Ishqbaaz 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivika get a cooking challenge

Ishqbaaz 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says Billu will make the dish which Anika says, Anika will make the dish Billu says, both will eat the dish and say whose food is better. Shivaye and Anika name their fav dishes. Rudra and Bhavya smile.

Some time before, Rudra says its good we made two teams. Shakti says fine, but colors, themes and decorations, everything will be of my daughter’s choice. Anika says Shakti uncle….. He says not uncle, you will call me dad from now. Dadi says he is saying right. Anika asks can I call you Papa. Shakti nods and hugs. Rudra says our team is so happening, we have good looks and emotions. Om corrects his words. Gauri says our team is not less. Rudra says but less in height. Shivaye says don’t you go there. Gauri says tell me what color of decorations to do, we are groom’s side and it will be by our choice. Rudra says you will be groom’s family at your home.

Shivaye says ya so we are in our house. Om says Shakti said we will decide. Gauri says no, we will decide. Om asks Anika to say color. Gauri says red, shagun color is red, all decorations and flowers will be red. Om says none said jagrata is happenings, its marriage. Bhavya asks what about Khaki, its so different. Rudra jokes that it will look like a police drill. Om says I think I will decide, I m artist and know colors. Gauri says I know about colors too, I made Lord’s clothes and idols. Shivaye messages Anika and asks what color she likes. O jaana….plays…. She replies, what you like. They smile. He texts… my choice is you. She blushes. Om says enough, Shakti said it will be by Anika’s choice, I will decide. Gauri says no, we will decide. Bhavya says control, chill, we don’t have to do encounter. Rudra asks Om to chill. Shivaye texts our choice met, now we have to make their choices meet. Anika replies… for this I have an idea…. She smiles.

Pinky cries and recalls Shivaye’s words. Dadi comes to her and asks are you feeling bad, entire family is together and you are alone. Pinky says Anika wanted this, she got my son and then entire family. Dadi asks can’t you see even now, we reap what we sow, Anika has sown love and reaped love, you have sown hatred and reaped hatred, Anika didn’t snatch Billu, you lost your son, you never valued Anika, at least value your son, but you couldn’t do that, so no one values you. She goes. Pinky cries.

Om asks how did you plan to get Lord idol. Shivaye says Anika said and it got planned. Anika says not me, Dadi said. Om says Dadi….. Dadi says I forgot. Shivaye says Dadi told in childhood. Om says Dadi never told about this. Shivaye says your hair got long and memory got shorter, Rudy you remember Dadi told about our tradition, Dadi tell me Dadi says yes, Billu reminded me, when your Dada and I got married, we placed that idol at home, I want same idol of Shiv Parvati in Billu and Anika’s marriage. Shivaye says correct. Rudra says wow, Shiv and Parvati, Shivaye and Anika, I noticed somethings, we brothers have names on Shiv ji and three girls have name on Parvati ji. Dadi calls him Chotu and jokes. She says its coincidence that your names are on Shiv Parvati, Om go and get it. Rudra says why to trouble Om, I will go. Shivaye says not you. Rudra says Dadi called me smart, do you doubt me. Shivaye signs him. Rudra says I m much hurt.

Anika says you are hurt, let Om go. Rudra says I realized I have work, go Om, live your life. Om says you suddenly changed mind, I will go. Dadi says go today itself, marriage rasams will start once idol is placed. Anika asks how can Om go alone. Om says don’t worry, I will take Khanna. Shivaye says no, Khanna is mine. They all react. Om asks is Khanna yours. Shivaye says no, not that way, I have some, Khanna will help. Anika says Gauri is free. Gauri says no, I won’t go. Anika says she believes in Lord, she won’t go to get Shiv Parvati idol. Gauri asks how did you get my Shankar ji in between, I have to go now. Shivaye says then leave now, will you drive at night. Om says alright, but Shivaye I will take your car. He turns and sees them doing high five. He asks what’s all this. They all wave. Shivaye says we are welcoming idol. Om thinks I understand what you all are trying to do. Om and Gauri leave. Dadi and everyone laugh.

Shivaye says Gauri, I know you don’t want to go with Om, but I can’t send him alone. She says I will go. He says don’t talk to him. Om says we will get bored if we don’t talk. Anika says fine, get bored, don’t show you are dying to talk to her. Om says I m not dying, but route is long, it will look strange. She says say straight, you are dying to talk to her. Om says I m not dying, Gauri talks a lot, I have to talk to her. Gauri says I talk and he shows nandi bayl horns or tells shayari. He asks does he tell his shayari to you too. She says sometimes. He asks her to keep this. She asks perfume. He says its pepper spray, that route is unsafe, you can use this, spray in person’s eyes. She tries. He says not now, use it when needed, close it, very imp, don’t play with it.

Dadi asks Om to get Ishtdev idol safely, its very valuable for Oberois. Shivaye says so…. have fun. Om asks what do you mean by have fun, I m going to get idol, not on picnic. Anika asks Gauri to enjoy well. Gauri says yes, I will hear bhajan, when it ends, I will play Satsang cd. Anika says Gauri please, hear some romantic songs. Gauri asks love songs, fine, I will hear Radha Krishna bhajan, Aisi lagi…. Anika stops her. Shivaye says you don’t need to come back soon, you can stay for one day if you want. Om asks why will we stay, there is marriage in house, we will get idol. Shivaye says we will manage. Om asks why.

Anika comes to Shivaye and signs thumbs up. Om sees them and thinks so this is the thing, Shivaye you see now. He says Dadi, I recalled something, we have a tradition, three challenges one. Dadi says yes, I forgot. Shivaye asks what three challenges. Om says you forgot, Dadi told us in childhood, when there is marriage in house, girl and guy give three challenges and fulfill it. Shivaye says that’s too kiddish. Dadi says shut up, its tradition and you have to fulfill it, you both will give three challenges to each other, to know how much equality and love is there. Shivaye says its waste of time. Dadi asks them to fulfill the challenges. Om says till I get idol, Dadi see that they fulfill three challenges, Shivaye have fun, come Gauri. Om and Gauri leave.

Om and Gauri are on the way. Gauri thinks Om is silent and me too, I made a record. Om thinks what happened to her, she talks so much, why did she keep maun vrath. She thinks Shivaye told me, but I will get unwell if I keep silence. He thinks Anika was right, she is giving me attitude, I have to start a talk. He looks at her and thinks no way, why shall I talk. She thinks he won’t talk and Shivaye stopped me, I will play songs to pass time. She asks shall I play songs if you have no problem. He says sure. She gets a CD and looks how to play it. Om takes it and plays. Om jai jagdish hare…..plays…. Om says bhajan, that too in car. She says har har mahadev.

