Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Shristhi follow Manisha

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Karan says that he is sure that she could not have planned this al by herself, someone else was with her, the lawyer says that I this is the case then he will not try to find that person and they will surely win, he asks for their leave, Rishab asks him who is the girl and when he comes to know od Preeta he says that this is for sure that Karan is innocent and they will now win, he thinks that now Karan and Preeta cannot be together state are different from each other.
Preeta and Shrishti are following the vehicle and when they reach the signal they get stuck behind the cars and they get away, they both note the number of the car but when they both decide to go to the police station she refuses saying that they can’t go as she has promised her mother to not go, Shrishti says that Preeta can help her friend as he jumped into fire because of her, she then plans to take her to the police station and says that they will not go inside and this way she will also keep her promise,
Prithvi does not agree to his friends demand of half the profit but he says that h will not and when he pressurizes then he sees that Manisha is coming, Prithvi asks him to gibe Manisha to him and he will give him 70 percent of the profit, Prithvi thinks of what they had and then they both greet them and the they co e inside.
The police inspector says that he acted wrongly with him and he is not even dory because if he says something to Karan they he will again act the same way, Rishab says that if Karan was guilty then he would never have stopped her but he is true and so he will not tolerate it, He sees Shrishti and goes to meet her, she tells him that Pre4eta is outside and they then go to meet her, Preeta thinks of taking the bag if vegetables but then realizes that the auto driver went away, Preeta then thinks of going inside and then realizes the promise she turns back, Rishab comes and asks why she is not coming inside, she syas that she is not coming because of her mother, eh then sys that everyone turned their backs after Karan got arrested and those who claimed to be their friends and relative s are not even picking u their calls , they all left them, he says that she has remained with their family throughout their ups and downs and has remained their friend, he requests her to come in because then Karan will be happy as he likes her a lot.
He ask why Sarla not came, she says that she did not come , eh realizes and says that he totally forget what happened but is happy that she let her come, he says that now she must not say thankyoy as she has done a lot for them, Shrishti goes and remains her what he has done for them, she is hesitant but Shrishti pulls her and they both go inside, they give him the number and then explain how they saw Manisha in the market and that they both were going to question her but then she ran away. They both think how good this clue will be for their case, Rishab goes to inform his lawyer and Preeta also gets a call.
Prithvi and friends are celebrating, he says that he wants to listen to Karan’s stories and they start to watch the news, they say that Karan’s bail request was cancelled and now even a march has been organized against his actions, Manisha boyfriend gets worried and when they ask he says that what if this goes in favor of Karan, Prithvi tries to calm him down saying that nothing will happen to Manisha, she then tells her boyfriend that Preeta will never confess because Prithvi threatened her mother and now she will never let her go anywhere as she is now afraid.

Precap: Rishab thanks Preeta for being with them as everyone else left them, Karan asks her why she is helping them and what is the relation between them and what he means to her, she says everything.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Bull shit..please don’t stretch too much..its very angry to watch boring prolonged drama. End the prithvi, manisha and sherlin track soon and please makers come with new twist. I wonder how makers could come out with such bull shit story…when they have got talented actors to make the show popular

    1. Exactly my point from family drama focus has shifted to dirt Pl avoid There are other social causes to talk about or is this all about fake people with no values

  2. Will this track never end….

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