his wish got fulfilled but how ashamed and guilty he was to know that!He tried to redeem his deeds,managed to earn Anika’s forgiveness,was ready to take Anika OM with him addressing her as his wife but Anika denied to agree with him.Reason was their forcefully done marriage and the incidents followed by and because of her self-respect which was very normal though she did forgive Shivaay from her heart.Then Nikhil appeared at the temple and triggered those things which Shivika were to forget.Shivaay convinced himself that he was not worthy of Anika she also(his opinion)believed that so it would be better if Anika got married to Nikhil to lead a happy life.Thereon divorce papers were introduced,society’s allegations also took care of and Anika’s remarriage got fixed.Interestingly little Shivaay knew that Anika started falling for him and vice versa.Shivika were at first stage of love but had to accept separation.At a crucial point Anika realized her true feelings for Shivaay but Shivaay was in the same zone that he did extremely wrong with Anika so he didn’t deserve her.And today he has repeated those words again in front of Anika.Since the truth revelation he was firm in his decision,was true to his words.His past experience,the past of his parents have influenced his already made decision in every way possible.Shivaay’s inability to love someone,his distrust over marriage,its emotions,values are the result of his recent past and the past from which he is suffering since childhood.For Shivaay marriage is another name of intense pain,sorrow,sufferings and ultimately destruction of innocent lifes.His this belief forcing him not to drag Anika into an unwanted marriage fearing that Anika can be destined to the life long unhappiness.Now if Shivaay is facing difficulties to accept his marriage with Anika,at least I can’t blame him.Only Anika can help him to recover from his dark past where he is living making it his present and future.Anika is a direct blessing for Shivaay and he too needs to understand this.Both Shivika have to work really hard to make their relationship a successful one in true sense and this is the most expected solution.

    1. Luthfa di….aapk har word ek correct h but mein ek baat khena chati ho ki.. Shviaay jis word anika k liye use ki vo aj bi same rehe gya… Shviaay ko iss word k meaning k reality pata hui but aj bi biwi na maan kr duniya k samne anika aj bi wohi jo kl tha….dadi bi questions kar rhi next day koi or………..

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Beauty,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.How are you?
      When Shivaay misunderstood Anika in RU because of Daksh then he used very,very mean words for Anika.If you can recall then he said Anika slept with Daksh for money and she was a characterless girl whom Daksh like people could be used anytime like a product of market in exchange of few money.In other way he tagged Anika as a Mistress of Daksh without uttering it.He did not use but we viewers fully got the meaning.Then we witnessed Shivaay’s redemption for it though it was short in duration,for me.Those words of his still jerk my heart and I can never forget it even though it’s a serial.Shivika moved ahead of that incident and experience as well and we got our lovely,ideal couple Shivika.In the force marriage episode in AU where he used Mistress word for Anika was also due to misunderstand again.The difference is he used it for himself here and in RU,it was for Daksh.For me two incidents are same because Shivaay pointed fingers at a girl’s character the most prized possession of her life,using most dirty and cheap words.Then everything got sorted and now will be sorted but I won’t be able to forget.
      Anika is Shivaay’s wife.Until he clears everything and gives his approval for this marriage,it won’t work.So Dadi and every other will keep questioning and Shivika can’t avoid those questions.It’s totally depending on Shivaay that which identity and name he would give to his relation with Anika-Wife for him and everyone or Mistress not for him but for the world.Ball is in his court.

    3. One of the best comment of yours, but even anika has a bad past but how she still believes in all these marriage and all

    4. Luthfa

      Hello 1234,
      Thank you sooooooooo……….very much for your valuable appreciation dear.
      The answer lies in your reply itself-Anika’s past.What Anika’s mother did only strengthened Anika’s belief on marriage with each passing day.She understood in this society a girl only gets respect if she becomes someone’s wife.Her mother is the mistress of a man and this ruined her family and their respect and dignity in the society.This past of her mother keep haunting her and it finally attacked her on the day of her marriage with Shivaay with full force.She was the legally married wife of Shivaay still she had to bear mistress word.You can imagine her state of mind back then.Her past is the main catalyst that makes her believe in marriage and every other thing related to it,nothing else.If it was for Nikhil,she would do the same.Anika wants nothing but the place of Shivvay’s wife which she already has but Shivaay needs to agree for it.By ritual and formality,Anika is Shivaay’s wife but Shivaay has to make it official for everyone including himself and Anika.Otherwise his marital status only add problems and unnecessary drama in his life,as well as Anika’s.