He says she is in bhajan mood, what to do. He calls her out and stops bhajan. She asks why did you stop. He says I was thinking, we can talk. She asks will you talk. He asks her to talk. She asks why shall I talk. He says then why shall I talk, nothing, I think bhajan is fine. He plays bhajan again. She thinks he is strange. He thinks I was mad to stop bhajan and asked her to talk. She thinks I m so hungry, shall I have water. He thinks is she hungry, I will ask. He asks are you hungry. She thinks he is asking as if he has fed me parathas at home. She says no. He says okay, I will stop the car, I m tired of driving. She says fine, stop at any dhaba, we will have food. He says wait, you just said you aren’t hungry. She says yes, but stop at dhaba, we can have food. They argue. He says fine at dhaba, are you hungry. She says no.

Dadi says first challenge is…..Rasoi. Shivaye says Dadi you are so sweet, you want your masterchef Billu to win. Anika says this is cheating. Dadi asks do you think I will cheat. Rudra says its obvious. Bhavya defends Dadi. Dadi says its about making each other’s fav food, Billu will make the dish which Anika says, Anika will make the dish Billu says, both will eat the dish and say whose food is better. Shivaye says fine, Aloo puri. Anika says no, I had it thousand times, this time I want to have pau bhaaji, pau should be buttery. Shivaye asks chowpatty style. Anika says yes, don’t say you didn’t have it ever, Rudra… Rudra says no. Anika asks what did you do in life then. She describes the pau bhaji in chowpatty style.

She says I want to become shayar like Om. She jokes and says leave it, what will you have. He says okay, stewed vegetable ratatouille with baked up cappucino asparagus and pesto sauce. Anika laughs and says good sound, tell me what will you have. He says stewed vegetable ratatouille with baked up cappucino asparagus and pesto sauce. She asks will you have this. He asks will you remember. She says yes, why not, I want a vegan. She asks less spicy brinjal. He says vegan, will you do it. She looks at Rudra. She says fine. Rudra says we will do, but will you make Chowpatty style pau bhaaji. Bhavya says yes. Rudra and Bhavya smile. Dadi says fine, your challenge starts now.

Jhanvi and Dandi follow Kaveri and see her paying money to a man. Kaveri goes. They see her gone. He says strange, she disappeared faster than Mr. India Jhanvi asks whom was she giving money. She sees Peter and Kaveri’s graves. He says something is wrong. She says they both are dead.

Om asks what will you have. She says I m not much hungry. She orders many things. Om looks at her. She says wait, take Om’s order. Om says you said you are not hungry, will you have all this alone. She says yes, I ordered less. He says we will share. She asks why, if it gets less for me. Om asks the man to double order, as we are not hungry. They hear news on radio about some ghost near Shiv Parvati temple. She gets tensed. Om says stop this radio, what nonsense. He asks her not to worry, there is no ghost. She says I don’t believe, but they are saying, my aunt used to say Chudails exists. Om says let it be. They get the food and start eating. He asks her to eat. She says ghost. He signs her to eat.

Dandi says I got these records from municipality, Peter and Kaveri died 6 months before in a car accident. She says they said they are staying here since 10 years, it means they are not Peter and Kaveri, why is Tej doing this, along with Shwetlana. Om and Gauri are on the way. She gets a newspaper from her purse, which comes in front of Om. He fails to drive and stops car. They get down the car and argue. She says I was finding pepper spray, Shivaye gave me, I thought to use it on ghost. He says there is nothing like ghost. She says talk slow, if ghosts hears.

A ghost is seen on a tree. Om asks her to sit in car. They leave. Om says there is nothing like ghosts. The ghost is behind them in car. Dandi sees Jhanvi leaving in car and calls her out. Peter sings. Jhanvi comes there. He hides. She asks him to listen. He says I m not Tej, I m Peter. She says stop this drama, I m trying to meet you, why are you doing this, if you can’t say, give a sign. He says I told you many times, I m not Tej, I m Peter, I feel frustrated, if you trouble me again, I will go to police and get you arrested. She asks did you go mad. He asks her to see, police help please. She sees constable and goes. He thanks Lord.

Om says its good there was no one in front, else accident would have happened. She says it didn’t happen. He says I m saying so that this doesn’t happen next time. She says who will come with you next time. He says ill mannered. She says if ghost really comes. He says there is no ghost, let me drive. Ghost says if she is saying with love, then agree. They get shocked. She says yes. She screams ghost….. Om stops the car and they run far. Gauri asks where will we go. He says just run when ghost is behind. They see ghost/man coming after them. Om says what to do now. Gauri recalls Shivaye’s words and looks for pepper spray. Om says its not time to check bag, run. Gauri says where to run, way is closed. She sprays in Om’s eyes and says sorry.

Shivaye asks Jhanvi where are you and Tej, I m marrying Anika, I called Tej too, both of you have to be here. She says ya, as soon as possible, bye. She says how to tell family what’s happening here, Tej is here and refusing to be Tej, Shivaye is calling us home for his marriage. Dandi says Shwetlana is clever and playing big game. Kaveri gets angry on Jhanvi. Peter stops her and says give her one chance, listen. Jhanvi says my husband is lost, I know he is Peter, not Tej, you are his wife Kaveri, I want your help, there is marriage in my house, happiness came after long, I m not able to say Tej is missing, they will get sad.

Kaveri asks how can we help you. Jhanvi says by acting like Tej, come with me. Kaveri says he is not Tej, he is Peter, your family will know. Jhanvi says no, I will tell them Tej lost his memory. Kaveri calls her mad. She says our dhaba business will get shut. Jhanvi says I will pay the loss. Dandi asks Peter to say something, help for the sake of humanity. Peter says we can give one chance. Kaveri agrees to help. Peter says happy now, go. Jhanvi says thanks, we will leave for Mumbai tomorrow. She goes.

Kaveri smiles comes to her real form. Shwetlana says I wanted this, return to Oberoi mansion. Tej says I agreed to know and did Peter’s acting, you want to go Oberoi mansion, what’s your new game plan Shwetlana, tell me. She says you would have done this before Tej, just do what’s told to you. He says if I don’t do then. She says then get ready to go jail along with your wife, I m sure Oberoi mansion is better option than going jail. He says you think its easy to act like Peter and Tej in front of Jhanvi and family. She asks him to think. He tries to call someone. Shwetlana asks what are you doing.

