Dil Se Dil Tak 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: The family cares for Teni

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Baa blesses Shorvari who always holds family’s happiness as her preference. Teni says Shorvari loves and respects everyone at the family. Mohini agrees this is the reason everyone holds her high. Indu ties the bangles on Teni’s wrist. As she brings the Prasad, Baa asks Indu to give her the turn. Indu insists on Baa to join her and fakes her love even more watching Shorvari upset.
Sejal returns home furious that Rishab didn’t come to meet her in the restaurant. She notices Jagruti was happy and comes to ask her. Sejal says Jagruti’s face show she met her someone special. Jagruti accepts about going his home. Sejal asks what happened there. Jagruti says they will soon know. Sejal was curt over Jagruti.
Shorvari comes to Indu and asks why she is doing this. Indu was furious and says she would sow what she reaped. Shorvari says she only wanted to get the heir to family. She was always suffocating whenever she lied to Indu. Indu bursts at Shrovari that she never considered her as a daughter in law, always loved and cared for her, never taunted her for anything but Shorvari has proven she could never be a daughter. And even Parth lied to her because of Shorvari, now she will never become a mother to Shorvari, as she is a mother in law. She is walking the path Shorvari created for herself.
Indu decorates Teni’s room with Parth’s photos. She wish Teni only looks towards Parth so that her child looks exactly like Parth. Teni watches the photos and speaks to Parth that she can love Parth but can never get it back. She was happy that she will now speak her heart out to Parth, because otherwise Parth is upset when she speaks to him directly. Indu turns to Teni and finds her biting her nail, she scolds her. Parth had come behind. Indu says she wish Parth’s face is right in front of her all the time. Teni says she is always thinking… Parth comes to tell Indu she sleeps looking at his face at night and wakes up watching him daily. Indu appreciates his attempts to take care of her well. She goes to kitchen to help Baa. Parth watches Teni wearing the bangles and thinks Shorvari must be heartbroken if Indu took the bangles back.
In the room, Teni holds Parth’s photo and says today she understood the meaning of true love, he connected her with his family and Shorvari. Baa had reached her door, she smiles watching Teni speak to Parth’s photo and says Parth recognizes a person. He didn’t select her for no reason. She says what Teni is about to give them is really precious. Teni asks if this is Saffron-almond milk she has been cooking for hours? Baa asks Teni what she wish to eat. Teni asks Baa if she had placed the money outside their door. Baa agrees, as she worries for her and her grandchild. After drinking half glass of milk Teni was full but Baa forces her to take the full. Shorvari had brought the glass of milk for Teni and watches Baa there. When she comes inside, Teni shares her happiness with Shorvari and says everyone love her like a daughter in law of the house. Shorvari tells her to leave.
In the room, Shorvari was upset as she thinks about Teni’s privileges. Parth comes inside and shows Shorvari the bangles then makes her wear them. He says he got the same bangles as Indu took from her. He says Indu is angry at them right now, but she doesn’t have to fell weak right now. Shorvari hands the bangles to Parth and asks him to bring hers from Teni.

PRECAP: Parth comes to Teni who was listening to music and happily watched the bangles. Shorvari thinks she must get her bangles back. Shorvari later watch Indu taking Teni and Parth together, somewhere.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Shit se Shit Tak

    Wow guys finally these shit heads made Shorvori a Villian. Damn this serial to hell! Eff logic eff concept of surrogacy. Now everyone is Teni’s bhakts. This Shitty Teni thinks she’s the bahu of this house. Knucklehead directors are painting affair of Teni ho and parth as pure. F this serial. Guys I request you not to watch this shit anymore. Let us file a petition addressed to Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles and Information and Broadcasting, Smriti Zubin Irani like a person did to pehredari piya ki to ban this serial. Shit being shown in this serial about affairs and second marriages and abuse of a childless wife is uncalled for.

  2. Shit se Shit Tak

    There is 0 concept of surrogacy. ? Concept of affairs lust and polygamy. Let us get together and ban this serial. If we don’t most people get influenced by it and think surrogacy as an example of second marriage.

  3. If u have prob then y u watch this or read this..silently just ignore it pls don’t take me wrong..even i feel bad for shorvori but i just ignore it ..i hope u will understand my viewpoint ?