    5. Wonderfully comment peerless girl bcz after read your comment am feeling like I walked around 2&3 km haaaahaaaha

    6. Luthfa

      Hehehe….Soooo….Sorry for making you walk 2/3 or more kilometres???????And thanks for the compliment???

  7. Hi guys…. Dears… 2day epi… I realy love the last part, where shivaay n annika reveal their emotions n feelings in different way…
    I hope nxt week IB going to rock… I’m eagerly waiting… Want to c their true love how they going to share each other..
    Nd pls pls.. Change dadi’s negative role… Vr pain when she talk bad abt anni… Tej pls dun say tat shivaay character will b same as he was shakti’s son…
    OK guys.. Gd nite…

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie,
      Me too liked the last part so much.Felt some tearing part of real life.Dadi got changed according to the demands of Redux.But Tej is same to same.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  8. Hello everyone my comments will be short. Have a good week end PKJ family.

    Today’s episode was with a mixed emotions. Anika is very clear that she is shivaay’s Wife and she will fulfill wife’s duties. However Shivaay may be clear in his head that he only treats her as his Wife but deep inside love is hidden in him. No one will jump off a building or get electrocuted for someone especially a Friend unless he or she is Husband and Wife. Even in todya’s world we won’t have Husband dying the next minute if Wife dies so Shivaay who are you cheating. You are cheating yourself. You will anika deserve a better Husband but it is only you for her. Shivaay you have become complicated because of the trauma you went through in your childhood. First anika has to get rid of the past nightmare out from shivaay’ and she has to give him a lot of assurance and security. He is feeling insecure now in this relationship. Maybe he feels that he might be like sakti and end up like his parents though he says he will not. So anika has to get rid of his insecurities and help him come out of that mould and negativity and then he will fall in love. That is going to take time.

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      When two person love each other truly,we can expect impossible things to happen.Shivaay loves Anika so very much and only she is his wife but he is refusing because of his sad,dark past.Hope Anika helps her this time.Shivaay has suffered enough till now.Very nice analysis di.Take care?

  9. Nothing to say
    Yesterday episode i don’t like … don’t know why may be i high expectations from cvs….

    1. Luthfa

      It’s okay dear.Happens sometimes?

  10. Hloo guys..commenting after long..hope everyone here are fne..loving the episodes.. Hope shivaay will realize his true feelings soon..ok guys will comment when I get also a working

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sneha,
      How are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love and band-baja?
      Episode was full of hidden and open emotions at the same time.Waiting for upcoming desperately.Take care?

  11. Riana

    That same fadhak padhta hai drama…Bored….?
    Precap – INTERESTED ??

    1. Luthfa

      Hope you will get over your boredom soon.Take care?

    2. Riana

      Luthfa… Only last part of shivika was romantic and emotional ❤️?…otherwise the whole ep was really full of sadness and drama…although i am really eager to see monday’s episode…??

  12. Thank you dr for ur love..also waiting for the new epi

  13. Appy

    Kya main jinda hun?????.
    Kya soch rahe ho that who am I???.
    He bhgawan!!!!!!!!!! Like really tum log mujhe nahi pehechan paye??????????????.
    Ok main jaati hun……

    Baad main aaungi.

    1. Arpita di?

  14. Nikita_jai29

    Hey arpita 6 dear… How are you..
    Episode is ok but dadi irked me…

  15. Appy

    I am Not Arpita.
    She is Arpita /Arpu
    I am Appy…
    Commenting first time on tu page.
    But I have read all comments
    You guys are super amazing.

    1. Appy

      As registered memeber…..
      I used to comment in other name in 2017…in different name….without registering….

    2. Thank you I think you are talking about me like super amazing hahaha and don’t only read ours but do yours also

    3. Today i got to know who u r! ? tysm di.really happy that ur registered now.?

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