Anika says we lost this challenge, lets go home. Rudra says no, I won’t et you lose this challenge. She asks what will you do. He says leave it on me. Om beats the goons. Gauri falls in his arms.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nilash


    Hello friends this is Nilash back with her long comment after a long time. Here I am back to share my views over the episodes from Monday.

    MONDAY’s episode- the most memorable episode of the season. The episode started with the revelation but ended with a sweet confession. I pity the mother who never had belief over her teachings. I sympathies her and still hoping she has a soft corner in her heart of stone. Shivay and Anika became SHIVIKA for us. ISHQBAAZI won but destiny took infinite test. He became ISHQBAAZ for her and she became her reason to live. He believed he never trusted her but the days passed and now he cannot compel himself to distrust her.

    Let’s move to TUESDAY. The romantic, funny, naughty and another memorable episode of the series. The way he expressed how much he loves her to Om was very natural yet magical. From the starting we knew this day would come but we never expected it to be the way it was portrayed. The way Daadi was keeping an eye over them was amazing. I cannot describe it in words how amazing it was. RIKARA, indeed it was a very funny scene yesterday but love, care and affection was enlightening Om’s eyes. The way both the couples were portrayed yesterday was the best ever way they could have done it ever.

    Now let’s come to TODAY’S episode. I relished every inch of it. Shakthi uncle to PAPA wasn’t a easy journey but it became possible for the love. They way he reffered Anika as his daughter was a much expected wish of mine that got fulfilled but yet the half part is left. Hope we get to hear this from Pinky too. Shivika’s conversation over the phone cannot describe it as it made me go “aawww” over it. Amazing scene that actually do exist but a magic made the scene turn best scene. They have one heart merged together that pumps for each other. Rikara scene, the moments were funny but it was soothing. Many said Rikara scenes are not soothing and the story is running fast but they have a magic in their chemistry in their own way that can’t be compared to Shivika. Thank You CVs for the entire scenes of today’s episode.

    At last KUDOS to the makers and double kudos for the actors for their acting talents. You know many find their own passion in them but for you all your passion found you. We all may bash you and get upset over the scenes but at the end of the day we do believe you and hope for the best. And to our belief you all fulfill our hope by the best ever possible way. Thank You so much for this.

    RANI DI I have uploaded the VM that you requested. Please do check and let me know how was it.


    Bye everyone. Good Night. NILASH

    1. Riddhima

      Nilu …..

      Go nilu go ….??????

    2. Zaveesha

      Amazing analysis Nilash….from this week the Ishqbaaz is back again…

      Go Nilash Go….
      Be happy…
      Nd congratulations for pkj insta page…

    3. Tvfan1

      i really agree with ur opinion about RiKara!!

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      They says “hasta la vista” it really doesn’t meant good bye, it gives a hope to return back to your loved ones as soon as possible, its a promise of love.

    5. Ranilya

      Nilu…. after so many days you have commented… good….
      Thanks for the VM dear…. love you.


      Superb lines….

    6. Pushpa

      Nila go go go..
      True live is life …life is true love..
      It was heaven to hear these words frm shivaye….thts he’s in love..u can see tht in his khanji eyes and glowing face…..
      Yr last 4 lines ????????owsm..

    7. Piyuu

      go nilu go
      nyc analysis dear

    8. Archiya

      Wow Nilash.. The lines r simply superb ? ?


    1. Rudra ki commedy ????????? nailed start of show?????????

    2. Boys v/s Girls – Shadi hai ya war ??????????

    3. Aaj kal writers Shakti ko bhut accurate and emotional dialogue dene lage hai????? bhut time baad

    4. 2 feet ki duri -Technology ne katam kar di ????????

    5. Shivaye- tmhra fvt color kun sa hai?
    Anika – Jo apko pasand hai.
    Shivaye- Meri pasand to tm ho.. ????

    6. "Humari pasand to mill gyi, inki milani padegi"- Nailed dialogue by shivaye…

    7. Dadi said right pinki Tmne- "Boya pedd babul ka aam kahan se papye"- though in different way but fits on her.

    8. Shivaye to Om- Baal lambe ho gye or memory choti ho gyi..????????????

    9. Aaj ke dialogues bhut funnny hai ???????????

    10. Rudra ka new Nick name- chotu ?????

    11. Shivaye ka dialogue- Khanna mera hai???????

    12. Fir pakde jaate hadd hai, excitment control hi nhi hoti inn se ??????????

    13. Shivaye-Anika Love advices de rehe hai Om-Gauri, inhone kabhi kud follow nhi kri ??????

    14. Shivaye-Anika Om-Gauri ko milane me lage hue hai or Om inki band bajane me ??????

    15. Om-Guari car scenes were toooo much fun???????????

    16. New ego problem b/w Om-Gauri and Rudra-Bhavya

    17. Food Challenge Chupati Pav bhaji and skew vegetables in pesto sauce (itna bada naam)????????

    18. Shewtlana is more clever than Tej and Jhanvi think ????????

    19. Gauri is not feeling hungry but ordered tooo much ??????? and Om ordered double of them?????

    20. Om and Gauri will now struck in bhoot?????? problem….

    21. Jhanvi banni detective ????????????????

    22.  May be Bhoot is planned by shivaye and anika and may be bhoot is khanna and that annocement is even plan by shiavye and anika ??????????

    23. Yeh bhoot kam halloween party me phene wala drama mask pakka tha ??????????????

    24. Finally its open that Peter is Tej and kaveri is Shewtlana…. as she is blackmailing him ??????????

    25. I wish tej had given hint to jhanvi that he is Tej.. ?????????

    26. Both team will cheat to win challange and will be caught as they will bring food from their fvt shops/resturants respectively???????????

    27. Om-Gauri romance shall be seen while fighting with goons, may be their awkwardness ends…

    1. Ranilya

      Hi Shraddha

      22-got this doubt too…. but i hope its not Shivika’s plan… as Om would again go away from Gowri if gets to know
      25- yes i too expected that Tej would give a hint to jhanvi…. but glad that Jhanvi is not shown dumb.

    2. Pushpa

      Shraddha….this week shivika OM full of colours..lets enjoy the moments together…
      No 5 …i loved it totally…love is in the air…mere pasand thum ho….wow thts ???
      No 17 gona be fun …yeay waiting
      Bhoot..michi michi feeling maybe shivika planned it or ?????? Dun know i think v hv to wait& watch..?… svet blackmailing tej & svet re entering OM thts danger man…..

