Krishna Chali London 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe misunderstands Krishna

Krishna Chali London 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla asking Shuklain not to scold Krishna, she would have filed tax and told some friend, even when he asked her not to tell even family, maybe she trusts her friend and shared the matter. Radhe gets angry. Krishna comes and says I have done my work and filed the tax, I will get receipt and show you. She leaves. Radhe follows her. Shukla messages Prashant to be ready and execute the big plan. Prashant burns some wire in electricity meter. Krishna comes to him and asks why didn’t you send me receipt on time, you made the payment, why was your phone off. He says listen to me. She says I had trusted you, so much bad happened there.

He says look at my house, don’t you get the smell. She sees the smoke near the meter. He says my phone is also off, I called the electrician now. The electrician comes and repairs the meter. Prashant says maybe the receipt didn’t reach you because of no network, what could I do. The man says one phase is working, shall I switch it on. Prashant says yes, at least I can charge my phone. Lights come. Prashant asks her to sit. She says sorry, I was worried, send me a copy of receipt soon. He says sure. He sees Radhe coming.

Prashant blows some sand by the fan. He asks will you have water. She turns to him. Sand goes in her eyes. He holds her. Radhe comes and sees them. Prashand blows in her eyes. They see Radhe. Krishna says you here…. Radhe goes. Prashant takes another phone and messages Shukla. He smiles. He says you have come here to celebrate the house problems. She says you don’t know anything. He says I know you shared tax problems with him, dad didn’t share it even with family, I m sorry, such a close friend is called a boyfriend. She says you are saying any nonsense, I won’t listen to this. Prashant comes to talk. Radhe stops him.

Radhe says I fell in love at first sight, I m illiterate, you wanted to make me educated, maybe educated people do this, a husband and a boyfriend, you can say you like him more than me. She cries. He says you are sometimes in his house, in his car and in his arms, if educated people are such, I m happy to be illiterate, you married me and keeping relations with him. She raises hand and stops. She says you know what’s the good thing about Kalyug, there is no God, not even you, I don’t need to give my character certificate to anyone, if you say any word further, it won’t be good. Radhe says I don’t have anything to say now. He leaves. Prashant holds her. She leaves.

Radhe comes home and gets Krishna’s bags. Bela likes the drama. Radhe fills a bucket. Shuklain asks what are you doing. Radhe sees Krishna and pours water on himself. He says a relation died, I did its Shraddh. Krishna gets shocked. Radhe says you always told me that you would leave the house, I requested you to stay back, I jumped off terrace and broke leg to stop you, today I m telling you to leave me and this house, this is what you wanted, please go. Shukla smiles. Gajanan asks what are you doing Radhe. Radhe says I never spoke in your and Lali’s matter, please don’t speak in between. Shukla asks what are you saying, do you know its meaning, you won’t let me live. He coughs and does drama. Krishna cries. Bela says let us take care of our house, go from here. Krishna leaves.

Krishna sees a tv show and gets shocked. She recalls the man and thinks this man raised the house as tax officer, how can this happen. Shukla does aarti. Krishna runs to home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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