    1. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

      Yeah, I understand you, but it feels good to vent the stress through writing… I just wish people would stop calling Teni a whore. I mean, what she’s doing is wrong, but no human deserves to be addressed by such derogatory names. That’s just my view though, since people like degrading other characters…

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      Well some people call spade a spade and aren’t apologetic about it. I’m not going to apologise for telling the truth. I don’t support a girl going after a married man. Is it right? Definitely not. To justify teni’s obsession Shorvori is being turned into a villian. This points out the serial’s view that it’s okay to be in a polygamous marriage or to lust after married man and if the wife opposes she’s a b*tch and she’s a grey character. And the surrogate who is playing the victim card gets all the pity and scores a point with the husband. In the end the surrogate snob becomes Mata in husband’s eyes and the wife becomes the villian. They will be married off and the family hands the baby over to the shitty surrogate. If the wife’s turned villian she’ll be kicked out of the home or if she tolerates everything she’ll be abused daily cuz she’s barren and will be made to accept second marriage. Wife will become side character and the Shitty Mata a goddess and pati vrata.

    3. Exactly thanx 4 understanding how stupid it is 4 people 2 do wrong comments…,good 1 Alina

    4. Shit se Shit Tak

      I would tell you to eat trash but that’s cannibalism! I don’t know what makes you so dumb, but its working! Why would a grown-ass woman thrive off drama? The Village just called. They said they were missing their town idiot and guess what they took your name!

    5. Shit se Shit Tak

      Woah woah sister! Just because you have one doesn’t mean you have to act like one. You calling me ugly? Well if I’m ugly I can correct it. Too bad you cannot Photoshop your ugly personality and you’ll be stupid for all eternity. Well your parents must’ve realised by now that two wrongs doesn’t make a right! And you’ll never be the man your mother is! You are a greater insult to your own mother than I could ever come up with! You telling me to eff myself, show me how! I’ll get a life when you get one. How many times do I have to flush before you go away? I guess when you cross a tosser and daft cow you get a gormless git like you.

    6. Shit se Shit Tak

      We’ll look back to your comments history, you’ll find who insulted who’s family personally. You were the one who started it mate! Look at the time and get back to me. I agree I humored you, but you were the first one to insult my family. I returned the favor by retorting back. I never called your mum a b word did I? But you did. Don’t come all high and mighty without checking out the fact that it was you who used cuss words on personal level first.

    7. Shit se Shit Tak

      I don’t watch the shit anymore. But I do have a problem with second marriage and affairs when the wife’s alive. I condemn abuse of any sort. Don’t tell me you support Shitty Teni in her quest for lust. There is 0 concept of surrogacy! All this surrogate does is obsess over married man and that is being glorified! Surely you must have some logic left to think what the hell is going on?

    8. Stfu.. Respect girls m8.. Ur mum seriously needs 2 teach u manners.. Ur dad is a wanka….go bck 2 ur mum.. Stay in ur limits.. f**ken son of a ugly b*t*h

    9. Ur so hilarious… Get a lyf u sad lowlife cunt… Show off ur jokes 2 some1 hu can tolerate it.. Probably ur mum hu’s tolerated u since birth… Low tolerance.. No bullshit so go fuk urself..

    10. Bring it on m8.. Dont go on my mum.. U wna get a lyf wen i get 1 then marry me we’ll make each others lyf set.. Ur insulting me online.. Come face 2 face then we’ll see wag1.. Its good u want me as ur role model for havin a lyf b4 u.. Clearly shows u just slapped urself really hard cuz u insulted urself lol..

    11. Alryt man.. Soz 4 that.. I get a bit hyped up on stuff like this.. Listen im sorry allow da kitty fight.. We’re fighting 4 no reason.. Im sorry 4 goin on ur mum.. Ik hw it feels..

  4. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

    Indu is just plain evil, like sister, like sister, we can finally see. Indu is angry that Shorvari lied to her, but she was actually the one who stopped her and Parth from telling the whole family the truth and she lied to her mother-in-law, Ambika, as well. But I guess that’s not wrong, since she was the one who did it. Ahhh… double standards, I guess!