    3. Piyuu

      5.meri pasand thum ho i loved it gouri car seen was funny.gouri’s expression on bhajan song is really funny.

  3. Go Nila di go
    For yesterday
    I died of laughing
    Except tejvilana
    Episode was superb
    Gauri was soo cute
    I loved om s swag when he took revenge from shivaay
    Shivika was sooo cute and their dishes
    I love pav bhaji
    That too made by SSO
    Iam dying to eat

    French ladies ki Kasam

    Rudy you are the best

    Finally rikara

    Shivika ????

    Pinky Kabi nahi sudhregi
    We should don’t even think of leaving her without punishing
    Let her cry more

    1. Ya shakthi papa
      Loved it

    2. Ranilya

      Meenu I too liked OM when he took his Sweet revenge from Shivay…. Love these Obros….

    3. Pushpa

      Shivika tht phone messaging was so cute & lovely…
      Pinky will nvr realise meenu…u saw her face expression when dadi advicing her….feel like slapping her& throw her out…..hope she doesnt give problem in shivika wedding….

  4. Riddhima

    Hai isqhieesss.,…?????
    Vanakam ishqiesss …?????

    Today ,…. Totally om took the epi …..
    Haaannn …his expressions .,each ddialogues … Dialogues delivery ,…
    His long hair … hair style ..

    What to say … SShivom was the main leads of today’s epi …. There exprssions ,… Fighting like school kids and dadi is like teacher …and taking advantage of dadi’s memory …Rudy was soo cool today .,…

    When om was running his hair was bouncing aisa kaise ho sakta hai .. I love you soo much om …????????????……

    Soo much no other words ….. ??????????????????????????…..

    In car his look while hearing bajan …. ???????…

    And shivay you are very bad in planning and executing … My om is very smart than you ,…. ?????

    And gauri how dare you use pepper spray on my om .,…idiot .,…. ??????????????????????????????????

    Om’s each and every expression killed me …. I am willing to be killed by his eyes…….?????….

    Om can you understand me …I am saying that I love you …so much … I am crazy for you …. Om …I am ….???????….

    Sad part is ..there is no person in real named om …om is a character of a serial …??????????????????????….

    And shivay I can see that paavam moment in his eyes….khannji eyes is eargerly waiting for some nice treat but dadi is not letting him to enjoy his precious moments….

    I llike the silent game gong between shivom and Rudy supporting them …?????? its a treat to watch ,…..

    And tejlana …. Again if kaveri and peter swami at Christians then why she is wearing vibuthi in forehead …idiot CVS …. You are making some religious thing as fun Here… Better stop it.,..stupid bevakoof writers ….chi ….. How can they make fun of others culters…one who don’t love and respect this own mom and not know the values of other mother’s …. Yeh bakwass banth Karo …varna ……. Aakri Warning .,…

    This is for my om …

    UUn kanngalal ennai kadathivitai …
    UUn kudhalala ennai silunga seithai …
    Uun paarvaiyaal ennai aachiseithai ….
    Uun punnagaiyil ennai muzhuga seithai ….


    Tried too write something …is it nice???? ….

    Waiting for tamilians view …???

    Some one translate ? it in English ….

    Good night ?????
    Iravu vanakam….????

    1. Nandhana

      Vanakkam riddhima..nice commenting..I too don’t like tejvilana part..but one thing is swetlana looking good in this attair..
      Om ku song Dedication la supera ku therinja enaku ipdi Oru fan a nu mayakam aiduvanga…sweet om dreams riddhima ???

    2. Riddhima

      Nandhana. …

      Om Ku song illa …Nana than enaku thoninadha ezhuthinen ….
      Om Ku therinchathana … Om Ku theriyaporathum illa … Om nu oru aalu iruka porathum illa … Vitubga ..

      Yep true only in dreams… Dreams LA mattum than. …

    3. Dhwani_Naidu

      Vanakam riddhima..
      Today was a khidkitod epi.. Enjoyed watching rikara fight and shivika’s phone romance.. And for the precap when om holds gauri it was like keele vizhunthathum, Annalum nokkinaan avalum nokkinaal 😛 :P.. And ur kavidhai was super.. I’ve this doubt.. Wat s the equivalent word for silungal in English yaar??

    4. Riddhima

      Dhwani naidu ….tamizha nega …????

      Silungal. …… Therilaiye…… ?????

    5. Dhwani_Naidu

      Yeah riddhima, mix of Tamizh and Telugu.. Tamizh ammayi, Telugu ponnu.. 😛 😛

    6. Hi ridhima

      Vanakkam. Today’s episode car scene and om’s reaction and expressions were awesome .

      I too loved his hair bouncing while running. Rikara pair is soooo damn cute. Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next with them..

      Oh god shivika love will now set example for these two bros

      Meanwhile rudra na.. “French hot girls ke kasam” ? sathyama rudra vala mattum dhan eppadi yosika mudiyum. Without Rudy this show wud not be complete.

      Hindi serial la crazy na ishqbaaz thavira Vera onnum kadaiyadhu

    7. Riddhima

      Bharu ….

      Vanakam … Car scene was superb …

      And om’s hair bouncing ?????

      Definitely shivay is the best example for his brothers in romantic sections ….?????

      Hahah ….Rudy the rock star ….his expressions has some naughty stuff in it ….he is expert in it. … Cutiee pie he is. ..Rudy baby ….??????

      Ama ishqbaaz mathri vera entha show vum varatha. .

    8. Ranilya

      HI Riddi….
      Riddi when OmRi were running from the booth n his hair was flying in the air…. I rememberd you…. Im sure you loved it,,,

      Yes Riddi Om is smarter than Shivay…lolz

      Dont be so angry on Gowri… I know you dont like your sautan… but Still Gowri is cute too….

      And another thing about ydays comment…. Kaveri is married to Peter D’souza So the both r Christians… so they are buried in Christian burial ground….

    9. Riddhima

      Rani ….

      Yep I loved om in each a and a very scene ….specially hair bouncing while running ….. ????. ….

      Rani you are knowing my feeling …..but om can’t even know it that he has riddhima like this for him …..

      ????? poor shivay baby. ….

      Yep Rani I understood that. …then why swetlana dressed like Hindu ladki …… _??? Was my question ….

    10. Pushpa

      Riddhima……im so much in love wt shivaye now…..?????????
      Hey watch wht u say shivaye is smart singh oberoi ok….and shivaye will sure find his way to anika….
      om hair ws blown by wind he looks good there ….om always looks good with his loose hair….cvs shld maintain it tht way..
      Wow yr 4lines is owsm dear…great…

    11. Riddhima

      Yes pushpa …I can understand you ….
      Mai bhi aisa hai ….

      Haha …pushpa I know you will come to defend shivay. .?????…cool

      I am also asking that only pushpa from the first …dont change his hair style ….. But they won’t hear us …. They do what they want . ..

    12. Dhwani_Naidu

      Pushpa, ur shivaye is sweet smart singh oberoi.. Om is sensible handsome zulfi singh oberoi.. Rudy is cute chotu duffer singh oberoi..

      And hifi to riddhima, even I’m mentally dating om yaar 😛

    13. Ranilya

      Riddi dear Svetlana is Kaveri an in Hindu…. but she is married to Peter who is christian so now she is christian too…. converted christian

    14. Riddhima

      Rani ….

      Ho oh … that ….okay okay samaj gayi …

    15. Archiya

      Don’t b so sad.. Somewhere ur om is waiting to come in ur life ? ?

    16. Riddhima

      Archu ….

      Really I wish your words come true ….
      Waiting ….for that day ….

  5. Zaveesha

    Shivika will now play cupid for Rikara…
    But Om is more intelligent…He is giving Tit for Tat to Shivaay…

    Now its like the soul of ISHQBAAZ is back again…positive vibes is back again…

    Stay happy pkj members…

    1. Ranilya

      Hi Zaveesha… yes looks like the soul of ishqbaaz is back,,, hope it stays…

    2. Archiya

      Hi Zaveesha
      How r u doing.. An yeah IB is back full feldged

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    The person who has tons of beard on face, arrogant nature, a slight winning smirk always on face, Tej Singh Oberoi who has special capacity to predict near future, who warned and laughed at the face of Pinky Singh Oberoi at her face laughing at her fate. Now his calculative business brain reached reality, his warning her of harsh truth.
    Shivaay may be his business rival, a son to her long time enemy Pinky,but motives of Tej Singh Oberoi is always clear. he is jealous Shivaay and his business, he has extra marital affairs with Shwetlana, he tried to kill his wife Jhanvi, he never gives importance to his children mainly Omkara, he can fall to any level down for gaining his desired aim. Among all this he saw a glint of a nice family loving Shivaay and the bond among their children while saving Priyanka. Now as he has began to some thing for them, for his family, for himself, for Tejvi for Ishqbaazi. Then his condition became like a pendulum, a ghanti of some temple modulating between two points Jhanvi and Shwetlana trying to get some proof against his crimes. If he has done some such crimes then he should just go and accept all his crimes in front of all after all Mumbai media is so active in Oberoi family and their not so sensitive matter and accept for his punishment. He d
    deserve punishment but in this all..the not so truth hiding Tej has become a Peter Swamy to hide his sins.. It was better when he was Tej, his motives and steps were clear. Now the calculative businessman shrew minded Tej Singh Oberoi is all trapped in a web of truth-lie, crime-punishment, wife-mistress, Businessman-waiter(ok), reality-illusion most importantly Life and death. Tej has done mistakes…crimes..mistakes and he must get his punishment in a positive way now with some support from his family and specially Omkara with no further major misunderstanding in between father- both son-wife(not daughter…I just don’t like Priyanka from the moment she talk rudely to Shivaay bhaiyya, may be Shubha left show and cvs closed chapter of all characters like Ranveer-Maahi-Kameeni from that family like their uncle Daksh lol) leading to a happy family of Tej Sudharchuka Oberoi…Pinky still have no redemption and she is shown as a poor women from last two episodes crying shedding tears who doesn’t deserve this, now after his redemption Tej deserve some thing better at least a family support while coming back as Peter for Shivika wedding with out creating any problem with respect to old enmity between Shivika and Shwetlana during that one week Oberoi special episodes…
    Shakti Singh Oberoi has began to drink Women’s Horlicks…stay strong for making his bone strong specially back bone and SPINE….
    I never thought , I will say this but I hate Amitji.. Amitabh Bachchan for his kbc and sony channel too.. My bro fought with me for that. I hate that show even after their knowledge haunting capacity. I just…sob sob..poor Aastha has to watch online. BARC drviji and trp deviji meri Shivaay bhaiyya ka show par meherwan karna ki Ib ki trp high ho jaaye… kyun ki tv par dekhna thoda mushkil ho raha hai …

    1. Ranilya

      Asthu dear such a long comment today…. after so many days….
      It shows how much u enjoyed the episode…

      Well written about Tej…. hope everything sorts out soon

      Prinku…. where ever she is…. I doubt she is in America… Even if she comes back i dont her to get Kamini with her….

      Shakthi drinking Womens Horlicks!! lolzzzz

      Ufffff Why couldnt they air KBC on weekends????? They have done it purposely….

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Rani…Kuch zyada long hogaya na!! Chalta hai chalta hai..kaun si normal logon ki jagah hai..saare ke saare toh paagals hai..
      Time to make over the relation between Omkara and Tej with help of their partners…

    3. Krish6868

      ASTHA ,we have two TV connections at home.I ‘ve re -started watching IB on TV again.So I will switch the second TV too and play it on mute.So you r SHIVAAY bhaiyya will not be deprived of your contribution to the TRP.

      So, enjoy IB without any michi-michi !

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Krish…Thanks yaar. We also have two tv at home but abhi ke liye dushman ke kabje main hai . Its a matter of this week, once my bro will be back to hostel, both are back to my territory once again. Iss week sambhal lena meri taraf se… Thank you once again.

    5. Pushpa

      Astha….loved yr comments yaar pura about tej wht u say is true….he is jealous over shivaye in everything but he do respect him to certain level…wander wht hqppen to prinku …..hope jhanvi will finally together wt tej finish this drama …hw long mire they want to keep svef????

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa..Now that every thing is fine for Shivika so thought to shift focus to Tej Singh Oberoi’s family.

    7. Zaveesha

      After so many days a long comment…nd all about Tej Singh Oberoi…well I also agree to ur points…use bhi wahi mil raha hai jo usne boya…like pinky…

      Di we both have same condition…even I have to persuade my lil bro to watch Ishqbaaz… Nd I succeeded bcoz he very well know that its my favorite…but I love KBC too….

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      True Zaveesha… Poor Tej mandir ki ghanti se bhi zyada iski baj raha hai..