    She tortured Shorvari so much to get pregnant, blackmailed her for ‘separating’ her from her son (when it was actually Dadaji’s decision), cursed her to lose her son in the future, etc. And now she’s blaming her for everything. What about her son, Parth? Does she really think Shorvari is ‘spoiling’ him and that she takes all of the decisions alone? And that Parth is some kind of a innocent trapped in her ‘Bengali’ magic?

    It was all her fault in the first place anyway. She has her husband, Ramnik, who loves her, so why couldn’t she have just let Shorvari keep Parth and let them go to America in peace. They would have actually been happy without these stupid Bhanushali people.

  5. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

    And Teni? Oh my god… she has no self-respect at all but she always talks about her high character. I’ve never been the one to blame her for falling for Parth or for wishing to live a life with him, but this is too much. Firstly she wanted Parth to anoint her forehead with Sindoor, then she wanted to become his second wife, she told him to hide the matter relating to Sejal and that diamond necklace from Shorvari and now she’s happily taking the center of attention, doing the Pooja with Parth shamelessly, wearing Shorvari’s bangles, etc. Like, we all know that Indu is stupid, but at least Teni could have stood up for Shorvari’s rights as a patni and bahu by refusing to take part in the Pooja as Parth’s wife. But all she cares about is her obsession. And Parth keeps feeding this obsession of hers by repeatedly hugging her. And I don’t get why she exclaims that she feels like a DIL of the Bhanushali Parivaar, is she trying to rub Shorvari’s insecurities in her face? And what happened to Suyog and Forum? I wish they and Jalapa bua were here… they are the only sane people in the family!

    Indu really deserves to be taunted by her Moti Bhen, I used to feel bad for her, but not anymore. I just wish Dadiji will start supporting Shorvari and berate Indu, she needs to get a taste of her own medicine. And finally, I think what Indu is doing as revenge is very stupid… if Shorvari wants, she could leave the Bhanushali house forever with Parth in the click of a finger, and I think she should. Such a good hearted person like her shouldn’t stay in a place where women aren’t respected.

  6. its really disgusting that we get to watch this kind of content on TV. This serial is now only promoting why a women should never trust another women. Shorvari was better off without a child than loosing her husband also in the process. really sad and this is the last time i am going to see or read the rightly called Shit Se Shit tak.

  7. I totally agree with your comment @kunal chauhaan the great. True, what happened to Suyog and forum? Also Jalpa , bharat and Ramnik missing for the past few episodes.. Indu wi pay the price for sure and She is digging the way to Teni to grab Parth it is not Shorvori. Atleast does Indhu know who a surrogate is. She thinks she is the only sanskari bahu of the house….

    And yes friends it is better to ban this than letting this air on tv.. hate this now.

    1. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

      Indu isn’t so stupid. Her supposed vengeance to Shorvari (for no apparent reason) is turning her blind. She asked Shorvari why she can’t share her bangles if she didn’t think twice about sharing her husband. Like wtf? Teni is just the utensil, like she herself said. Indu, Poyni and Teni should all be punished by someone they love the most. Indu should be disowned by Parth, Teni should be thrown out of the house by him and Poyni should be rejected by her own son Suyog or by Sejal, for whom she’s doing all this evil plotting for. Dadiji is actually one of the very few sensible mother-in-laws (grandmother-in-law) I have ever seen. She actually tries her best to understand everyone and doesn’t do silly things like revenge. I’m kind of addicted to this serial out of the sake of it, but I really want it to go off air, with the last episode showing Shorvari getting out of that stupid house after she’s finally realized she can’t tolerate anymore of their bullshit.

    2. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

      I meant, Indu ‘is’ so stupid. Typo there. And i just remembered… the reason I started watching this show was for Parth and Shorvari’s unbreakable bond, but now, seems like Parth cares more about Teni than his own wife. He doesn’t even support the woman he once fought against his whole family for.

  8. Senseless husband parth

    Parth can never stand for his wife..instead he would support teni or stay quiet..I have never seen such a stupid husband…makers are really mad!!! I used to watch the show for Parth and shorvari but now when he is so blind there is no use in watching this s**** Rashmi pls quit this idiotic show?

    1. The most stupidiest husband is Prem, from ,,Sasural Simar Ka”.

  9. Feeling bad for Shorvari. Makers should not show like this.

  10. nice episode

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