    9. Love ur analysis dear!!!
      Coming to Tej Oberoi…..He was always shown as a rude and arrogant snob….Always cheated his wife and sons….Currently he s on his path to redeemption….He s acting as a shield to Jhanvi coz proofs shown by Shwetlana were against Jhanvi….He s suffering…I don’t know how long ll cvs show this track…M eagerly wait for Tej to join family as Peter….What a laughing riot ll it b….especially with Rudra…..coming to Prinku,Kaamini nd Ranveer…..Role of Kaamini and Mahi in Shivika story has ended…..Giving rise to many other questions like How did Kaamini reach Shivay’s dopplegagger?? Coz in childhood most of the children look similar…Kaamini and Ranveer story…nd seeing the cvs love for qh villains,der story won’t b stopped abruptly….Frankly,Shivika story has reached a point where they have passed all hurdles……so now focus shd shift on Tso and family

  7. Misha_Mikul

    Such Khidkitod Epi yaar???
    I just loved it! ??

    Thanks to CVs, for giving nowadays satisfying episodes even there has TejViLana’s boring track??

    LMAO?? Oberoi Family is a Heaven?
    ?Their madness??? OMG how beautiful the bonding was between each other!!??

    ?Shakti uncle…Love you?? Best Father and Best Father in Law tooo ??
    ?Shakti-Annika.. Dad-Daughter moment was so heart melting❤❤ Love their bonding?
    ?ShivIka phone romance??
    ?Annika – what you like?
    ?Shivaay – My choice is YOU!!? How cute??
    ?Lol?? they were planning to make RiKara go out together….
    the entire scene was SuperB!!! GOALSS!!??
    ?Haha.. Dadi didn’t even let ShivIka do Hi5… Poor my Babies????particulary Shivaay??
    ?AniRi?? Annika asked Gauri to listen romantic song??Gauri sang devotional song..Lol??
    ?Om again found ShivIka’s plan?? so He made fix for Shivaay before leaving house???
    Om was so funny and cute??
    ?RiKara scene?? Gauri was listening to devotional songs and sang along with it??
    Om’s expression??
    ?while Annika was telling about instructions of making Phav Bhaji, all were like mouth-watering even me? but Shivaay
    felt michmichi???? Loved his expressions??
    ?ROFL? Shivaay gave his order…Annika laughed and said it sounds funny!!???
    even I got only ‘stewed vegetable’ and ‘pesto sauce’ ?? the rest all were like aghdwkhhofhohswie ????
    ?Gauri was so hillarious?? RiKara’s cute conversation??
    That’s good both were following ShivIka’s advice else it wouldn’t be that much of enjoyable and funny????
    in which world, ghost runs??? that too runs very awkward!!!? Lol??

    Pinky…… blo*dy Idiot!!????

    Swetlana was looking good in the traditional avatar?
    Thank God, Shivaay called his bade ma … so TejVi will be in OM befor ShivIka wedding??

    Precap- sure AniRu are gonna do something funny?? as we all know what will be happened if Ani and Rudi come

    For those are Malaysian here, Happy Independence day Dearss? “Sehati, Sejiwa” ?

    Nights Dearss?? Sweet dreamzz?? Tc all ?

    1. Ranilya

      Yes Mishu kidkithod episodes r back… hope it stays like this…. Gul mam has even said the episode r going to b fun n happy ones

    2. Misha_Mikul

      Yeah Rani.. I’ve too seen her post.. Glad to know the good news… Finally our khidkitod IB is coming back!

  8. today’s episode was khidki tod
    that dialogue of shivaay KHANNA IS MINE so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    happy to see rikara moments

  9. today’s episode was khidki tod
    that dialogue of shivaay KHANNA IS MINE so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    happy to see rikara moments
    shakti uncle anika dad papa and all was super

    1. Ranilya

      Hi Shivami…. Shivika Rikara Rudy n dadi…. all were fun… N Shakthi too… so sweet of him

  10. Hii guys..

    First of all i think aniri have lost their memory..

    1.BHALE HI MAIN ALOO PUDI BANANAJANTI HUN LEKIN SARRI DISHES BAHUT ACCHE SE PATA HE MUJHE.. during the time of preparation of Rakhabandhan ..told by annika now she can’t utter even one dish..btw the way bilu spoke all that dishes. My face was like “O”???..honestly i also can’t utter those dishes name..??..

    2.OMKARAJI BHOOT BOOT KUCH NAHI HOTA. Told by chulbul akka gouri during the time of maya’s jhoot she is afraid of bhoot…

    What the f**k????,????..

    2.dadi roday aap toh shivika ko hi fi tak karne nahi diya…???..very bad..aur uss pinky ponky se itni acche se kyun baat ki..kyun……..kyun….kyun…

    3.IB is fulfilling my wish..yesterday shivkara convo now Shakti and Annika..finally .Shakti ji pinky ponky se chutkara paye toh unhe kuch acche acche diolgue mile..????..

    4.pinky ponky kabhi sudhrne wala nahi ..??????….i think annika ki near death experience hojaye woh bhi pinky ponky ki jaan bachane ki chakkar main..hope aisa twist pinky ponky ko badla de..aur SSO APNI LOVE BHI CONFESS KARLE…( i know pkj you will not agree with this so leave it.).

    5.Shivika convo through mesg. ..awwwwsooo cute..

    6.BTW GULmata a. And shivani badi chantomai nikle..sab kuch annika ke hissab se hoga…???..matlab theme ke atrangi kapde agar hue toh kaam apka aur bill aap mere didi ke naam fadoge???? Hawwwwwwwwwwwwww..

    7.Rikara part was soòooooo cute..????..after seeing yhat bhoot bhooòoooooooooòt????? gouri..????..and in dhaba..itnasaara khana muh main paani aagayi… Sso check mate…????..HAVE FUN…. NOW HAVE FUN…. hope shivika will get a chance to come close each other….

    9.Aniri at romantic song…???. SATSANG..then radha kishan….???..awwww gouri yiu are soo cute..

    10 when didi was describing about PAV BHAJI…seriously was soooo cute…once again muh main paani aagayi..Chandu didi food lover ko food describe karne doge toh hum fans ka kya haal hoga.. ???…..

    11.Sso kya dish bole aap jara wapas bolna..meri kaan ki ghanti band hogayi..?????..

    12.but whatever you and didi said to rikara..was soo cute..peper spray…??????..but gouri what you have done .omi ke ankho main ..gouri om ke ankhen bahut intense he i really love his don’t do this plz..

    13.Yarr ye oberoi khandaan ki pratha kya pehele tel lene gaya tha…??????????..

    14.Tejvi now surlu will entwr in OM?????????????.. yarr ye rahegi na toh function ki gangaram ho jayegi paaka….mumyyyyyyyyy…..

    15 Obrois family is insane……..really mad totally mad…and also cute i am talking about junior obros and obahus anddaadi now shakti ji also in my list….?????..

    16.precap … is fighting closing his eyes………….??.now Aniru will wear a chef wala dress…it will be fun..

    Btw ek challenge toh ye he ab aur 2 kaisa hoga….?????…

    1. Ranilya

      Arpu dear billu told about only One dish….. It sounded like many thats all!

      And our Anika tadi mein bol deti hain ki usko sab kuch aata hain… lekin asal mein kuch banana nahi aata….

      pavbhaji explanation…. even my mouth was watering….
      SSO ne bola Stewed vegetable ratatouille with baked aubergine asparagus n pesto sauce!!!

      4- your point 4 – even I wanted this to happen sometime back…. N im sure Anika will do it for Pinky….

    2. Piyuu

      dadi ne shivika ko hifi karne nahi diya very bad
      shakti anika conversation i love the part.shivika conversation through message was so cute.
      seriously dear pavbaji ke bare mei sunkar mera muh se bhi paani aagayi.

    3. Pushpa

      Yes arpi…i ws thinking which festive shivaye told the same recipe to anika…..its ws rakshabandhan….yeah anika u remembered alll…..cvs forgotten la….
      Pinky ponky will nvr change….u saw her face expression….these ppl dun learn….
      Dadi dun wt to c shivika romancing ……let them dadi…..after so long they r enjoying the closeness….let them…..

  11. Prajkta

    Today’s episode was indeed amazing….. ISHQBAAZI IN THE AIR……

    Shakti referring to Anika as his daughter is so adorable…. I really loved that moment

    Shivika talk over phone was so cute….. Shivika rock in all scenes they get…. Lovely and adorable…… Relationships goals

    Rikara was damn interesting and funny… The ghost was just hilarious and Gauri and her antics always steal the show…… Omkara was also awesome but Gauri overweighed him

    Tejvilana drama should end soon

    Cooking challenge is gonna be interesting…. Shivaay is a chantumai gave Anu such a difficult dish but loved Anika’s attitude when she accepted the challenge…..

    1. Prajkta

      Only half comment got posted so here is the other half

      When Shivaay gave order Anika’s reply was hilarious…. Surbhi just nailed the time when she was describing pav bhaji…. She becomes shayar like om…. Aniru gonna plan something and that will be a treat to watch because whenever Aniru make plans it turns out to be completely fun packed

      The ghost running was completely hilarious….. Which ghost runs… He looked like Halloween run away… Lol 😀 😀 😀

      So Tejvilana gonna be back in oberoi mansion

      No comments for pinky… She deserves it

      Tomorrow gonna be interesting
      Excited about it

      Good night to all
      Sweet dreams and take care

    2. Zaveesha

      Seriously the ghost part was soo funny…my whole family laughed at that… Seriously which ghost run like that?? …

    3. Ranilya

      Hi Prajkta…. yes the whole epi was fun packed… be it Shivika or Rikara or Rudy boy…
      The ghost was damn hilarious… sply the run!!

    4. Prajkta

      excited for AniRu…..more fun coming ahead

  12. Nandhana

    As always enjoyed every bit… shivika omri.. awesome…
    Shakthi uncle thank you so much…for accepting my Anika di heartily..
    Pinky still can’t change.. Leave is just a bit of salt in a sweet juice..Dadi plz don’t waste your time advising her..we have our shivika marriage..let us concentrate on it..
    Loved the sms part of shivika..showering love the way one can’t do..there is love overloaded everywhere..
    My old IB days are back.. enjoying as I enjoyed starting episodes..
    Tejvilana don’t know what’s up in their drama..
    Omri.. hilarious..precap was awesome..Rudy making some naughty work????
    Dadi plz don’t trouble our shivika..they are paavam???
    Aana ivlo nal elaraum kasta paduthanadhuku venum.. expect more from Dadi???
    Om you are such a naughty man..???
    Shivika on mission of omri..nice to watch..
    As always my all couple rocks….
    Shivika omri ruvya…
    Thank you CVS for back to back superb episodes…
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ?????
    Dil bole oberoi ?????

    1. Ranilya

      Yes Nandana Old IB is back…..

  13. Go nila go nice analysis
    About to episode Nice and cool
    Shivika phone conversation it’s too good
    Rikara with booth oh nooo
    Competition between shivika oh poor shivay don’t know what happened after eating annika dish
    Swetlana in OM no oooooooo

    1. Ranilya

      Lol Chaitu… already worried about Shivay!

  14. Pushpa

    Choori choori chupka chupka messaging ….blushing..
    Wht colour u like anika…..whichever u like…mera pasan tuuuuu…. ..blush blush… v hv meet our choice…where ever there is love there is life…cheerful life..

    2day OM full of joyfull activities for shivika wedding..but 4me tge best scn was shakti ji accept anika as his beti..and calls him dad….all colour coordination must be what anika likes…loved this scn a lot..anika finally got a father now…

    Seriously gauri….Oh god jai jagathesi ha re…cmon gauri…..and wht the hell wt bhoot? Wht another drama starts..who r these people??
    Masterchef biluji vs khidikhiton anika in cooking? This is not fare na…anika cant cook….shivaye master hae..he’ll definately know hw2cook paubajii…..anika hv cooked the paubhaji..and feed us tooo…….shivaye’s anika its the same recipe yaar remember …….

    Dadi u did great job advising pinkt butbher face expression shows she dun care but wsnts anika out…..pls dun make history repeats cvs….please….

    So its true…tej is acting ….svet history repeat phir sae OM entry…why whts the story yaar…irritating….hope this will not interfere our shivika wedding…

    So gals its wedding in OM
    Our shivika wedding?????????????
    Ishq hv transformed our shivayr
    Dil bole ishqbaaz
    Gd nitegals..lets meet in our dreams 2nite…i

    1. Ranilya

      Pushpu dear so u enjoyed the episode to the core?…. Im sure u did sply the Shivay parts…
      Loved the phone msgng n blushing. they were so cute….
      Rikara too were super good… loved them too

  15. LAX

    So Ishqbaaaz is back officially. Loving the episodes. Family moments tho best hain. I ve not seen better family moments in any other show.

    Dialogue writers..!! How can you guys be so perfect?? U ve taken Ishqbaaaz to another level.

    Pinky is still getting on my nerves. I donno why Dadi n Shakthi is so good to her. Ask her to go to hell.

    Shivika ke baare mein kya bataon hai..!! They are totally enjoying the phase. Me too.

    Rikara was super cute today. I ve to say I got scared seeing the first shot of bhoot. I hope they keep the track funny like how it was today.

    Tejvilana was fun until it was Peter Swami n Kaveri darling, the moment Sultu was shown I was like Gaya Kam se.!! My God..!! VillianBaazi started after a break of two days. I felt bad when Jhanvi weeped after talking to Shivay. Poor thing. Btw, I love Tejs BG music.

    Precap- Go Annika Go..!!

    P.S.- FYI, Gul has decided to be active on Twitter. She tweeted for the first time. So we ve another forum to express our feelings now.

    1. Nilash

      Di what about sending that message to Gul that you prepared?? When will we send it?? And she wasn’t on twitter?? It’s strange right but yeah we got another forum to share our views with her.
      But you know I am having a vibe that both of them will cheat. Bechari Jhanvi but she should tell the truth to her family members rather than complicating the things. Unnecessarily she is complicating everything. Rikara was reallt cute and today I think they would be romantic too. Hehehe

    2. LAX

      Letter is pending we ll see.

      So commenting after long .. wow..!!

    3. Ranilya

      Laxie…. yes darling Ishqbaaz is offially back…… but Im equally worries as much as i enjoyed these episodes taht after 2-3 episodes we will get back the loooonnnngggg villaianbaazi…..
      By the way Gul mam has said IB will will fun n happiness now, hope it will b….

      Loved Shivika, Rikara, Rudy n Dadi…. liked Shakthi too

    4. LAX

      Hope we ll get better episodes

  16. VHM

    as much as i loved OM scenes i got irritated with Swethlana -tej-Jhanvi scenes….they are dragging it to an threshold extent and somewhere down the line it is overpowering the beautiful bond that’s being shown between youngsters….how can any person become a puppet so easily and come under blackmail…….a really disgusting track which as of now is seeming senseless…can someone enlighten me why is swethlana behind Oberois?

    1. Swetlana wants the fame, the status, the power and the money that goes with the Oberoi,s title its that simple. and she wants it by fair means or foul mean. however, she should be serving life time in prison for committing two if not three murders in Dil Bole Oberoi – ( the father, (priest) who knows her real identity, detective hired by Om and Dr lang who is suppose to have change her ID) and one murder in IB – Jhanvi psycho lover.

    2. Ranilya

      Hi Harika….. Tejvilana…. dear we will more n more of them in OM…. so get prepared… you have no choice

    3. VHM

      pathetic track Rani…i am gonna skip their scenes for sure until swethlana’s exposure takes place or entire OF gets together to tackle her….

  17. nice episode

  18. Gayathri.visu

    Wow….Shakti accepts Anika as his daughter….yahoo!! Papa-beti….so sweet moments.

    Awwwwwwwwwww….Shivika’s convo…uff! What to say, blushing….blushing….blushing!! Now a days Shivaay becomes week in planning….see how easily every time Om caught him! And again Om took revenge….hehehe!! ShivRi….superb BIL-SIL pair, after AniRu! Badly missing OmSumo bro-sis bonding…

    Rikara…..cutie pies!! Gauri….r u ok? Who will listen devotional song in long driving?? Now they both showing tadi….bcz of Shivika’s effects! And ghost, that too in near temple… seriously? Huhhh….unbelievably worst thing….but that scene was good. Gauri….what u have done?????

    Challenge….Dadi, why r u troubling my Shivika? Leave them na….now only they get rid from that ponky. Anika’s expression while describing pau bhaaji….my mouth was watering….yummmm! Shivaay’s dish…..OMG, except ‘stewed vegetable’, I can’t understand anything.

    No words ponky…let her live in her own world.

    Yaar this Tejvilana….irritating! Hope this time cleverly Tejvi will do something to get rid of Sultana.

    Precap….Yahoooooooo AniRu!! Not ShivOm, but tomorrow we will have fun.

    1. Nilash

      Helllo Gayu….. see see am back here. How are you??? And I have decided something that I will msg you some sentences (two sentence each day) and you convert them to Tamil and send it to me with proper explaination. What say?? This way our class will also continue.
      Let’s go and teach TEJVI some logic. Yesterday I couldn’t understand what choupati style is. But it seemed delicious. But the food that Shivay jiju said was not that good. I mean baked cappuccino asparagus is not tasty. How can he like that. Extra western man. Whatever leave it. We will have paubhaji with Anika didi together okk??

    2. Ranilya

      Hi Gayu…. sweet n fun episode this was… waiting to see what Rudy boy will come up with… n if his plan will backfire as usual or not…..
      read my comment dear…. ul get whole name of the dish mentioned by Shivay

  19. Totally loved all epi since Sunday. IB at its best, romance, emotions, funnies, family all there. All couples simply rock and Dadi my Dadi i just love you and your spying tactics and movements. had me LMAO since Monday and still LMAO today. Shaki you are so sweet but you have the wrong life partner. Pinky you deserve everything to get and more.
    My fear, Swetlana in OM again. My question, What will happen between her, Gauri and Om I quiver with fear. Her chapter needs to end she is such a hmmm.
    Totally enjoying IB.

    1. Ranilya

      Yes Natty IB is best when its like this….
      Svetlana in OM… hope she gets Rikara close this time… by Gowri giving emotional support to Om n they together kicking her out of OM…
      Svetlana n Gowri– Kabhi Sautan kabhi saas

  20. Pinku

    Hi all long time i haven’t been commenting how r u arpita archiya mouni lax……. hii ridhima,sharadha sharma, meenu, pushpa…. n all ishqbazi’s….. i hope u all remember me…. n astha aapko no hi as we always talk on ipkknd page ?…….

    1. Archiya

      How r u doing dear.. Missed u, how is ur baby doing

    2. Pinku

      Tysm archiya glad u remeber me n were missing too.. am good baby is also doing good….

    3. Ranilya

      hey Pinku… morng i had replied to your comment but its missing from the page…..

      how r u dear? how is your boy? hav u named him??
      R u still watching IB on hotstar?

    4. Pinku

      Hii ranilya such a loooolong time…. am very gud…. yes yes every day on hotstar I watch it… its a girl… no ranu yet to b named

    5. Ranilya

      oops i thought it was a boy….

    6. Pinku

      No prob at all….

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